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Knoxville Cops Beat Up Mentally Ill Homeless Man, Three Plead Guilty to Misdemeanor, Felony Charges

Four others face unpaid suspension


nuff cops??
Knoxville PD Internal Affairs

Seven cops in Knoxville participated in the beating of a drunk mentally ill homeless man after he was handcuffed that was caught on no less than four in-car cameras. Three of the officers have pled guilty to misdemeanor assault and felony official oppression and will be sentenced in August, and now the video, and an internal affairs report that also implicates the other officers involved as well as their supervisors, has been released. Via the Knoxville News Sentinel:

[T]he trio were not alone in the attack. Two other officers — Richard Derrick White and Nicholas Ferro — also were found at fault in [Internal Affairs Unit Captain Kenny] Miller's probe of excessive force against [the homeless man, Michael Allen] Mallicoat, while the original two responding officers to the scene that day — Haley Starr and Cynthia LeeAnn DeMarcus — were labeled in Miller's report as willfully blind and deceitful.

At an afternoon news conference at KPD's Moses Center training facility, [police chief David] Rausch announced disciplinary action taken against those four officers as well as against three supervisors — Capt. Eve Thomas, Lt. Brad Anders and Sgt. John Shelton — who approved what turned out to be deceitful use of force reports without having viewed what Rausch deemed the most incriminating video of at least four cameras rolling that day.

Thomas received an oral reprimand, while Anders and Shelton received written reprimands.

"It's just completely inappropriate," Rausch said. "I feel sorry it happened. We're sorry to Mr. Mallicoat this happened. I tell people all the time, unfortunately we have to recruit from the human race."

One of the officers, Starr, injured her fist while punching Mallicoat. The four officers face suspensions without pay ranging from six days to 18 and at least one was demoted for covering up the abuse. Everyone's keeping appears to be keeping their jobs except the ones presumably going to jail, who are no longer with the force

Read the rest of the story at the Sentinel, (or at Police One, where I first saw it, if you're interested in the comments of verified law enforcement officials) and watch the video, below:

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  1. “It’s just completely inappropriate,” Rausch said. “I feel sorry it happened. We’re sorry to Mr. Mallicoat this happened. I tell people all the time, unfortunately we have to recruit from the human race.”

    That’s true Chief, you do have to recruit from the human race. But is it really necessary to give a gun and a badge to members of the human race who are amoral sociopaths that take delight in beating on the helpless?

  2. “One of the officers, Starr, injured her fist while punching Mallicoat.”

    Let me guess, they used this to charge Mallicoat with battery of an officer in addition to multiple other trumped up charges.

    1. This settles it: “Felony official oppression” is my new favorite charge.

  3. Their only mistake was doing this in front of the cameras. Had they dragged the guy off camera before beating him, nothing else would have happened.

  4. The problem is that these brave public heroes have received insufficient training in not beating subdued homeless people. Clearly our police forces are underfunded and a special training program is necessary in lieu of overly harsh criminal proceedings.

    1. yawn !

      troll-o-meter -.01


      1. Did dunphy quit reason? I haven’t seen him in a while.

        1. One can only hope he met his fate face down in a ditch on the side of some lonely road.

          But no, I’m sure we are not rid of dumpster.

          1. Over the line, dude. Dunphy wasn’t that bad plus he had a well-informed opinion and he helped this place from devolving into a circle jerk.

            1. I thought it was EVOLVING into a circle jerk. Difference of opinion I guess.

      2. Mainer2, please return you sarcasm meter to customer service for re-calibration.

        1. No, I’m pretty sure I’m doing this right.

        2. I think mainer2 was parodying dunphy.

          1. Kool, please return your sarcasm meter detector to customer service for re-calibration…

  5. Thomas received an oral reprimand

    Unless the oral reprimand was the butt of a rifle administered to his slackjawed gob, I remain unsatisfied.

  6. So they forgot to point their dash cams in a different direction? That alone should be enough to toss them off the force.

    1. Official vocab guidelines states we are suppose to use service. Force sounds too aggressive.

      /Nicholas Angel

  7. Say what you will, at least here in Knoxville they got fired and convicted on criminal charges. Where else does that happen?

  8. Surprised me! I thought, from the headline, that the story would be that 3 non-cops were charged with felonies after cops beat this man.

  9. What are the chances that all seven of the bad cops in the country were called to this same isolated incident? Amazing!

  10. Read the rest of the story at the Sentinel, (or at Police One, where I first saw it, if you’re interested in the comments of verified law enforcement officials)

    Ed is sloopyinca???

  11. Chief Wiggum – “The Simpsons are easier to beat than a suspect in shackles.”

    PO Lou – “I don’t know chief, a suspect in shackles is pretty easy to beat.”

    Chief Wiggum – “Well, that’s the joke Lou; it’s on the Simpsons and their easy beatability.”

  12. I’m pleasantly surprised that the police cheif isn’t using passive voice, asking everyone to ‘move on’ and repeatedly iterating that “procedures were followed”.

  13. I stepped through the video (it’s long). Where does this beating take place?

    1. It takes place at the beginning, after you hear one of the heifers start yelling at the guy in commanding tones. Then it continues as the first of I lost count how many ‘brother officers’ rushing up to help the little ladies (and get whiff of their heat from combat snatches – so thrilling), The cameras don’t catch the back up joining in the pounding, but it can be heard till they pick the guy up and bounce his head off the hood of the car while he’s trussed like a turkey, then just dump him on the ground, all walking around smugly looking at the ‘loser’.

      The fat bitches escalated to the point of violence, then the quim sniffers running after joined in the fray. Fire them all for being grossly and slovenly unprofessional twits.

      1. I watched it sans sound.

        I saw them pounding him pretty hard on the hood, but it was largely out of view. Then later in the video, an officer occasions by and seems to shove his foot into the perp (no disrespect to the perp).

        I was kind of expecting the usual extended scene of overhead swings with nightsticks.

  14. It’s not “caught on tape” If you can’t fricken see it!

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