Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul Filibustering John Brennan for CIA Right Now Over Domestic Drones


Watch it on C-SPAN2 now.

See Paul's inquiries to Brennan about domestic drones here, here, and here.

A excerpt from a Paul press release:

Attorney General Holder stated in a letter to Sen. Paul dated March 4, 2013: "It is possible, I suppose, to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the Constitution and applicable laws of the United States for the President to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States."

 "The U.S. Attorney General's refusal to rule out the possibility of drone strikes on American citizens and on American soil is more than frightening—it is an affront the Constitutional due process rights of all Americans," Sen. Paul said.

 Sen. Paul also received a letter in response from Mr. Brennan, clarifying the CIA does not have the power to authorize such operations. Notably missing from Mr. Brennan's response are answers to the myriad other questions Sen. Paul posed to him in previous correspondence.

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  1. “It is possible, I suppose, to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the Constitution and applicable laws of the United States for the President to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States.”

    A plain-speaking man.

    A man who says what he means, and means what he says.

  2. Watched a bit of it. Paul was talking about due process, civil rights, the enlargening of Presidential authority, and how there was at least some pushback to when Bush tried it. His colleagues looked like this.

    1. Maybe that dog had been taking the pot from Gillespie’s story, hence the quizzical expression.

  3. “Where is the barack obama of 2007? Has the presidency so transformed him that he has forgotten his moorings, forgotten what he stood for?”

    I do like a real filibuster. Paul looks like he’s ready to go on for a while. He’s got lots of stuff to read.

    1. Typical woman. A real filibuster is loading up with guns and heading to some little country to overthrow it.

      We need more of those and less boring old men speaking. I vote Cuba first. Who’s with me?

      1. I vote Cuba first. Who’s with me?

        Can we land at the Bahia de Conchinos?

        1. Too far from Havana. We launch a coup de main. Look, I figure with about three truckloads of iPads we can control the country inside a week.

          1. Look, I figure with about three truckloads of iPads we can control the country inside a week.

            Cuban cigars and hot se?oritas. I’m in.

            1. Cuban women are hot until the minute they get a partner. Then their asses ballon out like it’s a bag full of popcorn in the microwave.

      2. Wait, I thought it referred to breaking a young female horse to the saddle?

        1. +1 Cormac McCarthy

    2. Has the presidency so transformed him that he has forgotten his moorings, forgotten what he stood for?

      I’m sure Rand was just being rhetorical here since it’s pretty clear to most people that Obama doesn’t stand for anything. Still, nice to hear someone have the balls to call the fucker out.

      In a related story, an armed drone was spotted flying towards the capital building…

  4. Is any other Senator supporting the filibuster?

    1. “Senator Rand Paul ?@SenRandPaul
      Why isn’t there more moral outrage? Why isn’t every Senator coming down to say let’s go ahead and hold this nomination?”

      Appears he is on his own. Pathetic

      1. Because if you don’t support domestic drones, freedom loses!

      2. Who’s pathetic? Paul or the other senators?

        1. The other senators

  5. I’m still shaking my head as to why Rand voted to approve Hagel.

    It’s the first time I’ve been disappointed in him.

    1. Yeah this had me scratching my head too. I didn’t like it.

    2. Because THIS is a much bigger nomination issue.

      1. A no vote on Hagel wouldn’t have interfered with getting to Brennan.

        1. He voted no on cloture on Hagel.

          He wasnt willing to spend the effort doing a serious filibuster of Hagel.

          And he said that, in general, he supports a presidents right to pick his own administration, so once the cloture on Hagel failed, he supported him in the final vote.

          He was saving ALL his political capital for this fight.

          1. s/failed/succeeded/

          2. I guess.

    3. While I wasn’t disappointed in the decision to support Romney–it makes perfect sense politically–that did cause some bile to build up in my mouth.

      I honestly don’t have an opinion on Hagel. I don’t see the objections to him and I also don’t see the appeal of picking him. I think Rand knows what he is doing politically, which is amazing considering he has yet to really waver in his commitment to small government and liberty.

      1. “I don’t see the objections to him”

        He admitted to not knowing very much, if anything about the job he was being appointed to – he could not answer very basic questions about policy, positions, events, anything. Utterly unprepared and quite the fool to boot. One would hope someone who could breathe and think at the same time would have been nominated. I guess some didn’t feel they could advise that he be confirmed, and hence would not consent.

