Trayvon Martin

Zimmerman's Defense Closing: Don't 'Fill in Gaps' in State's Case

Justice doesn't revolve around "what if?"


A defense attorney for accused murderer George Zimmerman asked a jury not to "fill in the gaps" in the prosecution's case against the former neighborhood watch captain as he presented his closing arguments Friday morning.

"How many 'coulda beens' have you heard from the state in this case? How many what ifs have you heard from the state in this case. I don't think they get to ask any of this. I don't think they get to say to you, 'What do you think?' " asked defense attorney Mark O'Mara. "No no no. No no no. 'What have I proved to you?' 'What have I convinced you of beyond a reasonable doubt?' These are the words and the phrases of good prosecutors.'"

Giving his closing arguments Friday morning, O'Mara said he would take on the burden of proving Zimmerman's innocence, even though he said the state has the burden of proving the 29-year-old's guilt. 

Zimmerman, he said, is "factually innocent."