How Obamacare Empowers the IRS

The president's health care overhaul requires a massive expansion of the controversial tax agency.


While promoting Obamacare, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi encouraged Americans to think of it as a kind of Christmas present. "We have to pass the (health care) bill so that you can find out what is in it," she told the National Association of Counties in March 2010, days before President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act.

Now we know that the surprise inside Obamacare includes an historic expansion of the IRS, arguably the most hated of federal agencies.

That role was no accident: When Obamacare eventually passed constitutional muster one year ago, it was only because, conservative Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts argued, the Affordable Care Act relies on Congress' power to tax.

Love Obamacare or hate it, Roberts asserted for the majority, it's really a function of the IRS, and that makes it Congress's business.

But nobody, not even the IRS itself, is sure precisely how Obamacare will work.

That's what's terrifying – or, if you're Nancy Pelosi, perhaps titillating.

Independent reports suggest there are "47 new things for the IRS to track" in the federal health care regime — "meaning a substantial increase in the amount of work the IRS needs to do."

That monitoring function requires some planning.

In the weeks after the bill was signed on March 23, 2010, several IRS officials started attending hundreds of White House meetings to define the tax agency's role in implementing Obamacare. searched White House visitor logs for visits by IRS employees, identifying seven IRS officials who logged more than 1,200 White House visits.

For a more detailed look at these visits including two different kinds of charts, view this Watchdog Labs page.

Lost in the more beguiling controversy over whether these meetings are evidence the Obama administration targeted political groups is the more obvious fact: the IRS was — is — helping the White House plot the federal takeover of health care management. IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman and IRS health care counsel Catherine E. Livingston immediately started logging visits to the White House immediately after the bill was signed. The frequency of Shulman's 151 visits peaked by October 2010, while Livingston's 435 visits continued until her departure from the IRS earlier this year.

If you're a geek, here's how the numbers look:

  • The seven IRS officials we tracked made about 38 visits in the six-and-a-half months before ACA was signed – about 5.85 visits per month. (We looked at six-and-a-half months of data because the White House has released visitor information beginning. Sept 15, 2009.)
  • At that rate, those seven people would have visited the White House about 243 times over 41.5 months.
  • Instead, those seven officials visited the White House a total of 1,250 times – or roughly five times the number we observed before the ACA signing.

Few of the IRS White House meetings were with President Obama. Most were with staff members and other government officials.

The high number of White House visits by IRS officials likely reflects the complexity of the ACA and its tax implications.

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  1. Still, it’s amusing that Obamacare is the reason that the White House has been dragged into this scandal. Couldn’t have happened to a better group of assholes.

  2. “We have to pass the (health care) bill so that you can find out what is in it,”

    We are beyond this. Pelosi’s Fistpuppet (aka Shrike), endorses the “We have to implement it before we know what’s in it” strategy.

    1. That was interesting. Particularly interesting that he and Tony use the same playbook. Pointing out egregious failures and hypocrisies gets no response. Yet, they come back later and defend him all over again.

  3. I’ve got the solution to our problems.

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      1. You’re quite a pelican.


        1. I know YOU are, but what am I?


    2. Sounds like he doesnt like his name very much.

      1. Would you like being named after Steve Smith?

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      This pelican has killed four men. I’m only giving him away because my lease has an exotic animal clause.

      Perhaps the lessor should be gifted a certain shirt.

      1. This may be my last post today. It takes a long time to purchase and gift mail the same shirt to everyone in DC.

        1. A long-time commentator was arrested today after making implied threats to the President, the president’s family, and members and staff of Congress. Officials with the FBI will not disclose the identity of the individual in custody, but instead hope to obtain information on fellow conspirators.

          1. STOP RESISTING!

            *shoots pelican*

          2. Damn, I’m still here. Maybe they are pulling a Snowden on me…

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    5. No one needs an assault bird with a 15-fish beak

    6. I’ve seen attack pelicans on fire off the shoulder of Florida.

  4. OT: But this is what Obama said today while in South Africa:

    Afterward, Mr. Obama told reporters from both countries that his top priority for Africa was to help its governments to establish more stable and transparent democracies and to promote greater trade and investment that will help the economies of both the United States and the continent.

    How does this lying shit weasel manage to say any of that with a straight face? He believes in promoting transparent government and a robust economy?

    1. How does this lying shit weasel manage to say any of that with a straight face?

      Because fuck you, that’s why?

    2. I find the megalomania and arrogance of how he is going to personally help their governments be more stable and transparent to be the galling thing. Yeah, the irony of this obtuse piece of shit talking about transparency is amazing, but the idea that this completely incompetent conman is going to actually help anything anywhere is laughable.

      1. Because whenever it is something that sounds beneficial, it is something HE wants or that HE will do. When it something that HE has fucked up, HE turns to WE, as in America is responsible for his mistakes (see his comments when it became undeniable that drone strikes were killing civilians).

    3. “How does this lying shit weasel manage to say any of that with a straight face?”

      I think you answered your own question there.

      Remember, this is the guy that unhesitantly said, with a straight face, “if you are a small business owner…you didnt build that…someone else made that happen.”, and with regards to the NSA spying program “it is transparent..”.

      1. “I welcome this debate” remains my personal favorite.

        1. Let me be clear – I will be obtuse and unclear.

    4. I would think to name Obama, Caligula Preto, but really, since he’s never even come up with any of his evil and despotic schemes on his own, and really never even plotted and orchestrated his own rise to power himself, but is just a puppet of the lefty proglotards, he doesn’t even deserve that name.