  6. http://www.timesdispatch.com/n…..ab5df.html

    “His aura is really special,” said Robyne Bridgman, 49, a western Henrico County mother who works for the Department of Environmental Quality and first saw Braco on his last trip to Richmond two years ago.

    Fucking government workers.

  7. Question:

    Flight of Black Angel scenario. Pilot (a citizen) steals nuke and is going to drop it on Las Vegas. Does the President have the authority to shoot him down?

    1. Absolutely. Nutcase, a citizen, takes knife and starts stabbing people. Do the police have they authority to shoot him when he won’t surrender peacefully and can’t otherwise be contained? Of course.

      What I worry about and I assume the Senator worries about is if the administration thinks it can carry out drone strikes within the United States without attempting a conventional arrest.

      1. “…and I assume the Senator worries about is if the administration thinks it can carry out drone strikes within the United States without attempting a conventional arrest.”

        He’s already addressed the issue of an imminent threat. That isn’t his problem with the drone program. It’s about killing people because they might be associated, even unwillingly, or in proximity to someone deemed a terrorist by the POTUS.

    2. For example, droning the Unabomber doesn’t seem to be excluded by the administration, but would be a violation of the Unabomber’s rights.

      1. A lot of people would be fine with that. Probably better to talk about, say, droning Richard Jewell as an example.

    3. I think since that’s a case of a person with the capability and the intent to do imminent harm, that is the wrong example. I think what Paul is getting at is more of the “We think this guy wants to or has worked with terrorists, therefore we have the authority to kill him” sort of case.

      1. Paraphrase:

        If you are going to kill American citizens on American soil, are you going to also keep insisting that imminent doesn’t mean immediate?

        1. Yeah, my comment depends on using the actual meaning of imminent.

      2. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rand.

        And I think you are correct in thinking that Rand’s problem is as you state:

        We think this guy wants to or has worked with terrorists, therefore we have the authority to kill him

        But, to be fair. That’s NOT the question he asked of Holder.

        1. I think if you look at the second Paul letter linked in the OP the questions asked therein require (among other things) an endorsement or rejection of the hypothetical thought process you bolded.

          1. First bullet in the paper.

            Do you believe that the president has the power to authorize lethal force, such as a drone strike, against a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil?

            That is the question Holder answered AND is also the scenario I posed above. This whole issue sounds like miscommunication to me. And the media is all to happy to fan the flames.


            1. I understand all that, but you have to look at the totality of the questions being asked – and ignored.

      3. “We think this guy wants to or has worked with terrorists, therefore we have the authority to kill him” sort of case.

        You mean like exactly what they’ve already done to an American citizen that had not been charged with a crime? Twice?

        Sorry, but they’ve already extrajudicially murdered two Americans that did no more than exercise their 1A rights without charging them for any crime. Do you really think they give a fuck where they commit their high crimes?

        1. Sloop

          How’d it go with baby Reason?

          1. What he said.

          2. Oh, the surgeons at Stanford agreed with the original one and they want to wait for several months before doing anything. I told them what the guy in San Diego had said after seeing the pics our pediatrician sent him and they said that there was no right or wrong answer and that they stood by their assessment.

            We also told them how unhappy we were that the surgeon from Childrens in Fresno never returned calls to our pediatrician. They said surgeons are very busy and don’t always have the time. I pointed out that it was common courtesy.

            Either way, I guess we’re gonna be on their timeline instead of the guy in San Diego’s and our pediatrician’s because he can’t get an exemption to our network to San Diego but can for Stanford.

            Otherwise, they were pretty amazed at her progress in 3 months and said the omphalocele was looking very good relative to others they had treated.

            1. Sounds like she’s doing well. Best wishes.

              1. Thanks a bunch. Yeah, she’s looking pretty good.

                1. Good? She’s looking freaking insanely adorable! Glad to hear she’s doing well too.

            2. Woot! Sounds like she’ll be learning to gamble and swear in no time.

            3. Great news – much joy to your family.

            4. Yeah, sounds like she’s a little trooper. Best of luck.

            5. Best wishes!

            6. Very glad to hear things are going well! Hang in there.

        2. Well that’s the question put to Brennan, isn’t it?

          As far as I’m concerned, the only acceptable answer to “Does the President have the authority to order the death of a US citizen (or anyone, for that matter, but let’s limit the scope for now) at his sole discretion?” is an immediate and categorical “No.” Anything else warrants a horsewhipping for the nominee.

