Medical Marijuana Raids

Judging From Prosecutions, Obama Is 80 Percent Worse Than Bush on Medical Marijuana


California NORML

According to a new report from California NORML, "over 335 defendants have been charged with federal crimes related to medical marijuana in states with medical marijuana laws." Despite Barack Obama's promises of prosecutorial restraint in this area, "153 medical marijuana cases have been brought in the 4¼ years of the Obama administration, nearly as many as under the 8 years of the Bush administration (163)." In other words, Obama is averaging 36 medical marijuana prosecutions a year, compared to 20 a year under his predecessor. And although Attorney General Eric Holder has repeatedly claimed the Justice Department is not targeting suppliers who comply with state law, "the DOJ has targeted many facilities that were in full compliance with local laws and regulations."

California NORML

The overwhelming majority of these cases, 259, involve California dispensaries. California NORML also counts at least 31 cases in Montana, 15 in Nevada, 12 in Michigan, 10 in Washington, six in Oregon, and two in Colorado. Nine out of 10 cases concluded so far have resulted in convictions, with 158 defendants receiving prison sentences totaling more than 480 years. About 50 are in federal prison right now, while others await sentencing or have been sentenced but have not begun serving their time yet.

Yesterday Americans for Safe Access released a report that puts the price tag for these prosecutions at $500 million. "Far outspending all of his predecessors," it says, "President Obama has dedicated nearly $300 million to such enforcement efforts, despite his repeated pledges to not use Justice Department funds in this way."

And who are these dangerous characters the feds are spending your tax dollars to put behind bars? This description from California NORML gives you an idea:

One seriously ill defendant, Richard Flor, has died while in federal prison, and two others, Peter McWilliams and Steve McWilliams (no relation) died while being denied access to medical marijuana on bail. Other seriously ill patients who have who have been sentenced to lengthy terms include Dale Schafer, a hemophiliac currently serving 5 years along with his wife Mollie Fry, a cancer patient (pictured above); Vernon Rylee, who served nearly 5 years in a wheelchair (pictured right), and Jerry Duval.

More details on federal medical marijuana defendants here.

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  1. Evil Rethugulians made Him do it!

    1. It’s funny. Bush was an idiotic moron while at the same time being an evil genius. Now we have Obama, who, according to the same brain trusts who said Bush was the previous two things, is both a hapless goofball who can’t get anything done because of those horrible Republicans, and is also a transcendent figure who unites all and means only the best for all people and all things.

      I’m starting to think cognitive dissonance is a sign of mental retardation. Because you have to be pretty fucking stupid to be able to maintain it.

      1. And both of them admit to having used. Guess which one was keeping it real and which one was being a hypocrite.

      2. It’s funny. Bush was an idiotic moron while at the same time being an evil genius. Now we have Obama, who, according to the same brain trusts who said Bush was the previous two things, is both a hapless goofball who can’t get anything done because of those horrible Republicans, and is also a transcendent figure who unites all and means only the best for all people and all things.

        Don’t you see? Chimpy McBushitler used his evil hypno-chimp powers on the voters! That’s how all of this can be true!

      3. I’m starting to think cognitive dissonance is a sign of mental retardation. Because you have to be pretty fucking stupid to be able to maintain it.

        Dude. There was this whole book written about cognitive dissonance and about its the plan. It was written by this guy named Orwell. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

  2. Yeah, but those convicted were just racist, teabaggin’, Libertarians: Republicans who smoke pot.


    1. ? Pitiful
      ? Unethical
      ? Incompetent
      ? Cruel

      Which of these words best describes the Presidency of B.H. Obama?

      1. Unethipitiincompecruel.

      2. I’d say incompetent, but I am generous that way.

      3. It’s a traveshamockery.


  4. Don’t worry guys! Obama is going to legalize it now that he’s reelected.

  5. But, but, but Obama is cool! I mean, he like plays basketball and stuff!

    1. I mean, he like plays basketball and stuff!

      I don’t know if you can say he ‘plays basketball.’ Based on videos I’ve seen of him playing, it seems that he just kind of throws the ball around and sometimes it goes in the hoop by accident.

      1. Do a search for the videos of him playing in high school. He was a perfectly mediocre athlete in the 1970s.

        1. Because he was HIGH.

          Only losers use drugs. Why, if drugs were legal he might never have become President.

          1. That might be the best argument for legalization I’ve heard yet. And it applies to our last 3 presidents at least.

            1. And JFK.

          2. According to The New York Times, between 60% and 70% of NBA players smoke cannabis.


            After the Heat win the 2013 NBA championship, I’m hoping that Lebron’s visit to to the White House culminates when he physically picks up BHO, dribbles him behind his back, and then takes off from the free throw line before executing a monster bunk of the Barry-ball (thus smashing the backboard and knocking some common sense into the erstwhile leader of The Choom Gang).

  6. It’s going to be awesome when one of the Obrats get charged with possession. Malia is totally going to see the inside of a jail cell, right?

  7. Is it just me or does Vernon Rylee look like Ted Kennedy in that picture?

    1. I thought the same thing at first glance.

    2. He’s less drunk than Kennedy.

      1. He’s killed less young women than Kennedy.

  8. If I’ve learned one thing from the last five years it is that actions don’t matter. Only rhetoric matters. Presidents can get re-elected, be worshiped, and win Nobel prizes solely on the basis of what they say. I suspect this has always been true, but I don’t recall it ever being so blatant.

    1. It has always been true for the left. We’ve seen dictator after dictator who they support with gusto. These dictators say what the left wants to hear, and their actions mean nothing. So obviously there is a segment of humanity for whom saying the right words is everything, and they literally don’t give a single shit about following through and actions. Which is really, really scary, because that makes no sense. Who in their right mind would trust someone’s words and not check to see if their actions matched?

