Police Abuse

Miami Cops Choke Hold Teen for Staring at Them. A Puppy is Involved.


From the Miami New Times:

Fourteen-year-old Tremaine McMillian didn't threaten police. He didn't attack them. He wasn't armed. All the black teenager did was appear threatening by shooting Miami-Dade police officers a few "dehumanizing stares," and that was apparently enough for the officers to decide to slam him against the ground and put him in a chokehold.

During Memorial Day weekend, McMillian was rough-housing with another teenager on the sand. Police approached the teen on an ATV and told him that wasn't acceptable behavior. They asked him where his parents were, but MicMillian attempted to walk away. The officer jumped off the ATV, and tried to physically restrain the teen. According to CBS Miami, police say the 14-year-old kid gave them "'dehumanizing stares,' clenched his fists and appeared threatening."

McMillian says he was carrying a six-week old puppy at the time and couldn't have been clenching his fists because he was feeding the dog with a bottle. He claims that during the confrontation the dog's front left paw was injured while officer forcibly separated him from the dog.

The officer then forced McMillian to the ground and put him in a choke hold.

…..Miami-Dade Police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta told CBS Miami that McMillian tried to pull away, so that constituted a "threat." The teen was charged with a felony count of resisting arrest with violence and disorderly conduct. Zabaleta claims with a straight face that flailing one's arms and clenching one's fists constitutes a threat, and is not swayed by McMillian's insistence that all he was doing with his arms were carrying a puppy.

"At that point we are not concerned with a puppy," Zabaleta told the station. "We are concerned with the threat to the officer."

Some news video also included at the full link.

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  1. All the black teenager did was appear threatening by shooting Miami-Dade police officers a few “dehumanizing stares,”

    Well at least we’ll get some MSM coverage on this one.

    1. No, the cop was Hispanic. Nothing to see here.

      1. So was Zimmerman. When a non-white Hispanic beats up a black kid, the non-white Hispanic becomes “white”.

        1. Zimmerman has a white name. This cop doesn’t.
          Nothing to see here 🙂

          1. You know else had names like Zimmerman? Oh wait, I see where you’re going. I bow out.

        2. Zimmerman wasn’t a cop.

          1. Pretty sure if Zimmerman were a cop he’d be counted as white. To me Martin punching out and climbing on top of someone to beat their head into the pavement, while going for their gun is behavior a cop should shoot him for also. I doubt Sharpton would see it that way. We still get the kindergarten pictures and news reports on a first name basis of “Trayvon”, with Zimmerman referred to by his last name, and his audio tapes doctored to make him look like the racist he obviously isn’t.

        3. Hispanic isn’t a race. There are white Hispanics and they aren’t rare. Plus Zimmerman’s dad wasn’t Hispanic

          1. You’re splitting hairs for no reason. Obviously he was mestizo enough for the MSM to have to lighten the contrast on the one picture they kept using of him to keep the narrative alive. observe

          2. So if someone decides not to hire Hispanics and states as their reason that they are all inferior, lazy, stupid, and thieves, then that wouldn’t be racism? What if they don’t think whites should marry them and pollute the gene pool? I’m pretty sure “White” and “Hispanic” are listed separately on many of those government and school forms we have to fill out. Put there by the same kind of people who are labeling him white now.

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    4. No, if you actually read the original article instead of the blog entry tht was linked to then you would know the kid slammed someone to the ground first.

  2. Staring is now a felony offense. Got it. We have to hit three a day somehow, amirite?

    1. Staring is a felony, but resisting arrest is a capitol offense in many cases. He’s lucky that arrested was all he got.

      1. He was carrying a potential future deadly weapon.

      2. He was walking while black AND failing to show the proper peasant deference to a LEO. He’s lucky to be alive.

        1. Sumbitch wasn’t on his knees, right?

        2. lol JW you called it correctly

  3. Kid luck he wasn’t wearing a tricorn hat or carrying a 2″ Lego gun.

  4. I hate to side with the hand-wringing left, but you know as well as they do that this would never have happened to a white kid.

    1. Unfortunately it does, but those don’t get covered except here at Reason. Not because of reverse racism, but because the Media literally doesn’t understand police brutality. They don’t think the brutality is an overarching problem, but that only racism is the overarching problem. Ie, go ahead cops, knock heads together, but knock heads together equally.

