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Ricin Suspect Charged Last Week Probably Not The Guy, FBI Looking at Second Suspect

No one's guilty just because they've been charged


likely framed

Kevin Curtis, the suspect charged last week in relation to a spate of ricin-laced letters, was released earlier today, without details provided about any conditions. Curtis' attorney maintains his client was framed, and the FBI might end up agreeing. Via Fox News:

Two sources had earlier confirmed to Fox News that the FBI was looking into the possibility that Curtis might have been framed as part of a grudge against him from someone in his neighborhood. A detention hearing for Curtis that was scheduled for Tuesday has also been postponed…

Investigators earlier said they hadn't found any ricin in Curtis' house. Agent Brandon Grant said that a search of Curtis' vehicle and house in Corinth, Miss., on Friday did not turn up ricin or ingredients for the poison. A search of Curtis' computers has found no evidence so far that he researched making ricin. 

The charging documents, according to Fox, included a quote on his Facebook page that was repeated in the ricin letters (someone let the boys at bureau know there's no such thing as private on Facebook) as well as a 2007 report from his ex-wife that Curtis was "extremely delusional, anti-government, and felt the government was spying on him with drones."

The Mississippi man faced 15 years in federal prison had he been convicted. 

UPDATED: Charges have been dropped. (h/t commenter Kaptious Kristen)


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  1. ex-wife that Curtis was “extremely delusional, anti-government, and felt the government was spying on him with drones.”

    I would bet that the only true part of that statement is the anti-government part.

    1. I’d bet that was the only untrue part.

      1. If you can’t trust ex-wives, who can you trust?

  2. Investigators earlier said they hadn’t found any ricin in Curtis’ house.

    But did they find a pressure cooker?

    1. Too bad they didn’t torture the fucker 2003 style.

      1. No, they did it 2013 style.

  3. The second suspect seems to be a former GOP Congressional candidate:


    1. Great way to and an article: “He was also the frontman of a “loop oriented rock” band called Dusty and the Robodrum.”

      1. I think Mike Huckabee plays bass for that band.

        1. I thought he played “lead bass” for the band “Santorum”.

    2. It might not be too late to invest in a Democrat bumper sticker.

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            1. Yeah, you’d think she’d know by now to be more cautious. Look at what happened to Dagny.

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        It’s not by volume… in fact, I don’t think Reason even gives them out anymore. There was that brief time that they started throwing them around, we spent a few weeks wondering what the pattern was, getting all jealous, bitchy and gossipy, then they just stopped.

        1. I believe the researchers deemed it Steigerwald Syndrome.

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          2. Lucy moved on to bigger an better things.

            Bigger and better things called VICE.

            Although, given the douche-level some of the VICE guys seem to exude, I’m not sure that’s actually a better thing.

            1. Oh! VICE! They are a teensy bit hipsterdouche, but the Guide to North Korea was so fricken awesome.

              1. Here’s a piece she wrote for them recently.

                Link’s to Lucy’s blog, since our girl deserves some H&R traffic.

                1. Hooray!! I’ll happily add my IP to her traffic (no homo).

              2. God it was. I’ve only seen one episode of the HBO series, and was reasonably impressed. Looking forward to more episodes. But one does get the impression of the “Hey, look at all my tats, that makes me totally intense!” vibe about some of them.

                1. Their HBO series is pretty solid.

                  They’re good when the leave their droning left-wing biases at the door. For people who see themselves as rebels, it’s amazing how many of the VICE people are basically white-bread, boring liberals.

            2. Didn’t one of those VICE guys fuck a sex doll on camera?

              1. That might have been Gavin McInnes. McInnes is a creepy motherfucker. He calls himself a ‘libertarian’ and we really do not need him advertising for us.

                He writes for that paleo-conservative racist blog, Takimag now. This is an actual quote from Gavin McInnes’ book:

                …after flirting with her for about two minutes, I noticed she had no panties on and she had moisture dripping down her leg like a horny teardrop. I’m not kidding. That’s how much of a filthy whore she was.

                Like I said. Creepy motherfucker.

          3. She answered my comment on her blog the other day. I told her we missed her, and she replied she misses everyone but Tony.

            1. HAAA! Love Lucy.

              1. She was my favorite first.

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  5. Call me a conspiracy theorist or whatever you want. However, I strongly believe that the group of people that did the Ricin also did the Anthrax.