      How anyone can like or even respect this guy now, is beyond me.

      2008 may be the election for all time where there was absolutely no choice between evil and evil.

      1. How anyone can like or even respect this guy now, is beyond me.

        Kuz he’s the first black President and if you don’t like it you’re racist!!!

        1. I must be a racist, because I find the guy repulsive as hell.

          Does the fact that I find McCain equally repulsive, redeem me to any extent?

          1. No, but the fact you want to mail a certain shirt to everyone in DC does.

            1. Ok, I have to refine that statement. Not to everyone… just all the members of the GOP and Dem political parties, minus a few…

              1. Close enough to “everyone” for government work

          2. Does the fact that I find McCain equally repulsive, redeem me to any extent?

            No. Haven’t you heard that McCain is one of the few respectable Republicans?

      2. I was no McCain fan, but even he would have been better than Obama.

        One thing that’s really annoying about Obama is how much everything he says, even as President, sounds like b.s. campaign blather. He always sounds like he’s campaigning, promising what he’ll do at some point in the future.

        1. I’m not sold on that. To tell you the truth, I was a little relieved when McCain lost. He’s the biggest fascist in DC today, him and his little toadie sidekick, Graham.

          I hoped that Romney would win though, even though I voted for Johnson. Even though Romney is just an east coast Republican, aka, moderate Democrat, he’s not even in the same league as McCain for detestable.

          We would be at war with Iran right now if McCain would have won, and I really do think that would be worse than what the current divider in chief has done.

          1. Sadly, a war with Iran would probably cost less in money and lives than Obamacare.

            1. I think there still would have been some sort of new (bad) health care law if McCain had been elected. I can easily see him getting together with Congressional Democrats and craft some “bold compromise” (and inevitably some Republicans would be good team players and go along). We all know McCain loves being bipartisan. Maybe it wouldn’t have been quite as bad as Obamacare but it still would have been bad

        2. I was no McCain fan, but even he would have been better than Obama.

          The only thing that would have been better about a McCain administration would be the media doing their fucking job. Other than that, he would have been as bad as Obama, just in different ways.

          1. The media would call whatever McCain did the work of evil free market forces and claim that he represented extreme right wing rhetoric espoused by the libertarian branch of the Republican Party. That’s hardly the truth but it’s what they’d print and speak.

        3. He always sounds like he’s campaigning, promising what he’ll do at some point in the future.

          Campaigning is only competency he has and that’s pretty much been all he has done. To paraphrase the Chosen One, he would rather campaign than govern.

          1. just like when Charlie Brown said during a baseball game “I’d rather manage than eat.”

    5. Read his lips. The only logical conclusion is that he means he has no priorities.

      Or he’s a liar. I can’t decide.

      1. I think we can agree that he’s a liar with no priorities.

    6. “Afterward, Mr. Obama told reporters from both countries that his top priority for Africa was to help its governments to establish more stable and transparent democracies and to promote greater trade and investment”

      So why doesn’t he try that here?

  5. Let the decolonization commence!

    Much of the resources that go into the so called ‘war on terror’ do not go into protecting the average citizen or infrastructure, but rather find focus on maintaining a solid grip on the tools of domination. Surveillance, counter-intelligence and provocateurs are realities in everyday life for activist movements. Neo-colonialists are quick to appropriate the new narratives about rights, diversity and environmentalism and use these to brand the old policies with green, brown or pink fa?ades. The established colonial order is adept at divide and conquer. Identifying everyone with the majority and keeping them in the dark or misinformed is foundational in establishing ‘peace, order and good government.’
    Indigenous people now lay claim to urban spaces and the opportunities for reconstituting economic and political power infused with traditional values, which contest the all-American dream. When Idle No More was recognized across borders and around the world by analogous activist movements our hearts swelled with pride. Interestingly, the first messages of mutual support came in pictures and posters from Palestine. While Idle No More began in Canada in response to parochial colonial legislation it struck a harmonic chord with a universal decolonization discourse.

    1. You know, I read the Wikipedia page on “Idle No More”, and I’m still not certain what they really want.

        1. “First Nation’s Peoples ?and the decision of Canadians to stand alongside them? will determine the fate of the planet.”
          ?Guardian, UK

          That’s interesting. Let me try something equally interesting.

          Aryan People ?and the decision of Canadians to stand alongside them? will determine the fate of the planet.”
          ?Guardian, UK

          Why look! Vague bullshit is vague no matter what you plug in!

        2. There’s some really funny stuff on that website.

          Only through action can people bring about change,for every action there is a reaction;if the action is peaceful the reaction shall be peaceful, if the action is violent the reaction shall be ?

          Yeah. This explains why the United States’ government responded so ‘peacefully’ to the Native American Ghost Dancers. I also question whether or not a peaceful resistance of Jews in 1938 Germany would have saved them from the gas chambers.

          Liberal hippies are stupid.

          1. Well didn’t help that to someone ignorant of their culture the Ghost Dance looked like a war dance.

            Still the Medals of Honor were a bit much considering the Army outnumbered them 5 to 1.

    2. Interestingly, the first messages of mutual support came in pictures and posters from Palestine.

      Wait. How did the truly indigenous people of Judea and Samaria (aka the Jews) become “colonizers” and the Arabs who colonized the land during the conquests of the Rashidun Caliphate become the autochthonic “indignes”?

