Two Teens Arrested for Slaying of Baby in Stroller

Shot 13-month-old during hold-up


Georgia police Friday charged two teens with murder a day after a 13-month-old boy was shot dead in his stroller and his mother was wounded during a holdup.

Seventeen-year-old De'Marquis Elkins was charged as an adult with first-degree murder, along with a 14-year-old who was not identified because he is a juvenile, said Brunswick Police Chief Tobe Green. They were arrested early Friday.

WTLV reports the mother, Sherry West, and her 13-month-old son, Antonio Santiago, were on a morning walk Thursday when they were approached by two suspects and shot after demanding money.

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  5. This makes me think there may be more than meets the eye here. I don’t know, maybe I’m a bad person for thinking that.

    “It’s not the mother’s first loss of a child to violence. West said her 18-year-old son, Shaun Glassey, was killed in New Jersey in 2008. She still has a newspaper clipping from the time.

    Glassey was killed with a steak knife in March 2008 during an attack involving several other teens on a dark street corner in Gloucester County, N.J., according to news reports from the time.

    “He and some other boys were going to ambush a kid,” Bernie Weisenfeld, a spokesman for the Gloucester County prosecutor’s office, told the AP Friday.

    Glassey was armed with a knife, but the 17-year-old target of the attack was able to get the knife away from him “and Glassey ended up on the wrong end of the knife,” Weisenfeld recalled.
    Prosecutors decided the 17-year-old would not be charged because they determined that he acted in self-defense.”…..z2OO0eyDqx

    She picked the guy out of mugshots at the police station.

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