    I strongly believe that it is a pro-Israeli that keeps trying to anger Americans every time their is an Islamic attack. I use to believe it was the Mossad. I no longer believe that…although it may be possible.

    If u look @ 9-11 anthrax letters, why would Islamic Terrorist send Anthrax to Pat Leahy?

    1. So you’re saying that YOU’RE the letter writer.


    2. Well, considering they pretty much caught the guy who did the anthrax, that leaves your theory purely in the ‘conspiratorial’ zone.

      I strongly believe that it is a pro-Israeli that keeps trying to anger Americans every time their is an Islamic attack.

      It’s ok, half the media was 99% sure the Boston attacks was a disgruntled Fox Newser getting back for Waco/Tax Day/Hitler’s Birthday.

      1. they pretty much caught the guy who did the anthrax

        No, they pinned it on a dead guy who wasn’t even a suspect when he was alive.
        They harrassed and hounded some other guy for years until he was cleared. They would have pinned it on the first suspect but he just wouldn’t kill himself.

        1. That’s what I meant. I should have said that they knew who did it.

          1. OK maybe they know who did it but they haven’t shown us that they know who did it. Maybe they know that it was termites from the Pine Barrens.

    3. Color me skeptical, but I don’t think any members of the group Ricin play in the group Anthrax.

      1. We should make a Venn diagram.

    4. But Alice, however do the Jews find time to mail letters in between baking their matzos with the blood of unbaptized Christian children?

      1. They pay me to conduct their terrorist letter mailing to me.

        They’re lucky that I’m willing to be paid in the severed foreskins of their enemies.

        1. Dammit, I butchered that first sentence.

          ‘They pay me to conduct their terrorist letter mailings for them.’

          Note to any FBI agents who might be looking at this web page: This is a joke. I have never been paid in the severed foreskins of gentiles in order to conduct a terrorist attack.

            1. What you did there was noticed.

          1. You know who else likes the foreskins of gentiles?

              1. In my casual poling polling of Germans there’s a notable preference for cut. I think it’s a grass is greener type scenario.

                The correct answer was of course “nicole” thank you all for playing.

            1. Sasha Grey?

    5. Why would a pro-IL terrorist group, not Mossad, know the name and address of a midwestern judge?

  6. “extremely delusional, anti-government, and felt the government was spying on him with drones.”

    Nothing like having guys in trenchcoats, wires in their ears slapping cuffs on you to dispense of that delusion.

    1. Paul.| 4.23.13 @ 6:49PM |#
      “extremely delusional, anti-government, and felt the government was spying on him with drones.”

      Somehow the facebook image doesn’t say that to me.

      1. It was his ex that said those things about him, so maybe grains of salt must be consumed.

      2. Ya know, given how things have been going the dude might be right. Sometimes paranoia is just good instinct.

        1. AlmightyJB| 4.23.13 @ 7:49PM |#
          “Ya know, given how things have been going the dude might be right. Sometimes paranoia is just good instinct.”
          I certainly don’t doubt it’s a good POV, it just doesn’t look like he thought so.

    2. Speaking of drones…anyone see Oblivion?

      I thought it was fairly entertaining.

      1. Is Tom Cruise slowly flayed, drawn, quartered and then roasted over hot coals, all in glorious 3D?

        Then, no.

        1. Damn, lotta hate. Did Tom steal your girlfriend or something?

          1. How could you not hate him? I mean the man invented Tebowing (@0:40)

            1. Good for him. God knows I never did anything stupid when in love.

          2. I hate very few people in this world (OK, maybe more than a few), but when I start walking the long, dark, county roads with my trusty dog and laser-sharp katana, righting all that is wrong, he’s #1 on the list.

            1. I always liked the guy.

              My cousin’s best friend hooked up with him in a bar one night just after he made Taps. She, my cousin, said he seemed like a nice guy.

  7. Also, chances this guy owns an “Intimidator” Dale Earnhardt model Shiverlay Monte Carlo?

    I’m at about 99%.

    PS I seen Dale’s face in that block o’ cheese down ta the butcher shop this afternoon! Big as lyf! The Intimlinator!! Three!!!