      Funny that many so-called native rights groups refuse to acknowledge the only successful indigenous rights movement of modern times. Sounds to me that Idle No More are a bunch of fucking hypocrites and moral cowards.

      Russell Means never put up with that bullshit, and may his memory live on.

      1. It cracks me up when people argue that Jews “don’t belong” in the area known since antiquity as Judea.

          1. Is it possible to buy the premise of Judaic repatriation (there’s a better word for that, but I’m struggling to recall it) without buying into the notion of bottomless financial and martial support to perpetuate it? I’m lately debating that point, because withdrawing the implication of a rivers of glass flowing through Tehran, Cairo et al. probably jeopardizes Israel’s ancestral claim, and without open-ended Western beneficence, they’d likely not have gotten a foothold to begin with.

            1. Is it possible to buy the premise of Judaic repatriation (there’s a better word for that, but I’m struggling to recall it) without buying into the notion of bottomless financial and martial support to perpetuate it?

              Sure, why not?

              and without open-ended Western beneficence, they’d likely not have gotten a foothold to begin with.

              I disagree. Early in its history the Zionist project was supported by the Arab monarchs who felt they had common cause with the Jews trying to reclaim their land from the Turks of the Ottoman Empire. (Example: In this photo, one of those dudes was the King of Iraq and one of those dudes would become the first President of Israel, can you tell who’s who?)

              Things soured when the Soviet Union agitated in the region by supporting pan-Arabist socialist movements. These movements adopted the Stalinist anti-Zionism both out of ideology and due to the fact that the Zionists were seen as allied with the “corrupt” Arab monarchs.

              1. It turns out that the KGB translated the Protocols of the Elders of Zion into Arabic and distributed it throughout the Arab world in the 1960s.

                1. You know, it’s people like the KGB that cause unrest.

              2. People tend to forget that practically all the Jihad shit we are dealing with today started way back when because of the KGB. Research Arafat some day and you will see that man and his movement were created by the KGB before they lost control of his sorry ass. The rest is history, but history the left doesn’t like anyone to remember.

                1. Also note that Arafat’s uncle, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, was buddies with the Nazis and recruited Bosnian Muslims for the SS.

                  1. P.S.: Apparently the blood relation aspect is not confirmed. Some sources say Arafat was nephew or cousin, others say not. They were certainly ideologically connected, and Arafat praised him publicly.

          2. Eh. “On the Jewish Question” is not an obscure work. E.g., it’s included in the ubiquitous (and, alas, universally assigned) Marx-Engels Reader edited by Robert Tucker.

            1. That was supposed to be a reply to HM.

            2. Yes, you’re right. But it’s always “explained away” by the duteous editor in the introduction. It was Marx’s “early period”; it was motivated by “assimilation” as opposed to actual hatred, blah, blah, blah.

              Indeed, look at the link I posted and read how various Marxist scholars fall over themselves in trying to argue that Marx didn’t mean what he wrote.

              And none of them will ever admit that Communism and Socialism are just a pogrom writ large with “Jews” replaced by a variable to be filled in by the culture at large. For the Russians it was the “wealthy” (and Jews), for the Chinese and Cambodians it was “intellectuals”, et cetera mutatis mutandis

              1. “And none of them will ever admit that Communism and Socialism are just a pogrom writ large with “Jews” replaced by a variable to be filled in”

                Heck, you don’t even need to fill in anything. Russia under Stalin was terrible to Jews, he was quite the anti-Semite.

        1. It cracks me up when people argue that Jews “don’t belong” in the area known since antiquity as Judea.

          Most Russian Jews originate from native tribes who converted to Judaism in the same time period the majority of the area was being converted to the Catholicism that became Russian Orthodox so bare no historic land claim in that sense. The fact most immigrants who poured into Judea as the nation state was being formed bought land titles from local holders is legal validation enough without the birthright claim. The disputed areas are a minority of titled lands.

          1. nation state of Israel was being formed

          2. Sorry, Killaz, the theory that Russian Jews or Ashkenazi Jews in general are mostly descended from Khazars is an anti-Semitic canard that has been used to delegitimize Jewish identity to its native homeland since at least the 19th century. The Khazar decent theory has been proven false again and again through linguistic, anthropological, and most recently DNA research.

              1. I knew that to be true of Judea where communities of native Muslims were shown through genetic evidence to have been Jewish forced converts, but didn’t know that too to have been disproved. Hell, it was treated as established fact in my Russian history classes with a specific ruler recognized as giving the edict of conversion. But, I bow to science. Much of official history has been disproved before through rigorous study over turning written conjecture, so I should not be surprised. I only pointed out the above because even if the opposite proved to be the case, it does not de-legitimize the existence of the state of Israel.

                1. What delegitimizes the State of Israel is that the nation-state, in general, isn’t legitimate.

                  There is no question that some of the Palestinian population were Jews who remained in Palestine and converted to Islam throughout the years. And while the Khazars did indeed convert to Judaism, they never made up the majority of European Jewry. Euro-Jewish haplogroups are clearly closer to their Arabic cousins than they are to Turkic groups, which wouldn’t be the case if the majority of Euro-Jews were descended from the Turkic Khazars.

                  On the other hand, the many Palestinians have ancestry that points to migration from the Arab peninsula.

