Soda Ban

New York City's Soda Ban Is Dead

Bloomberg has vowed to appeal, but the ban appears to be finished.


Earlier this week a New York state judge put a lid on New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's looming ban of certain subjectively large sizes of sweetened drinks like soda. Judge Milton Tingling's welcome decision, which came just hours before the ban was to take effect, means the city will move forward without any such restrictions.

The ban was problematic and wrong from the start.

As I argued in remarks I delivered on behalf of Keep Food Legal and its members and supporters before New York City's health department over the summer—and in columns here and here—the ban lacked any legitimate scientific justification; would have negative intended consequences (it would have served as a sales tax increase) and negative unintended consequences (it would have generated additional waste, which seems anathema to a mayor who claims to be fighting such waste); was widely and wildly unpopular—everyone from Matt Lauer and Jon Stewart to The New York Times and The Nation opined against the ban; and would have restricted food freedom of choice.

Judge Tingling deserves credit for rightly acknowledging the ban was a wrongheaded, arbitrary, and capricious prohibition passed by an unelected health board whose members were each appointed personally by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The judge's decision is a great victory for consumers and consumer rights and for small and large businesses alike.

"The key thing is that this was an arbitrary and capricious action by the health department, and the court recognized that," I told National Review's The Corner earlier this week. "It's a victory. In general, I'd like to see the court being more vocal in defending people's rights to make their own choices, but this is definitely a good first step."

Judge Tingling's decision is also a stinging loss for a segment of the well-funded, powerful public-health apparatus in this country that seeks to limit food freedom. But then I'd also argue the ban itself would have been a loss for that same community. 

"Rather than advancing public health policies, this [soda ban] is making people skeptical of public health policies," I told Law360, a popular legal news service.

All wasn't so serious. The aborted ban did inspire some righteous humor.

National Review editor Rich Lowry, writing in Politico, envisioned a School House Rock reboot that "illustrate[s] the process whereby New York City almost got its soda ban…. Mayor Bloomberg tells the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene what to do, and it does it."

And The Onion lamented that "mounting opposition to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposal to prohibit the sale of large-size soft drinks served as sad and sobering proof that Americans are still willing to fight for the causes they believe in."

Still, even though the ban failed before it ever took effect, it was no joking matter for those who had to spend money preparing for it to impact their businesses.

Soda makers estimated it would cost more than $600,000 to comply. One New York City deli owner reported he'd already thrown out more than $1,000 in cups preparing for the ban.

There has to be a better way. And, sure enough, none other than Mayor Bloomberg knows this.

"I think that it is incumbent on government to tell people what they're doing to themselves and let people make their own decisions," said Mayor Bloomberg on the Late Show with David Letterman the evening the ban was overturned. "So our job is to educate people[.]"

I agree. Full stop.

Though Mayor Bloomberg has already indicated the city plans to appeal the judge's ruling, I'm cautiously optimistic the appeals court will uphold Judge Tingling's ruling.

Either way, the lame-duck mayor only has another eight months left in office. His likely successor, councilwoman Christine Quinn, opposes the ban.

One way or another, this ban appears rightly to be dead.

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  1. So our job is to educate people

    I disagree.

    Because we know that only certain things that the Political Classes like will be the focus of “education”. (Really, it’s propagandizing.)

    And a second page for four sentences?

    1. What Ted said.

    2. I thought the job of executives in our government is to, you know, execute laws and declarations of war passed by legislatures… and that’s it.

      That’s that I get for doing the assigned reading in my high school Government class.

      1. Well what i’m giving for doing reading is the 2nd pager of the article says the probable future mayor blooming idiot replacement was not for soda ban –

        Watching the CNN link, she brags on Peirs about her total winning push and creation of the smoking ban.

        So yeah, the next probable mayor, with ever more bans up her sleeve and everyone’s orifices, you bet.

        “Obesity has absolutely unbelievably unsustainable horrifying consequences for society blah blah blah blah blah…

        She’s likely worse than the midget billionaire boy blunder there now – the real power behind the tyrannists recent whippings on the populace.

    3. The bogus second page doesn’t annoy me nearly as much as the obnoxious, over-the-top 24/7 click farming project of recent weeks.

