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Treating PTSD with Medical Marijuana Could Curb Veteran Suicides


Lorazepam pills and bottle
Credit: Christian "VisualBeo" Horvat / Wikimedia Commons

When T.J. Thompson returned from serving in Iraq, the Veterans Administration put him on Lorazepam, a high-potency, short-acting drug used to fight anxiety, insomnia, seizures, and aggression. It didn't work. Thompson's anxiety worsened until it almost killed him. In Thompson's own words:

I took 28 [pills] and blacked out one night. I also drank an 18 pack of beer in that same night. I declared that I would never take nor have that medication in my house again.

His brush with death is, tragically, more common than you might think. U.S. military veterans are committing suicide at increasing rates—averaging 22 per day. That's 20 percent higher than in 2007.

Prescribing powerful psychotropic (mood altering) drugs like Lorazepam for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety is common practice among military doctors, but thankfully that's starting to change in response to the many negative side-effects and an almost total lack of observable positive effects.

According to Dr. Grace Jackson, a Navy psychiatrist who resigned in 2002 in protest of the "pill pushing":

Clinical studies… have shown these drugs to be no better than placebos—but far more dangerous in the treatment of PTSD.

Part of the problem with treating PTSD with high-intensity (and generally highly-addictive) pills is the tendency for veterans to self-medicate, according to Alec Dixon, a U.S. Navy veteran and the Director of Client Relations for SC Laboratories.

Veterans—whether Iraq, Afghanistan, Gulf, Korean, or Vietnam War vets—have largely self-medicated as a form of personal coping and treatment with PTSD. Often it is excessive binge consumption of alcohol alone or combined with a cocktail of other prescribed medications. Most vets and active duty military turn to alcohol from an inebriate standpoint due to the "zero-tolerance" policy on cannabis within the UCMJ and, historically, within the Veterans Administration.

Army soldier doing yoga
Credit: Military Health / Flickr.com / CC

But to say that the Veterans Administration (VA) is turning a blind eye to the appalling number of military suicides, however, would be unfair. To their credit, they are open to alternate ways of solving the problem. Michael Krawitz, Executive Director of Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access (VMCA) and a plaintiff in Americans for Safe Access v. Drug Enforcement Agency, admits that the VA is trying to make progress.

The Army and Veterans Administration are trying their best to deal with these issues and have gotten pretty creative: employing meditation, yoga, and even service dogs to assist vets dealing with PTSD. But they haven't yet discovered cannabis.

Should they? The VMCA has collected an impressive amount of studies that suggest that medical marijuana is a safer and more effective way to treat PTSD and anxiety. They submitted it to the State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (MDLRA) in an attempt to convince the Michigan Medical Marijuana Review Panel that PTSD should be a qualifying condition for patients to be prescribed medical marijuana. They have also sent in similar packets to New Mexico and Oregon.

(You can download the studies in the same format as they were submitted to the MDLRA here: Packet 1, part 1 of 3Packet 1, part 2 of 3Packet 1, part 3 of 3Packet 2Packet 3.)

Thompson has already turned from Lorazepam to marijuana after his frightening experience. He says, "I can use marijuana to help with the same [anxiety] symptoms and not worry about overdosing."

Cartoon depicting a medical marijuana patient threatened at gunpoint
Credit: Latuff2 / DeviantArt.com / CC

Other vets are learning the same thing—but are forced to live in constant fear of arrest because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, even in cannabis-friendly states like Colorado. Former U.S. Navy Corpsman Jeremy Usher is one such example. He had to obtain an expensive prescription for Marinol, a synthetic version of marijuana's active ingredient, THC, to manage his PTSD symptoms while on probation for three DUIs—all of which he accrued after returning from Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003. He is a poster-boy for the self-medication that is all too common among the shell-shocked vets who don't receive effective treatment.

Admittedly, asking the DoD to turn a blind eye to recreational use of marijuana in states where it has been legalized seems a bit much. It is understandable for them to assert that soldiers and defense contractors must meet certain standards of readiness.

But this outrageously outdated stance on marijuana that the military takes—which ignores the rapidly-growing amount of scientific research which shows that medical marijuana is a cheaper, safer, and more effective means to treating PTSD—hurts our veterans. It kills them.

How many could we save by switching our treatment strategy away from psychotropic drugs and towards medical marijuana? It's worth finding out.

