Lois Lerner Notwithstanding, Here Are 3 More Reasons to Fear The IRS


As IRS official Lois Lerner tangles with Congress over whether she has waived her Fifth Amendment rights, let's not lose sight of the big picture: Even apart from the current revelations and admissions that the IRS targeted Tea Party groups for politicized scrutiny, there's a ton of reasons to be leery of the federal government's tax collection operation.

Click above to watch a 90-second vid that details 3 More Reasons to Fear the IRS. We released this originally on May 21 and here's a snippet of why we all should be afraid—very, very afraid—of business as usual at the IRS:

1. It's always been a political weapon.

John F Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon all sicced the IRS on enemies and dissenters. And they were just following in the footsteps of Franklin Roosevelt, whose son said his father was "the originator of the concept of employing the IRS as a weapon of political retribution."

2. Its rulings are super-complicated and capricious.

The federal tax code is longer than Atlas Shrugged, Ulysses, and the Old Testament put together. It's so complicated that even former IRS commissioners need help preparing their returns.

3. It's Obamacare's enforcement mechanism.

Starting next year, the IRS will be the cop patrolling the Affordable Care Act's mandates, with the agency overseeing some 47 tax provisions related to Obamacare. You won't just be reporting income anymore. You'll be explaining when, where, and how you bought health care as well.

More details, links, and vid versions here.


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  1. Wonder why Team Blue stopped asking who appointed Douglas Shulman and jumped on the ditch Lois Lerner bandwagon?

    Shulman was appointed by President George W. Bush even though he donated $500 to the Democratic National Committee in the month prior to the re-election of President Bush in 2004.

  2. “It’s always been a political weapon.”

    Really, do tell how Reagan, Carter, Ford, the BOOOOOSHES, used the IRS as a weapon?!

    1. It would probably be more accurate to say “It’s been used as a political weapon before”

      Because as bad as W was, he never did this.

    2. Really, do tell how Reagan, Carter, Ford, the BOOOOOSHES, used the IRS as a weapon?!

      Maybe he’s saying it’s a political weapon even if it isn’t used.

      1. Maybe.

        But then he really should have said so, rather than make the blanket assertion that lacks necessary supporting documentation.

    3. Nixon didn’t either, but it’s become a part of the proggy catechism, so of course certain libertarians believe it.

      1. It was one of the articles of the impeachment.

        1. Try to find some actual evidence supporting the charge.

          Or do we just accept a political indictment as proof these days.


        1. If the glove fits, you must convict.

  3. It’s Really Satan- or Santa, depending on your point of view.

  4. Why should I fear the people that send me my *refund* every year?

    /half of America

  5. The Nixon sicced the IRS on his enemies meme is bullshit.

    Nixon wanted to do so, but complained to aids about an inability to actually do so. And it was those complaints that have morphed into the above common knowledge by endless repetition of the the lie.

    1. This is a democracy. The endless repetition of lies are its form of currency, and people are going to try and profit; that’s what people do.

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