      1. The bogus second page doesn’t annoy me nearly as much as the obnoxious , over-the-top 24/7 click farming project of recent weeks Mike M.

      2. Does anybody actually click those links?

        1. No, nobody does. And “RBS” can go fuck himself.

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  2. Our job is to educate people

    If Letterman or the media had any guts they would have asked about the recent report on how 80% of NYC high school grads need remedial work before taking college classes.

    1. That’s an easy one, they just need more funding.

    2. But that might encourage vouchers or something, and teachers could lose their cushy union jobs. Why do you hate the middle class?

    3. I would like to educate Bloomie with a baseball bat.

    4. Umm.. his new job is to cover up his decision to cram his now struck down royal decree down everyone’s throat and screw any education because shorty b said so.

      What a piece of trash. Now I’ve got to go watch the DL clip to see just how much I can take.

  3. You know who else tried to educate people with arbitrary an capricious legislation?

    1. Anne Sullivan?

    2. Napoleon and Snowball?

    3. Diane Feinstein?

    4. Julia Gillard?

        1. Win-NAH!

          (What an Ozzie sounds like to American ears.)

          1. good eye, might

          2. Fun Fact: I’ve actually heard almost no Australian speak like that, except when Americans are around.

    5. Francis I?

    6. I find myself wondering, does Bloomberg have a favorite food? Perhaps we could lobby to get it legislated out of existence in New York City. It would be educational for him.

      1. They are on the march, and let’s face it the future is horrifying.

        Soon even listening to these busybodies ramble on is going to be an exercise in violence control.

        The fat cow at the video link, the next mayor in 8 months, after spewing her fatso fatty fat dire death societal missives, squeaked off that soon they will have the dat ta ‘, and they will KNOW.

        Expect much more in the future. These control freaks have run out of welfare and other help no matter what dollars and programs to dream up, so the next thousand rounds will be them micro managing every aspect of everyone’s lives, at exorbitant costs, they will no doubt place on the business owners and consumers directly after their expensive and ridiculous and predetermined studies produce the dat ta’ da ! outcome they so desperately desire as the most complete excuse to do it.

        I’d much prefer we give them all the boot for 9 months out of the year.
        They can show up during the winter for a few months to shuffle around some papers and work their rude little fingers to the bone and appear NOWHERE visible to the public in the city nor anywhere else.
        They can also PAY for the privilege, instead of earning dime one.

      2. PS , it’s cheesits, dummies favorite food he said it was all good ” so long as you don’t ban cheese its” “that’s my addiction”.

        Then the stupid audience clapped and laughed, and the idiot billionaire blunder felt good… and no one noticed the hypocrisy could kill all the whales since the pre-cambrian explosion.

  4. Our job is to educate people

    “How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take out the speck that is in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the log that is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take out the speck that is in your brother’s eye.”

    1. blunderboy spewed on Letterman 70000 die from obesity every year…

      so blunderboy is saving 70000 lives…

      I think fat people should take a crap on him till he drowns.

  5. Judge Tingling deserves credit for…

    I’m guessing Chris Matthews didn’t get a tingling up his leg from this decision.

  6. “Judge Tingling deserves credit for rightly acknowledging the ban was a wrongheaded, arbitrary, and capricious prohibition passed by an unelected health board whose members were each appointed personally by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.”

    From what I understand, then, the ban wasn’t struck down because people have a right to make their own choices–it was struck down because the of the way the board members came to power?

    I can think of dozens of things the government does that are arbitrary and capricious. I mean, they can still make us eat broccoli if they want to, right?

  7. “I’m cautiously optimistic the appeals court will uphold Judge Tingling’s ruling.”

    Jeeze, I read the whole thing (including the 3 paragraphs on the click-through page) hoping ti find out why you’re optimistic and this is all I found.
    Optimism seems not indicated; one court showed sense, but that’s not the general trend.

    1. Is it true that McDonalds isn’t allowed to give away a free toy with a Happy Meal in San Francisco? Seems pretty arbitrary and capricious.

      I wish this ruling against Bloomberg were striking a blow for liberty, but it looks more like the ban was thrown out on a technicality.

      The government can still do pretty much what it wants with you–so long as the officials in question are duly elected.