    2. Dude, it’s Miami. Non-hispanic whites are a tiny majority, probably not much over 10% at this point.

      1. According to the 2010 Census, non-Hispanic whites are 12% of the population. That said, a lot of Hispanics in Miami are white

    3. Really? Happened to me, and I’m Lilly.

      1. Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin.

        Matthew 6:28

        1. What? The Bible’s racist against my people?

    4. Happened to me when I was almost ran over by a police cruiser in a crosswalk as they ran a stop sign. I yelled at them about the stopping at the stop sign and they turned around and assaulted me. They then asked me if I knew what the “exempt” on their license plates meant. I said yes, it means it you do not pay taxes on the plates.
      When they realized that I was smarter than they were they beat it.

      1. You must be a white hipster to have gotten away with that.

        1. Did they have hipsters in the 1980s? I had hair down to my ass and denim vest with Motorhead embroidered on the back.

          Then there was that time I was stopped by the cops and they found an ounce of weed on me. They took the weed, pretended like they wrote down my name and left.

          1. Hell I live in an all white community and in the 70’s I was tackled by a dozen undercover cops because I was running. They said they tackled me because I had long hair like the person they were looking for, Hell it was the 70’s everyone had long hair. So as a white man I too have been profiled and I’m fine with the profiling but they still didn’t need to tackle me.

    5. I was never assaulted by a cop, but I did have one whisper lovingly into my ear from behind after he kicked my legs out from under me “Give me one reason. Please. You know I want to. I’m begging you. Give me one reason. Right in front of all these people. Please.”

      Considering that a week or so earlier I had witnessed a troop of the baboons break up an outdoor party where some kids were playing their instruments in their half pipe in the driveway, and the cops managed to smash their instruments and their faces, I didn’t give him a reason.

      1. You contradict yourself, sarc: the cop whp whispered into your ear perpetrated an assault and a battery upon you.

        1. Kicking your legs out from under you is a battery. If you, even for a nano-second, perceived his imminent, unwanted touching of your legs, he assaulted you.

          1. He assaulted him with the threat after kicking his legs out. He was threatening more criminal violence, and possibly murder.

      2. I would love to say those words to a cop to see what the reaction would be.

        1. Hope you have good life insurance.

      3. If you *really* want to hurt someone, get his name, DOB, address and SSN. Not quite as viscerally satisfying as tar and feathers, but the damage can last for decades.


    6. I had a friend who got beat up by a cop for driving while doing so in a nicer car than the cop (of that time, the 1980s) could afford.

      1. That must have been before the average detective pulled in a hundred grand a year.

    7. Police misconduct and brutality happens to people of all groups, but it would be naive to pretend that it doesn’t happen disproportionately to blacks and Hispanics. But as Paul said, focusing exclusively on the racial aspect ignores the fact that the actions are wrong regardless of the race of the victim. Discriminating based on race is wrong obviously, but so is mistreating all groups equally

      1. True, but no one should assume they are safe from the cops just because they are middle class and white. That is soccer mom logic.

        1. Of course. That was one of my points

    8. May as well throw in a story that was relayed to me by an old neighbor at a building I lived in throughout the mid-aughts. It was on Chicago’s west side in an area was and still is quite fucked up in terms of crime. The neighborhood is also partly industrial with one building at the other end of our block serving as a popular, very affordable venue for musicians’ practice space rentals. One weekday’s eve some kids not native to the area had finished up their session unfortunately late (i.e.: after sunset) and were walking a few blocks to the train station when they were stopped by members of the CPD’s now notorious SOS division. I don’t know what sort of communication transpired between the kids and the cops – I presume it was the typical walking-through-black-neighborhood-while-white grilling – but it culminated by the cops ordering the kids to beat each other up at gunpoint. Once it was over and the cops left, the local residents began slowly pouring out of their homes offering to help the hapless, bloodied hipsters.

      1. My god, that’s terrible.

        Some people just need to die. Not die by an assassin’s bullet, but rather burned alive in the street by the people they tormented for all the world to see.

        When you hear liberals speak of empathy remember this story. These are their soldiers in their city doing their bidding, and if given the power they’d do the same to us.

    9. No, I know Miami better than you and I don’t know anything like that.

    10. You only believe that because reporters are biased in their reporting of race. Try to determine the race of Dustin Boone who died from a choke hold, unlike this kid.

