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Battlestar Galactica Actress Tweets About Gun Safety, Loses Half Her Twitter Followers: UPDATED


Earlier today actress Katee Sackhoff—who played the gun-toting, tough-talking gender-bent Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica—tweeted about an incident in which a 4-year-old boy accidentally shot his father:

She followed up with a response to a fan advocating aggressive gun control:

A couple of hours later, she was down about 100,000 Twitter followers:

And finally a lesson learned (and tweeted to her 99,500 followers), but she sticks by her (literal and metaphorical) guns:

More Battlestar blogging here.

Via Washington Times.

UPDATE: Looks like Sackhoff was kidding when she said she lost half her followers. Twitter stats show she didn't take a net hit. She's actually up a few followers today. A Sackhoff fan emails to say "Katee jokes a lot." 

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  1. She tweets about merely being safe and loses half her followers. Yeah, OK, gun banners, we totally believe you when you say you don’t want to ban all guns. And by the way, fuck you.

    1. They just want to protect the children! You wouldn’t protect the children by safely handling the guns, now would you?

      1. If “gun safety” were a required course in every school in the country, accidental shootings by children would go plummet. The fact that the “for the children” crowd not only don’t call for that, but would scream bloody murder if you proposed it, says all that needs to be said about their actual motivations.

        1. I make it a point to explain and show what a gun will do to flesh to my kids. They need to see and understand that it is a killing device. Hunting serves that purpose just fine.

          1. I was a 5 year old when I (with a lot of adult supervision and helping me hold it) blew up a watermelon with a 12-gauge. I remember a gigantic noise and chunks of red flesh going everywhere.

            Scared the shit out of me, and also cured any desire I had of shooting the damned thing for several years afterwards. And then shooting a miserably-stocked 12 gauge with heavy goose loads and no recoil pad cured me for another few years after that. I still hate recoil to this day.

            1. Why do you hate the laws of physics? :-p

          2. I make it a point to explain and show what a gun will do to flesh to my kids. … Hunting serves that purpose just fine.

            Nope. The kids will just think shooting something = delicious deer jerky. Every parent should shoot their kids. Just once, and not to kill. Just a .22 in the ass’ll larn ’em good.

            1. I know this is a joke, but shots in the ass are a good way to open up the femoral artery, which is like cutting the bottom off of a 2-liter soda bottle.

              One bleeds out pretty fast.

              1. Like vodka shots in the ass? Butt-chuggers are ruining this country.

        2. They can show us how to masturbate but not proper gun safety. This is the world we live in

    2. Were the people who quit following her anti-gun people who freak out anytime someone says the word “gun”, pro-gun people who freak out anytime someone suggests we shouldn’t run around randomly firing guns into the air as a gesture of emphasis, or both?

      1. pro-gun people who freak out anytime someone suggests we shouldn’t run around randomly firing guns into the air as a gesture of emphasis, or both?

        This person does not exist.

        1. Please see Res Publica a few comments down.

          1. How many cherry shots have you had this evening, Jessica?

          2. The one where he misread a quote and assumed that the actress was the one who said ‘How about no guns?’

            I don’t think pointing to one guy who misread a quote is helping your case that there are legal gun owners who believe they should be allowed to run around firing wildly into the air.

            1. I think he’s being intellectually dishonest, Irish. I’m pretty sure it was obvious I’d misattributed the last line to Sackhoff.

              All gun owners are reactionary rednecks — right, Stormy?

              1. Of course not. I’m neither reactionary nor a redneck.

                1. Just a garden-variety bigot. But please continue.

      2. One of those groups are as about as “real” as a winged unicorn, or a moderate Muslim, take your pick.

        1. I think I remember you saying once you were Trinidadian?

          Then you know for a fact that moderate muslims exist since the island is full of them.

          1. HM likes to take a legitimate criticism of fundamentalist Islam and morph it into a bizarre claim that moderate Muslims do not exist.

            That’s what happened here today.

            1. That’s another debate altogether — one to be had elsewhere — but I don’t think his tendency to make that claim is bizarre, and has merit.

              1. This might be the first time in ten years I’ve seen anyone object to an H&R thread going off topic.

                As a guy who grew up moderate muslim (I’m atheist now) and has tons of moderate muslim family/friends I say the claim is without merit.

                1. It was a joke. Chill, bros.

                2. As a guy who personally knows a moderate muslim libertarian, I’d also say the claim is without merit.

                  1. As a guy who personally knows a moderate muslim libertarian

                    A he or she? If it’s a she, you’re lying, because everyone knows there are no women libertarians.