      1. Or closer still, NYC’s trans fat ban. Has that been overturned?

        1. Talk about arbitrary and capricious!

          1. Butter was a killer, so margarine and these other subsitutes were pushed for decades, thousands of pols preaching that death was good for you….

            Then they needed sunflower oil or that other one or tofu soybean crap instead because it was some push so the banned what they formerly pushed on everyone killing them slowly with their lying song.

            The best thing to do is NEVER listen to the idiots at all.

      2. Ken Shultz| 3.16.13 @ 10:12AM |#
        “Is it true that McDonalds isn’t allowed to give away a free toy with a Happy Meal in San Francisco? Seems pretty arbitrary and capricious.”

        Yes, and yes. But Mikey D’s didn’t bother to contest it; they just added a $0.10 charge to get the toy, and it doesn’t see to affect their volume.
        So the net result is that the SF City Stupids simply raised the cost of Happy Meals by $0.10.

        1. Yay market solutions!

          1. Yay government distortion!

            1. I would have just charged one penny. Screw the SF government.

              About 20 years ago in SF I was writing for a free magazine along the lines of the Bay Guardian. CA decided that they were going to charge sales tax on periodicals, but since they couldn’t do that on free rags, they were going to assess the sales tax on our printing costs instead (which, of course, was far and away our major cost). So a little free paper might get hit with $400 per issue to feed the insatiable tax maw of CA; that $400 was enough to push us near bankruptcy.

              The solution was to change the paper from free to one cent per copy. We never asked anyone for the penny, of course, but that made our total sales from a run of 25,000 copies $250 — so our tax bite was twenty bucks instead of $400.

              1. Here the city has gone on about a decade long now corrupt and exposed by a personal friend spending spree, often far outside the law, and when caught they just excused themselves, no one was prosecuted, jailed, nor lost their city positions.

                So recently with the Goldman Sachs bonds being “refinanced” by the city, and their declarations that all is getting by barely, as the two major “development” projects exceeding yearly city tax intake lay in waste, they have gone on a health kick…

                The health kick was raising up an over 8% city tax on fast food and restaurants and I forget what else – bars I guess-

                So often enough these “health initiatives” will just turn into taxing burdens to try to cover a small part of the fraud, abuse, waste, and crony multi million dollar handouts to good buddies that passed in the dark of night criminally years prior.

                1. It’s shame, because we had a good mayor for a long time that KNEW the laws and the Constitution, and practiced it, and when retired, got up several times to delicately condemn and point out to the new idiots in power that they cannot do that, it’s against the law and the Constitution and the city charter and thus and thus a procedure must be followed so the citizens are properly informed and it’s all good and legal.

                  He was of course ignored.
                  So now we have a clueless cabal of criminal idiots – if they know the laws and the Constitution, they do not care.

                  Get ‘er done ! in the dark of the night, in secret, without the required debate, ballot initiative, papers filed, etc.

                  Just break any and every law they feel is inconvenient and prevents them from snatching away dollars and “doing good” while lining pockets…

                  Have another business associate who told me another one they pulled with community upgrade money from some state or fed grant – the woman on the decision making body lined her office, her business, and her home, and then denied all other uses of the large outstanding grant money.

                  It’s surreal. I think by the time Al Gore said there is no controlling authority he wasn’t kidding.

              2. “We never asked anyone for the penny, of course, but that made our total sales from a run of 25,000 copies $250 — so our tax bite was twenty bucks instead of $400.”
                Even better than Mikey D’s!

        2. Talk about arbitrary and capricious!

    2. Yes, I was cautiously optimistic that BL had more sense than this. Do you seriously think that – just because one court says ‘you can’t do this because you didn’t go about doing it in the right way’ – this amounts to even a flesh wound to Biggie-sized Brother? It’s not dead, there hasn’t been a lid put on it, this isn’t a ‘great’ victory.

  8. OT: McCain Apologizes For Calling Rand Paul, Ted Cruz ‘Wacko Birds’ On Fox News: ‘That Was Inappropriate’

    He also responded to Paul’s comments about how “the GOP of old has grown stale and moss-covered” by talking about how things used to be done under Ronald Reagan.

