Watch Matt Welch Talk Email Taxes Tonight at 7:45 pm ET on CNN's Out Front With Erin Burnett


I will be appearing on Out Front at 7:45ish ET tonight to discuss the courageous idiotic proposal from a Berkeley city councilman to tax emails in order to save post offices. Tune in!

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  1. In their defense, if you tax something, you get less of it.

  2. Gee, I hope Erin smirks at you throughout the interview, and tries to get you to admit that the libertarian stance on this issue is “just a little too far out there.” Then at the end of the interview she kind of rolls her eyes, shakes her head slightly, and casually dismisses the entire conversation.

    Actually, I’ll bank on it.

    1. Can you describe some more things she might do? I don’t have access to video…

    2. But she’s pretty so her opinion is important.

  3. Ask Erin if her “Bush is a monkey” comment on CNBC back in 2008 was a product of her greedy Wall St materialistic liberalism.

    1. Erin’s bush looks like a monkey? Is she European?

      1. I hear it looks like she has a chimp in a triangle choke down below.

  4. If only someone had taxed tractors to save horse-drawn-implement farming!

  5. It would be the awsome if the pols took this national. They could do for taxes what Diane Feinstein is doing for gun control.

    1. In fact someone should ask Obama what he thinks of the idea. Of course that will never happeb because it might put him in an uncomfortable spot.

  6. Hardly a day goes by on Reason without another story about how Califronia sucks. It is wise to look to California for what our fuiture will look like. Curent projections have us reaching California-levels of mess by 2060.

    The upper class will look much l;ike it does today, mainly white or Asian. Notable will be the amount of people whose wealth depends either on the government directly or crony capitalism indirectly. Taxes will be very high in the future United States, though not to high to prevent the wealthy from living in gateds communities, away from the masses. Gated communities should in theory offend every liberal sensibility, but, when faced with daily gang war on the streets, principles can be compromised.

    The middle class will be slowly dismanted. Middle class jobs will be outsourced, automated, or driven to ruin by taxes and regulation. At the same time, a new class of union thugs, such as those of the USPS, will live a middle class lifesyle despite not prioducing shit. However, there will always be more people aspiring to the middle class than there will be. A major factor will be overcrowiding and evironmental degardation. Califronia today already contains some of the most dense population centers in the world. More strains will be put on the environment, specifically agricultural land and water, by the overpopulation. Environmentalists will be more popular than ever and will have as much effect on the matter as ever, that is, none.

    1. The majority of the population will be part of the underclass. Mainly blakc and mexican, but also with a large number of whites, life will suck for the underclass. Prices and rents will increase, wages will stay stangnant. At the same time, outsourcing of jobs will destroy the manufacturing base. Drug use and out of wedlock births will be high, as will depedence on welfare. In theory this group will control the political system, in pratice, they will be manipulated by upper class politicans, who compete in a one-party system to offer them the most without giving them anything. Crime will be high, only tempered by the large amount of people in prison.

      1. Please, tell me more. My interest grows with each typo.

    2. I thought you were American.

  7. Libertarianism is impossible. It is impossible because it creates massive inequality, which breeds resentment, which leads to its doom. Inequality will always be a major feature of any libertarian state. Libertarians act like the wealthy are sucsessfull because of hard work, in relaity this sucess is owed manily to luck, inheireted wealth, or high intelligence. Inheirited wealth leads to more inequality because people can always invest the inheireted welath and get a high return. Inequal intelligence also leads to much more inequality, especially in a society like our own, where brains are so much more important than muscle.

    1. What is “relaity?” What does “inheireted” mean? What does it mean if something is owned “manily” to luck?

    2. Are we equal?…..l-n1548400

  8. So, who comes up with all that crazy stuff man? Wow.

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