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Obama: Already a Multiple Lawbreaker


Conor Friedersdorf continues his (alas, probably pretty futile) attempt to get fans of President Obama to wake the hell up! at The Atlantic:

Yes, President Obama has broken the law on multiple occasions. Despite clearly stating, in a 2008 questionnaire, that  the commander-in-chief is not lawfully empowered to ignore treaties duly ratified by the Senate, Obama has willfully failed to enforce the torture treaty, signed by Ronald Reagan and duly ratified by the Senate, that compels him to investigate and prosecute torture….

Photo credit: Chuckumentary / / CC BY-NC-SA

Obama also violated the War Powers Resolution, a law he has specifically proclaimed to be Constitutionally valid, when committing U.S. troops to Libya without Congressional approval….

Has he ordered the assassination of any American citizens in secret without due process? Did he kill any of their teenage kids without ever explaining how or why that happened? 

Has he refused to reveal even the legal reasoning he used to conclude his targeted killing program is lawful?

Has he waged an unprecedented war on whistleblowers?

Has he spied on millions of innocent Americans without a warrant or probable cause?

Does he automatically count dead military-aged males killed by U.S. drones as "militants"?

Did he "sign a bill that enshrines in law the previously merely alleged executive power of indefinite detention without trial of terror suspects"?….

Yes. He. Has.

Friedersdorf on why Obama fans should have considered Gary Johnson in 2012.


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  1. They worship this guy. They still think his administration has been a giant success so far because he said he likes the gays now.

    Look at idiots like shreek and Tony. They will NEVER wake up.

    1. They are not asleep – they are True Believers.

    2. I don’t think that’s it. Libertarians like the gays too, and we actually mean it, but they don’t vote for us.

      1. The problem is that we don’t necessarily like gays. We support gays on principle, not on our basis of liking them. This actually leads them to dislike us because we don’t immediately side with them versus bakeries that don’t want their gay business.

        There are a lot of people that I don’t like that I still think should be free to do what they want as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else (e.g. racists, hipsters, diabetics).

        1. “(e.g. racists, hipsters, diabetics).”

          Now what did SF do this time?

          1. How long do you have to listen?

          2. HE KNOWS WHAT HE DID!

            1. Damn, that is seriously meta!

              1. Way to point out the joke asshole.

            2. *slow clap*

            3. I clicked that bitch 15 times before I got the joke…DAMNIT!

            4. Well played, sir!

        2. Indifference is hate!

        3. Agreed, 100%. Truly we are monsters.

        4. Libertarians want to treat gays, blacks, latinos, and every other group equally.

          While settle for equal when the Democrats will treat you better than equal?

        5. This is a good point. Although we support all of the equal-rights stuff the gays want, we don’t automatically take their side (or their side’s side) in every single issue. The progressive (and probably more generically TEAM) theory says that you have to be in perfect lockstep unison and, as importantly, hate the other TEAM regardless of principle.

          There is no room for principle, only emotion with these guys. And the principal driving emotion they want is your hatred – for their opposition.

        6. “we don’t necessarily like the gays”

          I know you don’t mean we should like people as individuals and not group them all together. Don’t you know that all gay people are interchangeable and don’t have individual personalities?

      2. I don’t think that’s it. Libertarians like the gays too, and we actually mean it, but they don’t vote for us.

        They don’t vote for us because we won’t throw gay rights to the wind in favor of a larger progressive agenda.

        Gays are actually willing to sacrifice their own agenda for a larger progressive one. Women were willing to do so under Clinton, remember.

        1. Gays are actually willing to sacrifice their own agenda for a larger progressive one.

          Very true. Some gay progs didn’t want Obama to “evolve” on the gay marriage right before he announced last year that he supported it. Why? Because it could have a negative effect on his reelection chances.

      3. Libertarians like the gays too, and we actually mean it, but they don’t vote for us.

        There’s some pretty broad generalizations about both libertarians and gays in this thread.

        I’d say libertarians as a whole are pretty good about the fundamental right to be gay, ie opposing sodomy statutes.

        There’s a significant number of libertarians who don’t support gay marriage. Yes, I’m aware of the get government out of marriage arguments. Some libertarians are sincere about that. The libertarians who couple those arguments with sneering contempt for gay people do a lot to undermine the sincerity of that argument.