    1. “He also responded to Paul’s comments about how “the GOP of old has grown stale and moss-covered” by talking about how things used to be done under Ronald Reagan.”

      Considering that Obozo is doing his best to emulate FDR, he’s got company.

      1. John McShame: ” I would argue Neil, that since the end of the cold war, we are in more danger of some kind of conflict somewhere in the world ”

        Well, I can’t blame the Libertarian perspective. When old goat cheeseface balloon boy was smiling and taking his compliments Neil fed him, and waxing on about a weakened and weak military and kids deciding if they were going to stay in the military and how any talk like that should not be allowed (mr censorship), I couldn’t help thinking then take the hundreds of billions you and the rest of the idiots on the Hill are blowing on Homeland Security charades and Fusion Centers and TSA crotch grabs and trillion dollar bailouts, and get with it, you stupid old fool…

        Besides all that if there’s a problem cancerface can call for a draft, instead of riding his “6 years of torture” to validate every word out of his sadface piehole, which by the way, Neil was sure to mention and genuflect with for shorty wackoturd.


        Oh no, America can’t. Rand Paul can’t talk and say what he believes even though he was elected, it’s DANGEROUS because the little kiddies in the military might hear him and take it to heart…


        1. So, you like McCain do you

    2. It’s a good sign that the old guard needs to save face and pay respect to the libertarianish congressmen, even if only to avoid alienating young voters.

      1. It is. 8 years ago they would not have felt the need. This is why the old guard media wnats the intertubes banned. The truth is dangerous to the old power structure.

  9. “Our job is to educate people”

    Like so many pet projects that various groups of our self-nominated “betters” obsess over, this might not be a bad idea if there was evidence that they basic job was getting done. For example; I can see the utility of teaching Sex Ed in the public schools, even considering the donnybrook that arguing over the content is sure to be. But if the public schools aren’t even managing to teach the kids to read, then I’m not ready to discuss sex ed. Basics FIRST neat ideas LATER.

    1. Yeah, and when he says “educate”, I think he means what I mean when I say “indoctrinate”.

      If he isn’t teaching people to think critically and for themselves, then he’s isn’t educating them as far as I’m concerned.

      When he says he’s “educating” them, he just means he’s telling them what to think.

      1. Agreed on indoctrination, “we know better than you”, and telling others what to think.

        One thing that has been missed in this whole dustup, though, is that there is finally a bit more public acknowledgement that sugar and carbs are the main culprits making people fat, not fat in food. Only took them about 50 years to figure it out, after pushing low-fat, high-carb diets (and some “dietary experts” still do.)

        On a medical panel about ten years ago, we were discussing the rise in obesity. The others on the panel were all claiming hamburgers (McDonalds) were the cause of the startling rise in obesity. I disagreed, saying we had plenty of access to burgers fifty years ago — what was different was the access to high-calorie drinks. Kids in the 60s might have a 12-oz bottle of Coke as a treat, maybe on a hot day or after a ball game. They certainly didn’t have double big gulps with scores of grams of sugar and hundreds of calories several times a day.

        There are still too many people who think it is only what you eat that causes you to gain weight, and what you drink doesn’t matter. And that is reinforced by the self-serve soft drink fountains everywhere, which might have one or two diet/low-cal offerings, and ten types of sugar choices.

        1. Generally speaking, people don’t eat (and drink) things that are bad for them because they don’t know they’re bad for them.

          People eat (and drink) things that are bad for them because they don’t care that it’s bad for them.

          This isn’t about Bloomberg inflicting knowledge on the ignorant. This is about Bloomberg inflicting his values on other people. We live in an age that has become so enamored of utilitarianism, that a lot of people can’t even imagine that other people don’t value what they value–on a qualitative basis. …or if they do, they think their qualitative preferences should be ignored as a matter of principle.

          What if I don’t care about what Bloomberg cares about for qualitative reasons? What if I’d rather die an early death so long as it means I get to eat like a pig? I actually eat a whole lot better than the average person and run 12-16 miles a week–on the days I’m not swimming in the ocean…

          …but why should other people have to care about the same things I care about?