                  According to a 2010 study by Behar et al titled “The genome-wide structure of the Jewish people,” Palestinians cluster genetically close to Bedouins and Saudi Arabians which could indicate a common ancestry or some recent ancestral influx from the Arabian peninsula.[115]

                  I bring all this up not because I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Zionist (though I am often accused of being such due to the fact that I don’t support Hamas’s master plan of mass genocide until the Dead Sea is colored dark red with Jew-blood), but to point out the hypocrisy of an “indigenous rights” group that chooses to ignore the plight of a certain indigenous group due to a “politically correct” ideology constructed and perpetuated by a mostly White, European academia.

                  1. What delegitimizes the State of Israel is that the nation-state, in general, isn’t legitimate.

                    I’m an ancap so its safe to read that to be the unwritten but very much there boilerplate of ‘no less illegitimate than any other nation-state’. If you engage conversations from the standpoint of ‘as it should be’ to correct for the errors of ‘as it stands’ conversations would lack any of the beauty and utility that brevity provides.

                    1. If you engage the topic of conversations from the standpoint

                  2. Good points HM. Although I would say that Killaz point about how Jews bought land titles from local holders is the key here, not whether or not Jews are descended from an ancient Middle Eastern population. If the process of the creation of Israel was as simplistic as anti-Semites pretend it was, where Jews simply came out of nowhere and forcibly kicked out Palestinians for no reason, the Jews would be in the wrong in that instance, even if the ancestors had lived there 2,000 years ago. Of course, as we both know, that’s nowhere near an accurate representation of what happened. BTW, aren’t a good number of Palestinians descended from people who moved there fairly recently because of opportunities created by Jewish immigrants there? I feel like I read that somewhere, but I’m not sure if it’s true.

                    Also, do you happen to know how the ancestry of Palestinians compares to other Arab groups outside the Arabian Peninsula? Are Arabs in Jordan, Syria, Iraq, North Africa, etc. actually descended mostly from migrants from the Arabian Peninsula, or are they mostly “Arabized” descendants of the indigenous peoples?

      2. “How did the truly indigenous people of Judea and Samaria (aka the Jews) become “colonizers” and the Arabs who colonized the land during the conquests of the Rashidun Caliphate become the autochthonic “indignes”?”

        Are you being serious?

        Because about 1900 years ago most of the first group left the area leaving only a small number there while the second group was living there for the past thousand and three hundred years.

        1. So what’s the magic period of years between conquest and it being “rightfully” yours? Because the Jews were living in what is now Israel literally thousands of years before Islam even existed.

          But fine, we’ll go with what you say and say that whoever can hold the ground owns the ground. In which case the IDF will ensure that Israel will remain right where it is for the foreseeable future.

  6. Colonialism for Dummies (a story about chickens to help explain Canadian history)

    1. So are the Algonquins that this guy led the stranger or the man with the chicken? Because I’m pretty sure Robert Lovelace fucked Canada right well. (And good on him, right up until he uses his status to claim being “oppressed”.)

      1. The chicken owner is the First Nations and the stranger is the white man.
        The Chickens are the products of the land.

    2. rabble????

      GO AWAY

    3. Mmmm…chicken…*drool*

  7. OT: NSA is getting real good!
    “The NSA Has Processed 1 TRILLION Pieces Of Internet Metadata ? And That’s Just The Start”
    “Binney, one of the best mathematicians and code breakers in National Security Agency (NSA) history, oversaw a program called ThinThread and then quit the agency in 2001 after members of his team were being used to spy on millions Americans to spy on virtually every U.S. citizen under the code-name Stellar Wind.”

    But Di Fi knew about it, so it was transparent and she swears there’s no way it’s unconstitutional!…..634548.php

    1. What are the odds that some NSA data ended up helping the Obama re-election campaign, similar to the way the IRS helped out? I’d say about 50/50.

      1. I’m at 75%

        1. (greater than symbol) 75%. How could a tool like that be left lying on the bench?

  8. Off Topic, but this could potentially turn epic. Say hello to your 2016 Libertarian Party candidate.

    Palin floats idea of leaving Republican Party…

    1. Still a better love story than Twilight candidate than Root.

    2. I’d bang her any day.

      Wait – what was the question?

      1. I forget, but pretty sure that the answer is yes.

      2. I doubt she would let you.

        1. But if she did, I’d be ready.

      3. Barf. I’d bang Lisa Ann before her, and that’s saying something.

        1. Fuck off and die liar.

    3. Meh.

      In case little miss muffin didn’t know, there is already a political party if you care about liberty and freedom. It’s called the LP.

      But if you insist on forming a new political party to pretend like you care more about liberty and freedom than the 2 major bullshit parties, but are not ready to embrace true freedom by joining the LP, then, whatever, you will be back batting for your team soon enough.

      Oh yeah, and you can always help Rand and Massie, and Amash, infiltrate the GOP, you know, if you really care about Liberty.

      1. That idea of the Freedom Party is not going to take off and she likely knows it. She desires a political future and she knows that the Republicans have her boxed in for the purposes of damage control (you underestimate the absolute venality of the establishment, very little that she can do for Rand and Amash). Her best chip is to go in as a Libertarian Candidate. If she draws as many votes as Ross Perot she is a big dog on the national scene again.

        1. The problem with someone going in as a Libertarian candidate, and you know this, is that we will sniff you out and destroy you as a fraud, at light speed.