          1. You are 100% correct. Except I would follow the horsewhipping with blackballing them from ever working in the government again.

            1. Edmund: No, of course not, Ma’am… and perhaps Lord Melchett would like to whip me naked through the streets of Aberdeen…

              Melchett: Oh, I don’t think we need go that far, Blackadder…

              Edmund: Oh, too kind…

              Melchett: No — Aylesbury’s quite far enough

        3. “Do you really think they give a fuck where they commit their high crimes?”

          I think it does. But not because of the moral implications, but rather the potential political backlash. Who knows?

  8. Politico on the filibuster:


    This isn’t a paper filibuster, but an old-fashioned, Mr. Smith style speak-til-you drop filibuster.

    Awesome! Go, Rand, go!

    1. I’ve always been fond of the Mel Gibson remake myself. Unfortunately, I can’t find a clip of the climax on Youtube.

      1. Nevermind, I found it. This is the sort of Senator I would want to be.

        1. People who film their tv and post the resulting videos are worse than Hitler.

          People who post their links are even worse than them.

          1. It’s the most complete clip I could find. There was a good quality one, but it was in Spanish. There was a better-quality English one, but all it had was the decapitation.

            1. It’s unpossible to find good complete Simpson clips. They take down anything, you only have the slim-pickins on Hulu.

              1. And the ones you do find are always in Spanish.

        1. Now THAT’S a filibuster!

      2. Ted Cruz just called him a “modern Mr. Smith goes to Washington”.

  9. Where is Wyden? Between the two of them, they ought to be able to hold the floor 24 hours per day.

    1. Ron Wyden would like the support of the DNC when he runs for reelection…he’s not going to get it if he filibusters his own party’s nominee.

  10. Are you just going to drop a Hellfire missile on Jane Fonda?


    1. They get their day in court, they don’t get a Hellfire missile sent to their house!

  11. In the interests of equal time, here is a defense of the administration’s drone program:


  12. Damn, now he’s denouncing Oliver Wendell Holmes and the French Revolution.

    And praise for Lysander Spooner.

    That’s how filibusters are done!

    1. And praising the *Lochner* decision.

      Asking Pres. Obama to reconsider his opposition to *Lochner* – comparing it to the anti-racial-segregation case of Buchanan v. Warley.

  13. He’s still going after almost two hours.

  14. “we don’t talk about the Fifth Amendment much…”

    Now *there’s* a filibuster!

  15. “We have to get the President to respond to this.”

    Have you tried to file a petition on the White House website?

    1. Most of the people concerned about this issue are afraid that signing a petition will put them on a list.

    2. “We have to get the President to respond to this.”

      President Obama: “Release the hounds drones.”

  16. This is fucking awesome.

    Who’s gonna be the Claude Rains character and out himself as a monster? I’d pay to see Schumer do it.

    1. On behalf of every Kentuckian who voted for Rand Paul, you’re fucking welcome.

      1. Thanks to his Dad, I got to vote for him twice!

      2. Seriously, THANK YOU.

        1. He isn’t perfect, but he’s definitely as good as we’ve seen, and as good as we can realistically hope for.

  17. Anybody know if Obama is planning on responding?

    1. He’s arming the drone as we speak.

    2. Why should he? There’s going to be a bipartisan consensus to impose cloture on him.

  18. It just became the lead on Drudge.

    1. Still only a C-SPAN 2. One think it’d be bumped to a full-fledged C-SPAN 1 (the highest of C-SPANs).

  19. From WaPo:

    “I will speak until I can no longer speak,” Paul said. “I will speak as long as it takes, until the alarm is sounded from coast to coast that our Constitution is important, that your rights to trial by jury are precious, that no American should be killed by a drone on American soil without first being charged with a crime, without first being found to be guilty by a court.”

    Paul began his filibuster at 11:47 a.m. Eastern. Around the one-hour mark, he acknowledged “I can’t talk forever” and said his throat was getting dry.

    At the start if the 1 p.m. hour, Paul was the only senator on the floor. Just 30 people watched from the Senate gallery above while a few security guards, stenographers and Senate pages held their appointed spots on the floor. In the rafters, a man responsible for operating the Senate television cameras was seen reading a newspaper.

    I gotta say, he is fucking killing it out there.

    1. So wait, there’s no one else in the building? He’s basically talking to himself?

      1. The shot C-SPAN has is showing what looks like a dude’s shoulder to Paul’s left, but no one else is visible in the shot (four empty chairs are). But I didn’t realize it was so empty until I read that story.