  5. The kid’s lucky, contempt of cop often carries the death penalty these days. I just can’t see how the dog wasn’t shot during the “altercation”, must have been a typo omitting that paragraph.

  6. I used to read Robert Heinlein stories when I was younger, and I remember him starting chapters with future news headlines. Obviously satirical, like stories about a chimp running for congress, or other zany stuff like that. About 10 years ago I started realizing his satire was pretty much our news. Today, reading that LEOs were threatened by dehumanizing stares from an unarmed 14 year old holding a puppy…

    I don’t know what to think. It used to be funny. Now I cry.

    1. What do you mean unarmed? He was carrying a pit bull!

      1. An automatic or assault pit bull, I’m sure.

  7. I hate to say it, but the kid had it coming. I mean, you stare at an aggressive male baboon that hasn’t had sex in a month, and you’re if you escape with your life.

    1. That is an insult to baboons.

      Plus, I am sure the officer jerked off a few times while watching one of the Police TV series.

      1. More likely he raped a prostitute. What is she going to do? Call the cops?

  8. So if I beat the shit out of someone who is looking at me wrong, am I allowed to claim that it was self defense?

    He assaulted me with his dehumanizing stare.

    1. No. Peasant. Only brave knights may attack unarmed children.

      1. Actually, how the heck are they going to charge a 14-year-old with a felony at all?

        1. It’s not like the child committed a crime against a mere peasant. He offended a knight! Off with his head!

    2. Irish, iirc, you have some love for Ronald Wilson Reagan, right?

      How would you assess his record on combating police lawlessness?

      1. I don’t think I’ve ever said anything pro or con in regards to Reagan. Maybe I have, but I wouldn’t say I’m a big Reagan fan, and he certainly did some unbelievably shitty things. I might have supported him on a specific issue that I agreed with him about.

        SIV is the one who loves him some Reagan.

        1. Sorry, that’s why I prefaced my comment with an iirc qualifier.

        2. I hate commies. Reagan put commies out of business which is the next best thing to killing them.

          1. I won’t say Reagan played no part in hastening its collapse, because it’s very possible he did by a few years, but the primary reason for the downfall of communism was its internal failures

            1. I think it’s reasonable to say that the commies were tottering on the brink of collapse, and Reagan nudged them at the right time.


              1. Good analogy

    3. From where I come from, if you say that a black teenager is giving you a dehumanizing stare, then you’re a racist, straight up.

    4. The cops didn’t beat the shit out of the kid, and the kid had slammed someone to the ground before he was arrested.

  9. And someone in another thread was encouraging folks to move to that state.

    No chance. Not if there are people there with the power to dehumanize you with a simple glance.

    If the cops can’t even protect themselves from that facial terrorism, what chance do I have?

  10. At some point, after so many of these stories come along, the great mass of the people just have to throw their hands up and declare that cops are just too stupid and dangerous to have around.

  11. This little punk had better learn that failure to respect authoritah is a felony offense, punishable by sodomy and summary execution.

    He should have offered the brave PUBLIC HEROES his puppy for target practice.

  12. What is this, Nut Punch Wednesday?

  13. This kid is a threat he was openly carrying a mini pit bull without a permit!!

  14. Violent thug fucks. That’s all they are.

  15. I’d be interested to know what charges were filed for the original behavior that made the cop stop the ATV. You know, the behavior styled “roughhousing” in the article.

    Because as far as I can see, if the original behavior wasn’t a criminal act, this fucking pig had absolutely no justification for stopping his ATV and giving this kid any instructions in the first place.

    The police are allowed to stop criminal acts. Not things they don’t like, or things they think are “inappropriate” or lack decorum. Criminal acts. Period. No criminal act, they have no power to even address you, let alone decide they don’t like the expression on your face, or the fact that you “withdrew”.

    1. Yeah but the problem is that most jurisdictions criminal codes are so vaguely written and broadly construed that cops can find something to charge just about anybody with.

      1. That’s the point. Rule of Man, bitches.

    2. Disturbing the Peace. A catchall that has ensnared me before.

      1. “Disturbing the Peace. ”

        No such law in Miami.

        1. This: 877.03?Breach of the peace; disorderly conduct. doesn’t count as ‘disturbing the peace’ to you?

          Does it not apply in Miami?

