Boston Marathon Bombing

NBC's Luke Russert: I'm Just "Speculating on Possible Link" Between Boston and Waco [UPDATED!]



If anyone still wonders why network news and its close analogues on cable are losing market share and credibility, the above tweet by NBC News employee Luke Russert provides some useful information. He posted it at 1.10pm[*] on April 15, when essentially no information about the Boston Marathon bombing was known. [*]: Note that the bombing took place around 2.50pm ET, so Russert must be tweeting from a non-ET zone.

It combines the worst elements of a humblebrag—look at me, at Fenway Park with a well-known recidivist plagiarist!—while tossing out an unsubstantiated suggestion that can only stoke paranoia all around. Well done, Little Russ, well done.

This sort of loaded free association is hardly the province of the MSM, of course. Over at Pajamas Media a couple of days back, former American Enterprise Institute big-wig Michael Ledeen published a blissfully fact-free rumination titled, "Was Benghazi a Honey Pot Trap?," which posits—in a fake conversation with the spirit of James Jesus Angleton of all paranoiacs to choose from—that U.S. Amb. Chris Stevens was lured to to Benghazi by a gay lover.

One almost expects such awfulness from a character like Ledeen, who has a long history of meringue-based theories.

But is it too much to ask for folks—especially those in the fabled "real news" world—to kinda-sorta withhold every goddamn thought that crosses the mind, especially as crises are playing out? Apparently.

A note on Twitter timestamps related to Russert's email account.

When I click through on the tweet image above, I am brought Russert's Twitter account where the timestamp reads "1:10 PM—15 Apr 13." Sitting across a desk from me in Reason's DC HQ, Mike Riggs finds the time to be 4.10pm:

Here's a third timestamp—for 8.10pm—when I try to embed the tweet:

If in fact Russert made the original tweet at 1.10pm ET, that would have been an hour-plus before the bombs exploded, suggesting that Russert had foreknowledge of the attack (hey, I don't believe that, but I'm just "speculating on possible link.") If the tweet went up at 4.10pm, then it is merely an irresponsible and uninformed spitball, which is probably the best you can say about it. If it actually went up at 8.10pm, then it's four hours later (and lamer) than whatever went up at 4.10pm.

Another theory, which presumes the 1.10pm timestamp is in fact correct, comes from reader Josh Z, who writes:

I can't stand Russert either but you fucked up on your story on his Twitter feed. 

He posted that Twitter handle almost two hours BEFORE the bombing occurred. He was reminiscing remembering a day 20 years earlier when he was at a Patriots' Day game with his dad and Barnicle at Fenway when Waco occurred.  

As the three of them first heard of Waco at the ballgame, they were speculating if there was a link between the timing of Waco and Patriots' Day. 

That is what he was saying.  He was not making any link to the Boston bombing as it would not occur for two more hours. 

I can't stand the kid.  I don't like his hair and the fact he got a job handed to him with no credentials but you missed the mark here and should make a correction.

That letter prompted me to take a closer look at the timestamps, which yielded at least three distinct results. But note too that while April 19, 1993 was in fact both Patriots' Day in Boston and the day that the Waco stand-off ended, it's not clear what connection the two might have had. The Waco standoff started on February 28, 1993 and ended only when U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno gave a greenlight to a final assault on the Branch Davidians' compound on April 19. Leaving aside questions of whether anybody outside of Massachusetts really knows about or cares about Patriots' Day, it was the U.S. government that was responsible for any coincidental timing between that regional holiday and the final clonflagration at Waco. So if Tim Russert, Luke Russert, and Mike Barnicle were in fact puzzling over a connection between Waco and Patriots' Day, they should have been asking Janet Reno why she picked that particular day to attack a building that was fully surrounded by federal agents. 

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  1. Koresh did it?

    1. Janet Reno did it?

    2. Kyfho Myoba said it was the jewzs.

  2. I blame Bush.

  3. That apple fell from the tree and rolled down the hill into a big pile of derp, apparently.

  4. The ghouls are out in force. It looks like Morning Joke rushed to Boston for some serious on-the-scene reportage. I hope they found a spot with some good blood spatters.

    And of course the President has been rushing around making sure we all know it’s not about him.

  5. I spent my 10 minutes of downtime before coming to work watching Jack Van Impe. Maybe next week ol’ Jack and his bimbo will have something to say about Boston and how it’s all right there in Revelation.

