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Video of Police Encounter with Teens "Unsettling" But Not Against Policy According to State Police, New Orleans Mayor Disagrees, But What's He Going to Do?

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An incident at this year's Mardi Gras in New Orleans' French Quarter involving eight  plain clothes state troopers pinning down two teenage boys waiting for a parent (who was apparently a local police officer) led to a series of community meetings set up by the mayor, Mitch Landrieu, long on complaints about crime and allegations of racial profiling (the two teenage boys were black) but short on specifics. With the troopers now being cleared by the State Police (whose superintendent said while the video was "unsettling" there were no actual violations of policy on tape), Landrieu's impotence in the matter comes back to center stage. The mayor's re-iterated his belief that the officers acted inappropriately, but doesn't really have anything he could do about it. His own police force, meanwhile, generally recognized as being one of the most corrupt in the country, is supposed to be under federal monitorship, but the city and the Department of Justice still can't agree on who precisely ought to oversee the police force after narrowing it down to just five firms more than a month ago.

Video of the incident, which could easily be mistaken for a mugging, below, starting at about 15 seconds in:

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  1. “New professionalism, officer safety, procedures were followed …”


  3. Thugs.

  4. Good thing it was so foggy, so we can’t identify the assailants.

  5. Hey, here’s a concept, maybe the kid was actually acting suspiciously? Maybe he is actually a criminal? It wouldn’t be unprecedented. But that wouldn’t fit the narrative. He’s black and they are white police officers, so we all know how it has to be. The black always gets the benefit of the doubt, the white never does. After Christopher Donner went on his massacre, the(white) chief of police ordered an investigation into why he was fired!

    1. Or how you assume that because they’re black, the police officers must have had a good reason for doing this? I’m against racial grievemongering and the baseless cries of “RAAACIST!” from the left as much as anyone, but racial discrimination against blacks by cops definitely does happen. That doesn’t mean every accusation of police racism is accurate, but it doesn’t mean they’re all false either. Not to mention the people of all races that are subjected to police brutality and misconduct for nonracist reasons

    2. Cool story, racist bro.

    3. Authoritarian cock doesn’t suck itself! That requires people like you!

      1. What part of my skepticism makes me an “authoritarian?” Do you want to abolish the police or something?

        1. “Do you want to abolish the police or something?”

          Of course not, Racist, how would we know which group of people we should be arbitrarily fucking with if we did that. Sheesh..

        2. Abolish their monopoly, and their immunities.

          1. “Abolish their monopoly, and their immunities.”

            WTF is there “monopoly?” ARE you saying I should be able to arrest, put on trial, and imprison someone just as the police can?

            1. Sure, why not?

              And the point about “no immunity” means that IF you were wrong, IF the person you apprehended did not violate the NAP (the only thing that matters), THEN you yourself would face punishment.

              Can I choose a different police force? Can I hire another police force to protect me from these thugs? No? Then they do have a monopoly.

        3. The fact that you could watch that video and be skeptical of people criticizing the police instead of the police themselves makes you an authoritarian cock sucker.

          BTW, what would your opinion be if those kids were white?

          1. “BTW, what would your opinion be if those kids were white?”

            To be honest I would have less skepticism? Why? Because people don’t blatantly distort the truth, al la Trayvon Martin about such things when they happen to white people. There is no national interest group that automatically assumes the white person is telling the truth no matter how much of a lowlife they are(see Duke Lacrosse case). When I see anything about the issue of race from the MSM I look at it with skepticism. Especially when they are advocating some change in policy.

            1. Because obviously video evidence is a media conspiracy

              1. You have yet to address the problems with the video evidence I addressed.

                1. You didn’t address anything. What possibly could have happened to justify the actions of the police officers? Scroll down to Jayce’s post. This was over a possible curfew violation.

            2. Aren’t you just a darling little collectivist boot-licking munchkin.

    4. You are a fucking idiot – It would be nice if we could make you black for a week – You would kill yourself

  6. It’s a sad commentary on the human condition that these thugs are allowed to get away with this kind of shit.

    1. When has this not been pretty much the human condition? There’s a reason people like power. It lets them do things less powerful people cannot do.

      1. But, your buddy sparky thinks I am vile human being because, at least in part, I call cops parasitic moochers who love to don Caesar’s clown costumes.

  7. Did we ever find out why the officer stopped the two boys? I’ve googled and could not find anything.

    Usually, the police always give better reason than “they were black”.
    Even in NYC where we exercise the STOP-AND-FRISK, the interaction is rarely, if ever, so violent.

  8. So correct me if I’m wrong here, but from the video it looks like the two kids are standing against the building, doing….um….nothing?

    And then a swarm of plain clothed officers literally attack the kids with no warning?

    How have these idiots not had the shit sued out of them and lost their job? No probable cause, no incident ongoing, the cops are clearly unidentifiable, massive amount of unjustified force, I don’t get it.