        Gays, like libertarians, are not a monolithic bloc. There are several gay people who post here regularly and do so supportively of libertarian principals. I’m personally annoyed to be talked about like I’m not here.

        But, yes, the majority of gays are liberal or proggie. Like most of the rest of the population gays are prone to team politics and one team is friendly to us and the other is actively hostile.

  2. good lord, the comments BURN with stupidity. Everything is apparently the ‘publicans fault. Poor Barry just doesn’t stand a chance.

    My faith in humanity has almost reached a point where a global nuclear war looks like a step in the right direction.

    1. My faith in humanity has almost reached a point where a global nuclear war looks like a step in the right direction.

      Sure, you just want a post-apocalyptic waste land to rule over. You can’t fool us.

      1. I’ll grant you that – A chance to roam the wasteland for guzzoline.

        1. Nah, when the Guzzoline ran out you could just switch to alcohol, the real problem you’d run into is where you gonna get new tires and brake pads

      2. Lord Humungus would burn down Reason if he could be king of the ashes.

        1. And wear a frightening mask.

            1. Apparently Raytheon has tumblr blocked as “pornography.” Perhaps someone should show them some of the shit on punishtube or something if they think tumblr is porn.

              1. In all fairness, Loke, there are lots of skin pics on that site.

      3. Now we know whose society Mad Max REALLY represents.

    2. The GOP is not ignoring the biggest Obama scandals. The GOP is honoring Obama for those scandals. These are the same scandals the GOP co-committed with Bush. And Obama and the GOP both know this. Obama, despite his campaign rhetoric, decided that he needed to continue these scandals as the price of being allowed to govern at all. Imagine the GOP response if Obama had not perpetuated these scandals. The GOP would have called for Obama’s impeachment for NOT perpetuating these scandals.

      So either he’s a fucking pussy who doesn’t deserve to govern or just one more of the same corrupted power players who have always thrived in DC. Take your pick.

      1. No, he’s both. The two conditions are mutually reinforcing.
        Can you think of any ‘power players’ who are not also cowards?

    3. Ok, I’ll grant your case that the media has ignored these issues but you are still overlooking the elephant in the room.

      The Republican party has done everything in its power to undermine President Obama even if it meant harming the country. Just think about that for a moment.

      The Republicans are traitors.


    4. Read the comments by KhartoumHero over there. I like the cut of his jib.

      As long as you get some return on some intangible emotional investment, something only valuable in the psychic aether you inhabit and not in the realm of actual reality, it’s ok to lay waste to reality. Tap some phones, start some wars, drone-kill some teenager of an unfortunate parentage. It’s all ok, as long as you feel like there is a more caring economic order, whether that actually helps anyone in reality or not.

      1. Grade level 12.88. Much above the other snippets (all 9 or lower).

      2. Mr. KhartoumHero is quite eloquent!

        1. send him an invitation.

      3. His comments are AAA+ awesome. He’s basically exposing every bit of hypocrisy and lust for power the progtards possess, and they have no answer for it.

    5. This is exactly why this needs to be a thing.

    6. Huh. For some reason when I click “Jump to Comments” it just goes to the bottom of the page.

    7. My faith in humanity has almost reached a point where a global nuclear war looks like a step in the right direction.

      Based on what happened in Boston, it wouldn’t take much for Russia or China to pull a Red Dawn scenario and succeed wildly in conquering most, if not all, of the country.

      Americans have ceded so much of their personal responsibilities and civic duties to various State institutions that very few would actually be capable of defending themselves or their communities during any sort of coordinated attack. They’d curl up in a fetal position and hope no one noticed they were there.

    8. Everything is apparently the ‘publicans fault. Poor Barry just doesn’t stand a chance.

      And yet he’s simultaneously the awesomest, most visionary POTUS ever that knows exactly how to Get! Things! Done!

      He’s the Shroedinger’s Cat of executive infallibility.

  3. By any rational standards, the last three presidents (at least) should have been impeached and convicted for any number of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

    1. What did Clinton do?

      1. There’s actually quite a long list of abuses under his administration that you can easily find by Googling.

        I do think the perjury charge alone was enough–because I think the presidency should be held to at least the standards of an attorney–to get a conviction, but we are so partisan now that ethics and compliance with the law are mere afterthoughts. But that wasn’t all there was.

