Fourth Amendment

DUI-Filming Student Rebuts Sheriff's Marijuana Claim

The cops tested nothing and charged him with nothing


According to Kalbaugh, there were moments where his rights were violated after Deputy A.J. Ross approached his car.

Kalbaugh's video showed a drug dog hitting on his car, giving officers probable cause to search the vehicle. According to the student, the deputy found a leafy-substance in a door handle and suspected it was marijuana.

"They did not even confirm to see if it was. They did not test it. Surely if I had drugs in my car they would have arrested me, but I was let go with no charges. I'm sure they knew that is not actually drugs," Kalbaugh said.

The student was detained for a short time while officers searched his car, and then he was free to go. He was not charged with any crime.

The member of the Libertarian party said he had a drug test taken after going through the check point and it came back negative for drug use.

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  1. “Listen to what I’m saying,” said Ross.

    “I’m listening,” replied Kalbaugh.

    “No, you’re not. You’re trying to run your mouth over me and it ain’t working out because I’m going to win,” the deputy went on to say.

    And at that point it was all about the deputy winning.

  2. “Surely if I had drugs in my car they would have arrested me.”

    Umm, no. A small amount of marijuana like that is not enough to precipitate an arrest, or even a ticket. But it is enough to get a drug dog to hit on your vehicle.

    Something tells me you knew that when you planted it there before you set up your camera aimed at the door and made sure everything was framed perfectly before you intentionally drove yourself to the DUI checkpoint that had public notices posted weeks in advance so you could make a ‘viral video.’

    But hey, maybe I’m just too suspicious. Maybe you had no idea that DUI stop was there. And maybe you just had your camera aimed at the door and running and forgot about it. And maybe that was just oregano or something?

    1. Kalbaugh didn’t force Ross to be a douche.

  3. Let the city of Murfreesboro, and their police department, know what you think by filling out one of their helpful suggestion forms:…..on-Form-41

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