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  1. No one is going to buy you, reason, if you let them free access to your teats.

    1. people read it for the articles?

      1. Who wants to look at pictures of Matt Welch?

      2. I enjoy the centerfold.

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      1. Seems like she has the scratch to pony up for a subscription, then.

        Nobody likes a freeloading bot, bot.

    3. No one is going to buy you, reason, if you let them free access to your teats.

      I buy one every month, make up a DPBC label and mix it in with a neighbor’s mail. She goes ballistic and swears she’ll “never read another word of that libertarian rag.” It’s good for her. Sometimes it’s the only exercise she gets.

  2. Sometimes I wonder what goes through my mailman’s mind when he delivers my new issues.

    1. “I wonder if the folks in section 4 managed to scan this as it went by and get this kook on a list?”

    2. I’ve been leaving my old issues with my dad at the retirement castle. Probably too late to convert the old geezers, but maybe the horrible virus of liberty will infect a few of the staff. Then again, since their jobs depend to a great extent on government healthcare largesse…

      1. Depending on how old and set in their ways that the old geezers are.

        My dad, he thinks that Ron Paul is a funny old guy, not to be taken seriously. But he’s not too up on that intertoob stuff, he spends all his news time watching Fox and CNN, and his political opinions reflect this in some strange sort of left/right statist mix.

        Yep, it’s too late to change some of the geezers, but some of them, in particular the internet savvy ones, it’s possible.

        Also, there seems to be 2 ways that old age affects people. It seems like an old person either goes total set in their way, grouchy and totally closed minded. Or just the opposite.

        I have an aunt that is in her 70s, that was one of the biggest drug warriors that I have ever seen. Now she’s totally in favor of MJ being legalized nation wide.

        You just never know about old folks, it’s worth a try.

      2. Working in health care. I hate the statist mindset that comes with it.

        It also makes me die a little inside every time I realize that Medicaid is paying $400/day for 2 adults to share a room the size of child’s bedroom.

        I can almost bet that this price would come down if it wasn’t so heavily subsidized.

  3. Had to run to the store just now to get ciggarettes. It is 1975 day on the local rock station. Supertramp, Zeppelin, Eagles, BadCo…….
    The music was good, the world was new and I was young. We had swimming holes in creeks and lakes, we hunted and fished wherever we wanted. The girls were definitely hot.

    It would be a decade before I would start to realize how bad things are, have always been, and how much worse we were headed for.

    1. you sound old.

      1. I am not sure how to respond to that. Heh.

        When is the last time you used a rope swing to dive into a creek?

        1. Not as long ago as you might think…

        2. I personally haven’t used one in a while.

          But the lake my boat is on has several of them that are being used most of the time I’m within eye shot of one of them.

    2. A mixture of paranoia and misanthropy has done that to many Southern males of our age. I know, I see them every day here in Georgia.

      In the 70s you were ignorant enough to think the world revolved around you. Now you are just jaded and forlorn.

      And stop smoking for crying out loud. That is hardening your arteries and choking off inspiration.

      1. I cant possibly say this with enough conviction. Fuck you you mendacious little collectivist shit.

        1. I am not a collectivist, you stupid fuckstain. I just don’t believe the horseshit that comes from the GOP. Democrats are not much better but at least they don’t lie like thieves while they are robbing us.

          1. This post is a perfect example of why you are a lying collectivist shit.

            I wax nostalgic for a moment about a time when I felt free and life was good and you turn it into an ad hominem attack. Fueled no doubt by your hatred of liberty.

            You consistently attack the vile things the GOP has done to distract from the even viler things the Dems are up to as we speak. You cover for them and defend them while they run roughshod over our rights and over our country. The Repubs deserve plenty of blame for how things are now, but you give a complete pass to the dems who inherited power, kept to the same agenda and cranked it up a few notches. Yeah, you are an authority worshiping collectivist.

            Your posts are nothing but newspeak which you use to cover for the most collectivist, tyrannical president in history. The things you say are just laughable. The current leadership of the Dems are bald faced liars, each and ever one. They openly mock the constitution and the rule of law and you give them a pass and start screeching about Bush, a man five years out of power.

            The GOP is bad, but at least the party could be salvaged. The Dems are beyond redemption. In your view they can do no wrong because they are pushing a collectivist agenda. You are a collectivist, motherfucker.

            1. You’re so full of shit. If you are less free today then thank the GOP administrations that pushed through the Controlled Substances Act and banned “designer drugs” while ratcheting up the police state.

              You are just looking for someone to blame because you aren’t 20 anymore.

              1. *headsmack*

                You screech Bush again.

                Go drink some drano.