      1. Who in their right mind would trust someone’s words and not check to see if their actions matched?

        The same people who believe vaccines cause autism, CO2 emissions are going to drown NYC, drugs are a major cause of violent crime, a Nigerian prince wants to give them 20M$, a pill can cause them to lose 100 lbs (or gain 3 inches), …

        1. So…retards.

          1. Watch out for those retards; some of them are very clever.

            1. They also have retard strength, making them doubly dangerous

        2. is there anywhere where I can find out more about the $20M?

          1. If you’ll just post your full name, address, SSN, and bank account number, I’d be happy to give you all the info you need to receive your $20m.

        3. My wife worked with families who had kids that were developmentally delayed. Usually severely. She says the number of families who had kids that were 100% normal and healthy and had a vaccine and immediately became severely disabled is large enough to be considered somewhat normal in her line of work.

          All of her co-workers would get assigned families with kids with problems. Quite regularly in one smallish community someone would get a post vaccinated kid. No one questioned it. It wasn’t as if one of these would come along and one of the workers would say ‘holy cow, seriously, I’ve never seen that’, it would be ‘you get the Smith’s they have a newborn Down Syndrome child, and you get the Jones. They have a post vaccinated disabled child.’

          If vaccines cause autism or other problems do you not think the pharma companies will not fight this tooth and nail? Is it not possible there is a problem?

  9. I wish people would drop the access to medicine angle with MJ and just go the liberty route. It is my body, I will put what I want in it. Full stop.

    I get using sympathy for the ill to drum up support but if you keep dividing people into special categories we will never become “we the people” in support of freedom. It will be special classes all the way down.

    1. Agreed. When I discuss the issue I never mention medical uses. I talk freedom. If they need an example, I bring up all the evidence that alcohol is worse (in every way) than MJ. I also bring up the total failure of the war on drugs to do anything other than ruin our criminal justice system.

      1. I’ll mention the medical issues, but always also am sure to say that anyone should be allowed to use any drug, especially for treating pain.

        The only drugs that I could possibly get behind restricting access to are some antibiotics, because people are stupid about antibiotics and it is a legit public health issue.

        1. I use to think that but people will doctor shop until they get what they want. Once they have their prescription they don’t take it as intended anyways. I’m not sure that making someone go to a doctor to get penicillin makes much of a difference in the development of drug resistant bacteria. The hand sanitizers you see everywhere has the same effect as over prescription of antibiotics.

          1. I think the hand sanitizers are alcohol, which is much less discriminant in killing stuff. Antibacterial soaps you are certainly right about though.

            I don’t use any of it and I almost never get sick. It’s almost like I have a functioning immune system or something.

          2. The bad antibiotic resistant strains are bred in hospital settings, not by somebody taking Zithromax or keflex for a cold virus.

    2. How does one who presumably lives in Florida propose to be dissatisfied with the cannabis legalization efforts of Americans in states like Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, Washington, and California?

      Liberty is for libertarians. We’re trying to change laws for Americans, most of whom don’t give a shit about liberty per se.

      1. I’m not arguing against MJ for medical use. I posted a comment the other day about a patient who used MJ for chronic pain and it worked for her. I think she should have the option. I am merely stating it should be a freedom issue period. If you can drink soda which has no health benefits you should be allowed to consume MJ which does have some benefits, even if only for recreation. I get concerned with special groups because now some people are more equal than others.

        1. Yep. And you should be able to snort oxycontin if you really want to. It’s all about freedom, not effectiveness for a certain purpose.

        2. Tactics, dude: We need to pay attention to tactics.

          Many people don’t believe that they own their own body. (For instance, many Christians think that God/Christ owns their body and therefore they’re not allowed to commit suicide).

          But no one believes that Cancer/Multiple Sclerosis/Lou Gehrig’s patients should have to suffer so that a few LEOs can keep their jobs.

          Medicinal marijuana has a few flaws as a logical argument but as a political argument it’s the best we got.

          1. I support putting anything that expands freedom on the ballot. The Colorado law and Washington law legalized recreation MJ. I think that is great. It came with a lot of BS regulation but it is a start. I don’t know if it will expand to other states. Las Vegas has legalized gambling but it hasn’t expanded to other states except for on tribal lands.

            1. And racetracks and riverboats and Atlantic City.

            2. brah, I don’t know what you’re saying.

              There we got legal casinos all up in this bitch, from Brooklyn to Indiana to the Seminole casino in Coconut Creek, Broward County, Florida, USA.

              1. What I am saying is legalization in state doesn’t necessarily lead to national legalization. Sometimes it does like with concealed carry. Sometimes it doesn’t. Not all states have legalized gambling outside of Indian lands.

                1. Seminole casino is tribal btw.

    3. I agree. By making the medical argument you concede a lot of ground and get stuck in the weeds arguing over its medical value.

      1. …get stuck in the weeds…

        I see what you did there.

      2. We’re stuck in the weeds anyway — on every issue, all the time, forever. You’ll never achieve more liberty by convincing many people to be radical libertarians. Freedom is won only by convincing people who are not radical libertarians to let you have it for other reasons. In other words, it’s won only by convincing non-libertarians to imitate libertarians in more and more cases. People are not radicals, and mostly not ideologs in general.

        We believe in trading when it comes to goods & services; why not when it comes to values or policies?

  10. “But he’s a really nice guy and I trust him. He’s imprisoning hordes of people for possessing a plant with the noblest of intentions. Unlike those bastard neocons”


    1. HA! I had to go back and check the NSA Confidential article to see if you were in on that “Tony is not a partisan because he is” thread. That’s some weapons grade facepalm right there.

  11. These acts constitute “Crimes against Humanity”.

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