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Matt Welch Discusses Rand Paul vs. John McCain on MSNBC's All In With Chris Hayes


Last night I appeared on MSNBC's All In program to discuss the controversial trip by Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) to Syria, and the challenge to McCainite neoconservatism by "wacko birds" like Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky):


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  1. Well, at least you didn’t discuss Rand Paul versus John McCain on Maddow or O’Donnell.

    1. This is an improvement, how?

      1. I’m not quite sure if there’s any real improvement between Hayes and Maddow, but both measurably better than O’Donnell, whose job, let’s face it, is to write the official sanctioned liberal script for the day’s news.

        1. You must have an advanced ability to detect such minute differences between partisan hackery.


        2. Actual quote from LOD by the way:

          “I have been calling myself a socialist ever since I first read the definition of socialism in the first economics class I took in college.”

          He must have made the mistake a number of college-coasters usually make which is to only study the definitions and not the empirical context surrounding the word.

          1. Growing up in Boston I met plenty of O’Donnels, they infest the city like locusts. He’s just one of the more prominent ones.

            Always ready to do good with someone else’s money.

            The 100 million dead from the failed policies of collectivism?

            “Oh, well, that’s not really socialism dude. You don’t get it.”

            Uh huh.

            1. Funny, they always seem to act as if they are exempt from the “from each” part of the equation.

            2. When capitalism* fails, we get inequality, slow progress, and political corruption. When socialism fails, we get widespread starvation, oppression, and mass murder. If I had to choose between a failed capitalist society and a failed socialist society, I think the right choice would be obvious.

              *Before some Chonyriek tries to make the argument, no, fascism is not failed capitalism. Fascism is what happens when socialists give up on their utopian dreams and try to create the monstrous caricature of capitalism that exists in their nightmares. But even that is mostly just projection, which is why it ends up resembling the worst socialist societies.

  2. Why not try to convert some goddamn conservatives to the LP?

    1. Come to church Sunday and we’ll work on the conversions, shriek.

      1. Given his new handle, don’t you think he might be worried that father might ask him “back” to the rectory afterwards?

  3. “All In”


    1. With me she always says:

      “All in?

  4. how do you tell Maddow and Hayes apart?

    1. One’s got a penis and the other one is Hayes.

    2. And why don’t either of them get Lasik? They have plenty of money.

  5. That five minute story setup was so snotty that made me side with McCain. And that’s yet another reason for me to hate you, MSNBC.

    1. First 5 min. in they gave the McCain quote, and McCain owes Hillary Clinton a royalty. He ripped off her BS about “moderate al Qaeda”.

  6. I am curious Hayes’ position of Syrian intervention when it’s Obama policy in action. The administration didn’t seem to have any problem with McCain meeting with the rebels in the first place.

  7. Matt,
    Since apparently you were the designated spokesperson for the republicans in this little get together, maybe you could have asked the host which party runs the senate and subcommittee they referenced?

    By all means sock it to the republicans but don’t forget the democrats especially when on their home turf.

    1. With all due to respect to Matt (who did a very good job, I would say), I think there’s an understanding that if MSNBC is to have you on, you DON’T dare point out Democratic hypocrisy.

      1. I go on MSNBC a lot. They understand that I’m a libertarian, so I will be to the left of them sometimes and to the right of them sometimes. To anoint myself Republican spokesman during any of that would turn my mind to mush.

        1. Fair enough, I just wanted to point out that MSNBC has (and, as a libertarian, I must say, is entitled to) a political bias and a particular agenda in support of the Left; if they only want to shine on a light on the Right, that’s their prerogative.

        2. If you were a Republican spokesman, the GOP would be working overtime smearing you off the podium.

  8. Get your adjectives straight. If you’re comparing Paul and McCain, Paul is a lot less “wacko” than the warmonger.

    1. If McCain believes we should support Syria’s rebels, then doing so has to be the worst choice we could possibly make.

  9. Ddue is like totalyl slinging it over there.

  10. I’m putting my money on the “wacko birds,” given the obvious fact the neo-cons are headed for certain self-inflicted extinction.

    1. From your lips to FSM’s ears.

  11. You lost me at MSNBC

  12. The funny thing I took away from this was the difference in motivations. Mr. Welch seemed much more interested in America not getting bogged down in a hopeless clusterfuck. The PMSNBCers were more interested in their diplomatic circle jerk not getting disrupted.

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