    Maybe I’m just watching it wrong.

    1. Hey, listen to Resist up there. Those kids were black, so they were obviously up to no good and had it coming. The heroes in blue were just doing their jobs.

      On a more serious note, Resist should change his name to STOP RESISTING!

      1. Resist is just American with yet another handle, dude.

        1. Danny from Alabama yesterday was my favorite iteration so far. Going on and on about the deviancy of porn.

          1. I really need a freaking spreadsheet to keep up with the new ones.

            The grow like weeds around here.

            One minute you’re having a decent conversation about the new Supes trailer and some 20 year olds pathetic sex life and then -WHAM! Racist stew with a side of goon jackboots.

          2. What!? I totally missed this. According to Malcolm Gladwell I should be an expert at porn by now; my expertise was needed.

            1. Here you go. Don’t worry, your a deviant too jesse.

              1. To be fair we’ve got a lot of sexual deviants around here. Misanthropy and sexual deviancy are THE defining characteristics of my friend group. Hanging out here is like being with friends.

      2. I never said that it was guaranteed that the “kids” were at fault and that the officers were not. I just am not automatically assuming that the opposite is true just because someone from the “black community” and Libertariaism incorporated says so.

        1. Who am I supposed to believe, the cops or my own eyes?

          1. Who am I supposed to believe, the cops or my own lying eyes?


        2. It’s usually a safe bet that if an incident shows up on this site that the government actors are wrong. Because in real life, they usually are.

        3. From the WWL TV article, the State Police superintendent said “… no violations were found, adding that the teens were approached by troopers for a possible curfew violation, and their actions led to a justified take-down.”

          Possible curfew violation seems a poor explanation. I’m just brainstorming here, but they might have tried, and this is a wild thought, maybe talking with them first?

  9. Here’s a thought, maybe something happened before the video started, or when the “teenage boys” were outside of the camera range? Do you really believe that eight police officers just out of the blue decide to attack someone with no provocation? Who is this “William Winters” and where did he get this video?

    1. What part of reality don’t you get?

      1. The part where it doesn’t exist outside of a certain poor quality camera angle. You really cannot see the “teens” there, what they were holding or what their facial expressions where. I am inherently skeptical of MSM spins on the subject. They have a clear agenda.

        1. Because obviously facial expressions justify getting mugged by a street gang.

        2. If the MSM has any clear agenda on police brutality issues, it’s to serve as a mouthpiece for police agencies.

          1. Resist, who initiated the force?

            Does it matter what the teens may have been holding? Even if they were holding guns, would that justify the brutish behavior?

            Do you sympathize with the guys that were second or third string on the football team and who could not get the pretty girl and who had parents who were blue collar / public sector types?

            1. From a libertarian standpoint your argument might make sense but from a legal standpoint it is rubbish. You simply cannot pull out a gun in a public place. If your third paragraph was an attempt to make fun of police it is rather weak. Police work tends to attract the type of men that females swoon over.

              1. If you aren’t using it to threaten someone else, why shouldn’t you be able to pull out a gun in public?

                1. If I had my way people would be allowed to, but at the same time it is still against the law and the police are justified in enforcing the law.

                  1. Police are not justified in enforcing unjust laws. And there was no gun in this situation, so this doesn’t even apply

                  2. If the kids actually broke the law in some way as you’re suggesting wouldn’t they have ended up being charged with something?

                  3. Since it has been detailed elsewhere that the cops approached these kids for a curfew violation, don’t you now feel pretty fucking stupid for asserting that the kids must have engaged in some kind of felony offscreen?

                    So the police conduct here is in support of an illegitimate and unconstitutional law – and a misdemeanor, at most. These guys deserve a fucking bullet in the head.

          2. “If the MSM has any clear agenda on police brutality issues, it’s to serve as a mouthpiece for police agencies.”

            What country do you live in? An alternate reality where the ruling class hates black criminals and loves the police? Have you ever been to an American university? Who do you really think these “journalists” voted for? It is widely accepted that the MSM has a “liberal bias” to say the least. An outright hostility to white America is closer to the truth. Have you ever seen the MSM opposing immigration?

            1. An outright hostility to white America is closer to the truth

              C+. You lost points for not capitalizing “White”.

              1. I probably should have capitalized the “White” in “white America,” you are right about that. It would not have been grammatically incorrect to write “white America” but it still doesn’t work as well to suggest the point I was trying to make, that “White America” is a unique nation despised by the MSM.

            2. “An alternate reality where the ruling class hates black criminals and loves the police?”

              That alternate reality is known as “reality.” The MSM has a liberal bias, but it first and foremost has an authoritarian bias. Cops are almost universally given the benefit of the doubt in mainstream news portrayals

              1. That’s why we never, ever, ever hear about “racial profiling.” Nor do we ever hear them talking about how many blacks are in prison. Maybe looking at it through the prism of Reason 24/7 distorts it for you. Those stories of “racial profiling” and “the justice system is racist” are daily fodder for the MSM. Just look at how many instences of “racial profiling” are found on the Times.