                1. No, those were references to Nixon and Reagan.

                  Then Bush.

                  Look, I also think the 70s were better but it was all due to society and our place in the media world.

                  I used to get ‘Playboy’ and ‘National Lampoon’ magazines – which defined the counterculture I loved then.

                  Unless you think Disco was a federal government plot to dumb us all down I say we did it to ourselves.

                  1. The Democrats controlled the House throughout the entirety of the Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan administrations. Tip O’Neill used Len Bias’ coke overdose to push for mandatory minimums.

                    You are beyond ignorant for thinking drug prohibition is a GOP thing.

                    1. Tip O’Neill used Len Bias’ coke overdose to push for mandatory minimums.

                      Not to mention the push by the congressional black caucus, which in shrike’s fevered mind is probably more evidence of a party of stupid racist conspiracy.

                    2. Not to mention the push by the congressional black caucus

                      WTF? It was Reagan who put the mandatory minimums in for rock cocaine. And IIRC, he banned “designer drugs” by executive order in his big Just Say NO WOD. He was easily the most anti-freedom POTUS of my lifetime.

                    3. “Tip O’Neill used Len Bias’ coke overdose to push for mandatory minimums.”

                      If my death worked to push the country in a more anti-libertarian direction, then it wasn’t all in vain.

                    4. Burn in hell with that comment asshole.

                  2. Look, I also think the 70s were better but it was all due to society and our place in the media world.

                    More of that “lived experiences” bullshit?

              2. You are just looking for someone to blame because you aren’t 20 anymore.

                Pretty sure he did blame the dems and GOP, moron. Go shove yourself back up Palin’s ass; bout all you’re good for.

                1. WTF? It was Reagan who put the mandatory minimums in for rock cocaine.

                  …after the Congressional Black Caucus pushed for them.

                  Suthernboy is right, shitstain. You’re exactly what Orwell had in mind when he wrote 1984.

          2. Democrats are not much better but at least they don’t lie like thieves while they are robbing us.

            “If you like you insurance plan, you can keep it.”

            And that’s just the first one I thought of before I was even able to hit the “reply to this” link.

            So shut the fuck up.

            1. “Premiums will go down.”

              “This bill will reduce the deficit.”

              “This will be the most transparent administration in history.”

              “I will close Guantanamo.”

          3. Democrats are not much better but at least they don’t lie like thieves while they are robbing us

            Good Gawd, team boy. If there was ever any reason for anyone to take you half way seriously, that should put a swift end to it.

          4. I am not a collectivist, you stupid fuckstain.

            And yet you spend all of your time here defending gun control, central planning, and the police state, as long as it’s TEAM BLUE behind the levers of power. Fuck off, slaver.

          5. That’s fucking rich coming from someone who collectivizes us as being republicans. Go die in a fire you nasty little fuckstain demfag.

        2. When are you going to stop feeding the animal, people? It’s nothing but a vile, disgusting little shit-throwing monkey that craves your attention, so don’t give it.

      2. You really are a mean spirited, small person for behaving thusly. Repent your sour ways.

        1. past LTC(ret)

          Clicked your link. I had the Donut of Misery on my desktop for 10 years. Made me smile!

    3. In many ways the 1970s were PEAK FREEDOM.
      For you whippersnappers, the drinking age was 18 and it wasn’t enforced. You could be 16 and not get a DUI with a .095 blood alcohol level. Weed was smoked openly nearly everywhere too.
      Those cars you see now on the Barret-Jackson auto auction? Available used for under a grand.Part-time after school job money. Condoms were something your granddad used when he went to a whorehouse.

      No iPhones or iPads though. Gaming was done on paper or maybe at the arcade.

        1. In 1984, the National Minimum Legal Drinking Act, written by Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and influenced by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), required all states to enforce a minimum legal drinking age of 21 or else risk losing 10% of all federal highway construction funds.

          1. Signed into law by President Ronald Reagan on July 17, 1984

            The buck stops with the POTUS. Reagan was the great enemy of freedom – even trying to ban porn.

            Lautenburg sucks too.

            Reagan only cared about states rights when it came to restricting freedom.

            1. Screeching Bush again. Tell us again how Obama is an ardent defender of the second amendment.

              1. Fuck, I’m just waiting for the explanation about how Obama is not a phony ass, lying asshole.

            2. The buck stops with the POTUS.

              I agree. Obama does suck.

      1. I agree with you, the 70s were good. The 80s too. Then came the 90s with it’s impending sense of an encroaching police state. Then 2001 and 911 and freedom was all but over. Now they are just putting the final nails in the coffin of what was once a great and free country.

        1. The Slave-Military ended in the mid 1970s too. I think the music and fashion and such was hideous, but there were some things that went well.

