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Rikers Inmate Gives Prison Chief a Dirty Look, Chief Tells Guards to Kick the Inmate's Teeth In


peterkreder / photo on flickr

A recently retired assistant chief for security at Rikers Island is on trial for ordering his men to brutally beat a prisoner who dared to "lock eyes" with him. The New York Times reports

After the second inmate slashing of the day, guards on Rikers Island were checking inmates for weapons — an exhaustive process that involves repeated strip searches and the use of screening devices.

Standing outside a search pen, the new assistant chief for security, Eliseo Perez Jr., locked eyes with an inmate.

"This guy thinks he's tough," Chief Perez said, according to prosecutors in the Bronx. And then he ordered his subordinates to kick the inmate's teeth in, the authorities said.

Upon Chief Perez's order, the inmate, Jahmal Lightfoot, was led into the search pen where five members from an elite correction unit were waiting for him, an assistant district attorney, Lawrence Piergrossi, said at the arraignments in State Supreme Court in the Bronx.

"He was tackled, brought to the ground," Mr. Piergrossi said. "He was repeatedly kicked with his body in a fetal position, covering his head."

Mr. Piergrossi held up photos of the inmate's injuries, which included fractured eye sockets and a broken nose.

According to the Village Voice, which has reported extensively on Perez's gang of thugs, this wasn't the only incident in which an inmate was brutally beaten by Perez's men. According to the president of the Correction Officers Benevolent Association, this is "simply a witch hunt into the Department of Correction and members of the Correction Officers Benevolent Association."

Earlier this year, Mother Jones named Rikers one of the 10 worst prisons in the U.S.

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  1. Jackboots gonna stomp.

    1. And yet they don’t follow directions well as they failed to kick in his teeth.

      1. Damn you!

        1. No, damn that bastard Zeb.

  2. “This guy thinks he’s tough,” Chief Perez said, according to prosecutors in the Bronx. And then he ordered his subordinates to kick the inmate’s teeth in, the authorities said.

    Sounds like somebody wants to run for mayor.

  3. Not only are they evil, violent, sadistic thugs, they can’t even do the job right. He said kick his teeth in, not his eyes and nose.

    1. DAMN YOU!

  4. What kind of a person would want to work at Reikers? Only the worst of the worst want to be prison guards. It is a horrible job. There are only a limited number of half way normal people who will do it.

    If you create a giant prison state, you will have to hire a bunch of guards. And in doing so, you will end up hiring all kinds of sadists and criminals. Maybe we ought to consider sending fewer people to prison so we need fewer guards and can be a bit more picky about who we hire.

    1. The prisoners have to be there the staff chooses to go. Crazy.

      1. I have taken a few tours of prisons during law school and such. And every time the guards were just as scary as the prisoners.

        1. You know, why not make good prisoners into guards? Kind of a built-in parole system. Move up from convict, to trustee, to guard, to staff, to warden.

          1. I like that. Gives them a career when they get out. They couldn’t do any worse.

            1. Learn a trade, and make keeping order a career path. Incentives, people!

            2. Gives them a career when they get out

              They never really “get out” then.

              1. Well, I suppose they could after a term as warden.

          2. Kilgore Trout would like a word with you, ProL.

        2. It’s a thin line of seperation.

        3. I once met a Corcoran State prison guard who was desperately trying to get out. She was afraid for her life if she would just quit, so she was making plans to escape the state.

          It’s like leaving a gang, you don’t.

    2. After working for a Corrections Department, the only difference between the guards and the inmates is who has already been successfully prosecuted.

    3. It’s a horrible job, but the pay and benes are good considering the lack of qualifications needed and the shitty economy.
      If I didn’t think I’d get eaten alive, I would apply.
      And note that you don’t get to pick your prison/jail once you’re hired, so all the new guys end up at the worst places.

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        1. That’s because you have no taste.

          1. You have anti-taste. You like something, it becomes less good automatically. Spooky repulsion at a distance.

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                    3. Your lies and evasions don’t become you, ProL.

                    4. However, I did watch The Star Wars Christmas Special in its entirety. Every minute of it.

                2. Did you mean shed gorilla?

                  1. Shod means to be wearing shoes.

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                    2. As much as I’d like to deny it, it’s true. Go figure.

  5. Plainly, these men are making New York a better place. Why do you want to tie their hands?

  6. If it’s a witch hunt, then by all means, let it end with fire.




    1. Can we throw him in the Hudson and see if he floats?

      1. Is there still enough oil on the Hudson to do both?

      2. John| 6.27.13 @ 3:52PM |#

        Can we throw him in the Hudson and see if he floats?

        That would be one hell of a throw seeing as how Rikers is in the East River*…

        (*Not a river, dude = tidal estuary)

    2. For the night is dark and full of terror.

  7. After Obamba’s impeachment, and subsequent conviction on corruption, treason, war crimes, etc. I kind of hope he ends up at Rikers.

    With a cellmate named Ben Dover.

    1. Obama: What’s your name, cellmate?

      1. I object most strenuously to any analogy that places Obama in Fletch’s shoes.

      2. Hell with Obama. I want an entire “Obama Administration” wing at Leavenworth and Danberry. Let Eric Holder and David Axelrod share a cell and reminisce about the good old days. And let Valerie Jerrett collect protection money from Susan Power.