      2. He committed Perjury.

        True it was about a relatively trivial issue but that trivial issue was in direct relation to felony rape allegations against him but most importantly is if any of us had been caught committing perjury in exactly the same way we would have seen jail time

        1. Even if no jail, definitely loss of office. His license to practice law was suspended for ten years because of that. So an Arkansas lawyer has a much higher ethical standard than the President of the United States. Let that sink in for a moment.

      3. Waco, assault weapons ban, bombing Sudan.

        1. Indonesiagate, Chinagate, Travelgate, Wacogate, not to mention some questionable financial shenanigans. And I’m just rattling off from memory. Not all of those were necessarily proven, but some had enough to take town the administration. If anyone gave a shit.

          1. I am impeaching you for crimes against humanity. First off, overusing the ‘gate’ suffix. How do you plead?

            1. Before impeachment we must investigate, litigate, and castigate his profligate propogation of suffixgate.

              1. On the one hand, I hate you. On the other hand, 16.71 is a pretty good grade level.

                1. I owe it all to Michael Hutchence

                  1. “I owe it all to Michael Hutchence”

                    Masturgate, asphyxigate?

            2. I got more gates. Mastergate, Eliminigate, Investigate.

              1. I think I have wandered into an INXS video

                1. They stole that. From other people who stole it.

            3. How come no one has been abusing -gate for these recent scandals, or at least not that I’ve seen.

              1. Nobody wants reminders of the Nixon fall right now, I guess.

                1. Okay this was the first hit for ‘IRS gate’


                  The IRS “scandal” continues to unfold in Washington. The whole thing is, frankly, pretty stupid. The IRS was not wrong to target Tea Party groups’ 501(c)(4) applications. It just should’ve procedurally flagged the applications a bit differently.

                  Intellectual honesty isn’t their strong point.

                  1. Okay, so the next Republican president can do the same to lefty organizations and media? It’s all okay?

                    1. Yes, is was just that procedures weren’t followed quite correctly.

              2. How come no one has been abusing -gate for these recent scandals, or at least not that I’ve seen.

                That would be implying that these were, in fact, scandals. And it’s pretty obvious that Obama wouldn’t be involved in any scandals, so that that would be a stupid thing to call them. Unless we call them ‘BigotedRepublicansGinUpFakeControversyGate’.

          2. I can’t wait until there’s a scandal involving an actual gate so I can hear someone in the media struggle to call it “Gate-gate”. That will be a glorious day where that idiocy may finally end. maybe.

            1. “Bill Gates caught Sandbagging – The Pope of Slope
              The Gatesgate Scandal. Bill Gates already has an unbelievable number attached to his name ? his $18 billion fortune. Recently at a charity golf tournament near …”

              1. -gate operates under rule 34

          3. It’s Gates all the way down.

          4. You forgot the FBI dossiers on political enemies. Or was it he IRS auditing conservatives? Or the trail of dead bodies back to Arkansas? I forget.

        2. Oh lets not forget Al Gore likely being guilty of at the least exporting nuke weapon technology to China and possibly being guilty of Treason

    2. One of the last three was impeached.

      1 out of 6 aint bad.

      Okay, yes it is.

  4. Obama isn’t stupid, he knows he all has to do to keep his base licking his boots is say nice things about gays, taxing the rich, and work the War on Wimmenz angle.

    I’ll say it again, if there is one redeeming quality Obama has it’s that he at least is just as contemptuous of the useful idiots in his base and the media as we are.

    1. If only this moment would come: “Say, what if. . .nah, it couldn’t happen, but. . .what if a Republican became president again? Could this be a bad, what’s the word?, precedent?”

      1. I said as much to some “progressive” friends back when Clinton was expanding the power of the presidency, and was scoffed at. Scoffed! At!

  5. “Obama also violated the War Powers Resolution, a law he has specifically proclaimed to be Constitutionally valid, when committing U.S. troops to Libya without Congressional approval….”

    Probably something to with Citizens United. /DavidCorn

  6. Neon lights, a Nobel prize
    Than the mirror speaks, the reflection lies
    You won’t have to follow me
    Only you can set me free

    I sell the things you need to be
    I’m the smiling face on your tv
    I’m the cult of personality
    I exploit you, still you love me
    I tell you one and one makes three
    I’m the cult of personality
    Like Joseph Stalin and Gandhi
    I’m the cult of personality
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      1. thanks. noob gonna noob.