                3. My point was more philosophical than practical.

                  1. You can be a Muslim who is a moderate person, but there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim as there is no such thing as moderate Islam. The moderate ones are moderate because they aren’t in full compliance with Islam. You can’t be in full compliance with Islam and be moderate, unless child rape, slavery, and a barbarically arbitrary justice system can be considered moderate.

        2. HM, If you don’t have anything nice to say about an entire group of people, come sit by me.

        3. I’ve known plenty of moderate Muslims.

          1. Then they aren’t Muslims. There’s nothing moderate about being in compliance with Islamic teachings.

  2. This is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

    1. You should watch more Japanese TV

  3. This must be what they mean about wanting to have a serious public discussion about gun violence in America.

    1. There is no discussion to be had from their point of view. We gun-owners are oppressing them.

      1. When they say that we should be having a serious discussion, they’re referring to one where the only response from their opponents would be “AH MAH GAWD UR SO RIGHT IM SO WRONG OMG PROTECT ME FROM MYSELF AND MY NAY-BORS”.

        They’re not seeking constructive argument — they’re seeking silent submission to their despotic horseshit.

  4. Hoplophobia got your ass into hot water, Starbuck. Freedom’s tough, ain’t it?

    Here are a few more asshole A-listers proposing prohibitionism:

    1. She wasn’t being “hoplophobic”. She endorsed being safe with guns, and lost half her followers. Which would make them the “hoplophobic” ones.

    2. Where did she propose prohibitionism? Urging people to be safe with their guns isn’t calling for a ban on them.

    3. You seem to have misread what she was actually saying.

      1. Read what the fan said as part of her comment. My mistake.

        1. That’s what happens when the mention of limitations on gun use (even voluntary as in this case) get you so freaked out you apparently can’t even read anymore.

          1. Bullshit. It has nothing to do with kneejerk reactions and everything to do with the mechanism of retweets (“RT”s). I misread it too, and I have no problem whatsoever with promoting gun safety. I doubt RPA has a problem with it either.

            1. Darius, the thing that surprises me is that prohibitionists actually believe there are gun owners who somehow oppose gun safety — handling and storing them well, carrying them well, etc. Where did that retarded idea come from?

              Additionally, if you despise guns and never want to so much as see one, don’t buy them, don’t use them, keep your children from doing the same, and make your acquaintance with people conditional upon their agreement to never have/let you know that they have guns.

              Personal hoplophobia’s silly, but it’s not something I’m intent on stopping by force. Do what you want with yourself and your kids.

              1. It took me a couple of times to figure out whether she was a gun-banner or opposed to it. I think that has something to do with the banners trying to arrogate the term “gun safety” for their own ends.

              2. Really? Now you’re arguing there’s NO gun owners who are reckless with their firearms? Not a single one?

                Again, that’s not saying we need to ban firearms, but there’s a lot of irresponsible gun owners out there.

            2. Same here. Twitter is dumb.

          2. It’s what happens when you’re unfamiliar with Twitter mechanics and misattribute a sentence. Are you high, or what?

            1. What else could a name like “Stormy Dragon” mean?

                1. NSFW?

                  1. And…where do you get these kind of links HM…? Do you have a special built-up ‘in case of funny HandR thread please open’ folder? Never mind I don’t want to know.

                    1. My link-fu was developed after many years training. You see, shortly after my birth, I was left on the stairs near the entrance to the Shaolin Monastery….

                      Oh, and it’s just a Seinfeld clip.

                    2. It was more the first link that made me ‘wat?’. Not NSFW just…unexpected.

            2. Maybe learn the tech before commenting on it next time?

              1. 1) I know how to read.

                2)There’s a block of text beneath a user’s name and photograph.

                3) I read the text. I assume (incorrectly, but reasonably, if I may be so bold) that the author of the entire block of text is the named user.

                I’m not joining Twitter to learn its kinks and text mechanics. I made a mistake and admitted it.

          3. That’s what happens when the mention of limitations on gun use (even voluntary as in this case) get you so freaked out you apparently can’t even read anymore.

            Sort of like the way you apparently can’t read what Res Publica actually said and claimed he was an example of ‘pro-gun people who freak out anytime someone suggests we shouldn’t run around randomly firing guns into the air as a gesture of emphasis?’

            Sort of like how he never said anything like that, but you’re so pedantic and full of yourself that you misrepresented his claim?

    4. Has the retard peaked?

      Elementary School Beginning Toy Gun Turn-In Program…..n-Toy-Guns

      1. Do they pay them so the kids can then go out and buy newer, bette toy guns?

    5. Nothing she said I could disagree. We should be more pissed than the banners at the recklessness that gets kids killed in incidents like that.