          1. You wouldn’t say that if you were a real libertarian, you fucking heretic.

            I shall see you burned for your blasphemy.

            1. I was already burned in the last life. There is a one time limit on burning in the multiverse. You have to be more creative here..

          2. It didn’t stop Bar and Root.

            And she’ll totally get away with it. The LP has no mechanism to stop a train hijack.

            Also, if the GOP advances a ticket with Rubio or Christie of Ryan, the GOP will come in third place.

            1. I disagree on all points.

              No way Sarah Palin is running as an LP candidate.

              Also, no way the GOP comes in 3rd place to a LP candidate in 2016.

              1. Too early for betting and making absolute predictions, so, You’re on! 50 Gazillion bottle caps that Sarah Palin is the 2016 LP candidate.

                1. Also, the GOP establishment doesn’t care about winning elections, they only care about controlling the party. They would totally let a snoozer ticket like Ryan/Rubio out there which winds up coming in third place before allowing a Paul to kick them through the curb. They are vileness.

                  1. Bush/Ruio, or Bush/Christie… Or more likely, Christie/Rubio… for the Hitlary win.

                    1. There is no way in hell Christie or Rubio get nominated. They burned their bridges. Right now I think the best GOP hope is Scott Walker/Rand Paul.

                    2. They burned their bridges

                      I said the same thing about McCain in 2006 when he pissed everyone off for being a sanctimonious douche bag on the immigration reform bill that died that Summer. It will definitely be a lot of tension between the party elite and the rank and file, and maybe even enough to sink their chances, but the Wall Street guys especially are still infatuated with Christie for some bizarre reason. Also, Rubio likes to get mouthy and piss off the rank and file, but from the establishment standpoint, its a very pretty mouth, and that’s what the second player on the ticket is for these days.

                    3. I see your point, but I don’t think conservative anger at McCain in ’06 is anything equal to to the anger at Rubio now. Rubio was a Rising Star for a while there, but this horrendous immigration bill changed that.

                      Christie is more of a mixed bag, with more actual accomplishments than Rubio, but still a very mixed bag. Being so overly chummy with Obama just before the election lost him a lot of GOP support.

                2. Gotcha on that, and throw in 100 billion million trillion gazillion … somethings…

                3. 50 Gazillion bottle caps that Sarah Palin is the 2016 LP candidate.

                  Real libertarians do their betting in bitcoins only.

                  I always thought you reeked of phony.

                  1. Bitcoin is for pre-apocolyptic libertarians. By 2016 you will all embrace bottle cap standard.

                    And my libertarian credentials are immaculate.

          3. The problem with someone going in as a Libertarian candidate, and you know this, is that we will sniff you out and destroy you as a fraud, at light speed.

            Not if she pulls enough nubies into the party to render the current weirdos an irrelevant rump.

        2. Ugh. I know the LP is already a trainwreck, but Sarah Palin getting the LP nomination would not be a good thing for libertarians

          1. I hope I didn’t leave that impression in my speculation. It’s an interesting thing, unlike her signing a contract with Fox which is what you do if you accept some payback when the party shuts you down. For the most part, its an amusing thing. Good thing, NNNOOOOOO!

    4. Say hello to your 2016 Libertarian Party candidate.

      Are you trying to kill Poppie?

      1. LOL!

    1. Have you been nagged yet today?

      /Trick question to see if you are married.

    2. Parts of the recent Transformers series even tip the scales at 134 dB.

      That really is loud.


  9. Humans: the real threat to life on Earth

      1. typo

        Pheww! You nearly pantsed that one. Close call.

        1. Pansted! Dude, as founder of the pansted the link society, you cannot let the Canuck get away with it!

          1. It does take you to a website (the wrong one), so it is a pansted link.

            You’re right.

            *hangs head in shame*

            1. I corrected it immediately!

      2. I got as far as the very first comma, realized it was premised on a fallacy and quit reading.

        Here is another IF. If Emmot would be honest he would admit to being the new Malthus.

        Jesus environmentalists are unselfaware.

    1. Pantsed the link!!!

      1. my servant hit an extra character when submitting the link into the field.
        his right hand has been removed as a lesson.

        1. You do only need one hand to polish monocles, after all.

    2. If we discovered tomorrow that there was an asteroid on a collision course with Earth and ? because physics is a fairly simple science ? we were able to calculate that it was going to hit Earth on 3 June 2072, and we knew that its impact was going to wipe out 70% of all life on Earth, governments worldwide would marshal the entire planet into unprecedented action. Every scientist, engineer, university and business would be enlisted: half to find a way of stopping it, the other half to find a way for our species to survive and rebuild if the first option proved unsuccessful.

      For as long as the sky has been falling, you would think it would have hit the ground by now.

      1. governments worldwide would marshal the entire planet into unprecedented action. Every scientist, engineer, university and business would be enlisted: half to find a way of stopping it, the other half to find a way for our species to survive and rebuild if the first option proved unsuccessful.

        Mmkkay. Yeah, right.

        First of all, we should be a lot more worried about an asteroid or meteor strike than we should about some imaginary and politically motivated global warming. If any meteor should strike the earth, please let it do a direct strike on the current residence of the current POTUS, or Al Gore.

      2. For as long as the sky has been falling, you would think it would have hit the ground by now.

        You’re saying that you don’t remember when England sank into the sea in the year 2000?