    1. Hey. I picked up a bolt in the rear tire at Fontana a couple of weeks ago; must have been off the 88 car!

      1. …and nobody showed up to see it.

        I’m shocked at the dropoff in attendance at races this year. Hell, they has at least 25-30k empty seats at Bristol.

        1. NASCAR management has fucked up the Sprint Cup so much in the last 10-15 years. I find it nearly unwatchable, between the ever-changing car configurations, cookie-cutter flat tracks, and lack of personality among the drivers. Daytona this year was one of the worst races I have ever seen. The Nationwide Series Daytona race was really good, though.

          1. I love almost all motorsports, but NASCAR makes me very sleepy.

            Any organization that races “Camrys” doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously. The headlights are fucking stickers!

  8. The Slate article about this is speculating that Curtis was framed by fellow Mensa member Everett Dutschke. Accordingly, the Slate commentariat (read: drooling epistemophobes) have erupted into a mensan bashing orgy reminiscent or Ogre growling “NERDS!” They remain immune to the fact that, according to the American Mensa National Office, neither man is a member.

    1. bashing orgy reminiscent or Ogre growling “NERDS!”

      Tosh.0 wanted to do a bit where they hired the original actor who played Ogre in Revenge of the Nerds to run into the center of the L.A. Comicon and scream, “NEEEERRRRRRRRDS!”

      The Comiccon people wouldn’t let the show do it because they didn’t think anyone would “get it”.

      1. Fuck that would have been great.

      2. Maybe they just think Tosh and Zero Tenths isn’t very funny.

    2. Serious question Mensan: how smart can you really be if you read and link to Slate articles?

      1. Hey man, Matthew Yglesias was a fucking philosophy major. From Harvard.

        I have it on good authority that credentials prove you’re intelligent, regardless of how stupid all your arguments are.

      2. It depends, Hugh.

        The equation is:

        ((Mockery – (reading it for serious)) * snark) / ((how much stupider the article makes you for reading it) – (entertainment value))

        It’s called the “can the entertainment value of this article and it’s comments possibly be worth reading something this stupid” equation, also known as the Battlefield Earth Equation.

        1. I still don’t get why Battlefield Earthis so bad to you. I mean, sure, I read it when I was ten years old, but I still think it was a lot of fun.

          1. As far as the movie goes, it was pretty weak, but I don’t think it was AS bad as the press it got. I mean it wasn’t Ishtar. If I had paid to see it I would have been pissed, but as a watch on my living room couch, trashy throw away , it wasn’t TERRIBLE. I watched it all the way through, at least. I’d classify it as too silly to be awful

            1. The movie was bad, but I’ve seen much worse.

              I don’t get the ‘worst movie ever’ attacks on it either. I’ve probably seen 50 movies worse than Battlefield Earth.

              1. Yea, that’s my thoughts. It’s “watchable” at least.

              2. The secret to a good bad movie is a combination of earnestness on the part of the director and producers (they think they’re making something good), some laugh out loud scenes yet an undercurrent of basic competence so that it’s watchable, and the right kind of terrible source material.

                Every single shot in BE is angled, dude. EVERY SINGLE ONE. And it uses barn door wipes just like the original Star Wars constantly. Amazingly awful stuff.

            2. Bad movie subthread.

              Which was worse: Battlefield Earth or Planet Of The Apes (with Mark Wahlberg and Tim Roth)?

              1. You can’t fool me with that trick question, Ken. The answer is Glitter.

                1. Try to imagine Smokin’ Aces without the Justin Bateman cameo. I think it wins easily.

                  1. I turned off Smokin’ Aces after ten minutes. You may be on to something.

                    1. How about this one: Days Of Thunder or Dead Solid Perfect?

                    2. The guy is going through an entire routine of getting out his golf clubs. It’s taking like 3 minutes.

            3. I’ve never seen the movie. Has anyone here actually read the book?

          2. Battlefield Earth was bad, but it was no Wing Commander.

            1. That’s a close call, but I think you may be right.

              BE is one of two movies I’ve ever seen alone. BE nobody else would go watch it, and Avatar because everyone else had already seen it.

              Crap, that’s almost as shameful as being descended from failed Canadians.

              1. I was the last person in America to see Jurassic Park. In the dollar theatre the summer AFTER it was released.

                I’ve never seen Avatar.