          For Bloomberg and his ilk–that doesn’t compute. Of course everyone cares about what Bloomberg and company care about! Everyone sensible anyway–anyone that doesn’t care about what Bloomberg cares about is a stupid redneck, right?

          1. Well said Ken Shultz.

            1. Very well said, but I will disagree with you on everyone knowing about sugar. I work at a hospital and even many of the nurses don’t recognize this. About every six months or so, someone will lose a lot of weight and when asked how they did it, they will say they changed “from pepsi to diet pepsi — who knew?”

              If I was going to do an education campaign on this, I’d show a glass of coke on one side, an “equals” sign, and then a glass with a candy bar or a piece of pie in it on the other side. The message — drinking a soda is about the same as having a dessert, which is true. So go ahead and have either one, your choices are your own — but at least know what you are doing.

              1. I’ve worked in hospitals too, and I have a hard time believing that nurses don’t know that sugar makes you fat.

                If one of them said they were surprised how much weight you could lose by laying off the sugar, they were probably just making conversation. Nurses can yap about nothing for hours.

                Meanwhile, there’s a very prominent contingent of fat people who don’t really care about what makes them fat. If they don’t know that sugar makes them fat–a lot of times it because they don’t care.

                It’s a big problem in our society–the idea that if people only knew what I knew, they’d come to the same conclusions I do? That’s bullshit.

                This is one of the reasons why the government cannot make our choices for us better than we can make them for ourselves. There is no way a mayor, an elected legislature, a president, or a majority of voters have the same qualitative preferences I do.

                …and when they weigh competing qualitative preferences, they will never come to the same conclusions I do. I confess, I am completely ignorant about what is and isn’t in a modern serving of haggis these days–because I don’t care. You show me a lard-ass that drinks a couple liters of sugary soft drink every day, and I’ll show you a lard-ass that doesn’t really care about his or her weight.

                Some people just don’t care about the same things I do, and that’s okay! I guess that’s a big part of what makes me a libertarian.

                1. I don’t believe the stupid nurse story, because I’ve known and lived with many many fat people.

                  Guess what ? They pack away an ENORMOUS amount of food.
                  It’s unbelievable, it appears to be unachievable, but they do it.
                  It’s an incredible amount of food. All kinds of food, large quantities of food, and very often, food.
                  Meals can number in the seven or eights a day, consistently with a couple of those large gorgings.

                  Some drank diet soda only, and diet crystal koolaid if any sugary drink.

                  You CANNOT get fat on just soda. Can’t be done. You CANNOT do your great diet and lose weight by switching to diet soda, BECAUSE YOU’KLL STILL BE A FAT GORGING MULTI MEGA MEAL PIG, and the grocery bill will tell the tale.

                  For CHRIST SAKES people, do any of you look at the hoggers in the grocery store going through the checkout and what their carts are filled with ?

                  IT AIN’T BOTTLES OF SODA!

                  1. PS – I do know several hotties that dieted with Diet Coke as the staple supply in the fridge, and that’s it.

                    That much is true. I know the chickadees do the Diet Coke diet – but that means instead of gorging themselves on anything at all while drinking diet soda or juice or anything else, their DIET is stacking the fridge with Diet Soda ONLY, then picking away at tiny meals or snacks at work or wherever or a drive through (french fries ONLY BTW is they are sticking to the diet)

                    So the nurse talk MAY be just a misunderstanding in miscommunication.

  10. Discussion topic:

    Why are the nation’s yutes such pussies?

    So I’m skiing yesterday, and I get on the chair behind a young lady and what appeared to be her boyfriend. These are high school kids on a school day ski trip (bussed in), I’m guessing 16. She was wearing a helmet. She takes off the helmet on the chair, fixes her hair so she looks pretty for her BF, and just before they unload, teh hemet goes back on.

    A teenager, wearing a hemet, while skiing with her BF? When I was that age that would have been considered the gayest thing since gay came to Gaytown. One would have been ragged on unmercifully for such a display of compliance. What happened to the risk taking, rebellious teenager?

    Nick was on the Michael Garibaldi show a few weeks back asking where the rage went, particularly in music. And I related the two thoughts. Have kids become pussies and why? Is it because they get their thrills on the computer? Is it helicopter parents? Or am I full of shit?