        “If I were a gambler, I would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000.” – Paul Ehrlich

      3. “governments worldwide would marshal the entire planet into unprecedented action”

        Holy shit, we’d be doomed.

  10. Is it Sunday? Strange, the local liquor store was open…

  11. NR: … I just keep wondering about this.

    Why were bands so much more talented in the 70s – 80s than they are now?

    WTF? It’s like music has taken a millennial decline, sort of like the Roman empire into the dark ages. Why is that?

    1. should I get off your lawn now?

    2. Yeah, the music I listened to at the age when I was forming my tastes was so much better than the stuff these days. I wonder why that is?

      1. Haha, really …. and Styx, and Rush, and come on….

        1. The 80s really really sucked.

          1. Ahem. We didn’t produce disco. Or Debby Boone.

          2. 80’s music is the best.

            1. Agreed compared to 90s and 00s, but 60s and 70s light years better than all, I’m afraid. After all, any genre you hear today (or any subgenre or microsubgenre) that wasn’t invented by the 60s and 70s, was invented in the 60s and 70s.

              1. Really? Who was doing trance and hardhouse in the 70s?

                In my experience, music always started to suck when the person talking turned 25. (this includes when I’m talking which puts the cutoff in the early 00s)

                1. That’s only because most people stop seeking out new music ~25.

              2. There hasn’t been anything original in music since the death of Josquin des Prez. 🙂

    3. Digital recording technology and changes in the culture and economy squeezing out working/middle class bands in favor of trust-fund hipster douchebags*

      *This applies to the rock genre.

  12. *sigh*

    Why can’t we have this guy for our President. In addition to continuing the liberalization of Mongolia’s economy and privatizing livestock and housing, he had this to say about the death penalty:

    By ratifying the Second Optional Protocol Mongolia would add yet one more country in the world community to fully abolish the death penalty. Pardoning a life does not mean pardoning a penalty. The punishment for serious and cruel felonies must be severe, and must be just. However, I do not think it is just to deprive any citizens of life in the name of state. The right to life is one of fundamental rights of a human being and cannot depend on anyone, not even on the Head of State. The state should respect very fundamental human rights, and secure them by law.”

    Notice the absolutely smug and condescending shit-eating-grin President Drone is giving him.

    1. “President Drone”

      I have lost track of the demeaning nicknames for commander shitweasel. Surely this guy has more than any president in history. That will be his legacy.

    2. He can’t be a Mongol, he’s not wearing the hat.

    3. Even the Mongolians have turned in to pussies. I bet they used to have some of the best methods of carrying out a death sentence.

      1. Fucking Mongorians!

        /Shitty Wok

      2. Fucking Cosmongolians.

    4. It’s because the SS# he uses was issued to a dead man before he stole it.

  13. OT: I went to Academy this afternoon to buy ammo. I went there because they are the only store around with .223s on the shelf. They are rationing 22lr, .223, 7.65×39, 9mm, 40s…basically the most common stuff that is in high demand. One box per customer per caliber with a max of three calibers.

    There was a guy in front of me. While we waited for the customer service guy to come over and hand us our ammo he turned and looked at me. We both had poker faces. In a slightly sarcastic tone I said; “Hello. How do you like standing in line for your rations?”. That got more of a reaction than I expected.

    I thought the son-of-a-bitch was gonna explode. He started stamping his feet and shaking his fist. He turned red as a beet in the face, veins sticking out all over. “This is goddamn fucking ridiculous!” Then he went on, spit flying. I dont remember what else he said. I kinda moved back, afraid cops or security were gonna show up.

    There is an awful lot of anger out there.

    1. The angriest I ever let myself get waiting in line was one time in the early 90s when I was picking up a pizza for which I called in an order. I sat in the lobby calmly waiting. This went on for half an hour, and I just sat there after a tiring day, waiting another ten minutes. Then the lady whose order was after mine got up and complained about how long it was taking. The cashier pointed to me and told her, ‘you see that gentleman? He’s not complaining and he has been here longer than you have.’ I locked eyes with him, and put some gravel in my voice and flat out said, ‘you’re lucky I don’t blow this motherfucker up to Kingdom Come.’ He looked like he was going to shit his pants.

      I’ll sit silently pissed to keep the peace but how dare you try to make me your stooge. That is never happening in this lifetime.

      1. I think it was the ‘rations’ bit that got him pissed. He started ranting about the ammo shortage being intentional. I got the feeling he is not a supporter of president mealy mouth.

        1. There is a lot of suspicion out there, that’s for sure. And you’re right to point out how palpable it is feels.

          1. I don’t think President Pakisplatter has anything directly to do with it. That is he didn’t order anything that caused it to happen.

            This is a reaction by gunnies to Sandy Hook and we caused the shortage ourselves.

            That said, I’m more than happy to have be be spittin’ mad at the administration.

    2. I just scored 1000 9mm reloads for $270. First I’ve seen ANY in about a year. Got online and found some last night – $19 something for 50 – two box limit.

      Yeah, it’s b/c people panicked. Yeah, I think it will eventually pass.

      But I’ve stocked the motherFUCK out of every caliber I shoot in the meantime (except .22 – still haven’t seen ANY) – just like everyone else is doing.

      Sucks. And it’s all because people are really afraid – and I believe rightfully so – that our betters are poised to act to limit rights the absolute second they can do so. Cause they’re already doing it to all our other rights. Guns have been a little slower, but they’ll get there.

