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Ex-Cops Vote to Exempt Themselves From New York's Seven-Round Ammunition Limit


Office of Martin Golden

Early this morning the New York State Senate approved a bill exempting retired law enforcement officers from a new seven-round limit on the number of rounds people are allowed to have in their guns. The exemption had already been approved by the New York State Assembly, so now it goes to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's desk for his signature. An earlier amendment to New York's SAFE Act, the package of gun controls that Cuomo pushed through the legislature in January, clarified that the seven-round limit did not apply to active-duty police officers, so this new exception cannot be defended even based on the argument that cops, given their line of work, are more likely than the average citizen to need those extra rounds. The amendment is simply about elevating one class of citizens above another, which is especially objectionable in this context because supporters of the exemption argue that the difference between seven rounds and 10 rounds can be the difference between life and death. Retired cops—who number about 200,000, 1 percent of New York's population—want to make sure their capacity for self-defense exceeds that of their fellow citizens, even though by their own account people may die for want of that advantage.

Office of Eric Adams

Worse, defenders of the exemptions concede that the seven-round limit won't have any impact on crime. Here is how Norman Seabrook, president of the New York City Correction Officers' Benevolent Association, put it in January:

As a law enforcement officer for over 20 years, I understand the importance of instituting a new policy on mandating the limits of bullets that a regular citizen can possess, but as a matter of fact the bad guys are not going to follow this law….The way the current legislation is drafted, it actually handcuffs the law enforcement community from having the necessary ammunition needed to save lives. We must not allow this to happen.

In other words, since criminals will ignore the seven-round rule, it would be reckless to make "the law enforcement community" follow it. But you regular citizens are on your own.

Still worse, the legislators pushing hardest to exempt retired cops are themselves retired cops. The sponsor of the bill approved this morning was Sen. Martin Golden (R-Brooklyn), a former NYPD officer. Golden (above right) told his fellow legislators that ex-cops like him are "not a separate class of people…but they are an experienced class of people….They know how to deal with the criminal element, so if anybody deserves to have a 10-round magazine [we do]." Another leading advocate of the law enforcement exemptions is Sen. Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn), a retired NYPD captain (above left) who explains that "you can't give more ammo to the criminals." These guys literally voted to put themselves above the law, unashamedly demanding a double standard that sends a clear message to their fellow New Yorkers: Our lives are worth more than yours.

If there is one consolation amid this disgusting diplay of entitlement and indifference, it is that New York's already absurd magazine limit has become even more farcical since it was enacted. The same legislative haste that produced a SAFE Act without cop exemptions also produced a rule that was unenforceable because it mandated seven-round magazines that do not exist. (It turns out that legislators can miss important details like that when they don't have time to read the bill they're passing because the governor has declared a state of urgency.) Cuomo's solution: change the original ban on the sale of 10-round magazines into a requirement that when gun owners load those magazines they stop at seven rounds. I shit you not. In case you'd rather not delve into the statutory details, the website that the governor's office created to inform the public about the SAFE Act lays it out clearly in Q&A format:

Q: Can I continue to buy 10 round magazines?

A: Yes, the SAFE Act does not affect your ability to continue to buy 10 round magazines.

Q: How many rounds can I put in my magazine?

A: While at a recognized range, whether you are there for recreation or for participating in shooting competitions, you may load the full ten rounds into any magazine you have. Starting on April 15, 2013, you are limited to putting 7 rounds in the magazine in all other locations.

That's right: New York's ban on 10-round magazines does not ban 10-round magazines. Just make sure to stop at seven rounds, OK? Especially if you're a criminal.

While enforcing this rule in any systematic way is clearly impossible, it remains true that an otherwise law-abiding gun owner caught with with eight, nine, or 10 rounds in his magazine can be charged with a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail and a $200 fine. Subsequent offenses are Class A misdemeanors, which can earn you a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. The penalties are lighter for guns kept at home: A first offense is a violation punishable by a $200 fine, while subsequent offenses are Class B misdemeanors.

The risk of such charges may be pretty small in general, but not for someone who actually uses a gun with a forbidden number of rounds in self-defense. Martin Golden and Eric Adams understandably do not want to chance it, and why should they have to follow the same stupid rule they are imposing on everyone else?

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  1. Both LAWS are ridiculous.

    Not to mention that we’ve had several murder-suicides committed by NYC COPS this year alone.

  2. Our lives are worth more than yours.

    Well, they are the King’s Men. The rest of us are just serfs.

    1. They need to institute prima nocta.

    2. Some animals are more equal then others /pigs

  3. Anyone here remember boot camp? Ever have to move a large pile of dirt from one location to another with a shovel, and then move it back?