    Perhaps some of the younger folks here can tell me when it became cool to follow the rules?

    1. People wear helmets when they ski?

      1. I’d say about half do.

        1. Despite living in NH, I’ve never gotten into skiing. Is head trauma such a risk?

          As for rage in music, how can today’s musicians rail against “the Man”, when he is their messiah al Rassul Allah, Malik al-Amriki, Barack ibn Barack ibn Hussein al-Kenyi (praise be unto him)?

          1. No you aren’t full of shit, kids are pussies these days. I’m 30 and I blame my generation and the generation right before mine.

            Head trauma can be a risk, it depends on what you’re skiing though. Taking a cruise down a long blue run, probably not unless you have no coordination. Dive bombing a double black, your risk is probably increased a little bit.

            1. Yeah, but WHY did they become pussies?

              We had teachers and parents telling us to be safe all the time. We laughed at them. We were bulletproof and we enjoyed taking risks.

              And we were rebellious. If you had a parent that said, “you aren’t wearing that out of this house” you took it with and changed in the car.

              What was the “thing” that made kids start complying? Is it just pounded into their heads more?

              1. What FdA said and a few other things, based on my experience within my age group. 1) Parents don’t want their kids making the same “mistakes” they did. This, alone, is not so bad and is expected but the way they go about it terrible. Instead of warning their kids or something similar they attempt to remove all risk (helicopter parents. 2) Parents trying to be cool and best friends with their kids, are you really going to take a risk if your mom and dad are hanging out at your party? There are others but I have to go take my 8 month old to see the Easter Bunny.

              2. Maybe it’s cell phones. Now that your parent can track you via GPS and make you snap photo’s of yourself on demand it’s harder to get away with stuff.

              3. Your parents didn’t have the safety devices growing up they tried to foist on you.
                The generation now DID have those devices, and they have been jamming them on their toddlers in order that the evil State doesn’t come and take their children away for being a bad parent… and so that the evil media fear mongering is minimized.

                It’s much worse than you imagine

                Get this – bicycles – the kids must have training wheels, the helmet, the kneepads, the elbow pads, the gloves.
                If the parent doesn’t provide, then the kids aren’t cool and are poor, unwanted, in danger of DCFS action or frowning neighbors…
                But it goes beyond just the safety devices…
                In the nicest or finest of neighborhoods – the children must not be allowed to ride their bicycles away from home. No around the block, no unattended peddling, because – wait for it “the pedophiles are everywhere !”

                Yes I’m not kidding. The pedophiles are everywhere. Not a terribly strained idea when all the young parents know the government has banned pedophiles from within 2000 feet or 5000 feet whatever it is of the public schools – so now of course pedophiles are prowling around homes instead – following children home – where they cannot be just snatched up for violating the law… and parents – not much thinking figure this out.

                So there you have it. It’s partially the media and fear mongering there, part the government with pedo laws and DCFS threats, and part neighbor peer pressure and “ima good parent” face saving.

            2. I fear a nation full of people incapable of taking risk.

              1. We watched “Atlas II” last night. I thought the guy who played your namesake pretty much nailed the character, and looked just like he should have.

                1. I haven’t seen it yet. I was disgusted with the first one. What a wasted opportunity. I have heard the second is better though, so I’ll probably get to it.

            3. The head trauma risk isn’t so much from how/what I ski – it is from the idiots on snowboards (and some on skis) that do indeed fly down the mountain with reckless abandon.

              I ski like Dennis Miller described his own style – like a middle-aged bread-winner.

        2. I haven’t skied in almost 20 years, but yep – I don’t think the thought would have ever come up to wear a helmet. Times sure do change.

      2. The last skiing I did two years ago in Colorado it was probably 60% wearing helmets with a slightly higher rate among the young and women. I

        couldn’t believe that bullshit, talked trash to all of my friends who ski a lot and had helmets, and then on my third trip that season did a header into the snow and got a pretty sweet concussion. The emails I sent out at work the next day were judged epically tragic by one of my bosses.

        I’ll still never wear a helmet.

