California Mulls Regulations for Driverless Cars

Who would get the ticket?


Google's self-driving car had already logged hundreds of thousands of miles on Bay Area roads before Gov. Jerry Brown took a ceremonious spin in an autonomous Prius last year and signed a law allowing the vehicles to operate in California.

Now bureaucrats in state government are playing catch-up, writing a whole new set of rules of the road.

Should a blind man be allowed to operate a self-driving car? Will an 8-year-old be permitted to "drive" herself to school? Should the vehicles roll through all kinds of weather? Who will be at fault when a robotic car crashes?

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  1. California Mulls Regulations For Sleeping, Breathing

  2. who will build the roads!?!?!?

  3. BTW, Sacramento Bee, the word you were looking for was ceremonial, not ceremonious. Nice fucking editors you’ve got there.

    1. The copy editors lost this war a decade ago. We exist only to impress one another and the one percent of literate beings who take pleasure from going through the local newspaper and marking errors with a red pen.

      Now that paper is dying and denying us the red-pen pleasure, all we can do is laugh smugly when “writers” confuse ceremonial with ceremonious and substitute baited for bated.

  4. But what if a blind person or eight-year-old girl is taking an assault weapon to the local police station or is on the way to deliver plastic grocery bags to a recycling center? Surely Cali’s legislators can make a few exceptions to the rules…

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