Police Abuse

Police Departments Nationwide Pay Million Dollar-Plus Misconduct Settlements

But does it change their behavior?


When police abuse their authority everyone loses. Victims may get hurt or even lose their life, police damage their credibility and taxpayers end up shouldering huge payouts to victims and their families.

Last week, the Los Angeles Police Department settled a lawsuit brought against it by two women officers mistakenly shot at during the Dorner manhunt in February. The settlement will cost the city $4.2 million and attorneys called it "a bargain."

Here's a list of recent settlements paid out to victims of police misconduct.

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  1. I almost never link myself, Reason, but
    my Measure of Civic Burden

    mathematically mirrors paying more for monopoly, risk filtering,
    gatekeeping and pay to play so as to get less.

    It keys on precisely the subject matter: paying more in premiums
    so that we can have our civic freedom diminished. That has a very
    close parallel in paying more for health insurance premiums so
    as to sustain a monopolistic architecture, even if it DOES replace
    the inability to move between states, for a job or r.e. op, lest one
    suffers an exclusion, often, or the ultimate choice, for many, of
    “go naked” or “premium death spiral.”

    (ObamaCare replaces that with a monopolistic architecture.)

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