        1. I’ve only been snow skiing once, back when I was in high school. Decided to do the most advanced hill which pretty much no one else was on because it was basically ice. Not far into the run I had gained quite a bunch of speed (I did not know how to slow down or stop) hit a little hill and when fying:) I hit my head on some ice and got a mild concussion. I’d still never wear a helmet either if I ever ski again.

        2. It’s probably like when people started wearing seat belts. After years of seeing other people get serious head injuries while skiing, including some famous people who have died (Sonny Bono, Michael Kennedy, Natasha Richardson) people just decided to start wearing them, and of course seeing other people wear them makes it easier to do it yourself. I wouldn’t have been caught dead in one years ago, but if I skied today I would. You know you’re going to fall eventually, so it makes sense to wear head protection.

        3. “I’ll still never wear a helmet.”
          Just wait ’til you fall an get an ear full of snow leading to infection. And we have to pay for your penicillin! Helmet and skull cap are mandatory!

    2. Helmet when skiing? People wear helmets when bicycling.

      1. the cops here wear helmets, kneepads, elbowpads, and fannypacks, and all go in a big long row pedaling along, 13 in one count, like half the force or something.

        Darkblue black color scheme, black framed bicycles. Must be some health crap or extra homeland security money or some nutter in charge.
        Lots of hilly streets here it’s not flat.
        Guess they have too much time on their hands.

  11. You will rue the day you crossed me, New Yorkers.

    -Michael Bloomberg

    1. He even looks like a sith lord.

      1. Just don’t you ban his Cheesits he said, it’s all good so long as you don’t ban his Cheesits, Letterman and the idiots there all laughed.

        So I say, how do we ban his Cheesits, because somehow idiot sithy shrunk was worried we would, or so he said, to make it seem like he didn’t try to ban anything, you did… so don’t ban his Cheesits… it’s okay then, he’s addicted he said… it’s his addiction.

        This has been a disgusting announcement, a service to no one in a sane society.

  12. Time to hide your money somewhere better than Cyprus.

    In the early hours of Saturday morning, after 10 hours of talks, finance ministers from euro area countries, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank agreed on terms that include a one-time tax of 9.9 percent on Cypriot bank deposits of more than 100,000 euros, and a tax of 6.75 percent on smaller deposits, European Union officials said..

    Offer valid only in Cypur, one time, we wouldn’t lie to you.

    1. “a one-time tax of 9.9 percent on Cypriot bank deposits of more than 100,000 euros, and a tax of 6.75 percent on smaller deposits, European Union officials said…”

      Well, you have to remember that this is really important to do–because, otherwise, depositors in Cypriot banks might lose some of their deposits!

      Confiscate deposits to save depositors from losing their deposits.

      Put a floor on the price of milk while giving food stamps to the poor–so they can afford to buy milk…

      This is what government is for.

    2. It’s worse than you think: a lot of porn companies are registered in Cyprus. Won’t someone please think of the porn stars?

      1. “Won’t someone please think of the porn stars?”

        I can assure you I do, frequently.

  13. 100,000 euros was apparently the size of the deposit guarantee, so the “guarantee” means you’ll save over 3% compared to Russian criminals.

  14. Best put Nanny Bloomberg on suicide watch.

  15. I fear a nation full of people incapable of taking risk.

    Too late. Learn to live with it.

    And it encompasses every aspect of life, not just sports and games.

  16. A teenager, wearing a hemet, while skiing with her BF? When I was that age that would have been considered the gayest thing since gay came to Gaytown.

    When I was that age, only World Cup downhillers wore helmets.

    1. Just when I thought I couldn’t dislike either of them more.

    2. Oh man, Piers loves a nanny state until they’re after him. Why won’t he go back to England eat up what his nanny state wants to dish out to him?

      And ‘liberty’, I don’t think it means what you think it means Piers:

      The idea that banning teeth-rotting, diabetes-inducing supersized soda cups is an ‘assault on liberty’ is utter nonsense. It saves lives.


  17. The question not being asked by most of us is: By what legitimate authority? How does anyone legitimately gain authority to control the lives and choices of other people against their will?

    Did you ever ask a politician, a gun grabber, a public school teacher, a bureaucrat? “By what legitimate authority do you demand, order, enforce, do these things?”