    3. Yeah, whenever I see

      The teen was charged with a felony count of resisting arrest

      without there being grounds for arrest in the first place, I want to vomit.

    4. Disturbing the peace. Done and done.

      Tasers all around.

      1. “Disturbing the Peace. ”

        No such law in Miami.

  16. “If looks could kill, it would’ve been us instead of him!”

  17. In fairness,

    The cop did crap all over himself when the kid looked at him.

  18. If you weren’t already depressed enough today:. Five Horrific Things Libertarian/Conservative Logic Calls “Freedom”. So you thought the Democratic Underground was the stupidest site on Earth? Well you were wrong! The worst bit:

    5. Child prostitution

    Going back to the Slavery part, remember how LibCons said everyone is their own property? Well, see, they also tend to believe that children are the property of their parents, partly because of the whole “people are property” idea in general, and also because of the “King of the Castle” horseshit. But even if they try to hedge by conceding that parents are guardians of rights held in trust, one of those rights is the right to sell yourself into slavery – so if you can do it to yourself, then someone who holds that right for you would also have the same right in your place. If the parent/guardian/owner decides (or at least claims) that what’s best for their child is to be pimped out to financially contribute to household income, well, that’s their “right” as a parent/guardian/owner. Laws that prevent such a decision are “Big Gubmint interference” in “family.”

    H/T to Lucy Steigwald and her site, The Stag Blog.

    1. You Sugarfree’d botha those links.

        1. “A person is their own property.” Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Sounds like Libertarians and Conservatives (LibCons) are taking a position opposed to slavery, right? Nope. See, there’s a problem with that statement: Property owners have the legal right to sell what they own to someone else. What’s more, property can be legally seized by creditors. They’re not saying every person is perpetually and intrinsically entitled to fundamental human rights – that’s a liberal position, and one they hold in utter contempt.

          Yes, indeed, I’ve seen them hold Obama’s feet to the fire since day one to end the Selective Service program originally signed into law by James earl Carter on the basis that it violates the liberal position that people are perpetually and intrinsically entitled to basic human rights.

          1. “A person is their own property.”

            Isn’t that the basis for Roe V Wade?
            Not to start another abortion debate, but his rage is directed toward the wrong people. (His imagined “LibCons”)

            Maybe he’s really just pro-life.

          2. What’s more, property can be legally seized by creditors. They’re not saying every person is perpetually and intrinsically entitled to fundamental human rights – that’s a liberal position, and one they hold in utter contempt.

            And that’s why it’s useless to engage hardcore proggies. For them, the entire world is a straw man intended to reinforce their sense of moral superiority, and understanding the actual argument of their ideological opponents is unnecessary. What’s a little blood libel when you already know that you’re right and everyone else is wrong?

    2. Did you just SF two links in the same post?

      1. Yeah, I’m not sure how. Same link template for both, and yet I somehow SF’d them in 2 different ways.

    3. Holy shit this has been quite the depressing day on this site.
      The stuff that people say and believe is depressing enough, but knowing that these people actually have jobs and houses and can breed……
      wow are we fucked

    4. I do like that they claim conservatives and libertarians are in favor of child prostitution and then don’t have a single link to a conservative or libertarian arguing in favor of child prostitution.

      Come on, guys. I can find a link to someone saying virtually anything. There are a lot of stupid people. I guarantee you that I could find a liberal, libertarian or conservative arguing in favor of child prostitution using nothing but Google.

      1. I can find a link to someone saying virtually anything.

        Of course. That’s because you’re a vile libcon who hates people and loves everything evil and stupid in the world. I bet you’re a cannibal too.


      2. I tried to find one for you, but couldn’t, even after trying for at least 3 minutes! I, did, however, find a story that implies George Soros thinks its a good idea, but the story has no link to the UN report they are talking about.

        George Soros thinks child prostitution is better than sex

    5. Comments there are the worst. They literally think that this is some sort of absolute victory over the evil libertarian/conservative ideology, even though the person who wrote that has zero links to any conservative supporting any of those positions.

      My favorite is the claim that conservatives and libertarians support dictatorships, considering that the only people I ever see arguing in favor of dictators are leftists who like Chavez, Guevara and Castro.

