Militarization of Police

Rise of the Warrior Cop

Radley Balko's new book is out.


Former Reasoner Radley Balko's book Rise of the Warrior Cop comes out today.

Terminator 3

You can read excerpts from it in Salon, in the ABA Journal, and in the Nashville Scene. The Scene has profiled Radley and the book, too.

To order the book, go here. To read Radley's Reason archive, go here.

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  1. Did Amazon do an early release? I received multiple copies about a week and a half ago….

    1. Books sometimes start showing up before their formal release dates. But today is the official debut.

  2. Listen, cops aren’t soldiers so they don’t have to pay attention to the 3rd amendment. Saying they are is silly.

    Unless saying they are will get them cool toys or more praise or bigger budgets or less oversight.

  3. Hat tip Radley! Lets hope Boobus Americanus is paying attention!

    1. Sadly, Boobus Americanus thinks warrior cops are just dandy.

      1. Then they might buy the book because it sounds cool? Warrior cops, fyeah!

  4. It’s a pop-up book, so don’t hold it in your lap when you open it.

  5. Sometimes I wonder if this website is part of a vast conspiracy to get me so pissed I have a heart attack and die at 30.

    Then, I start to think that might not be such a bad thing. Maybe I’ll beat the gulags the rest of you suckers will be thrown in after they seize your monocles and child laborers!

    1. They can have my child laborers when they pry them from my older child laborer overseer’s cold dead hands.

    2. Yeah. I have a lot of respect for Radley and his work, but I don’t think I’m ready to have an aneurysm today.

  6. Police should be just that – police. If they think they need more than that to handle something, ask the governor for the National Guard.

    We’ve gone from Officer Friendly to Robocop wannabes.

    1. That’s an insult to Robocop.

      He was far more respectful of the rights of the general public, and more restrained towards people trying to kill them than the police are towards people who ask to see a warrant.

      1. Well, that is why they are wannabes…they cannot even make it to that level. They just want the toys and firepower, not the protect and serve part.

  7. It’s for your own good, America.

  8. I’ve been hesitant to buy this. I don’t know if I can survive it. That excerpt in Salon crushed me.

    Ignorance is bliss.

  9. Well, at least they’re keeping me safe from my pot-smoking hippie neighbor.

  10. I’d read this but I’m sure I’d get pissed off.

  11. You gotta wonder how many police Union reps pass out pictures of Balko to their members with a little reminder of what he does just in case they happen to have an “encounter” with him?

  12. I got this through Amazon, so I’ve already started reading it, and the history parts of how we got to the situation we’re in now are fascinating. So not ALL of the book is infuriating driving you to despair awfulness coverage.

  13. Did he come up with any answers as to how-why it happened? Why it happened at this time & place? Why it didn’t happen earlier or elsewhere?

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