    6. Seriously, who gives a shit what celebrities think about anything, really? I’m glad she’s pro-gun, and I have enjoyed her work, but learning that means nothing to me.

      Also, who the fuck are these people spending all this time on Twitter? I guess we can thank Twitter for occupying the time that a lot of dumbasses used to use to troll web sites, but really…get a job, Twitter users.

  5. OTOH if there had been sensible gun restrictions in place, Billy wouldn’t have been killed by Dana Delaney.

  6. Nobody needs a Cylon Centurion or a Battlestar with more than 10 nukes aboard.

    1. Until the Cylons show up and nuke Caprica.

      1. Never happen. We’ve moved beyond all that.
        Hitler was a one off.
        Mussolini was a one off.
        Tojo was a one off.
        Stalin was a one off.
        Mao was a one off.
        Mugabe was a one off.
        Pinochet was a one off.
        Pol Pot was a one off.
        Kim Jong Il was a one off.
        Lenin was a one off.
        Peron was a one off.
        Papa Doc was a one off.
        Castro was a one off.
        And the beat goes on…

        1. Actually the refrain is usually something along the lines of, “Can’t happen here because we’ve got the democracy!” When I point out that Hitler, Mussolini, Peron, etc were elected through democratic processes I’m asked, “You really think it can happen here, huh? What, do you hate America or something!?”

  7. I’m not even sure who to blame in the accidental shooting she was referring to. The owner of the gun is single and lives alone, so he had no reason to keep the gun hidden or out of the reach of children. The man stopped by with his kid unannounced and the kid poked around where he shouldn’t have and touched the gun.

    It seems simply teaching the kid not to touch dangerous things would have gone along way.

    1. That sounds an awful lot like gun safety.

      1. Yeah, a basic Eddie Eagle course would have helped immensely.

  8. I’m not too sure about the validity of the statistics that comprehensive sex ed advocates use to bolster their mission, but shouldn’t the same logic apply for guns? Call it “Safe Shooting” and tell kids that waiting until marriage is fine but here’s some basic safety skills in case you just can’t wait.

    1. I’ve suggested the same thing for alcohol, since we know many of the teens are going to drink anyway, especially once they go to college.

  9. I never liked her much anyway.

    Grace Park FTW.

    1. bruh, Nicki Clyne bruh.

      1. You all lie. Jamie Bamber was the prettiest of them all.

        1. Well there’s no denying that.

        2. No homo (NTTAWWT), but he is quite the handsome man.

          Though I was horrified to hear his real accent.

          1. It’s shocking that Adama’s son was British. Ouch.

        3. I’d agree with Bamber (although no fat Apollo!), for the ladies, I’d go Helfer, but before she got the weary look in the later seasons.

          1. Speaking of BSG-verse men, Sasha Roiz from Caprica (and now Grimm!!!) makes me hot is quite handsome as well.

            1. Well if we’re including Caprica then Alessandra Torresani is hells of hot. But why did she go blonde, why?!

              1. I didn’t even watch Caprica. Was it good?

                1. I didn’t even watch Caprica. Was it good?

                  Caprica could’ve been great. From what I’ve read the show had been pitched as something independent and SyFy forced them to tie it into BSG, saddling it with unnecessary lore. Once I found out they’d canned it I stopped watching, so I have maybe 4 episodes left I haven’t watched yet and never quite get around to viewing.

                  1. You should watch the last episode of Caprica, Jesse as they pretty much sum up where they were going to take the whole series.

                    1. Was I the only one that found the whole V-world subplot extremely underdeveloped?

                    2. they pretty much sum up where they were going to take the whole series

                      Bah, it’s on Amazon Prime isn’t it? I’ll have to figure out what episode I actually left off on.

                      Thane, I felt like a lot of their plot lines were just waiting to kick off and never got the chance, the v-world one was certainly one of them.

                2. I didn’t even watch Caprica. Was it good?

                  Not particularly. Tedious and leaden.

            2. Yeah, I was delighted to see him on Grimm. He was excellent on Caprica.

      2. Hmmm.

        Park Clyne Number 6 (can’t remember the actress’s name) Sackoff


          Does work at least?

          1. Nope…

            Park GT Clyne GT Helfer (thanks Epi) GT Sackoff

      3. Guys, guys, there’s no need to argue about this stuff. They’re all attractive.

        *cough* Tricia Helfer *cough*

        1. But she has no ass.

          1. A more even holes to cheeks ratio makes priming the pump that much easier.

          2. Seriously? Do me a favor RPA and send me all of the hot women with no ass that you don’t want. Especially if it’s Tricia Helfer.