    Get used to doing as you are told.

    1. What, you when to basic in the ’70’s?

  4. I know this won’t do any good but it will make me feel better:

    All you pigs out there? Go fuck yourselves. I can’t wait for NY to go broke and watch your pensions evaporate.

    1. Me either. I can’t wait for every single one of those states to go broke. I want them all to go so broke so fast that even Ben Bernarke won’t be able to print enough money to save them.

      1. Why are they going broke, mostly? Pensions and long term health care costs. For the second, guess who’s also going to be allowed on the O-care exchanges? At least municipalities, and states too, I think.

        They may be drowning in debt, but they’ll drag us down with them.

      2. That won’t stop them from trying and destroying the living standards of everyone else in the process. These people need to just stop existing for the rest of us to have the best possible outcome.

    2. You don’t seem to understand the point of keeping guns out of the hands of the bottom layer of the pension Ponzi scheme/serfs.

  5. We live in a feudal society. Only the costumes have changed.

    1. But, but, but but libertarians hate freedom!!!!!!


  6. Because retired cops are still out there on the front lines fighting crime.

    It really comes down to “people of New York, go fuck yourselves, we don’t live by the same laws you do”. And frankly, the voters of New York deserve it. They are the ones who keep voting for these rat bastards.

  7. So you have experience? Doesn’t that mean you need fewer rounds, not more?

    1. Come now, let us be reasonable. What if they have to raid a kennel?

    2. Have you seen how many rounds cops need to get a hit on average? 20? 30? Most grannies hit at least once in 2 or 3 shots. Many grannies hit on every shot. That’s why grannies should be limited to 7 rounds, otherwise they’ll go ape and kill us all. See, the logic works out.

  8. It galls me to no end that people accept this. Cops should be viewed simply and only as citizens who have a job to help prevent and respond to crimes. That’s it. Not to be treated as some sort of occupying army, not to be a major arm of revenue, not to operate beyond the laws they are employed to enforce.

    1. They are not even cops. They are retired cops. These assholes are just setting up a praetorian guard.

      1. Same thing–they aren’t “citizens.” That’s a fundamental flaw with the whole concept of modern law enforcement. They have to be nothing more than citizens or the whole thing changes to, in effect, an occupying army.

    2. It is seriously disturbing that cops have been elevated “Hero!” status, just by virtue of…what, exactly? It’s not like cop school is difficult and virtually none of them get killed in the line of duty. And for what it’s worth, if you join the coppers you knowingly and willingly accept that risk. Why should you deserve special treatment for that??

      1. I assume it’s still true that the vast majority of them never even draw their sidearm in the line of duty. And that the riskiness of the job is way, way down the list.

        1. I assume it’s still true that the vast majority of them never even draw their sidearm in the line of duty.

          I don’t know if that’s even really true anymore. They draw down a hell of a lot more often now than even 10 years ago.

          Frightening trend, isn’t it?

          1. consider that in any one single police shooting you find, chances are that 2 or 3 officers involved managed to fire more ammo than the sum total of a western European police forces could fire at other people in a year.

        2. I assume it’s still true that the vast majority of them never even draw their sidearm in the line of duty.

          Those stats don’t include dogs.

      2. Because they join specifically because it gives them special treatment.

        There are so many cops in NY State. So many. It’s one of the reasons I got the fuck out.

        1. Absolutely. It also attracts bullies who desire to exercise their bullying without consequence. That sort of behavior is frowned upon in civil society.

      3. It is seriously disturbing that cops have been elevated “Hero!” status, just by virtue of…what, exactly?

        I dunno. It certainly isn’t because they investigate crime. Anyone who’s been the victim of a crime knows that the police don’t do shit.
        I think that right there is evidence that there really isn’t that much “real” crime (as in crime with a victim as opposed to victimless crimes against the state), because if there was, then more people would realize exactly how useless police are at investigating anything that won’t result in asset forfeiture.

        1. Anyone who’s been the victim of a crime knows that the police don’t do shit.

          Oh, they do things. Like treat the victim like a perp, make excuses about having their hands tied, roll their eyes, and then maybe shoot your dog or your kid.

          Procedures and all, you know.

          1. Like treat the victim like a perp

            Yeah. The first thing they do if you’re the victim of a crime is run you for warrants and search you for drugs. If they can’t find an excuse to bust you, then they might get around to hearing your story. Or they might just leave. Either way they won’t do a damn bit of investigation. Fucking useless pigs. Anyone who worships cops as heroes has never been in need of their services.

