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Cops Shoot German Shepherd in Front Yard, Tell Story Contradicted by Security Camera

In El Monte, California


shot by cop
family photo

Cops in El Monte, California shot Kiki, a German shepherd, after entering a front yard in the course of investigating, apparently, a runaway teenager; they were visiting the home on an appointment, an hour late. Police say procedures were followed. Via the San Gabriel Valley Tribune:

"They did go up to the front (gate)," the captain [Dan Buehler] said. "There was a beware of dog sign of the gate. They did what we always do as police officers. They shook the gate. They didn't see any dogs."

"They looked for any signs of dogs -- chew toys, dog mess, what have you," Buehler said, adding that they entered the yard after not seeing anything indicating a dog was present.

"They walked up to the porch. They rang the doorbell. They knocked on the door. That's when the first dog came around the house," he said.

But video captured by the security camera at the home (you can watch it below) don't show the police officers doing anything of the sort before entering through the gate. One cop petted the family's pitbull before returning to the gate to close it, and the other cop shot the German shepherd, though the shooting is off screen. The dog wasn't killed by the gun shot but had to be euthanized at the vet. The family also claims police told her her dog was ok after it had been shot, and demanded licenses for all the dogs in the house before allowing the German shepherd to get treated. The family says it hasn't even gotten an apology, and also points out there was a children's party in a front yard across the street and several children in the home when the shooting took place.

Video below: