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Judge Throws Out Indictment Against Cop Who Killed Ramarley Graham Because Grand Jury Wasn't Told What Other Cops Told Him; Should They Be Indicted Too, Then?

Prosecutor will seek a new indictment


shot by cop
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Officer Richard Haste of the NYPD was indicted by a grand jury last year for manslaughter in relation to his killing of Ramarley Graham while pursuing the teenager over an alleged narcotics purchase. Graham ran into his grandmother's apartment and was shot in the bathroom while allegedly flushing a dime bag of marijuana down the toilet. Graham was unarmed during the entire pursuit.

The judge has now tossed that indictment because he believed the prosecutor should've informed the grand jury about what other cops told Haste about Graham (that they believed him to be armed). Those cops, of course, were wrong. They've also not been charged in connection with being wrong about something apparently being used to justify the shooting. The prosecutor intends to return to a grand jury to secure a new indictment, though there's no report of indictments extending to other officers who may have aggravated the situation with wrong information.