      1. I don’t know if the ammo situation will ever go back to pre Sandy Hook levels. The stores weren’t getting truckfulls of ammo back in the old days, either, they were just getting a few dozen boxes to replace the stuff they sold each week. And that’s the MOST they’re going to get in the future in any delivery.

        So for things to go back to “normal”, you’d need to have a span of several weeks during which gun owners refrain from buying up every box of ammo they can when they see it (and sending their wife, family, friends in to circumvent the rationing system). I don’t think we’re close to that being a possibility. Maybe in 3 years or so?

        Of course the way to solve this situation is for stores to jack up their prices until supplies build back up again — but the sad fact is that most gun owners are just as economically illiterate as Obamaphone queens and will boycott anyone who does so.

        1. I’ve definitely seen the inflation – and I refuse to pay the rape prices. $270 for 1000 FMJ isn’t bad, so I pounced.

          Now that I have a couple thousand shells, I’m going to get reloading equipt. For awhile couldn’t even get THAT – now it seems largely available again, so I’m getting in the business.

          1. Wait till you have to buy primers. Good luck finding them.

    3. I quit looking for ammo after awhile as it got too frustrating. I had to quit hitting the range with anything other than .22, though.

      1. That’s funny, 22 is the last thing I’d be shooting right now. The Walmarts in NoVA are even more bereft of ammo than the Pgh area ones were — I blame the NRA headquarters range being much more pleasant than Anthony Arms.

        1. I have a couple of ammo cans (and some federal value packs) of .22,it’d take me a long time to go through it all. I’ve been pretty lucky finding it, it’s the 9mm that’s giving me problems.

      2. I’m finally going Monday for the first time since last fall. I’ve scored 9mm and .38/.357 Mag, so I can finally afford to “waste” some.

        I’ll put 500 rounds downrange easy – I really, really like target shooting! So when I go, I know I’m going to shoot a lot.

        Monday. Let’s do this!

  14. Refuse a breathalyzer in GA Get a Free Forced Blood Draw!

    This is at checkpoints, NOT following a fatal accident.

    1. Holy fuck! Just to be sure I went to the station listed and it is a real video.

      I hope this goes viral.

      1. I saw it was Infowars and did the same thing. It’s definitely legit, and that is a fucked up video.

      2. Even if you give in after they secure the blood warrant they still strap you down, ECT-style, and one of the six gorillas officers puts you in a headlock.

        1. More like forcible medication for agitation. Yes, they use similar restraints for ECT, but virtually all ECT in the USA is voluntary — the restraints are only for protection, and they aren’t fighting people to put them in.

          Forcibly restraining agitated people to medicate them with injections is another story. Our research group has been providing evidence to cease this behavior for several years now.

    2. “Because the body’s natural metabolization of alcohol inevitably destroys evidence of the crime, it constitutes an exigent circumstance. As a result, I would hold that a warrantless blood draw does not violate the Fourth Amendment.”

      Clarence Thomas

      The good news? He was on the losing side.

      The bad news? The winning side said you can’t draw blood without a warrant….unless of course the ‘totality of the circumstances’ justify it.

      Because, fuck you that’s why.

      1. Ugh. I usually like Thomas, but by this logic the popos can forcibly do a body cavity examination on every person at a checkpoint to look for evidence of rape, which is likewise quickly destroyed by bodily processes.

    3. And some people say we’re not living in a police state.

      1. Oh come on. In a police state this wouldn’t be viewed as a shocking story.

  15. Well, at least I had a GREAT couple rides on the old Kawasaki ZRX1220R – AKA the Eddie Lawson Replica. Drained the fucking gas tank right about sundown – filled ‘er up and headed home.

    Pretty soon we’ll be living out Red Barchetta – till then, at least I have that.

    Fuck you, Mr. President!

    1. Sweet. What kind of roads were you on?


        Mostly twisty two lane – a little blast to 100+ on the highway 🙂

        It’s heaven.

    1. Americans United for Separation of Church and State said the judges were wrong to say Hobby Lobby had a case.

      “This court has taken a huge step toward handing bosses and company owners a blank check to meddle in the private medical decisions of their workers,” executive director Barry Lynn said in a statement. “This isn’t religious freedom; it’s the worst kind of religious oppression.”

      1. If you don’t want an religiously oppressive boss, don’t get hired by one.

        1. I don’t think Barry actually knows what the words in his organization’s title mean. He seems to think they mean the opposite of their actual meaning.

          1. Well, corporations are creations of the government, so the Bill of Rights applies to them. 14th Amendment, and all that jazz. Amirite?

          2. Is it me, or do guys named Barry ALWAYS have problems understanding the original intent and founding documents of the organizations they lead?

      2. “This court has taken a huge step toward handing bosses and company owners a blank check to meddle in the private medical decisions of their workers,” executive director Barry Lynn said in a statement.

        *Raises hand*

        How is the health insurance plan, which is provided by the employer, none of the employer’s business?

    2. And the problem with that is….

      I don’t recall any talk of “separation of church and employer” by TJ or the rest of the Dead White Founders.

      1. You don’t understand; being a boss requires a higher caliber of understanding and tolerance. You’ve GOT to check your religious and philosophical beliefs at the door so that you don’t hurt your employees’ little egos.

