Rand Paul

Watch Rand Paul's Howard University Speech at C-SPAN.org


Beginning any minute Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) will be delivering a speech at the historically black Howard University, on the subject of how Paul's libertarian version of conservatism might speak to the African-American community. You can watch the proceedings live on your computer at C-SPAN.org, and let the comments fly below.

Read pre-coverage (and some prodding on the drug war) from Reason's Mike Riggs, who will be in attendance and Tweeting, then whet your appetite with a piece from National Public Radio headlined "Will the Future GOP Be More Libertarian?"

Reason on Rand Paul here.

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  1. Why do you people still cover him?

    He gave up his libertarian card when he outed himself as a hateful bigot.

    True libertarians support using force of government to redefine marriage. He’s not a true libertarian. He’s a hate filled bigot who hates homosexuals. He must be, because that is the only possible reason why anyone wouldn’t support redefining marriage.

    He should be burned at the stake with the rest of the haters.

    1. Maybe he will evolve?

    2. Meh. He’s a Republican. He’s gonna have a few flaws.

      (Oh — and “using the force of government to redefine marriage”? That’s comedy gold.)

      1. It’s almost like he’s overcompensating for something.

        1. He is quite hunky.
          No gay.
          Well, ok. Maybe a little.

        2. Careful Warty, or he’ll start flooding the comments with pictures of really fat people, accusing you of finding them hot.

          That’s what happens to anyone who he thinks might be hinting he is anything less than 100% hetero – as John inadvertently did when he said he was attracted to women who looked like women and not like adolescent boys with golf balls in their breast pockets.

    3. Sarcasmic, I know your last boyfriend really hurt you when he broke up with you, and now you just can’t believe in love, but jesus man. Go out to bath house and get on top of some guy to get over him.

  2. Go Aqua Buddha! And stop saying stuff to appease the damn SoCons!

  3. Thud!

  4. Opening joke went over like a pregnant pole vaulter.

    1. Never try to warm up a hostile audience with a joke unless the joke is fucking awesome.
      Fucking. Awesome.

      1. See, if sarc were there, he’d have ’em rolling in the aisles!
        “So, two fags walk into a bar…”

  5. too much defense of the GOP. Wasted breath. Should be a defense of small government philosophy.

    1. Yeah, why focus on party? Focus on liberty and freedom, your ideas.

  6. Directly addressing the misconceptions projected upon him. Nice.

  7. Too partisan. But I think the whole point is to show that party politics suck. He is showing the problem. Hopefully he soon gets to the solution: small government.

  8. Did anyone catch exactly what the sign said (held by the guy who was forcibly ejected)?

    1. It said, “Derp derpity derp derp. Derp derp derp hurr derp!”

  9. Wait, what just happened? Was in another window and didn’t see it.

    1. Yeah, same here. Missed what all the noise was about.

    2. Some clown tried to disrupt with a sign/protest and was quickly ejected.

  10. Republicans look like hypocrites to voters, because they never deliver on smaller government, deregulation, or those other ideals.

  11. Ha! He called McCain “moss-covered”.

  12. Jesus Christ he is good. I watch him do shit like this and go, “Oh, yeah, this is why the left is afraid of him. He’s the kind of guy who could loosen their iron hold on traditional constituencies.”

    1. Yeah. I like him.

    2. I still feel like he is being too partisan. I realize what he’s trying to do but I feel like everyone would be a lot more receptive to his ideas of liberty vs Republican party cheer leading.

      1. It’s hard to take the politics out of politics.

    3. That there was a heckler makes me extra excited. People are getting scared of a pretty moderate conservative.

  13. Daniel in the den of lions!

  14. Just once I would like to see someone like Paul say to a black audience, “what do you want? a continuing piece of the grievance industry or someone who will stop letting the police wage war on your communities and will let your friends and family out of prison?”

    1. I’d like to see him come right out and say that it’s STILL the democrats who demand racial discrimination as routine public policy.


  15. LOL these questions are hilariously bad.

    1. They’re college kids.

  16. how many votes would he need to move for it to be a problem for Democrats. cut it from 95% to 90%?

    1. That would make a huge difference. Also, turnout. Blacks turnout was historically high the last two elections for obvious reasons. Hard to see the same thing again for a Biden or a Hillary candidacy.

      I don’t see how the free shit coalition of 2012 stays together. Too much competition for resources. At some point some group is going to get pissed off and either stay home in large numbers or vote for a third party or maybe Republicans.

    2. Here you go NOVA. The first signs of the free shit coalition turning on each other.


    3. If it ever went below 80%, the Dems would cease to be a national party.


    1. The Nation of Islam. But we don’t talk about that. Kind of like how the Irish don’t talk about who killed Michael Collins.

    2. why would you ask that? here’s a chance to ask a sitting senator anything you want.

    3. His daughter thinks it was Farrakhan. Haven’t read all that much on the subject, but it sounds to me like there’s enough evidence that he should have stood trial for it.


  18. based on the few minutes I saw, it seems like regulatory capture could be a winning issue for him. provided he can get the messaging down.

  19. Did I hear correctly when the guy introducing him said his name is Kurt Schmoke? Wasn’t he the mayor of Baltimore who got shouted down for suggesting that maybe draconian drug war tactics weren’t the best possible way to address the problem?


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