          1. The fashion was hideous excepting the chicks in shiny metalic spandex at the end of the decade.It was the greatest decade for film and arguably the second greatest for music.

    4. Just for you, Suthenboy: 24 Shirts That Would Get Men Laid Today

      This was the 1970s ? you and your ironic t-shirts will cower in fear.

      1. bold.

      2. Hey, Morpheus looked damn good in sleeve garters when he took off his coat to fight the Agent on top of the truck.

      3. I never wore anything like that. Not me.

        *avoids eye contact*

        That made me laugh. A lot.

      4. People used to tuck their necktie into their waistband?

        1. what do you mean used to?

          asking for a friend.

    5. I had one of those reminiscing days yesterday. Wife and I were sitting at a bar in BWI after dropping off a friend, and BOC Don’t Fear the Reaper was playing. Nostalgia, sometimes it’s good.

    6. I have similar fond memories of the 80s. I’m 48.

      To be sure, we are on a slow slide to oblivion. The kids of today will never know the freedoms we had.

      Now I haz a sad.

    7. The girls were definitely hot.

      My first serious girlfriend was in 1975-1976. I was just thinking about her the other day cruising back north from the Savanna River. I had to flick the channel away from Starland Vocal Band just before the Chesapeake came into view.

  4. You’re not allowed to talk to reporters, kid.


    1. I have no idea what to make of that, but it aint good.

    1. the headline: Female inmates sterilized in California prisons without approval

      1. Wow, when I read the headline I assumed it was an atrocity of the females not giving the approval. No, of course not: They meant the State’s approval.

        Fucked. We’re all fucked.

        1. Someone please remind me of how we’re still the most freest country in all da murl?

          1. Tallest midget, and all that.

    2. I blame BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!!!

  5. In the 70s you were ignorant enough to think the world revolved around you. Now you are just jaded and forlorn.

    Is this the opening sentence of your “autobiographical” detective novel?

  6. Collection of idiots all in one convenient place and nary a drone in sight

    1. I thought you were linking to a photo of the prez giving an address to congress with the supremes present….

    2. “…organizers say the Healing Walk is a spiritual exercise, where elders from several First Nations communities pray for the healing of land…”

      Not only do I have no idea what that means, but neither do the organizers.

      1. Sounds like all the other New Age bullshit that I’ve heard. Nonsense with no scientific basis at all, that makes people feel special.

        I’m going to stop with my career in honest work and start writing books based on pure bullshit. Apparently the deeper the bullshit, the more books you can sell.

        1. It is funny. Liberals love to look down their noses at evangelicals. But then they will turn around and believe the most ridiculous new age shit imaginable. Those evangelicals are anti-science ignoramuses. But crystals have healing powers.

      1. Was hoping that was where you were going. Stevie was a hottie in the day.

        More nostalgia.

  7. In the good news for the day, at least the collective at HuffPo were right about the latest regime change in Egypt truly being a true Arab Spring, this time. Oh wait…

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  9. You call that a hail storm?

  10. I spent several hours today at CNN arguing economic policy. (I know, I deserve everything I got.)

    My conclusion:


    The ignorance of basic economic concepts is astounding and they will argue their prescribed talking points TO THE DEATH without regard to logic, reason or a shred of independent critical thought. There is no chance we can overcome such stupidity and we are thereby sentenced to live out our remaining lives in destitution and misery.

    I give up! Point me to the gulch.

    1. The problem with economics is that so much of it produces counter intuitive results. I have tried any number of times to explain to people why mandating increased fuel economy for cars won’t necessarily decrease over all fuel consumption. I might as well be speaking in tongues to them. The intuitive belief that if something is more efficient we will use less of it is just hard wired. They just can’t grasp the idea that lowering the cost of driving might cause people to drive more and use more gasoline than they would have otherwise.

      1. I find, those that lean left, have a hard time deducing second order consequences.

        I would love to see a study on the subject as I often wonder why. Is it that those disposed to lean left have similar physiologies that do not support the ability to reason? Are they too lazy to explore them, content to go with the first option that pops into their nuggets? Or is it that they are ruled by emotion and don’t care to confront reality.

        It would make a good government funded study.

        Ahhhhhh! Stiff Gin and Tonic. I’m feeling better.

        1. I think it comes from the fact that liberals derive so much of their personal sense of identity and self worth from their politics. Leftism because it is about really making Utopia on earth. It is always about “making the world a better place”. And that attracts people who get their identity through politics. Saying you are working to make the world better is a hell of an ego boost.

          And if it is about your self esteem and self worth, it is not about logic anymore. It is about what makes you feel good and feel superior.