  16. Food security and sustainability would be enhanced if we switched to a vegetarian diet

    1. I’m a vegentarian. I only eat things that themselves only eat plants and fungi.

    2. Ahem.

      Where food production is local, buyers can see where it comes from and how it is grown, maybe get to know farmers personally, and money spent stays and circulates in the locality.

      That last phrase is one of those things that makes the hair on my head catch fire. Money is a magic substance that creates wealth by circulating. If it circulates outside the local community, it’s magically creating wealth for the Others instead of for Us.

      1. I’m always concerned about keeping money local — very local, ie, in my pocket.

  17. Germany Blocks CO2 Reduction Deal

    1. Filthy Nazis! First the Jews, now this…

  18. your vehicle is going to help destroy the planet.

    1. I’ve had my suspicions…

    2. This is like super-duper-important, right? So let’s get rid of all the licensing and tax bullshit for private busing and transportation services, and see if that improves commute times. For the planet.

  19. Facepalming headline of the week:

    While Standing on Dry Land Thanks to Obama, Christie Criticizes President’s Leadership

    Though Christie’s pathetic attempt to undo his BO-fellating back in November IS sickening, I must agree.

    1. If the national GOP tries to foist another Blue governor (*cough* Chris Christie *cough*) on the base, I suspect there will be an open revolt in 2016. The party faithful did their duty and voted for McCain in spite of him in 2008, then held their noses for Romney in 2012. If the party produces someone who runs as Dem-lite again, they might as well transfer that Presidential war chest to the House races.

      1. While Standing on Dry Land Thanks to Obama

        …Do they think that without FEMA the entirety of New Jersey would be underwater?

        1. Obama after securing the 2008 Dem nomination:

          this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on earth.

          So it would appear the answer is YES WE CAN.

      2. The only one of the available GOP candidates from 2012 who might have done better against BO than Mitt did was Rick Perry, and that’s a big maybe (assuming he didn’t fall asleep during one of the debates with BO like he did in the GOP debates).

        Due to the demographic trends the GOP needs to win independents by a wide margin to win a presidential election — Romney won indies but not by enough — and the Santorums and Gingriches and Bachmanns of the world scare independents away. Unfortunately, so do the Ron Pauls. The Senator that Dr. NO spawned looks to be more savvy though, so there is some hope.

        1. True, it was a very weak slate. Much like 2004 when the best the Democrats could offer was Kerry, even though Bush was very vulnerable. Nobody likes running against an incumbent, they just have too many advantages.

        2. I think Ron Paul not only would have fared better, but would have beat him, even if only because a decidedly anti-war, anti-imperialist Ron Paul would have sapped much of the Team BLUE base that was anti-war.

          1. If there was any chance that RP would have gotten antiwar team blue votes (and I’m not sure there are that many of those anyway), it would have been dashed once the newsletter scandal started getting pushed in the MSM. I’m extremely doubtful that anyone from team blue was ever really going to vote against BO, anyway.

  20. I think I need to move to a higher floor. How high do you need to be to not hear the farting Hondas?

    1. Trick question: there is no building on earth tall enough to get away from the noise of farting Hondas.

    2. I googled “farting honda” and this was the first link that came up. So I have no idea what you’re talking about.

        1. That was disappointing, it didn’t sound like a fart at all. I was interested because there’s a very loud farting sound outside, all night whenever I leave the window open. Could be toads.

          1. Maybe you’re being stalked by Lindy West.

  21. Hot air balloons landed in our yard this morning.

    That is all.

    1. If you live in Albuquerque then you are required by city ordinance to allow them to land on your private property and to allow access to the chase crews. You can’t shoot ’em or anything.

      … Hobbit

  22. I thought the battle scenes in that one were filmed with flair, but things tended to get stiff and heavy-handed when the characters spoke instead of shot at each other. The new film, by contrast, shows no battles at all but has plenty of believable human-scale interaction.

    Stonewall didn’t exactly live within the confines of human scaled interaction, so I’m not sure why it would be expected.

    1. How the fuck did that cross post? Copied text from above, scrolled down, added a comment, submitted. Pretty wild stuff.

  23. The first thing they did after passing this monstrosity was to hire 14,000 compliance folks at the IRS.

    If you think this story has a happy ending, you are nuts.

  24. Our most awesomist president, the Incarnate and King of Peace, and acknowledged by sources as varied as the New York Times and the Washington Post as a diplomatic superstar, is stumbling us into a cold war with the EU of all places —…..0-08-06-16

    “If the media reports are accurate, then this recalls the methods used by enemies during the Cold War,” German Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger. “It is beyond comprehension that our friends in the United States see Europeans as enemies.”

    – – – –

    According to Der Spiegel, the NSA planted bugs in the EU’s diplomatic offices in Washington and infiltrated the building’s computer network. Similar measures were taken at the EU’s mission to the United Nations in New York, the magazine said.

    Der Spiegel didn’t publish the alleged NSA documents it cited nor say how it obtained access to them. But one of the report’s authors is Laura Poitras, an award-winning documentary filmmaker who interviewed Snowden while he was holed up in Hong Kong.

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  26. The IRS is a private for profit corporation and Obamacare is the expansion of business interests.

  27. Some things we can not explain, but I hope everything will slowly get better.
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  28. Liberals amuse me. They rant and rave about big, evil, greedy corporations and then pass a law making it illegal NOT to buy the products of a group of the biggest, greediest, most evil corporations that exist, the for-profit insurance companies, with no price controls.

    Go figure.

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