Revealed: Eric Holder is "the Moses of Our Time"!


In defending Attorney General Eric Holder, Georgetown professor and TV pundit Michael Eric Dyson promiscuously mixes the Old Testament and the Constitution: "What [Holder] should understand is that he is the chief lawgiver of the United States of America, so to speak – he's the Moses of our time, and at least for this administration."

As a small point of fact, the attorney general doesn't "give" the laws, he's supposed to enforce them.

Bonus in the clip from Mediaite above: MSNBC host Martin Bashir is apparently possessed by the ghost of Billy Mays, as he is actually screaming throughout as if he's hawking OxyClean.

As a reminder of what Holder is about, read this piece I did for The Daily Beast about how he is filling the traditional role of the attorney general to a T (and why that is disturbing).