[Disclosure: The writer is a proud member of the U.S. Army Reserve.]

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    2. Wow! People smoke pot and mellow out. Who’da thunk it?

  2. Treating PTSD with Medical Marijuana Could Curb Veteran Suicides…and as an added bonus, give us another reason to take their Second Amendment rights away!

    /Dianne Fuckface

  3. I took 28 [pills] and blacked out one night. I also drank an 18 pack of beer in that same night.

    You can’t really overdose on benzos, you’ll just pass out and sleep for a few days. And who hasn’t drunk an 18 pack of beer in one sitting? Fucking lightweight. It was probably Bud Select.

    1. Although, strangely, benzos are about the only other class of drug besides alcohol that you can die withdrawing from.

      1. barbiturates
        several other cns depressants

  4. This is really one of the most sick and sadistic areas of the drug war. They dope these kids up on psychiatric drugs that have horrible side effects or worse do nothing and let them drink themselves to death all because we can’t have anyone smoking the devil weed.

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                    17. I go out of my way to watch a Q episode the same way I go out of my way to avoid a Wesley episode.


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  5. Personal experience:

    My father did 2 tours in Vietnam and came back pretty messed up in the head with untreated PTSD. He self medicated for more than 30 years with a combination of Pot, Booze, and for a very brief time Coke.

    Without a doubt pot smoking made him the easiest to deal with and be around and his PTSD did not get really bad until he for some reason decided to quit drugs.

    I can’t say that the pot really did anything to help him, but it sure as hell did a lot to help everyone around him.

    1. My sister, who was a major pot head in high school in the 1970s, used to always joke that we needed to slip some of it into our Vietnam vet father’s coffee to tone him down a little bit. And after I got older and tired the stuff myself, I realized she was right. It is such a better drug than booze. Booze intensifies whatever emotion you are feeling. If you are angry, it makes you more angry. If you are drowning in self pity, it completes the job. Pot in contrast changes your emotions. It takes the edge off of everything. It mellows you out. So much better than booze in that regard.

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    “Most police departments are having a very difficult time even getting the necessary ammunition for handguns, shotguns and especially rifles,” Arthur said.

    “With the delay in ammunition, some departments are limiting the number of rounds they carry in their handgun because of the shortage of ammunition. We get to the point where it is difficult to have enough ammo to train and also equip the officers.”

    1. Expect to hear about increase in number of dog taserings in 3… 2… 1…

  7. Threadjack:

    I know everyone here knows this but here is some more evidence that nothing could have prevented the Newtown Massacre, except another person with a firearm.

    1. “We were told [Lanza] had around 500 people on this sheet,” a law enforcement veteran told the newspaper. “Names and the number of people killed and the weapons that were used, even the precise make and model of the weapons. It had to have taken years. It sounded like a doctoral thesis, that was the quality of the research.”

      Or, you know, two days on the internet.

      1. Just a guess, but I bet that cop doesn’t have a lot of experience writing doctoral thesis.

        1. He’s a professional that has to get OT written into his contract. What do you expect?

          1. Good point. It probably would’ve taken the cop years of overtime to produce such a document.

      2. Reminds me of the crime shows when they find someone expertly hacked up and it’s just gotta be a doctor, because no mere mortal could know where the ovaries are.

        How about a guy with a sharp knife and an anatomy textbook? Or a butcher?

        1. Or a good chef with decent knife skills.

    2. But the gun grabbers aren’t convinced, they think we could have a world without since if we just give the Leviathan more control.

      1. Maybe it is just me, but maybe when his mother noticed that her crazy aspy kid had locked himself in the house, blackened the windows of his room, and made a spread sheet of every mass murder in history she ought to have done something? Like locked up the firearms tried to get the little bastard committed?

        1. It was a just a phase, John. Like his bedwetting phase and his torturing animals phase.

          1. Not my little snowflake.

    3. A gun free zone judged to be the “point of least resistance”. Go figure.

      “”They don’t believe this was just a spreadsheet. They believe it was a score sheet,” the unidentified career cop told Lupica. “This was the work of a video gamer, and that it was his intent to put his own name at the very top of that list. They believe that he picked an elementary school because he felt it was a point of least resistance, where he could rack up the greatest number of kills. That’s what (the Connecticut police) believe.”