                1. No, I did the exact same thing. Vernon, CT’s dollar theater to be precise.

                  1. I didn’t see The Sixth Sense until it was in a dollar theater. A friend found out I hadn’t seen it, and had manage to avoid any and all spoilers about it. She was excited because she susses out plots during the opening credits and wanted to enjoy the plot twist vicariously through someone slow witted.

                    1. I hate when I figure out the plot twist before hand. I figured out the last plot twist of Bioshock Infinite like 25 minutes before the end of the game.

                    2. The last few M. Night Shyamalan films I saw I realized the twists without knowing I’d realized the twists. Like The Village I’d just finished reading The Professor and the Madman and kept thinking it was odd that he’d described some dude going into a house and shooting someone who was asleep when a stabbing would’ve been much more appropriate, and Signs I couldn’t get over the opening credits reminding me so much of The Wizard of Oz.

                    3. “Say what you want about Mel Gibson, but the son of a bitch knows story structure!”

                    4. Shyamalan got me with Signs (his masterpiece, IMO), The Sixth Sense, and to some extent Unbreakable (even though it wasn’t really a twist in the purest sense). I had The Village pegged from about 1/2 way through.

                    5. Was anyone dumb enough to see The Happening?

                    6. Was anyone dumb enough to see The Happening?

                      Yes. The part where they’re talking about mood rings is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

                    7. I think Anthony Quinn was quite enjoyable in The Happening.

                    8. I didn’t see The Happening, but the name reminded me of a movie I’d hoped to forget Knowing

                      When a friend suggested we go see it, I reminded him that I’d long since pledged not to go to Nic Cage movies, he dragged me along and it has reaffirmed my belief that life is better sans Cage.

                    9. I figured out The Village pretty early.

                      I also figured out fucking Devil like 20 minutes into the movie. Let’s do a quiz, people. If you want to surprise people in a horror movie with who the Devil ends up being, who would you pick out of the following list.

                      Young Woman
                      Black Security Guard
                      Old Woman
                      Young Dude

                      Which of them is the villain if you’re trying to “shock” people?

          3. Worst movie I have ever seen was Flight. Abysmal and pointless.

            Gladiator is up there. I actually walked out on that one (mainly cause I wanted a smoke). I guessed what was going to happen anyhoo.

            Never saw Battlefield, but I don’t have a very favorable view of L Ron, so I’m probably too biased to get any entertainment out of it.

            1. Gladiator is up there. I actually walked out on that one (mainly cause I wanted a smoke). I guessed what was going to happen anyhoo.

              Are you daft, woman?

              1. Gladiator is hugely overrated, but it’s not actually bad.

              2. I’m daft for chemistry between characters and a halfway decent story, yep. Sweeping visuals and lots of action – meh.

                (and this coming from someone who thinks Russ Crowe is totally hot n’ stuff. Even him sweaty and shirtless wasn’t enough to engage me).

                1. I’m daft for chemistry between characters


            2. Is Flight the one where Denzel Washington is a drunk pilot?

              Also, Gladiator??!? You have terrible taste in bad movies. Flight isn’t even the worst Denzel movie.

              JOHN Q, BITCH!

              1. Flight also had the disadvantage of hitting close to home. I wanted to double nut kick the character with spike-heeld, steel-toed boots, just like I would like to do with my ex, if he hadn’t died from being a drunk.

                1. Okay, that makes sense then.

                  Just be glad the mean insurance companies never refused to help your son. Because the horribleness of John Q would blow your mind.

          4. V for Vendetta sucked my ass, too, and the ex insisted any libertarian would love it. Fuck that.

            Then there was that Rutger Hauer movie that I could only watch for about 5 minutes before I made the squeeze shut it off (it was the one with the dude with the manhole cover around his neck).

            1. V for Vendetta sucked my ass, too, and the ex insisted any libertarian would love it.

              Okay, now you can just go fuck yourself. Gladiator and V for Vendetta? They’re both overrated, but they do not belong in a bad movie thread.

              Why don’t you go watch Troll 2, Con Air or Road House and then get back to me.