        1. use the less than symbol, an ‘a’ space ‘href=’, quotes, then the link, close quotes, then a greater than symbol…add the text for the link (anything will do but descriptive/funny is best) then add a less than, ‘/a’, greater than. that should do it.

          here is how

          1. or screw it up like i just did…that works too and falls under RCz Law

            and SF’ing a link all in one post. All I am missing is some unintended consequences and a JOEz law.

      2. Living Color were fucking hard core prophets! I’ve never seen any religious group call it like that.

  7. This will be a fun thread.

    Did he make recess appointments when Congress was in session? Yes.
    Did he just request a record breaking budget for the Drug War? Yes.

    1. Worse than Bush, yet he still has support from people who hated Bushitler. Surreal.

      1. It’s all about appearances. That’s all it is anymore. No content, no real principles, just the appearance of appealing to the higher calling, whatever that is at the moment.

        1. Abusing power for personal and political gain? You know, I know humanity is messed up and all, but I think we can do much better than this.

          It amazes me that members of the intellectual elite in this country (which exists on “both” sides, despite the silly rhetoric) don’t turn their noses up at obviously corrupt and not very intelligent politicians. It’s like the farmer eschewing his air-conditioned house to live in the pig sty. Why lower yourself?

          1. It’s like the farmer eschewing his air-conditioned house to live in the pig sty. Why lower yourself?

            Because the pig sty has more likes on facebook.

            The voters only care about the message that their vote sends to their friends. This is the reality that the two main parties understand all too well.

            1. It’s not a fucking piece of clothing.

              1. It might as well be for the Millennials. They share everything online.

                1. This is not a phenomenon unique to my generation.

                  1. You’re worse. Are you like them or are you different? Because I’m hoping it’s the latter. Otherwise, my retirement years may be spent in the Wastes, hunting for gas.

        2. It’s really all about this. All the ‘umms’ and ‘ehhs’ and ‘let me be clears’ is apparently clear evidence that he’s a thoughtful and intelligent person, his actual governing abilities and thin record of accomplishments notwithstanding.

          1. Since he’s in office solely because of Jeri Ryan, I say we appoint her to the office if the administration falls over one of these scandals. Can’t be as bad, and she’s more attractive.

            1. I will suddenly start watching presidential speeches.

              1. Also, I think her reelection campaign slogan writes itself.

              2. My fellow Americans. My eyes are up here.

                Thank you, and God bless America.

                Good night.

                1. Not quite what I was thinking….

                  1. “If you elect me, I will attend the inauguration topless.”

                    1. That line didn’t work so well for Romney.

                    2. The GOP was foolish not to nominate Ryan. Her strong family values are why she and her husband split. She’s reasonable famous. She’s attractive. Etc. And, most importantly, she’s come to fix a mistake.

                    3. Duh:

                      Resistance if futile.

                    4. I was so hoping you wouldn’t have to spell it out like that. The HampersandR cultural IQ is dropping. As always, I blame Episiarch.

                    5. Resistance if futile? What does that mean? She’s resist you if you’re futile in some way?

                    6. It means we need an EDIT BUTTON!

                    7. And you could utilize it as well!

                    8. That’s right. They never did add “pizza” to Irish’s comment. I am disappoint.

                    9. That could be because they like Episiarch. Or they just don’t want us understanding how much redaction power they control.

                    10. The former is impossible of course, because no one likes Episiarch. The latter is a good point–also, they don’t want to set the precedent and hear lots of begging about series commas and who/whom corrections.

                      Still, just this once?

  8. The comments are hysterical.

    MatterOverMind?5 hours ago?
    Conor, these accusations you make against Pres. Obama sounds like a lift from the GOP and Fox News talking points. If however you actually gave context to the issues you raise, this piece will be over 500 pages long and you’ll discover that it’s not as black and white as you’re leading your readers to believe.

    1. TOP. MEN. They alone know the future. They alone know what is required to save the country. They alone are smart enough to guide you through these perilous times. BELIEVE.

    2. Ordering the assasination of a minor who is a U.S. citizen? By all means, do tell us the context! I presume he was turning out to be a real fucking Joan of Arc, right?

      1. He was a Tea Party supporter.

    3. If however you actually gave context to the issues you raise, this piece will be over 500 pages long and you’ll discover that it’s not as black and white as you’re leading your readers to believe.

      Bush lied, kids died.