  8. I think staying away from the VA was my best post-deployment(s)decision…

    1. Good call brother!
      -former “Squid” avoiding the VA as well.

      1. By the way, the day I seperated from the nav I began a heavy regiment of weed and weed. With a little bit of weed on the side.

    2. No kidding.

    3. When I was younger it used to confuse me somewhat why my dad never took advantage of the “free” medical care offered by the VA. Since he was a Navy corpsman during Vietnam I figured surely he’d qualify. The older I get and the more I learn about the VA, the more I understand why he’s never set foot in a VA hospital.

  9. They need to invent some kind of vaccine. I hear you can catch the PTSD from a drone joystick now. Not like back in the day when you had to be the lone survivor of your unit or live through a 36 hour artillery barrage or get captured and endure a bamboo manicure from “Charlie”

  10. How many could we save by switching our treatment strategy away from psychotropic drugs and towards medical marijuana?

    Far fewer than we’d save if we stopped trying to police the world.

    1. Go ahead and close the thread down. You’ve nailed it.

  11. “shell-shocked vets”

    Oh, is it 1946 and I missed this somehow?

    1. 1919 called, they want their word back.

      1. I agree with George Carlin. Call it what it is. Shell Shock is a great word.

    2. Indeed sir, you’re suffering battle fatigue induced delusions. Take some laudanum and relax.

      1. Sounds a lot better than what the VA has to offer.

      2. You have some, er, *cough* laudanum handy…do you?

        1. Just because, I hear it is a sovereign remedy for “Soldier’s Heart”.

          1. Looks pretty easy to make. Anyone have best Turkey opium on hand? I’ll fix us up a batch.

            Laudanum.-Best Turkey opium, 1 oz.; slice, and pour upon it boiling water, 1 gill (1/4 pint), and work it in a bowl or mortar until it is dissolved; then pour it into the bottle, and with alcohol of 76 per cent. proof, 1/2 pt., rinse the dish, adding the alcohol to the preparation, shaking well, and in 24 hours it will be ready for use. Dose — Form 10 to 30 drops for adults, according to the strength of the patient, or severity of the pain.

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    3. Yes, Ole Miss. I picked them in my other bracket, the one with money on it. They’ve got heart and that can count for a lot in the tournament.

  13. Drugs are bad, mkay?

    Unless they make money for the medical industrial establishment.

  14. Benzos are the only drug of ‘abuse’ containing a chlorine atom in the molecule. Basically a combination poison/psychotropic. Thanks FDA and DEA for feeding us this shit enthusiastically while outlawing the most benign psychotropic substance known to man.

    1. Do you know anything about chemistry? Clearly not. Your blood has iron in it! Oh noes, heavy metal poisoning!

      1. SLAYER!!!! Oh, wait… not that kind of heavy metal.

    2. The standard powder form of cocaine is Cocaine hydrochloride.

  15. MDMA has also shown a great deal of promise for PTSD. But we can’t take the risk that someone might enjoy themselves.

    1. I think LSD has as well.

  16. I’ve got an idea.

    Instead of trying to figure out how to help people whose minds have been damaged by being sent to kill foreigners in foreign lands, why not quit pretending we can use our military to police the world and bring the troops home?

    Too radical?

    1. Don’t be a vacuous pussy.

  17. Just like a libertarian, to prey on our suffering veterans to make them dope fiends. Next you’ll be saying that it’s “their choice”. Don’t you libertarians respect vets enough to make choices on their behalf?

    1. They just want to turn our soldiers into negro jazz musicians who will corrupt our women.

      1. Tops in Blue performers, in other words.

  18. Wisconsin down by 6 is like a normal team being down by 15. Looks like Ole Miss may fuck my bracket up.

    1. They are done. I am skeptical of all the Big 10 teams.

  19. http://www.freep.com/article/2…..l-manager-

    Parasites prepare to march to ensure they get the last big of dried blood off the carcase of Detroit.

    1. “Detroit cannot be reduced to a rummage sale,” Jackson said.
      Yes it can.

      Just walk away.

      1. Well it can, it just won’t have much anyone would want to buy.

      2. Did anybody else catch the Reverend on TV yesterday during the NC A&T game? Every question they asked him about his alma mater, he started off with some racializing of the issue.

        He also said, “We, as a nation, cannot allow March Madness to turn into May Sadness by not ensuring that these fine graduates are not given the support they need to be successful.”

        What a dick.