  8. OT: Hernandez may be responsible for two other murders in Boston.


    1. Ye gods. What’s the guy in, some gang? Being rich wasn’t good enough?

      1. And to think, Brady’s other go-to guy, the Gronk, is constantly injured. What will he do?


        1. Tebow throws the ball. He runs with the ball. He does not catch the ball. To suggest otherwise is heresy.

          Thank God for Tebow. I’d say one messiah offsets a murderer. Well, maybe a mass murderer.

          1. I like the way Timmah gets people riled up, but I don’t think there’s anything that can be done to make me root in any way for the Patriots.

            1. I wasn’t going there. I was talking about my university. Certainly the same logic can’t apply to the Patriots, who are sinfully not planning to start Tebow as QB.

            2. there’s anything that can be done to make me root in any way for the Patriots.

              If they were playing the Cowboys or murdering Bud Adams, I’d totally root for them.

        2. You don’t fuck with The Jesus, mayn.

          1. Like your school has ever produced a messiah.

            1. Nope. Just a Super Bowl winning QB.

              1. Yes, and Tampa thanks you. Of course, he more passed through Tallahassee than started there.

                1. Its okay, buddy. I’m sure Timmeh will make it all right.

          2. I’m not Tebow’s biggest fan, but I’m pretty sure he’s never been involved with eight year olds.

      2. That explains why he killed the guy. It never made sense to me that he would have killed him over “something he said at a club”. If you are a big enough dirt bag to kill someone over that, there would have been a fight right then. Why plot for two weeks?

        If that something was telling people you killed those other people, then you wait and whack the guy.

        1. It’s stunning. I mean, I know a lot of these guys have some thug in them, but how insane was all of this?

          1. Totally insane. There was a car seen leaving the scene of the other murder. The cops finally found the car and it turns out that Hernandez was renting it at the time. And Hernandez had gotten into some kind of altercation with them earlier that evening. The guy is maniac.

        2. Also, if you got away with it before….

          1. The Gainesville police should take a look at some cold cases.

            1. Probably not a bad idea.

              1. IIRC, at one point while he was in Gainesville he was questioned in relation to a shooting that happened at (I think) a nightclub. No charges were ever filed, and he wasn’t considered a suspect.

                1. @Andrew: You mean this?

                  A man filed a lawsuit last week claiming Hernandez shot him after they argued at a strip club in February in Florida. However, no criminal charges were filed, and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deemed the case, which did not name Hernandez, inactive because the alleged victim refused to cooperate.

                  1. No, that’s a different one. The one I’m thinking of happened while he was still enrolled at the University of Tebow.

          2. yeah, that would explain why he was so sloppy in covering his tracks in this one.

    2. Here is the other thing that is come out about Hernandez that amazes me. He apparently physically threatened Wes Welker before training camp when he was a rookie. And the Patriots did nothing.

      Why do the Patriots hate Welker so much. Welker was an all pro player and Hernandez was a 4th round draft pick with a ton of character flags. In any other organization a 4th round draft pick who pulled shit on a all pro would have been cut that day. But the Patriots didn’t do shit to defend Welker. Wow.

      1. Welker committed the unpardonable sin of getting old.

        By the way, apparently it was common knowledge that Hernandez is a loon, which is why he fell to the 4th round.

        1. But Welker wasn’t old then. It just amazes me they let him get away with threatening a star player. He was known to be a thug. That is why he fell so far in the draft. And then before he even goes to training camp he threatens one of your star players. And they didn’t cut him then why?

          1. We don’t know if Welker went to the Hoodie about Hernandez’ threat. I doubt that a guy like Welker would go to Belichek, much less over the Hoodie’s head to Jonathan Kraft or to Robert Kraft.

            Besides, its not as if the head coach and Welker have not had some issues – recall the foot parody before the Jets game which resulted in Welker being benched for the first series. You may recall that Brady threw that god awful interception to end the Pat’s first drive.

          2. I saw Welker play numerous times while I was in college at Tech.

            That is all.

  9. He fell, and so did he. That one too.

  10. “Correction Officers Beneviolent Association.”


  11. I meant a gorilla wearing shoes.

    Not Nikes, I hope.

    Because that would be, ummm, you know…

    1. No. They were some kind of Italian leather, made from Sasquatch skin.

    2. Impossible because the all have Converse deals?

  12. The thing about witch hunts is, witchery/sorcery/magic don’t actually exist.

    1. Curse you!

      1. *shrug*

        1. The most effective response known to man!

          1. Required no legislation, police funding, or violation of anyone’s rights.

            I rock.

            1. And the spirits of Salem will soon be rocking you.

              1. I believe The Scorpions wrote that one. Spirits of Salem sounds like some seriously horrible prog-rock gargage.

  13. Ye gods. What’s the guy in, some gang? Being rich wasn’t good enough?

    Of course it’s not good enough.

    Being rich just exposes you to the allure of power, and gangs are a nice entry level power-dosing system. Once you develop a tolerance you start collecting campaign contributions.

  14. “This guy thinks he’s tough,” Chief Perez said, according to prosecutors in the Bronx.

    A real tough guy orders a pack of thugs to beat up an unarmed prisoner for him.

    1. It has nothing to do with injuring the guy. It’s the thrill of know you can ask people to do it, and knowing they will. See above.

  15. Mr. Piergrossi held up photos of the inmate’s injuries, which included fractured eye sockets and a broken nose.

    Sounds like the guards’ lawyer will be able to use a “they didn’t actually kick his teeth in” defense.

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