              1. Dude, Mean Guns.

              2. Why don’t you go watch Troll 2, Con Air or Road House and then get back to me.

                There’s a reason I haven’t watched those, even on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

                1. You, Miss, are a scoundrel and a villain deserving of nothing of nothing more than a horsewhipping.

                  1. See, guys? Warty haz it right – chicks like it rough. Y’all and your gentle lovemaking can take a flying leap.

                    She’s just cleverly manipulating you into getting what she wants.

                  2. Wait, Road House is so bad it’s actually kind of great. Con Air is terrible, and it’s also one of the few Nic Cage movies that violates the “title makes a good penis name” rule of Nic Cage movies, so it’s extra bad.

                    I don’t know what Troll 2 is, and I’m not finding out.

                    The Expendables is the worst movie that people I respect like.

                    1. Road House is so bad that it raps around the badness scale and becomes good again. But isn’t that what we’re talking about? Bad movies that are so bad they’re good?

                      If so, Road House absolutely qualifies.

                    2. “I used to fuck guys like you in prison!”

                    3. The Expendables is the worst movie that people I respect like.

                      The Expendables…worst movie? Really?

                      Sheesh, kids today! I grew up on Blaxploitation, Kung-Fu, Japanese Kaiju movies, and 80’s B-movie action. And I loved every moment of it.

                      Just say something negative about Dolemite…I dare you muthafuckas!

                  3. Uuummm…..

                    1. (that’s in reply to HM’s horsewhipping tease)

                    2. Oh brother….

                    3. The dudes around here get to go on and on and on and on about various females and their physical attributes, but as soon as a chick shows interest in sex, the world’s coming to an end! Sheesh!

                    4. It’s not that at all, Kristen. It’s just that I could never deign to bed a woman who shows disdain for mindless action flicks.

                    5. I love mindless action flicks. Just not Gladiator. Terminators 1 and 2, Independence Day, Pierce Brosnan-era James Bond, Thor, The Avengers, that Die Hard with Alan Rickman, True Lies, Men in Black. But all of those have some kind of humor or winky fun to them. Gladiator took itself way too seriously and the scene where Russ meets the Emperor’s sister in the dungeon really killed it for me. Obviously, I’m all for bondage, and Russell Crowe in bondage, but that scene was as flat as Paris Hilton’s chest.

                    6. I love mindless action flicks. Just not Gladiator. Terminators 1 and 2, Independence Day, Pierce Brosnan-era James Bond, Thor, The Avengers, that Die Hard with Alan Rickman, True Lies, Men in Black.

                      This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

                    7. Yeah, she has two Michael Bays in there, a Roland Emmerich, the second most boring Bond, and a Barry Sonnenfeld. It’s brutal.

                      You know, Kristen, you could have at least warned nicole if you were going to try and take her tiara away.

                    8. Terminators 1 and 2, the Avengers and Die Hard are all good.

                      True Lies, though? Pierce Brosnan Bond? INDEPENDENCE DAY?!?!


                    9. I can’t hate Independence Day because the first shot fired by the alien ship over LA(?) destroyed the skyscraper with all the peaceniks on the roof. How could you not LOL at that?

                    10. Independence Day is probably the movie that has aged the worst over the last 20 years.

                    11. One word, Kristen. ROME.

                      Perhaps it’s just the Classics minor in me, but to see, in the opening scenes, the legionaries completely rollover a horde of Germanics in glorious detail was a dream come true.

                    12. erminators 1 and 2, Independence Day, Pierce Brosnan-era James Bond, Thor, The Avengers, that Die Hard with Alan Rickman, True Lies, Men in Black.

                      That’s not mindless….this is mindless.

                    13. That’s not true. Nicole went on for like a half page about her love of anal.

                    14. Indeed. And if Kristen ever talks shit about the Five Deadly Venoms, I’ll break out my cat o’nine tails, regardless.

                    15. BuSab Agent also told us she was a pervert (I’m using that as the highest possible compliment), I think you missed that thread though Irish.

                    16. When did this occur?

                      I guess there are female libertarians, provided they are FREAKS.

                    17. Here and here. Also, Reason’s Capricorns are also freaks, but that’s a bit of a water is wet statement.

                      I’m double up pervert: Capricorn born in the Year of the Goat. There is almost no kink I won’t try, but some things require more clean-up then others which is a consideration.

                      No, that won’t do at all. The correct taxonomy of loose women is a very rigorous subject. I ascribe myself to the classification generally of brazen hussy, but will admit to wanton cock gobbler, and woman of negotiable morals upon occasion.