        1. Cut Jesse a break. Having your life’s dream of being America’s first black President stolen from you by some dorky half breed with a fat wife is a hard pill to swallow.

          1. Plus having a son who is too incompetent to be the Congressman from Chicago. He must be disgusted.

          2. Boy, Bill Clinton just can’t catch a break, can he?

  20. OT: A nuke powered artificial heart? Fuck yes!

    But, you might be asking yourself, “What in the hell was anyone even thinking trying to stick a radioisotope generator into a human being’s chest cavity?”

    1. What could go wrong?

    2. I thought they already had that. Maybe I’m thinking of something else.

      1. Did you combine Iron Man and Dick Cheney?

        1. Maybe it was that dream I had.

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    Safe for work =-(

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      1. I’m assuming we’re all fine with that

      2. And FWIW she isn’t a bad actress. I predict she’ll be the most successful of the kids in franchise.

        1. I dunno. Radcliffe seems to be keeping busy both on film and stage.

          1. He seems to be avoiding the mainstream for a while by doing indie films and stage, which I think is a smart strategy to avoid typecasting.

            1. He was quite good in Equus on Broadway, and he got to show his penis as well. Which is of course the only reason I went to see it.

              1. His best work was still Extras.

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                *Throws switch on the Nicole signal*

          2. He’s been trying to shed his kid actor rep as well by doing things like Equus.

        2. Not even close. She is an okay actress and with her looks and willingness to get naked, that is all she needs.

          1. I’m OK with any of them with the exception of that ginger choad getting much more work. Personally, I’d like to see Cho Chang get more work.

            1. I always liked the weird blond girl. She seemed like she had some talent.

        3. Then there was the Harry Potter actor who got busted growing weed at his mom’s house.


          I think it’s fair to say his career is over.

          1. “hydroponic lights”


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      1. I’m beginning to wonder about your hostility to girls my age.

        There’s nothing wrong with a young, tight body.

        1. There’s nothing wrong with a young, tight body.

          That’s what I’ve been telling her for over a year now!

        2. It’s not the body, it’s the baby face. Most woman don’t lose their baby fat until they reach their mid to late 20s. So women (assuming they kept in shape) in their late 20s are typically hotter than women in their late teens early 20s. Emma’s face is going to get prettier. Unfortunately, she is stuck with that 12 year old’s body.

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    Capcom announced today at their PAX East panel that they’re resurrecting the beloved DuckTales platformer.

    Developed by Wayforward and Capcom, DuckTales: Remastered is something of a remake based on the original Nintendo version of DuckTales. It’ll be out this summer for Xbox Live, PSN, and Wii U.

  23. OT: When giraffes attack!

    1. That was fookin’ HIGH-LAR-IOUS.

      Thanks – I may forget all about Bucky Badger annihilating my bracket, that was so good.

  24. Cincy’s uniforms almost make me ashamed to say I grew up there.

    1. Neil Armstrong is ashamed you grew up there, too.

      1. Oh, so you’re coming in here to bail your little love-n-kisses pen pal Epi out I see.

        Classy move for someone with a Cleveland address.

        1. You’re the one who says that he thinks Majel Barrett is hot, so I’d be a little cautious trying to shame Warty…for anything.

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          2. Warty can be shamed? Really?!

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          1. You said that was because my breath smelled like garlic!

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  25. Just so you all know, Kristen is tied for the lead in the Bracket Pick-Em. And she knows about as much about basketball as Epi does about pleasing a sexual partner.

    1. Had I known that you could do so well without any knowledge of sports I might’ve joined in. I guess there’s always next year.

      1. I’m in 65th, and I don’t know shit either, so it’s not exactly tightly correlated.

  26. You would think that with everything veterans have done for our country, we could at least grant them the right to as much free heroin (or other drug of choice) as they want.

  27. Let the vets have marijuana if they want. But if you really want to stop vets from becoming suicidal. how about stop sending them to fight in immoral and illegal wars of agression in order to make the banks richer. How about that.

    How about we stop telling them that they are fight to protect our liberty and our way of life, and then have them standing guard around poppy fields?

    How about we let them keep their souls, rather than ordering them to kill innocent people?

    How about we put an end to imperialism, fear mongering, war mongering, and war profiteering? How about we become a country of honor, and truth once again?

  28. Ah, Reason blog commenters. Proving daily the unofficial libertarian (small L) motto –

    “Yeah, we hate each other, but we hate YOU more”.

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