  9. Has he, by fiat, relieved some friendly parties from complying with a law?

  10. Despite all these, at least Obama has never denied me alt-text!

  11. It’s good to be king.

    1. That line of thinking is out of date.

      What Obama’s supporters are saying is that when Obama does it, it’s not illegal. There’s a big difference between saying “when the President does it it’s not illegal.”

      That would give a pass to people like Reagan and Bush.

      Their logic is much more targeted and pinpoint.

  12. In order to suppress conservative groups?at first those with words like “Tea Party” and “Patriot” in their names, then including those that opposed ObamaCare or advanced the second amendment?the IRS demanded donor rolls, membership lists, data on all contributions, names of volunteers, the contents of all speeches made by members, Facebook FB +0.98%posts, minutes of all meetings, and copies of all materials handed out at gatherings. Among its questions: What are you thinking about? Did you ever think of running for office? Do you ever contact political figures? What are you reading? One group sent what it was reading: the U.S. Constitution.…..47792.html

    1. Wonder whether those members were audited disproportionately to people similarly situated?

      1. There is a college professor who speaks on abortion issues. SHe filed jointly with her husband, but the IRS audited just her and specifically wanted to know who paid her for writing. Really sinister shit.

      1. Shreek told us so.

    2. This is completely outrageous. The IRS needs to be fucking abolished.

  13. What are you thinking about?

    I only wish they had sent that to Warty or Sugarfree.

  14. So you guys are converting to the side of law and order now?

    Oh wait. Lawbreaking is only bad when it’s laws that you like.

    1. Lawbreaking is only bad when the law is just.

      1. Sounds good, but who determines whether the law is just? Certainly not the lawbreaker, otherwise why have the law in the first place.

        1. Sounds good, but who determines whether the law is just? Certainly not the lawbreaker, otherwise why have the law in the first place.

          The Obama Justice Department is determining that for the time being.

        2. Oh, and beat cops are also determining the law. Hence all the cases of cops confiscating cell phones and telling people to stop filming when it’s…100% legal to do so.

          Obama has determined that assassinations of American Citizens is within the law.

          There’s a lot of free-wheeling law determinin’ goin on right now.

          Shit, Tulpa, you’ve convinced me. Obama administration: Most libertarian evah!

        3. Sounds good, but who determines whether the law is just?

          “When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law.”

          I lost my respect for the law a long time ago.

        4. Who decides? I do. Men who outgun me might disagree, but that does not affect whether or not the law is just, or whether or not my actions are immoral.

      2. Hey man, I break laws that I like.

        Or something.

    2. WTF are you talking about?

      Oh, wait. Tulpa.


    3. Are you consuming Mexican Coke again? Because you’re not making any sense.

      1. Laughed so hard it went up my nose.

      2. I thought that stuff was, you know, kosher.

        1. Only if a rabbi snorts it along with you.

    4. Always a pleasure Tulpa.

    5. I know it’s depressing that Romneybot lost to The Telepromter, but you really should stop self medicating with booze, amphetamines, and low grade beaver tranqualizers. It makes you even less coherent than normal.

    6. Caught us. We’re hypocrites when it suits us. But really, they’re the law and order guys, we’re just using their own rules against them.

  15. I notice there aren’t any comments over at The Atlantic. What’s the matter prog-tards? Cat got your tongues? Gotta go download the latest talking points/ list of excuses? Or is Conor Friedersdorf now “he who shall not be named read?”

    I was really hoping for some good top notch DERP for us to mock. Oh well.


    2. Although apparently some people (discussed above) are able to see the DERP-ments. Weird.

      1. script blocker? Work firewall?

    3. The derp isn’t all that great. They’ve got nothing.

      However, KhartoumHero is energetically eviscerating the few lame apologists that are attempting a defense.

      1. I kind of figured most of the derp would be different variations of “BOOOOOOOSSSSSHHHH!!!!!,” and “RETHUGLICANS R JUST AZ BAD OMGZ!!!11!!.”

        Although I do enjoy it when people like KhartoumHero wade in and eviscerate the shit out of the tardos. It actually makes me think for a second that maybe we aren’t as fucked as I think. Until I realize that the derp spewers far outnumber us. Then I just go back to working on my space station/ orbital bombardment platform/ zero-g whorehouse pleasure palace design.

        1. I you have homebrew and Belgian beer I want in.

        2. I just buy some more ammo.

        3. I just have more children. I figure we’ll easily out breed them.

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