Eric Holder

Holder 'Not Sure' How Many Reporters' Records DOJ Has Seized

That's comforting!


As his Justice Department faces bipartisan outrage for , Attorney Gen. Eric Holder says he is not sure how many times such information has been seized by government investigators in the four years he's led Justice.

During an interview with NPR's Carrie Johnson on Tuesday, Holder was asked how often his department has obtained such records of journalists' work.

"I'm not sure how many of those cases … I have actually signed off on," Holder said. "I take them very seriously. I know that I have refused to sign a few [and] pushed a few back for modifications."

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  1. Eric doesn’t seem to be sure of much at all, except that dope smokers ought to be in the can.

  2. The lack of accountability here is just staggering yet fully expected. American leadership across the board has become a fucking funny page with none of these clowns held responsible for malevolence and corruption that occurs on their watch. One has to seriously contemplate the role of leaders in modern society.

    If there is zero incentive to actually lead with some form of ethics and integrity that forces an honest person to react logically and with sincere change what’s the point of leadership at all?

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