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Republican Sen. Rob Portman: I Smoked Pot As a Youngster, But It Should Still Be Illegal


Republican Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) said during last night's BuzzFeed forum that he smoked marijuana when he was younger, but that he disagress with Colorado and Washington's decision to legalize the drug (that he enjoyed without consequence). Here's BuzzFeed

"Uhh…yes," Portman replied Monday when asked by BuzzFeed DC Bureau Chief John Stanton if he's ever smoked pot. "I think I've been asked that now, in 20 years, three times."

"I'm very involved, as you may know, on drug prevention," he said. "I have been since my first year in Congress."

In 2005, Portman told the Cleveland Plain Dealer he wasn't much of a smoker when he did smoke pot.

"He told The Plain Dealer in 2005 that he never bought or sold it and didn't smoke it often," the paper reported.

"This was an era when almost everybody did it," he said in 2005. "It's something I regret."

According to ABC's write-up of the event, Portman went on to say that Colorado and Washington's decision to tax and regulate marijuana "isn't the right way" to handle drug policy. Instead, he wants drug offenders to go through the drug court system. 

Portman adds his name to the long list of powerful rich people who used marijuana without consequence, went on to have successful political careers, but now think anybody caught with an illicit drug should be funneled through the criminal justice system in the name of public health (and the children). 

Watch Portman's interview here: 

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  1. he never bought or sold it

    In other words, just another parasite bogarting other people’s stuff.

    1. Pretty much. And I don’t believe that for a moment. Either his “smoking” consisted of stealing a drag or two off of someone at a party or he is lying his ass off.

      Imagine if someone said “well sure I drank when I was in college, but I never bought any alcohol.” That statement would not pass the laugh test. Yet, these assholes consistently make the same claim about pot and get away with it.

      1. I bought booze, but I never drank it.

        I have a kitchen full of alcohol, I’m thinking I might want to do something about it. I’m thinking of selling it to college kids.

        1. For sure. Law abiding people with jobs and lives to lose, risk all of that by selling booze to underage kids all of the time. They just can’t help themselves.

          1. Odd, I didn’t know everyone left college in two years.

      2. Dude, all you have to do is befriend the socially awkward pot dealer, and only hang out with him if he smokes you out.

        1. Well Portman is a politician, so he probably has a natural affinity for taking advantage of people.

    2. just another parasite bogarting other people’s stuff

      Amazing how much parallel there is between being “that guy” at a party and being a politician. It’s almost like being a douchebag who bogarts other people’s weed is an indicator of a political future.

      I’m sure a lot of us knew at least one of “those guys” as kids. Look him up, I bet he’s a politician of some sort now.

    3. And now he’s a politician. Some people never change.

  2. Go turn yourself in Rob if you think smoking pot is so bad. Or if the statute of limitations has passed, give some money to a rehab charity to make up for your crime.

    What if Portman admitted to shoplifting or committing some kind of fraud? Would he be allowed to just move on from that? Of course not. He would be expected to at least try to make some amends for what he did. Why not with pot?

    The answer of course is there is no victim to make amends to in the case of pot. So perhaps Portman should ask himself why smoking it should be illegal? Perhaps it is Portman’s position that he was a victim. That some evil pot smoker or dealer victimized him by giving him this evil weed and taking advantage of his foolishness. That is possible. But if that was the case, then why does Portman support making possession illegal? Aren’t possessors just users and victims like he was?

    Portman thinks none of that of course. He just think he is special and the rules shouldn’t apply to him. He shouldn’t pay for his crimes but millions of other people should.

    1. “Perhaps it is Portman’s position that he was a victim.”

      Then he should award compensation to himself. And if he doesn’t have the money on him right now, the taxpayers can spot him some dough. Like a big annual salary, medical and retirement benefits…wait, he’s got those already…

  3. “Republican Sen. Rob Portman: I Smoked Pot As a Youngster, But It Should Still Be Illegal”

    Good. Throw his butt in the slammer.

    1. So Portman’s kid comes out as homo and now it’s “gay marriage for everyone.”

      Portman himself smoke a jungle’s worth of ganja and it’s all “holy shit y’all; we’s got to keep dat shit under raps, my ninja!”

      Nice to that the U.S. Senate can always do more to shit the sheets WRT its hallowed reputation.

  4. So is he gonna escort himself to prison or merely resign from the Senate?

  5. If the War on Drugs were ended, especially with marijuana, then the Baby Boomers would lose their collective “cool”!

    And we can’t have that now, can we?

  6. And nobody yet busted Bubba’s chops?!
    ‘I didn’t inhale!’

  7. Instead, he wants drug offenders to go through the drug court system.

    We can’t end the War on Drugz; there’s too much money in it.

    1. The proper response to that would have been: “You first.”

  8. To paraphrase the good senator:

    “I smoked pot and didn’t get caught. Now I am a Senator and willing to destroy the lives of kids who do the same thing I did.”

    What an asshole.

  9. What’s that? You people think that the ruling class should follow the same rules that it imposes on the peasants? Oh, the huge manatee!

    1. That is right. If Portman’s kid got caught with pot, that would be different. It is just a youthful mistake.

      1. But politicians’ kids don’t get caught with pot, blow or any of the other drugs they frequently use. It just doesn’t happen because when you’re a politician’s kid, everyone knows it.

  10. right, Bob; the only possible options are prohibition and full-blown addiction. Just like every other drug that is currently available. People are either drunks or tee-totaler; with pills, they either take everything endlessly or never take so much as a tylenol.

    Please ignore the real and anecdotal evidence of people choosing to either partake of something in a responsible manner or, again, choosing to not take it at all. Yes, we all know marijuana would be radically different from alcohol, prescription meds, whatever-other-substance because you happy drug warriors keep telling is that it’s so.

  11. Who wants to road trip out to Ohio to smoke weed with his gay son? That’ll change Rob’s mind in no time. I have some Steely Dan we can listen to.

    1. Steely Dan would work. I am thinking his gay son probably has a pretty chill scene.

      Since Portman seems to base his entire political world view on how it will effect his special snowflake, if we can get the son to become a stoner, Portman is likely to follow suit.

    2. Up to 100g is decrimmed in Ohio. We can get good and fucked, so to speak.

      Source: NORML website.

  12. God you libtards and your pot stories. You guys need to get over it. It’s not like the ruling class uses them as a form of con……

    Fuck any conservative or liberal asshole that says we need to “get over it”.

  13. Republican Senator Portman is a hypocritical shitweasel. In other news, water is wet. And in a shocking new discovery, scientists announce that grass is green while the sky is a completely different color – blue. Film at 11.

    1. It’s almost as if being a hypocritical shitweasel is innate to and inseparable from being a politician. Weird.

  14. “This was an era when almost everybody did it,” he said..

    So if everyone jumped off a bridge ?

  15. Someone catches his kid with some weed and watch his viewpoint evolve.

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