Matthew Feeney Talks NSA and Current Events on Alan Nathan's "Battle Line" Radio Show Shortly After 6pm ET


Credit: NSA/wikimedia

I will be on self-described centrist Alan Nathan's "Battle Line" radio show today shortly after 6pm ET with Brett Decker, editor of Rare, to discuss the NSA scandal and other current events.

A centrist, a conservative, and a libertarian talking about the NSA. I am looking forward to it. 

Listen live here.

Read Reason.com's coverage of the NSA scandal here.

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  1. eww don’t slander this guy with the label “centrist,” that’s reserved for bootlickers like David Brooks.

    A quick review of this guy’s writings makes him seem more libertarian than statist.

  2. “A centrist, a conservative, and a libertarian talking about the NSA.”

    Couldn’t find a liberal?

    1. It’s hard for liberals to do radio shows with the President’s ball in their mouth.

  3. OT: MSNBC claims George Wallace was a Republican.

    Noting the 50-year anniversary of Wallace’s infamous “Stand in the Schoolhouse Door,” in which the governor physically blocked two black students from entering the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes showed a photo of Wallace ? identifiying him as “(R) Alabama.”

    1. +100 BARFS

      In the endless debate about whether the blatantly-partisan media is simply dishonest or ignorant….

      The answer is definitively “yes”

    2. Here is the thing, they didn’t do that on purpose or for partisan reasons. They just really are that stupid. These people know nothing about history beyond some vague recollection of a Howard Zinn book they once read in college.

      1. I am not so sure. I think for an entire TV News production department to not even know who !@#($*@ George Wallace was or what party he was affiliated with… strains credulity. That’s sort of like mixing up the ayatollah with the dalai lama. I don’t buy it.

        1. I think for an entire TV News production department to not even know who !@#($*@ George Wallace was or what party he was affiliated with… strains credulity.

          Yes, but whatever dipshit intern they hired to do that kind of grunt work probably didn’t think any further than ‘He was racist, therefore Republican.’

          1. Yes, this exactly how Projectives think

        2. I used to think that. But as time goes on, it becomes more and more clear they really are that ignorant. Think about it, who would they know Wallace was a Republican? It is not like they read any books or do any thinking. Nearly all of the people in the media went to Ivy League schools where proper history as opposed to victimology is rarely if ever taught. Just exactly how would your typical MSM production guy or journalist with their communications or English degree from Yale know this?

    3. The R is for [RACIST]

  4. A centrist, a conservative, and a libertarian [are] talking about the NSA.

    This one is almost as good as the classic = “”Three prisoners, an American, a German, and a Polish guy, are scheduled to be executed by firing squad…””

    …Only in this version, the punchline is the Libertarian being hit by a Drone-missile

    You all know that one, right? American points and yells “Tornado!”… and runs away. Russian points and yells, “Earthquake!”…and runs away.

    I think you can figure the rest out.

  5. Jesus, is that the NSA parking lot? Man, encourage a little carpooling or public transportation.

    1. Paul.| 6.12.13 @ 3:34PM |#

      Jesus, is that the NSA parking lot?

      No, silly. That’s the Kaaba in Mecca. See? =


      Its a reference to like, Islamic terrorists or something.

      1. The people at Mecca don’t try to hide their intentions.

      2. Good picture reference, though. I have an appreciation for that kind of stuff.

      3. I thought I was the only one who thought at first glance that was the Kaaba.

        There is no God but SIGINT, and TRW is his prophet…

    2. Being that their work is all classified, I suspect that carpooling and public transportation are discouraged so as to avoid the chance of them talking with each other about work or being heard talking about work.

      Secrets gotta stay secret.

    3. It’s kind of astonishing seeing how many people are employed in spying on their fellow countrymen.

      1. Well, imagine the size of the parking lot if the rate of spying was at East German levels.

      2. Don’t worry Episiarch. Most of them don’t actually do any spying or much of anything at all really. And even when they do, the last thing they would do is ever share it with another agency.

        That place is not 1984, it is Kafka.

      3. Jesus, Epi, you clearly have no idea just how many facebook accounts there are, do you? Now add Twitter, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile subscribers and I’m frankly impressed they can do it with so few.

        NSA Boss: Johnson, you’re on Facebook accounts, AA-AB this month. And I don’t want any more excuses *makes whiny voice* “Eeeh, it’s too hard, there are too many drunk pics to save in the My NSA Pictures folder!”

        1. Go read James Bamford’s two books on the agency. It’s been very big for a very long time.

          What is the size of the shadow/black budget anyway, these days? Several hundred billion USD?

          1. When I hear a story about 2000 refund checks going to same address, I think of secret agent moneys. Just a guess, though.

    4. Why do I imagine that the inside of the building is constructed like a bee hive. The NSA workers buzz, rubbing their abdomens together as they discuss state secrets:

      Drone #1: bzzz…. vapor trails

      Drone #2: bzzz…. birth certificate

      1. We didn’t choose to be bureaucrats
        No, that’s what Almighty Jah made us
        We’d treat people like swine and make them stand in line
        Even if nobody paid us

        1. They say the world looks down on the bureaucrats
          They say we’re anal, compulsive and wierd
          But when push comes to shove you gotta do what you love
          Even if it’s not a good idea

          1. That reminds me, Episiarch, where’s your Form B: Notification Of Romantic Entanglement for fucking Warty’s mom?

            1. Right with the one I filled out for fucking your mom. And yes, they are both stamped five times.

  6. Ah shit. Apparently he just leaked the non news that the U.S. hacks China (surprising, huh?). This might lose him the support he did have.

    1. I don’t think he’s “traitorous”. Whats the difference between the US govt publicly saying that China hacks us and the “leak” he just revealed?

    2. And the Chinese hack us.

      1. Everbody hackin’ everbody!


    1. non-SF’d link: http://bigstory.ap.org/article…..ll-resigns

    2. You Sugared the link

      1. Can you blame me for trying to emulate the man?

        1. No, I cannot… So, this guy on his way to Hong Kong?

    3. Does he have a mistress? Of course remember the CIA is not the NSA. They generally are at each others’ throats.

      1. Seems like a convenient time to try and literally slip out the back door while your NSA and ODNI colleagues are on the hill testifying.

        1. A bit yes. I would like to hear the reason.

          1. Perhaps there are some damning things yet to be released by Greenwald and co. and this is a preemptive firing, just speculating.

          2. Moar family time.

  7. Can the NSA shit-can all the spam in my yahoo inbox while they are rooting around?

  8. From the Washington Post Comments:

    4:16 PM EDT
    He is not telling the Chinese anything that they did not already know.
    He did not tell terrorists anything they did not already know.
    He did tell the American people some things that apparently we did not know.

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