Obama Campaign: We're Fighting for Gun Control for Grieving Families, Give Us Money

Also dismissing dissent


msnbc actually put this on facebook

Organizing for America, the Obama campaign's post-election campaign apparatus, is lobbying in favor of new gun restrictions. Their latest missive follows the Obama gun control playbook pretty well, dismissing opposition as disingenuous and invoking the dead for an emotional response. The bulk of the campaign e-mail, from OFA's executive director Jon Carson:

Edward —

This week, two U.S. senators, a Democrat and a Republican with "A" ratings from the NRA, introduced a bill to close loopholes in background checks for all commercial gun sales. 

Let that sink in for a minute. Millions of Americans have demanded action, and Congress is listening.

Now that we've got legislation, the next step is passing it. And no surprise here: Allies of the gun lobby are threatening to block a vote. You can be damn sure they're going to do the same thing if the bill makes it to the House, too.

OFA is taking the gun lobby head on. We won't stand by silently while the families in Newtown, Aurora, and Tucson grieve. So many people have worked tirelessly for congressional action.

We won't let Congress forget.

Chip in $3 today—and let's get this done

Instead of standing silently by while families grieve, then, the Obama campaign is raising money. Earlier this morning on MSNBC, Joe Biden said the murder of children at Newtown was a "game changer" for gun control legislation. As Jacob Sullum has noted, however, the background checks referenced in the e-mail would have done nothing to prevent the massacre at Sandy Hook, and the Obama Administration's case for gun control boils down to a parade of emotion-laden non-sequiturs. To paraphrase Carson, that's for damn sure.