Europeans Want Assurances U.S. Not Spying On Them

Hey, the U.S. can "guarantee" anything you want


The EU is demanding assurances that Europeans are not having their rights infringed by a massive surveillance programme run by the US.

Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding plans to raise the concerns with US Attorney General Eric Holder on Friday.

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  1. Sure! Just trust Obama!
    Feel better now?

  2. We should always hold a government’s case against an accuser to the highest degree of examination. Doubting the government is sometimes the best thing we can do. In Hogan’s defense, the actual facts of the case have yet to be provided completely as they will in trial. Despite all the checks and balances, the government is not actually always right in its prosecution of criminals and does get things wrong. I think that what Hogan has written hogan shoes sale so far is complete and utter crap and makes little or no sense, and if any attorney advised him that this was a smart idea, he needs to get another attorney really damn fast. However, that doesn’t matter when it comes to the case against him. It is the responsibility of the Government to prove beyond a preponderance of the evidence that he committed a crime. It is not Hogan’s responsibility to have to prove his own innocence.

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