  9. Cuomo’s solution: change the original ban on the sale of 10-round magazines into a requirement that when gun owners load those magazines they stop at seven rounds.

    Cuomo brings new meaning to the term idiot son. The man is fucking retarded. I would put the over under on his IQ at 85.

    1. Obviously, we haven’t reached peak retard yet.

  10. I’d love to see someone bitterly and ironically file a suit attack the statute as violating the ban of Titles of Nobility.

    1. At a minimum, it seems like an equal protection issue.

  11. Does this mean essentially any modern handgun is no longer legal for sale in New York? Even my single stack 9mm Sig P6 (date stamped 1979) holds eight rounds.

    1. You can have a 10 rounder, but you are only allowed to put 7 in.

      1. That’s what she said.

    2. No. Since there is no such thing as a seven round magazine, those weapons are still for sale. But it is a crime to put more than seven rounds in the magazine. No kidding.

      1. Do the thumb movement of loading a round in a magazine.
        Do one too many of those in the Empire State (with an actual bullet) and it’s a fine and jail you baby killing muthafucka.

  12. How does this fly under equal protection?

    1. It’s simple. You’ll kick yourself when you see the explanation. Equal protection is equal protection “under the law.” Cops operate above the law.

      1. It’s beautiful.

    2. They are equal to each other and we are equal to each other. See?

  13. equal protection

    HAHAHA! Silly peasant. You are not equal to the King’s Men. Silly things like that only apply to the lesser classes.

  14. I know there are ten round limit states (Mass, NY, California, ?); how do those mags work; are they squashed down from double to single stack? Do they have a “plug” in them?

    And, as others have asked, what about “one in the pipe”? Are you then supposed to only have six rounds in the mag?

    It never ceases to amaze me how those fucking morons are able to pretend their magical words-on-paper incantations will ever affect reality.

    1. It’s been a while since I looked at the ban era ones for my Beretta, but I think the crease on the side of the magazine was deeper which limited the number of rounds. Still double stack just not as wide inside.

      The AR mags are chopped shorter.

  15. I want to see the cops forced to return to S&W .38 six-shooters.

    And a pony Czech mail order bride.

  16. Millionaire points gun at burglar who broke into his home – but cops arrest HIM because weapon was unlicensed…..rdwil.html

    He’s facing three years in prison. I wonder what would the burglar would have faced. Six months?

    1. Should have shot the burglar and told the cops he wrestled it away from the intruder.

      1. That would have worked well, until they looked at the security video that they used to bust him for having a gun.

        1. I guess I should RTFA, but then I wouldn’t be a good internet commenter.

    2. That is horrible. But if he didn’t want to be a victim, he shouldn’t be living in New York. New York City has made it very clear that is the duty of every law abiding citizen to be the prey of the criminal element. So it is not like he wasn’t warned.

    3. Land of the free!

    4. Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons.

      The Daily Mail fears being held responsible by the law enforcement community for the comments that would cast doubt on the infallibility of the law enforcement community.

      1. They used to let comments happen, then Warty caused some legal issues.

  17. it actually handcuffs the law enforcement community from having the necessary ammunition needed to save lives.

    I wonder how the people hit by police bullets at the Empire State Building would respond to this.

    1. Those bullets were acting on their own

    2. And when was the last time a retired pig ever saved any lives?

  18. we haven’t reached peak retard yet.

    No such thing.

    Retard is infinite.

  19. I *still* do not understand the logic behind giving the FORMER cops an exemption.

    If citizens do not *need* more than 7 rounds for self-defense then why would a RETIRED cop need more? Another word for retired cop is civilian. If the justification for allowing police to carry more than 7 rounds is that they need that for their jobs, a retired cop doesn’t have that justification. For the sake of argument, I’ll allow that *off-duty* police should be in the same category as on-duty (not that I’m happy with that compromise – once you punch out you shouldn’t be a cop anymore until your next shift) but retired cops? That’s asinine.

    How is this not a de-facto bill of attainder against the rest of the population? How does it not violate equal protection?

    1. And saying that a retired cop has “more training and is more trustworthy” is irrelevant – he’s not a cop, doesn’t have a cop’s responsibilities.

      1. Cops flock at the shooting ranges and I hate that. All the years I’ve been shooting I’ve never known one to be even half the shooter that I am. Watching a cop trying to lock down on a target is like watching a three year old on the beech who wants you to know how good he swims with his floaters on.

  20. Retired cops?who number about 200,000, 1 percent of New York’s population

    What the fuck.

  21. Florida cops still get better benefits.…..-531557395

    Roadside peepshow AND a paid vacation.

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