Former Texas DA Actually Being Held Accountable for Misconduct


In February, Texas judge and former prosecutor Ken Anderson was subjected to a rare "court of inquiry" to determine whether he should be criminally accountable for behavior that led to Michael Morton being convicted of murder and serving 25 years in prison for beating his wife to death, a crime for which he was ultimately proven innocent.

A judge ruled Friday and the answer is yes! The Associated Press reports:

A Texas judge on Friday ruled that a former district attorney acted improperly when he prosecuted an innocent man who spent nearly 25 years in prison for his wife's slaying and ordered his arrest on criminal contempt and tampering charges.

Judge Louis Sturns, of Fort Worth, issued an arrest warrant for Ken Anderson for his handling of the case of Michael Morton. Sturns said there was sufficient evidence that Anderson was guilty on all three charges brought against him: criminal contempt of court, tampering with evidence and tampering with government records.

Anderson surrendered at the courthouse, where he now serves as an elected district court judge.

So there is some good news today.

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  1. Ok, I guess, but it’s not the outrageous 25 year fuck ups that are wrecking society. It’s the liberty-death by a thousand cuts. When they start watching the watchmen who engage in endless petty tyrannies, I’ll be moved.

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  2. Judge Louis Sturns, of Fort Worth, issued an arrest warrant for Ken Anderson for his handling of the case of Michael Morton.

    Was this a conviction? Was this guy actually convicted? As in, all that’s left is sentencing? Or is this just the first step in an ultimately disappointing and empty theater show of justice?

    1. This is just the arrest. Consider the “Court of Inquiry” something like a grand jury.

  3. So they’ve finally found that one bad apple that was ruining the whole barrel? Whew, I can stop worrying about how screwed up the whole so-called judicial system is then.

    Too bad the article didn’t start with “According to a Fort Worth Police Department spokesman, a Texas judge on Friday ruled…” the way most factual news reporting on crime stories start.

  4. Not a lot of comments…did something suck the oxygen out of the room?

    1. I didn’t comment because I’m convinced it’s pure fiction.

  5. I still believe that the death penalty is a proper form of punishment for certain crimes, like murder. I no longer believe, however, that these snotnoggins should ever have the ability to impose the death penalty on anyone for any reason.

    1. I guess you are forced to believe in higher powers. Fact, people are corrupt and fallible, therefore the death penalty is not acceptable. There won’t ever exist utopia where both coexist.

      1. hoo boy, how many premises are missing here? Exercise for the reader.

      2. Oh, really? So if they were to execute the little Chechnian shit who blew up an eight-year-old at the Boston Marathon, you’d be up all night, worried that he really didn’t do it?

        There are many murders that are cut and dried. We know who did it. Problem: giving the power of life and death to the state. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t thousands of cases every year where someone whacked their own child or shot a security guard in the face or axed their neighbor to steal her Xbox, and they are obviously guilty.

        People are corrupt and fallible…but life goes on. The concept of utopia has nothing to do with it. You still have to invade Germany and stop Japan. And we still should’ve put the Manson Family up against the wall.

  6. lol,. kinda funny when you think about it.


  7. If he gets sent to prison, is he going to be the husband or is he going to be the wife?

  8. I would love to hear this guy’s defense. It is bound to be pathetic. Mistakes were made. I was under a lot of pressure. I needed that conviction. I had to feed my family.

    1. Something like “I believe there was no misconduct in this case”. Another popular one is “I still believe that the innocent man I got onto the death row using fake evidence actually is guilty.”

      1. Or my favorite “the jury agreed with me that he was guilty”.

      2. “I still believe that the innocent man I got onto the death row using fake evidence actually is guilty.”

        That’s the general argument – and not just from the prosecutor. If the guy weren’t guilty, why did the cops arrest him, then? That’s what the juries and the general public believe. Far from a presumption of innocence, there is a presumption of guilt.

  9. Sometimes dude you just have to smack dat ass!


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