    I have. Most, of course, cite the “constitution” and/or “the rule of law.” I then ask them how those things can confer LEGITIMATE authority. Where does legitimate authority over people’s lives and property originate?

    So far, NONE of them can answer that, and most become extremely angry when questioned at all. Yet I would think that is the most important question we can ask.

    And it’s the most important question we can ask ourselves. Do we own our lives, or have we given our sovereign and natural authority over ourselves to the rulers and politicians?

    1. By what authority?

      “Fuck you, that’s why.”

  18. Milton Tingling was a classmate of mine at Horace Mann School.

    As to propaganda campaigns, does nobody remember the subway placards with the pictures of the soda pouring out of the bottle and turning into fat? It was even written of here at H&R. So the nannies can legitimately say they already tried persuasion, so they had to resort to force.

    1. Except most of the propaganda they feed us is either outrageously overblown or outright bullshit. Even when it’s accurate, it’s presented in a belittling, nanny-ish way that’s off-putting to normal adults. It’s no wonder people ignore it.

    2. Horace Mann, the prep school in the Bronx (Riverdale)?

      I went there, what year were you guys?

  19. That dead-from-the-neck-up meathead will just try to ban something else before he leaves office.

    1. He’s going to leave office? Now who’s fooling themselves.

      1. haha


  20. Alt text: “I can assure you there is not a bigger asshole in this room than the one standing at the lectern.”

  21. OT: Cyprus’ savers bear brunt of unprecedented bailout

    The euro zone struck a deal on Saturday to hand Cyprus a bailout worth 10 billion euros ($13 billion), but demanded depositors in its banks forfeit some money to stave off bankruptcy despite the risks of a wider run on savings.


    The deposit levy – set at 9.9 percent on bank deposits exceeding 100,000 euros and at 6.7 percent on anything below that – will take place on Tuesday after a bank holiday on Monday.


  22. The “better way” is not to have ‘government … tell people what they’re doing to themselves and let people make their own decisions.'” It is to get government entirely out of our lives.

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  25. I like the sound of that, this is gonna be fun dude.

  26. Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

    Seriously? How are New Yorkers not embarrassed that their city has mental hygienists?

  27. my best friend’s sister-in-law makes $84 an hour on the computer. She has been fired for five months but last month her pay was $14040 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read more on this web site

  28. Your right to marry someone is sacrosanct, and you want the government “out of your bedroom” at all costs, but if you resent a politician for restricting your food choice or reserve the right to rain drones in your soil, that’s just anti government hysteria. That’s how it is in America.

    I see these liberals everyday who run their mouths about gay marriage but insist that hate speech should be banned and wages should be raised to 20 bucks an hour. Eating a dog is “immoral” because a dog is a man’s best friend. The hell with that, if gays can marry, then I should be able to eat a dog or horse and not be thrown in jail.

  29. sic semper tyrannus

  30. Is this bloomjerk like the living example of what petty tyrant means ?

    I mean really, he looks like such a fool. 16oz not 32oz. Buy 2 if you want.

    What a tard.

  31. Bloomberg is like a raccoon that has grabbed a shiny object in a hole and won’t let go, even if it kills him, because he can’t get his clenched paw out (reference “The Other Side of the Mountain”). I’m happy to see Bloomberg expend political capital on his own fool’s errand. This is a simple illustration of how those elected to install more statism become drunk with their “mandate.”

  32. it would have restricted food freedom of choice.L6562

  33. Which is the best blog for us.we are enjoy it and will show them to everyone.

  34. mounting opposition to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposal to prohibit the sale of large-size soft drinks served as sad and sobering proof that Americans are still willing to fight for the causes they believe in.”

    Still, even though the ban failed before…..-c-52.html it ever took effect, it was no joking matter for those who had to spend money preparing for it to impact their businesses.

    Soda makers estimated it would cost more than $600,000 to comply. One New York City deli owner reported he’d already thrown out more than $1,000 in cups preparing for the ban.

    There has to be a better way. And, sure enough, none other than Mayor Bloomberg knows this.

    “I think that it is incumbent on government to tell

  35. Well I sure hope the ban stays dead. I hope that the citizens of New York City now understand that term limits are important. The government has no right to give out health advise. That’s what the internet is for.

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