Which Internet Companies Protect Your Data from Unwarranted Government Snooping?


Credit: Payphoto | Dreamstime

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has just published its annual report, Who Has Your Back?, asking which major internet service providers protect your interests against government snooping into your online activitites. The newest report notes…

…the Electronic Frontier Foundation examined the policies of major Internet companies — including ISPs, email providers, cloud storage providers, location-based services, blogging platforms, and social networking sites — to assess whether they publicly commit to standing with users when the government seeks access to user data. The purpose of this report is to incentivize companies to be transparent about how data flows to the government and encourage them to take a stand for user privacy whenever it is possible to do so.

Below is a handy chart laying out what the EFF was able to find out the policies of leading companies when it comes to protecting your information from unwarranted government intrusion.

EFF Report
Credit: EFF

Bottom line: Trust Twitter and, along with Google and Dropbox. Apple, AT&T, Yahoo! and Verizon not so much.