              3. Why don’t you go watch Troll 2, Con Air or Road House and then get back to me.


              4. I thought Richard Widmark was quite good in Road House.

            2. There are no Rutger Hauer movies where he’s not blind or wearing a falcon.

              1. Is he blind in The Hitcher?

                1. No, he’s wearing a falcon.

                  1. Was the falcon wearing a hood? Because that sort of recursion might tear a hole in the fabric of the universe.

              2. Kirk Douglas gets blinded by a falcon (with a little help from Tony Curtis) in The Vikings.

                (Yeah. Tony Curtis in a medieval movie. Go figure.)

            3. Sorry, ‘V for Vendetta’ was as anti-government as any Hollywood movie ever.

              Of course the evil President/Prime Minister was a right-wing monster.

            4. Hobo with a Shotgun. Thank you, IMDB!

              1. I thought Hobo with a Shotgun was just a trailer for a fake movie.

                1. Oh no, it’s quite real. I didn’t make it all the way through the first sequence.

                  1. Broken Arrow.

                    1. Broken Arrow.

                      Jimmy Stewart was good in Broken Arrow.

                    2. “Broken Arrow” was the very first “Outbreak Award” winner, that I handed out to a big budget Holloywood Blockbuster that despite big named actors and lots of hype, was a truly awful, awful movie.

                      Outbreak had Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey and Donald Sutherland and was directed by Wolfgang Petersen and was absolute dreck. And offensive dreck at that.

                  2. Hobo with a Shotgun is damned good fun. The way B movies are supposed to be.

                    1. Once I saw the dude with the manhole cover around his neck and figured out what that meant, there was no fricken way I was gonna continue.

      3. It takes a lot of brainpower to rationalize Salon.

    3. Wow, those comments are horrible.

      How dare someone be interested in joining an organization of like-minded individuals interested in intelligence and psychometrics!

  9. Sounds like one heck of a plan to me dude. Wow.

  10. Rand Paul states his drone position again, Paultards flip out and show they weren’t listening the first time!

    “I’ve never argued against any technology being used when you have an imminent threat, an active crime going on,” Paul said. “If someone comes out of a liquor store with a weapon and fifty dollars in cash. I don’t care if a drone kills him or a policeman kills him.”….._flip_flop

    1. Which of course is a totally rational position, since it should be of no relevance what item is used to commit the killing.

      I don’t know why people make the whole thing about drones. The issue is the government power, not whether or not a drone is used.

      1. I agree with the principle, but I’m not sure if a drone is an appropriate weapon of choice if a guy runs out of a liquor store with $50

    2. I care. I don’t think summary execution is the appropriate response for possible armed robbery.

  11. Since PM links is mostly dead, I’m reposting this here.…..eep-farmer

    The Anonbot Agrarian Rage Meter is now sitting at 11. Say “regulations protect the innocent” one more time, motherfucker.

  12. If this guy WAS framed, I hope they nail the framer to the wall (no pun intended). People who frame other people PISS ME OFF!

    And yes, I include cops in that equation.

    1. “And yes, I include cops in that equation.”
      Pretty sure Jewell had no one else to blame.

      1. I’m only passingly familiar with that case. Was he truly FRAMED (iow evidence planted against him) or was it merely a shitty, half-assed point the fingers investigation that fingered him?

        That sucks too, but that’s not what I mean by framed. When I say framed, I mean shit like planting evidence. People who do that imo, just like people who make false crime allegations against somebody (e.g. crystal mangum) should be dealt with HARSHLY.

        They never charged Mangum, but she was recently charged with murder, so what goes around…

        1. No, IIRC Jewell was not framed. He was just a likely suspect who seemed guilty, and was widely presumed to be.

    2. And yes, I include cops in that equation.

      What about the cops that framed OJ Simpson? Do you hate those assholes for trying to frame a guilty man and thereby letting him walk?

      1. ABSOLUTELY 100% NOT GUILTY!!!!!

        and which time? The first time they framed him was bad ENOUGH. But twice?

        1. They only framed him once. The Vegas thing was a setup. Big difference.

        2. Evidence tampering versus entrapment.

  13. Now to get my Barry Weiss fix for the evening…

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