      1. Only one I think they could refer to would be Pinochet. And even that’s not some slam-dunk on libertarians.

        1. Most libertarians also hate Pinochet except for his economic reform. Liking one policy that a dictator happened to engage in is not the same thing as putting his face on shirts.

      2. …”They literally think that this is some sort of absolute victory over the evil libertarian/conservative ideology,”…
        White Indian used the same technique; make unsupported assertion, claim it proves the point.
        Tiresome; no use engaging.

    6. When we’re rounded up into camps, it’ll be because they want to believe we think such things.

      Libertarianism is slavery.

    7. That’s far from the worst thing on the list. The worst thing is the very first, where they somehow manage to make fucking self-ownership into an evil. Yeah, libertarians believe they own themselves, and that makes them into slavery, whereas people who…don’t believe they own themselves are not into slavery?

      1. Or how about this one:

        Suppose a rich conservative buys up all the land surrounding your property – and I do mean all of it: A solid ring. According to LibCon principles, they now have the right to set up a tollbooth between your house and the outside world and charge you $5,000 to leave and come back. Moreover, they have the right to man that tollbooth with armed Blackwater guards with heavy machine guns, and swiss-cheese you if you try to cross their property without paying what they demand.

        And they don’t realize they just invented the state.

        1. That was my first thought. They just described Staten Island.

          1. Slightly different: technically SI only charges you to come back, not to leave.

            1. People go back???

        2. “Moreover, they have the right to man that tollbooth with armed Blackwater guards with heavy machine guns, and swiss-cheese you if you try to cross their property without paying what they demand.”

          We’re assured the current similar practice is ‘the price you pay for civilization’ or some such horseshit.

        3. They’re oblivious to the fact that encirclement has been a topic of discussion for decades among libertarian thinkers, most of whom insist that, no, you can’t imprison someone on his own land just by purchasing all of the land around him.

      2. Personally, I find the allegation we’d be okay with child sex rings to be worse than the general charge of being okay with slavery.

        1. Meh, general slavery would seem to include at least the possibility for child sex rings. Considering “child prostitution” includes making it legal for 17-year-olds to have sex in exchange for money, I’m okay with it.

          1. General slavery COULD include child sex, but doesn’t necessarily do so. And the 17-year old thing is a matter of the age of consent and what constitutes a “child”. When I think “child prostitution”, I think “prepubescent”, which would be a definite no. Once you get into the area of sexual maturity, the matter becomes much fuzzier.

            And I think you’re crediting Kos with more thought than it has. When they say child prostitution is supported by libertarians, you can be sure they mean children as young as possible.

            1. I don’t know how liberals can claim that libertarians are in favor of pedophilia, considering that the liberals are the ones who claim it’s ‘persecution’ when a college aged girl gets arrested for fingerbanging a 14 year old in a high school bathroom stall.

              I know an awful lot of conservatives who would argue that the left is attempting to normalize sex with children. I don’t agree, but ‘you guys want kids to get raped’ is basically a catch-all used by political hacks of all stripes in order to libel their opponents. It’s Dipshit Hackery 101.

              1. Yeah, it’s always for the children. We don’t want our kids writhing on pikes, after all.

              2. To be fair, being sexually attracted to a 14 year old does not make you a pedophile. Inappropriate and weird for an adult? Yes (in this case, IIRC, the other girl was 18 so it’s kinda borderline, although it definitely would have raised eyebrows at my high school, gay or straight, and I graduated only two years ago). But pedophilia refers specifically to prepubescent girls

                1. *children, not just girls

                  1. [*children, not just girls]

                    So when JonBenet’s father got that chubby….that was wrong?

                2. To be fair, being sexually attracted to a 14 year old does not make you a pedophile.

                  By the measure of some people, liking anyone less than 18 is pedophilia. I’m with you that it should refer to people who haven’t yet reached sexual maturity.

            2. Oh, I’m not trying to credit Kos, I just can’t come out against child prostitution when I’m okay with what many people would define as such.

              1. You would be ok with some of what they define as child prostitution, but certainly not all, correct?

            3. Once you get into the area of sexual maturity, the matter becomes much fuzzier.”

              If you did that on purpose, good one

              1. No, but you’re right, it is a good one.

            4. “Once you get into the area of sexual maturity, the matter becomes much fuzzier.”

              Wait, what becomes fuzzier upon sexual maturity?