            1. Only partly seriously. 😛

          3. RPA, get your dick checked.


            It ain’t working the right way.

            1. ^ NSFW

            2. Isn’t the best way to have something checked to actually use it?

              I’m home alone until next Saturday. I’ll be able to let you know by early Sunday. *Salutes.*

              1. Just don’t let it become a cautionary tale straight out of Kevin Smith.

        2. She was a great pick for casting in Halo ODST.

          1. She was good as EDI. I kept picturing her from her time on the Galactica while playing ‘Mass Effect 3’.

    2. I’ll take both, or either.

  10. I love Starbuck! Twitter is a joke, who gives a shit about Twits.

  11. Battlestar Galactica Actress Tweets About Gun Safety, Loses Half Her Twitter Followers

    Finds out the odd way that half her followers are liberal twits.

    1. “Tolerance”

    2. Or they were conservative twits. When I first read it I thought she was advocating for gun control.

  12. Gender bent? I must have missed that episode.

    1. A woman can gender-bend and still like the D.

      1. So what episode of BSG was it? Or is Kathy just insinuating that because Starbuck liked to be on top?

        1. The one where she boxes with Apollo, among many.

    2. I think he’s referring to the fact that the Starbuck in the original 1970s series was male…

        1. I recall that photo. Very awesome.

  13. But what will the Insane Clown Posse’s gun position be on their new TV show?

    Thanks to Fuse, TV will soon belong to ICP. Starting Wednesday, July 24, Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J will star in the weekly series Insane Clown Posse Theater, wherein the two Detroit rappers will comment on music videos and perform in sketches. Think of it like those video segments of Beavis & Butt-Head, or the entirety of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    Pilot season, how does it work? Not well, apparently.

    1. Fuckin’ magnets, how do they work?

  14. Question here: How do we know she lost have her followers? Her initial statement was hardly controversial on either side of the issue. Methinks she’s trolling for more followers.

    “Poor Katie, let’s all go follow her tweets to make her feel better…”

    1. Question here: How do we know she lost have her followers? Her initial statement was hardly controversial on either side of the issue. Methinks she’s trolling for more followers.

      They list the number of followers on your twitter page. Other people can see it. If she was lying about that, it would be easy for someone to notice.

      1. Well yeah, but absent a history function I can’t really tell what it was yesterday.

        1. There are a number of third-party analytics services that provide historical data.

  15. This makes a whole lot of sense dude.

  16. Next she’ll start talking about traffic safety and lose all of the anti-car followers.

  17. Ok, I had to skip past the part about how y’all fap to various actresses. I have said it before and will say it again, if you actually had to spend time with your hollywood crush you would probably shoot yourself or them after 5 minutes. Go have a boner for real women.

    Having said that….dammit….I have to admit I kinda have a secret crush on Katee Sackhoff. This gun thing doesnt make it go away.

    If you fuckin’ tell anyone I will call every one of you liars.

    1. if you actually had to spend time with your hollywood crush you would probably shoot yourself or them after 5 minutes.

      Even local/small-time actresses are insufferable. Think about it: They lie for a living!

  18. Does she not attend any conventions or ComicCon, etal? She obviously has no clue who her fanbase is.

  19. She and Tricia are “Acting Outlaws”.

    Yeah, they are a couple of biker bitches.

    1. That’s the best thing I’ve seen on the internet in at least 20 minutes.


  20. Katee’s also pretty good on Longmire.

  21. Lots of tolerance out there.

  22. Never forget that “gun control” is enforced at gunpoint.

  23. The Washington Times says she lost followers for making “Pro gun messages.” Read this –I think whoever is writing over there is on drugs.…..r-star-po/

    1. Or…apparently she is pro gun, I stand corrected by myself. Misread the retweet.

  24. Never saw BSG, but I did see this actress in at least two episodes of The Big Bang Theory. I don’t really understand her appeal. I guess she has a good body, but the face… nope. Doesn’t do it for me at all.

  25. Actually I’m going to guess what happened here is:

    1. She doesn’t tweet very often.
    2. A lot of people forgot who she was – it’s been years since BSG ended.
    3. When people saw an inane tweet spawning inane spam on their twitter feeds, they promptly deleted her.

  26. She also plays a gun-toting deputy sheriff on Longmire on A&E…a great libertarian show…and you can catch the whole first season on Netflix

    1. “Katie”, you don’t have to play sockpuppet with us…

      1. She could be my sock puppet anytime.

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