          1. Sadly, this. And the economic obtuseness would be comical if it wasn’t so tragic. I know a psychologist (so, a Ph.D. if not an M.D.) who thinks that the way to rescue the economy is to raise the minimum wage, because then people will have more money to spend.

            1. That is what is so depressing. It is people who are otherwise very intelligent but believe absolute nonsense.

              1. Emotions are stronger than logic and evidence.

      2. Making something cheaper and more efficient, thus it’s getting used more, is counter-intuitive?

  11. Officials say some of the 40 people unaccounted for may have simply vaporized in train blast

    1. And that the reason for the crash looks like sabotage. Wow. If so, I’d say chances are 48% stupid teen, 48% Muslim terrorist, 2% other.

      1. What, no percentage for “disgruntled employee?”

        1. Good point.

      2. Wait…no “anti-tar sands crude oil ecoterrorist”? Or is that the 2%? I’m ranking it right behind railroad incompetence.

  12. OT here?
    Well, why not?
    Camera whore Gavin Newsom, before he bolted the job of SF mayor for governor assistant, decided that the siren song of Larry Ellison was just ducky, and the city (taxpayers) could pay millions to give Larry a playpen, since (according to Newsom) the city would ‘get millions in return!’. Sorta like a new ball stadium. Sorta.
    Well, it was obvious from the start that Newsom was a deer in the headlights compared to Ellison’s crew; the guy has spent his life in ‘gov’t service’ and screwing his friends’ wives.
    So, today, we get the first installment:
    “New Zealand sails solo as regatta opens”
    Yep, a race between one boat! I’ll bet there were three or four people watching!
    Newsom, of course, is nowhere to be found.

  13. http://thecable.foreignpolicy……s_law_firm

    WTF? Criminals don’t usually break into law firms to steal things. If this doesn’t relate to the DOS case, it is a one in a million long shot. If it does, that means, Obama is running some kind of criminal fixer organization. Egads.

    1. Don’t worry, John. I’m sure there’s no paper trail linking this to Obama officials, just various meetings, hints, nods….

    2. Criminals? Are you implying they didn’t have a validly rubberstamped FISA warrant?

  14. Watching The Patriot on encore. “Huzzah“…I like that word. We need to bring it back.

    1. it never left?

      1. Not used much anymore. Too good a word to let disappear from the vernacular.

    2. It is back. This guy says it all the time.

      1. Not exactly what I had in mind. Butt, what the hell…

  15. Eliot Spitzer is running for New York City comptroller against the woman who provided him with prostitutes.

    1. That is fucking priceless.

    1. Scratch the first one: hoax.

      1. Pretty obvious when you read it too. I just got really exited when I saw it.

        Snowden In Venezuela’ Hoax Email Finds a Home on Social Media.

    2. And scratch the second, because a “citizen grand jury” means diddly.

      1. It’s still true. I’m aware of their limited use, but thought it interesting nonetheless.

  16. “Dad, why don’t we have an American flag to fly on the 4th of July?”

    “Well Son, despite our recent exponential boost in freedom thanks to the Supreme Courts decision creating marriage equality and 2 states’ voters approving heavily taxed and regulated marijuana, we’re still a totalitarian hellhole until I can buy a round-eyed hipster-made crude facsimile of a banh mi from a truck parked on city property in the restaurant district and that is why we have no flag” *spits*

    “But Dad, we could always get pollo asado or tacos from the truck in the parking lot of the half-abandoned shopping center”

    “What and catch a food born disease? Not in my Amerikkka!”

    1. I’m sure that when he gets to college and learns that buttsex, abortions and having the government shield you from your own bad decisions is what true freedoms are, he’ll understand that we are the freest people in history of the universe.

      Every morning I check my white male privilege and thank Allah for Dear Leader bringing this utopia of liberty to our great nation.

      1. Every morning I check my white male privilege and thank Allah for Dear Leader bringing this utopia of liberty to our great nation.

        Well duh!

  17. Okay, The Patriot’s over, now watching Jaws on Skinamax.

    It may have been the genesis of the “70’s horror-drama” genre, but it was also a damn good movie. Good story. Good acting.

    …farewell and adieu to you, fair Spanish ladies.

    1. Top Gear marathon on Netflix.
      The RV race in Season 7 is great.

      1. I’m watching BBQ Pitmasters on netflix.

        It’s stoopid, but entertaining.

        1. The Desperate Hours with Humphrey Bogart on that cool new free broadcast TV movie channel.

  18. Where are the progtards and equality for everyone on driving F1 cars?

    1. Open wheel is teh GAY!


  19. Fuck your trains, I gotta say though China sometimes does it right.


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