    8. Their opinions are worthless.

    9. Woodrow and FDR seemed okay with lynchings.

    10. Didn’t someone at Kos claim to be a libertarian at one point during the Bush administration.

    11. “partly because of the whole “people are property” idea in general, and also because of the “King of the Castle” horseshit.”

      I can’t stop reading this.
      I guess it’s like the thing about how we can’t help watching the results of an accident. Like the person who wrote this is just some kind of accident of nature. Or is this an accident of nurture? Genetically this stupid, or the result of publik skool/media indoctrination?

      1. partly because of the whole “people are property” idea in general

        This is my favorite part. They leave out the fact that people are THEIR OWN property. All libertarians are arguing is ‘My body, my choice.’ You’d think liberals would be down with that.

        1. “My body, my choice” is only true in that it justified abortion and contraception not eating fatty foods, sugar, salt, smoking or drinking soft drinks.

        2. That jumped out at me first, but then the King of the Castle thing that followed just about turned my brain to mush.
          I guess I missed the Ralph Kramden chapter in Atlas Shrugged.

      2. the result of publik skool/media indoctrination?

        Highly unlikely. Public schools have their viewpoint problems, but not this badly. This is weapons-grade stupid we’re talking here, not just the general misrememberings you’ll see in some history classes.

        1. This is weapons-grade stupid we’re talking here

          So apparently someone at DU has graduated to KOS.

          Isn’t that special.

    12. To echo Epi, the projection is palpable:

      They tend toward narcissistic personalities who don’t understand that other people even exist except as tools or obstacles of their own agenda. I’d bet a rigorous scientific test of their ability to empathize would find them pathologically deficient.

      I don’t take this accusation so seriously coming from people who in the name of “community” and “society” will have a man put a bullet in your head for not having enough to take. Not only will they have you killed, they’ll not blink an eye doing it. And they wanna lecture me about empathy. Fuck off slavers.

      1. Again, we’re dealing with people who don’t understand what empathy actually is.

        Empathy is being able to understand, imagine and experience the mental states of others as if they were your own.

        I think I have too much empathy, actually. It’s empathy that makes me misanthropic. For example, I can perfectly understand, imagine and experience the mental state of the person who wrote that article. And it makes me hate them.

        If I had no empathy, I would probably hate them a lot less. I certainly would at least feel less revulsion.

        Having empathy would only make one kind if people possessed the sort of mental and emotional states that inspired one to kindness. The overwhelming majority of them don’t. Most of them have pretty sordid and petty emotions, on the whole.

    13. You know what? Fuck that. Not going to read it. If some asshole wants to come and tell me something like that to my face, let them. They won’t. They’ll continue doing their ultimate passive-aggressive attacks on philosophies they don’t understand from afar. I’ll just keep being me, impressing others with my sense of fairness, work ethic, and insistence on justice and peace. Let them know I’m a libertarian.

      But I will not get worked up about some retard spewing hate, lies, and ignorance on the internet. Even if he’s talking about me. Because he’s on the fucking internet.

      I have more important, constructive, and fun things to do.

      1. It’s nothing more than blood libel. In all of their screeds, replace the word “libertarian” with “Jew” and you’ll recognize the origin of their arguments.

    14. From the comments:

      A successful libertarian world…
      would require that everyone be omniscient. They’d need to know not only what decisions would net the best outcomes, but they’d need to be aware of problems and opportunities to respond to.

      The most obvious flaw of libertarianism is that no one has the amount of time necessary to keep up with all things relevant to their personal safety and development – much less those of anyone else.

      They think libertarians suffer from the knowledge problem! OMG it burns!

      1. …And a successful liberal world would require a small group of people to have total knowledge of the actions of EVERY HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET.

        They are unbelievably dumb.

        1. TOP MEN will solve that problem.

          1. Sexist!


            1. No, you are missing the emphasis on TOP.

              The rest of us are bottoms.

      2. They’d need to know not only what decisions would net the best outcomes

        As if the status quo provides everyone with optimal decision making. These people are lunatics, and they just don’t know it.

        1. The child might not want to be a prostitute, but hey, they don’t want to go to school either – which fortunately their “enterprising” parents have the absolute right to keep them out of, choosing instead to form a charter school where the curriculum consists of prostitution and drug muling crystal meth across the Mexican border.

