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Matt Welch Discusses Lynn Liz Cheney's Primary Challenge on MSNBC's All In With Chris Hayes


Last night I went on MSNBC to discuss what Lynn Liz Cheney's primary challenge against Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyoming) tells us about the ongoing battles over the GOP's soul, particularly as pertains to foreign policy:

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  1. She seems like a terrible person, though it would be funny to hear the left make gay bashing jokes against her. Any wyomingites know what her chances are?

    1. They are totally going to go after her for being a lesbian. If she wins the nomination, the Dems will be all over Wyoming smearing her for being gay.

      And now matter how bad she is, is she worse than Enzi? Enzi is a typical shitbag GOP senator who has spent 18 years keeping his head down and stealing.

      1. Yeah, I don’t really have a dog in this fight, but I doubt he could be worse than Cheney. To me, keeping quiet is better than pushing a terrible ideology.

        1. Enzi is a three term incumbent. It takes pretty compelling evidence to the contrary for me not to be happy to see someone who has been up there that long have to get a real job.

      2. Is there any real difference between them on foreign policy? I can’t see denying a 4th term to a 3 term moderate Republican senator who sponsored the Walmart Protection Tax Act as being a bad thing.
        Go Liz!

        1. Me either. And how much effect does one Senator have on foreign policy anyway? I think primarying some asshole who wanted to tax the internet is worth more than whatever lip service Enzi has given Welch on foreign policy.

        2. Maybe this will open the door for a third primary or third party challenger. And maybe I’ll find a job that pays me to drink bourbon and be a smartass.

    2. Liz Cheney is the lesbeen.

      1. Now I’m confused. Is it Liz or Lynn?

        1. Lynne is Mom. Mary and Liz are daughters. Mary is the vagitarian one.

      2. Really? There are two Cheneys? Both daughters? I don’t keep score of the various inbreed idiot sons and daughters of Washington as well as I probably should.

        1. Yes – SIV corrected me. Mary is the lesbian.

          1. You learn something every day. We need to make a rule that anyone serving in Congress children and grandchildren are banned from seeking public office. Washington is so inbred between the hacks and the media, everyone is going to start to look like the Spanish Habsburds if we are not careful. I really don’t want to see a lisp and a huge chin becoming a requirement to be in Congress or work in the major media.

            1. That made me think of this classic 30 Rock episode, with Paul Rubens as Gerhardt von Hapsburg.

    3. That’s her sister Mary. Liz is hatestraight-married has like 6 or 7 kids.

      1. MARY – that’s the one.

      2. Oops. They all look alike to me.

  2. Speaking of primary challengers,…..nnell-tol/

    That is fucking outrageous. The interesting thing is that it doesn’t appear to be Democrats who leaked access and leaked her tax records. It was almost certainly “moderate and reasonable” beltway bandit Mike Castle or one of his supporters. Remember how important it was to get that crap weasel into the Senate? The entire country still owes O’Donnel a thank your for ending that shitbag’s career even if it did give us the bearded Marxist in the Senate.

  3. Sounds like the wiener hosting this thing is saying “pleeeeeze libertarians rescue us from teh evul Cheneyz!”

    1. Pretty much. Enzi is a respectable Republican they can rely on to sell out when it really matters and to first and always be a tax collector for the welfare state.

  4. OT: Who is this Shiv Kapur? He is eating up Muirfield.

    1. I always like watching the early rounds to see who emerges early as the leader. Of course more often than not that person fades out by Saturday.

    2. Shiv Kapur? Sounds like the leader of a prison gang in a buddy comedy.

  5. I don’t know about this. I listened to your MSNBC appearance yesterday (I wasn’t getting any video), and it was… it was rough. Some of the things the host and other guest said about the Zimmerman situation reminded me how stunted the discourse is on MSNBC.

    1. You won’t like the first 2/3 of this video, then. The cognitive dissonance about “foreign intervention” was extreme.

  6. “OMG! Liz Cheney accused Obama of working for the Taliban! Meanwhile, our network will accuse Edward Snowden of working for the Chinese and the Russians! We’ll also stand idly by while the government accuses Bradley Manning of working for Al-Qaeda!”

    Welch, you’ve got to start hanging out with on better TV shows. You’d reach a wider and classier audience if you showed up on one of the Real Housewives shows.

    1. Does it ever occur to Welch to wonder why the MSNBC trolls give a shit if Enzi loses? Hint, it is not just about hating Cheney. It might have something to do with Enzi being a useful turncoat.

      1. And Cheney won’t be?

        Virtually everything Obama has done is a continuation of her father’s policies with Bush.

        With the added benefit of being for a police state in the US. Enzi at least supported some of Paul’s positions. Do you think Cheney will?

  7. I stumbled onto that last night. Hayes is such a smug, annoying douchebag even when he is saying things I pretty much completely agree with I want to jump through the teevee and stab him in the eye with a mechanical pencil.

  8. “If you like warmongering neocons, vote for me!” would make a good slogan for her campaign.

    1. “If you like warmongering neocons, vote for Obama me!”

  9. “I like Obama when he’s killing people!”

  10. Liz Cheney and Bill Kristol formed to push the neocon foreign intervention agenda – but that site appears to be down. I am betting that since the last wayback machine capture is from June 31, the site was taken off-line in order to scrub it of any postings useful to the opposition. You can look at the site here, though, if you are interested in seeing what she was saying before she was a candidate. (Spoiler alert: Snowden is a rat bastard who needs shipped to Gitmo – which is why we need to keep Gitmo open. Also, we need to bomb the shit out of more brown-skinned people so Russia and China know we are serious badasses.)

    1. So, basically, Obama.

    2. I am not seeing how one more dumb Senator makes up for the opportunity to get rid of the asshole who wants to tax the internet.

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