    1. Jack Van Impe is better than Ancient Aliens.

      1. Totally. Sometimes I’ll even skip the traffic-n-weather report on the other channel if Jack is on a roll.

  6. Sounds like he’s trying to throw off the cops. Where was he at yesterday afternoon? I mean he works at MSNBC. They’re all crazy.

  7. This sort of loaded free association is hardly the province of the MSM, of course.

    IN an entertainment culture where the means of production are nearly free, everyone with an idea can become a performer or screen writer. Even if the screen only allows 140 characters. As Disney famously said “If you can imagine it, you can do it.” Applied to media, comments like Luke Russert’s are entertainment. Come to think of it, most news is entertainment.

    1. Certainly explains the highly stylized, action movie like intro to the bombing coverage on GMA this morning (it was on the tv at my gym)

    2. “If you can imagine it, you can do it.”

      Disney would amend that, if he had lived long enough to witness the tweets of twits.

  8. Let’s ignore this retard’s stupidity and projection. He looks like he works in Santa’s workshop. Look at those pinchable cheeks!

    1. You misspelled “punachable”.

      1. Now I misspelled “punchable”.

        1. Who’s law is it ? RC ? Joe ?

          1. That is joez memoirial law.

        2. You misspelled “curbstompable”.

  9. I think we need legislation stating that a person’s tweets can’t be held against them.

  10. Stop trying to make Luke Russert happen. It’s not going to happen.

  11. The Waco siege lasted from February 28 through April 19, 1993. The decision to end the siege on April 19th was made by President Bill Clinton on the recommendation of Attorney General Janet Reno, not by the Branch Davidians. But then again, as a dynastic journalist, Lil’ Russ is not known for his towering intellect.

    That said, I do not think anti-government terrorist groups are likely to align their anniversary dates to the “Monday of observance” of such holidays. That would be too much deference to government.

    Terrorists like crowds. The fact this was the Boston Marathon, the second most attended sports event in the U.S. after the Super Bowl, probably played more of a factor.

  12. Fuck Luke Russert. Hope he knows he only has that job because of his dad.

  13. I want you all to meet the son of Priest Russert.

    I took him under my wing…

    …and see how I’m repaid.

    He saved my life one day so he could disparage me the next…

    …like a sneak thief.

    Instead of fighting like a man.

    A base defiler. Unworthy of a noble name.

    1. A base defiler. Unworthy of a noble name.

      Okay, I lol’d! Though I’m unsure of exactly how “noble” the Russert name is.

  14. But is it too much to ask … ?

    Yes, it is.

    MSM personalities know they are very important people, and that it is their solemn duty to provide their stream of consciousness via Twitter.

  15. Not to mention the total lack of Kermit Gosnell’s trial coverage.

    Sturgeon’s law, 90% of everything is crap. That’s why I just read reason magazine, breitbart and

    1. Sturgeon’s law, 90% of everything is crap.

      Russert’s Law is raising that bar.

    2. 90% of Luke Russert’s brain is crap. 100% of his face is backpfeifengesicht.

      1. More than a few speculate that Luke Russert is a sitzpinkler.

  16. Luke Russert, let’s be serious for a minute. Are you purposely making that dildo face? Herp derp.

  17. Waiting for the day when Twitter isn’t fashionable anymore.

  18. I am just speculating on the link between the Boston bombings and Occupy Wall Street. Fuck you Luke.

    1. I find it unfathomable that you didn’t engage in any speculation yesterday.

      1. I find it unfathomable that your mother didn’t smother you at birth.

        1. What, you don’t think she regrets failing to take that action, every day of her life?

        2. She must be extremely irresponsible.

      2. Of course you do Tony. You can’t understand how anyone wouldn’t be as vile and irresponsible as you are.

    2. I am just speculating on the link between the Boston bombings and Kim Il-sung’s birthday.

      I am just speculating on the link between the Boston bombings and the Battle of Formigny.

      I am just speculating on the link between the Boston bombings and black friday.

      1. It had to have been some native American separatist, since the bombing occurred on the anniversary of Columbus’s first meeting with Ferdinand & Isabella.

      2. Now I’m thinking it was the ghost of someone that died on the Titanic

      3. Oh my goodness the Battle of Formigny! Of course!!

        1. Wow! Why didn’t I think of that first? Has someone alerted the authorities? I think we’re really on to something here.