          That fourteen year old girl might not want to marry the old man she is arranged to be given away to, but hey, she was born into a Muslim family, so in this multicultural world of ours, who are we to say what is wrong for them. Our laws only apply to those BE RULED, hick conservatives and libertarians in flyover country.

          1. drug muling crystal meth across the Mexican border.

            Wait, what? In an ideal libertarian world there would be none of the drug mules they rail against. Teamsters would transport high quality crystal meth to Mexico in the backs of trucks, not low quality stuff from there to here up the backsides of children.

            Jesus, these guys can’t even construct proper strawmen to burn.

            1. That’s because the stupid burns the straw before they can build it into a man.

      3. Of course, since LibCons think it’s all right for courts to put people into slavery via forced prison labor, it makes sense they would also support the kinds of corrupt “political enterpreneurship” that arises from it – like that juvenile court judge in Pennsylvania who took money to send thousands of kids to jail.

        That arose through progressive ‘rehabilitation’ programs. And your side is still fucking doing it.

        1. What is their problem with a prison work scheme aimed at permitting offenders to compensate victims? Compensatory justice sounds better than punitive or rehabilitative justice.

          I like that the author scare-quotes “political entrepreneurship,” as if rent-seeking is a novel concept to anyone who looks critically at the cozy partnership between government and its coterie of special interests. I take it back, actually, this probably is a new term for his followers.

        2. Of course, since LibCons think it’s all right for courts to put people into slavery via forced prison labor,

          Some kind soul needs to send this man some Spooner, STAT. The risk of debt is always on the lender, not the debtor.

    15. One of the commenters claims the big problem with libertarians is that they don’t understand communal property. Quite a few left-libertarians would agree with that actually.

      1. That stupid fucker sure as hell doesn’t think of his home as communal property.

        1. That commenter claimed to have been a libertarian for decades. I’ve only been familiar with libertarian thinking for less than one decade. Yet I recognize how communal property could easily be dealt with in a libertarian society. How did this guy miss such a critical part in his decades of study of this philosophy?

  19. Little early in the week for a nutpunch, isn’t it?

    1. It’s the Wednesday Warm-up.

      Suggest you stay in bed on Friday.

      Or wear a reinforced concrete codpiece.

    2. It’s never too early. You’re welcome.

  20. The cops said he had been arrested before for robbery, which means he’s totally guilty and deserved what he got, apparently.

    1. Not only that, but a fellow officer was looked at in a dehumanizing way just last month. And he’s so upset he’s STILL on paid leave.

  21. The Jezebel cunts must be thrilled. The MALE GAZE is an assaultable offense now.

  22. The cop looks like George Zimmerman

  23. The teen was charged with a felony count of resisting arrest with violence and disorderly conduct

    “Ok, McNulty: write up a standard bullshit sheet and maybe we can intimidate the kid or his family enough to drop the charges.”


  24. Quick, dig up some pictures of that kid smoking weed to prove he deserved it!

  25. Growing up I used to read stories about Edo period Japan when the commoners had to show proper deference to any Samurai walking by. It was not common but well known that a Samurai could kill any commoner on the spot for a lack of deference.

    Not in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I would ever read that something similar would happen in America.

    1. This time our betters are like progressive and tolerant and and elected and shit and have degrees from Harvard so we should be groveling in front of them.

    2. “The bushi are the masters of the four classes. Agriculturists, artisans, and merchants may not behave in a rude manner toward the bushi. The term for a rude man is ‘other-than-expected fellow,’ and a bushi is not to be interfered with in cutting down a fellow who has behaved to him in a manner other than expected.”
      – Donn F. Draeger, Classical Bujutsu (1973)

      1. Funny thing is I now live in Japan and the police force here – while having legal authority to stop and search anybody based on their professional judgement – do not have the authority chip on their shoulder that way too many cops in the US show evidence of.

  26. Brian Doherty didn’t link to the original news article. He linked to and quoted a blog that put it’s own spin on things. The original article does not mention “rough housing”. It said that the officers observed him slamming some other kid to the ground, and informing him it was unacceptable behavior. So from their perspective they observed a crime. They were doing their duty in investigating this and the kid is yet another example of a moron who doesn’t know how to behave. Instead of cooperating with the investigation and then arrest he resisted their orders. So he ended up arrested and in addition charged with resisting arrest. No, you can just walk away leering at police when they have observed you doing something violent, and are asking you about it. No surprise the kid is a criminal.

