Police Abuse

CT Philanthropist Killed at His Home by Police

Looks like a major screw-up


“Anna and John were in the kitchen,” Mr. Weller said. “Off the back door of the kitchen, there’s a step-down to a portico. That’s where the cops came. John was standing inside the kitchen. Anna said all she heard was: ‘Freeze! Freeze! Pop! Pop!’ Then she heard a thud â€" him falling â€" and then him moaning.”

Shortly afterward, Mr. Weller said, “the police officer was very upset and kept saying, ‘What did I do?’ The other officers were trying to console him.”

The State Police are investigating. Officer Romero has been placed on desk duty in the meantime.

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  1. The article makes vague references to a ‘domestic dispute’.

    Why in hell would a cop charge into a domestic dispute with his gun drawn?

    Also, I note that they talk about ‘consoling the officer’. Uh, I think the widow was more in need of consoling at that moment.

    But, of course, she was just one of the ‘little people.’

    1. The cops know each other much more than they know the people they shoot (when they’re not shooting each other).

      It changes their emotional dynamic. Their ability to feel empathy for the people on the other side of the guns has been dampened by years of government training and service.

  2. The gun accidentally discharged. Unfortunate, really, but unavoidable under the circumstances. Procedures were followed.

  3. I like that the NYT considers the significant differences in the accounts of witness and the police as “complexity”.

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