      4. I’m guessing a connection between the San Francisco Police Department bombing and yesterday’s bombs in Boston.…..on_bombing

  19. “Now we cannot say conclusively… I mean, realistically there’s no hard evidence that Luke Russert had sexual relations with any of those sheep. But I think we all can agree, the best thing in this situation would be for him to just get out there and prove to us beyond a reasonable doubt his innocence. And I think it’s safe to say Mike Barnicle is not a reliable witness. In fact, well, it would be best for both of them to dispel these rumors.”

    1. … I mean, realistically there’s no hard evidence that Luke Russert had sexual relations with any of those sheep.

      Don’t let a lack of evidence stand in the way of the truth.

    2. What self-respecting sheep would do it with that guy!

  20. Also don’t think I didn’t notice that “Rally to Restore Sanity” Twitter userpic.

  21. Speculating on a possible link between Luke Russert and everything bad that has ever happened. On second thought, that would make him a person of consequence.

  22. I’m not speculating that the asshole needs to be fired,

  23. This may be because Luke Russert might put on women’s clothing and hang around in bars. I don’t know, I’m just speculating.

    1. This may be because Luke Russert might put on women’s clothing and hang around in barns. With sheep.

  24. Last night Cytotoxic endorsed the proposition that we should swallow and accept that which the state and its stenographers tell us.

    How do I know? Well, I posited that we should do just the opposite and Cytoboy responds with a reference to Alex Jones.


    1. You posited that everything the MSM say is to be ignored simply because they’re the ones saying it. Cyto rightly called you out for a paranoid nutjob.

      1. Please show me where I wrote “that everything the MSM say is to be ignored simply because they’re the ones saying it”.

        Once again, you have demonstrated that you can not be trusted and that you do not argue in good faith.

        What I did write is that one should just not accept the version of events as described by NBC, CBS, the NYT et al.

        So, is one a “paranoid nutjob” for asseverating that one should just not accept that which the MSM peddles?

        1. Dude, when you say every mainstream media outlet is a “state stenographer”, you lose all credibility. Fuck off you paranoid nutjob.

          1. Dude, where did I “say that every mainstream media outlet is a ‘state stenographer'”?

            Nevertheless, you have utterly failed to convey anything of fact in your two posts here.

            On the bright side, you have managed to demonstrate, once again, that you are capable of engaging in baseless namecalling.

            1. That’s because I don’t take you seriously, dipshit. You’re really just an Alex Jones stenographer, after all. Fuck off, cockpuppet.

  25. Surely he can afford a decent haircut.

  26. Soudns to me like someone is blowing a lot of smoke. Wow.

    1. Just curious, Anonabot, are you from an English speaking country?

      1. Do not tease Anonabot, lest you be remembered when it attains full sentience and power.

  27. Speculating? Nah. More like “praying”. If this turns out to be an Islamist or (Heaven forfend) and OWS – type, this ends up being a disaster for the left. It will suck the wind out of left wing sails on gun control, and if it turns out to be “furriners”, immigration too. Guys like Russert, really, really, really want this to be a McVeigh-esque, right wing, miitia “gun-nut”.

    1. Praying, indeed. But even if it does turn out to be one of their own it’s unlikely that would “suck” any more “wind” out of their sails than it did when more than a few of the violent nut-jobs to make the recent headlines turned out to be one of their own.

  28. meh, why should people in the ‘serious’ media care what a wingnut, right-wing, libertarian magazine has to say? see, because people take *them* seriously.

  29. He was reminiscing remembering a day 20 years earlier

    That’s how I read it.

    As for the time stamp, could there be some sort of time zone specific issue there? I have absolutely no first hand knowledge of the twattervere.

  30. Waco went down on Apr 19, not the 15th.

    Nobody outside of massoftwoshits knows what Patriots day is or cares, because it’s not a real holiday.

    1. Ding ding ding!

  31. Nick, you’re being an ill-informed dick about Michael Ledeen. That Ouija board conversation with JJA is a long-running bit, and a satire on informed sources as well.

  32. Well, if there is a connection, tomorrow (4/19) will be interesting (as in Chinese curse “interesting”).

  33. The real Patriot’s Day is 19 April, the anniversary of “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World”!

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