    1. “No surprise the kid is a criminal.”
      Jury of one!
      Get lost.

      1. He is a criminal. Read other stories about the kid. He’s been arrested for robbery before.

    2. Shorter B-Mack:

      “I lick boots, and these blacks don’t think they have to lick boots too!”

      1. Straw man. Let me tell you a true story about when I was questioned by police. I was picking wildflower seeds in the back parking lot of a flea market. They were coreopsis seed and I collected them in a baggy which I placed on my passenger seat. A cop pulled up and approached my open passenger window. Now I could have thought, like you absolute morons, that committing no crime I could ignore him and drive off, but I actually grew a brain in the womb. The bag looked just like a bag of pot. So I knew he might think there was an unlawful act taking place. Ignoring him was NOT an option, because I would have ended up cuffed with my face in the dirt. I instead told him I was collecting wildflower seeds and that he could open the bag if he wanted. I gestured to the flowers. He said, “No need., but you understand, right?” I replied, “Yep, guy in back of empty parking lot of closed business, Sitting with an apparent bag of pot. I get it.” You on the other hand apparently thing every black is as stupid as you and this kid.

      2. So that explains why “these blacks” tend to end up in choke holds, when us “boot licking” whites don’t. It’s not about racism on the part of the police, but attitude on the part of the suspect. Also, you called out their race? Did you think I was white? You associating “boot licking” with “white” the same way some associate “watermelon eating” with black? Hey, I also hurry across the street, instead of slow down when I see a car coming, evening I have the right of way in a cross walk. Is that boot licking behavior also? Should I be slowing down in crossing when I see a car approach to show “The Man” who’s boss?

    3. “and informing him it was unacceptable behavior.”

      So then, not a crime, or else he would have been arrested for it, but he wasn’t so fuck you.

      “No, you can just walk away leering at police when they have observed you doing something violent, and are asking you about it”

      You can if you haven’t committed a crime fuckhole, and he obviously committed no crime or else the bullshit resisting charge wouldn’t have been necessarily.

      1. If I’m outside and I throwa rock through a my own window then there is no crime. However a police officer doesn’t know that if he happens to observe me doing it. If I were a kid and the officer tells me it was unacceptable behavior and asks where my parents are, and I react by giving him the “I am a bad ass, don’t fuck with me stare down” then walk away ignoring his orders then it is perfectly reasonable for the officer to assume a crime has been committed. He doesn’t know otherwise. Yet no crime committed. So it is quite reasonable for the officer to demand actions of me to further his investigation of what to all appearances looks like vandalism. When I resist I am breaking the law. In fact any citizen could confront me about an apparent crime like this, and ask things like where my parents are, what is your name, and wait here while I inform the owner or police. Plus they could tackle and restrain me.

      2. Just because an officer says that something is “unacceptable behavior” does not mean it is not a crime. Murder is unacceptable behavior. The terms are not mutually exclusive. So yes you better pay attention when an officer tells you that he has observed you doing unacceptable behavior. Turns out the kid potentially broke Florida law: http://www.leg.state.fl.us/sta…..77.03.html

  27. This article is completely spoiled by the inclusion of the word “black.” It looks like Doherty put that in there to raise emotions and spice things up. It was an anti-intellectual move.

    1. Doherty didn’t write the passage you attribute to him.

  28. Hey, where’s stormy to tell us that we’re all racist? Oh, right. This one doesn’t fit her narrative.

  29. OK wow, those guys really do know whats going on. Wow.


  30. Interesting parallels to the Martin/Zimmerman situation…

    1. You mean where Martin battered Zimmerman, climbed on top of him and pounded his head into the cement before he was shot? The story told by Zimmerman that was supported by all the physical evidence? Not the same. This kid never battered the police officer, and all the officer did was arrest him, which apparently required a physical confrontation with this kid because he doesn’t know how to listen.

      1. Maybe next time someone like Zimmerman thinks it’s okay to chase down a teen age boy in a threatening manner the thought that maybe the boy might be stronger when confronted will prevent them from being stupid and chasing someone they don’t need to be chasing.

  31. All the youth has to do is post some pictures of his kindergarten graduation a la Trayvon Martin.

  32. To be fair he was looking at him crossways.

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