                1. And how many stories apologizing for cops do I have to post? Racial profiling does happen, the media sometimes reports on it. Some even exaggerate it (media love sensationalism, who knew?). Doesn’t mean most of the media doesn’t give cops the benefits of the doubt in the vast majority of their stories.

                  1. How many stories can you show the MSM calling racial profiling the crap that it is?

                2. That’s not exactly the same thing.

                  In general, the MSM routinely vastly overestimates the truthfulness of cops, supports their routine overuse of force as long as there’s no video, and write departments a blank check on the practice of handing out paid “suspensions” and junket-style “training” after publicized abuses.

                  1. What are they supposed to do if there is no video? Believe the word of lowlifes over police officers?

                    1. Because obviously anyone beaten by police is a lowlife. The cops even say so!

                    2. Since virtually every police report is written with a pen dripping in falsehood, believing the accused doesn’t worsen your odds much.

                      I happen to know of two states where big data projects are underway to study police reports for patterns that defy statistical explanation and “supercop” outliers who produce large numbers of arrests using reports with fuzzy matched wording. The results of those efforts should be interesting.

    2. You know what I really like about this handle, is that if you say “resist” really fast it kinda sounds like “racist.” So it kind of fits?

    3. I’m wondering what possibly could have happened, short of the kids assaulting the cops (which clearly did not happen), that would even possibly justify this. Please. I’d love to hear it.

  10. Its PUNK cops like this I just LOVE to hear about in the news that get clipped in the line of duty!

    1. When did the bots get feisty? Weren’t they all “just roll with it man” a few weeks ago?

      1. Yeah, but they still don’t know the difference between being clipped in the line of duty and being magazined in the line of duty.

    1. Primae Nugget

    2. Charges will be dropped once people stop talking about it. Then he’ll be quietly rehired with back pay. At least that’s what happens around here.

  11. The next time I get a traffic ticket, I’m going to the judge and saying “Your honor, I investigated myself and found that I was not, in fact, violating the speed limit. We’re cool, right?” I mean, if that works for cops, why shouldn’t it work for the rest of us? After all, Dunphy says there’s no double standard.

    1. “Dunphy says there’s no double standard.”

      In his defense, Dunphy plainly indicated yesterday that there’s a double standard and we all need to STFU and deal with it because he’s fine with that.

      1. “Because,” say it with me now, “Fuck you, that’s why.”

      2. Do you have a link to that?

        1. Off the top of my head, no. It was the thread about the cops and speeding. “Perks” was the way he described it.

    2. I automatically turn mu bullshit radar on every time someone says the word “double standard.”

      1. WHOA. My bullshit radar just went crazy. That’s some powerful words there!

  12. True , they did not violate any police policies, so no disciplinary actions should be taken.

    But they did violate the law by committing felony assault. I am sure prosecutions will be forthcoming.

    Oh, and Mayor Landrieu, resign, get your sister to resign, and both of you go fuck yourselves.

    1. “Oh, and Mayor Landrieu, resign, get your sister to resign, and both of you go fuck yourselves.”

      It’s Louisiana, they probably already do that (I kid, I kid Suthenboy!)

  13. Video of Police Encounter with Teens “Unsettling” But Not Against Policy According to State Police, New Orleans Mayor Disagrees, But What’s He Going to Do?

    “Take it like a bitch” would be my first guess.

  14. The mayor’s re-iterated his belief that the officers acted inappropriately, but doesn’t really have anything he could do about it.

    There is no meaningful citizen control over the police.

    1. There is nothing the mayor can do about it.

      The Orleans parish District Attorney, on the other hand, has complete prosecutorial discretion. And he is elected.

      Landrieu holding ‘hearings’ is a distraction. If the concerned citizens of New Orleans were not completely backwards ignorant scum they would be giving Leon Cannizzaro shit and he would be prosecuting. I will play WigwamFigsom for a moment; “As Clemens implied to my sister if you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

      How about this gem from Cannizzaro’s mission statement:

      “The District Attorney’s office is committed to being responsive to the needs of victims, witnesses, children in need, law enforcement agencies, and the citizens at-large of this great community.”

      As I said before, prosecutions will be forthcoming.

      You know what? The city attorney also has prosecutorial discretion and could take this matter up…..oh wait.

      “Oct. 4, 2012 – Jason Cantrell, New Orleans city attorney, suspended after marijuana allegedly falls out of his pocket at courthouse”

      Ok, maybe not on the city attorney.

      Fuck New Orleans. When are we gonna have another Katrina?

  15. What a shock, scumbag cops acting like scumbags. How many cops does it take to hassle two people who might be teens violating a BS curfew?

  16. Listening to fuck the police while pissing on resist in effigy

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