      2. They know the filibuster will be going on for quite some time, and their presence will not be required for some time. So they’re going off to the bars and the massage parlors, confident that it will be a long time before they’re called upon to do any voting.

        When it comes time for the cloture vote, they’ll be back from the massage parlors and the crack houses to shut Rand up.

        1. Is Bob Menendez on his way back to the DR then?

        2. Bars and massage parlors?

          Are they in bangkok now?


      3. That actually happens all the time. The stuff in the chamber is for the record and for show; the real business takes place in closed sessions.

  20. And he mentions that courts upheld Korematsu. FUCK YES.

  21. I’m listening live on C-Span. He is the best hope I see in the political field for movement in the direction of liberty.

    Is his Senate site the right site to donate, or are most waiting until he sets up for his Presidential run?

  22. I hope by thing time people should be willing to forgive Rand for the Hagel thing.

    1. “by this tims”

      1. NO, not even for delicious, delicious tim bits!


    2. I hope by thing time people should be willing to forgive Rand for the Hagel thing.

      You mean the one where he voted for him?

  23. Not to keen on his statemnt about ‘the cost of a civilized society”, but otherwise this is just amazing.

  24. Correction, I’m on CSpan2 at CSpan.org. He’s basically giving a Libertarian Primer.

    1. So, basically, he’s filming Ashley Judd’s campaign commercials for her? Well, that’s considerate. (Or is she running for McConnell’s seat? Never mind. Don’t care.)

      1. If she is running (she isnt), she is running for McConnell’s seat.

  25. He is absolutely destroying Obama on his policy flip-flops. And if people weren’t so devoted to their TEAM, liberals would follow this speech by grabbing torches and pitchforks and heading to 1600 Pennsylvania.

    1. Blue Team and Red Team devotion is powerful. The pervasive feeling that no other vote will count is part of it. Failure to have thought through one’s ethics, rather than simply flitting from issue to issue with no more depth than media talking points. Much more, but it makes me a little sad to think about all the people that won’t hear Rand Paul’s basic message tonight.

      – What will MSNBC say about it tonight, what will their listeners receive?

      1. What will MSNBC say about it tonight, what will their listeners receive?


        1. I didn’t ask for an exact translation, just the general theme. But fine MLG, quote MSNBC verbatim if you want.

          1. General theme? Why didn’t you say so?


            1. LOL. It’s sad, true, but funny. No sad. No funny. Kentucky Republican, I think that spells racist in the liberal dictionary.

              MSNBC won’t even bother to relate to the issues Democrats supposedly support. They’ll relay exactly the two messages you outlined, in a loop, before showing Sandra Fluke ask me to buy her birth control pills. Whose fucking that liberal crazy bitch so she even needs them? That fucktard needs to come forward, maybe he could pitch in for the birth control pills.

  26. “Has anyone ever been on the Internet? Has anyone ever seen the crack pot things on the Internet?”

    Seen them? I wrote them!

    1. That was you? Let me shake your hand you crazy bastard.

  27. Wow. Cytotoxic can’t be happy about that last part.

    1. I take it Rand doesn’t think we should kill anyone, anywhere, whenever we just feel like it? What a monster that Rand Paul is!

    2. The last time Rand talked about foreign policy, Cychotoxic was crowing that noninterventionism in the Senate was dead. I guess the joke’s on him.

      1. Seeing as Rand is the only one taking this stand, I (sadly) think he may be right.

        1. He said that because he thought Rand was an interventionist.

  28. His voice still sounds fine, he should be good for at least another hour and a half. And The Binder on the desk looks pretty thick.

    1. My guess is that he goes until at least 4:30 eastern.

    2. And not a woman in it.

    3. Wait, no, the only woman in his binder is Lady Liberty! Yeah, that sounds good.

  29. He’s doing an amazing job.

    Of course, tomorrow’s papers and blogs will report on it as some sort of crackpot maneuver by a Republican because the President is black. Or something. Whatever it is, I’m sure they’re say it’s RAYCESSS!!

    Damn. I want him in the White House.

    1. The GOP establishment is probably formulating a plan to combat this problem ASAP.

    2. It’s clear it’s all about RACE. It’s all about a black man having his own killer drone. If it’d been a white guy with a killer drone wanting to kill Americans without due process then Rand would just show up in his white sheet for another day at the office.

      1. Pretty close to some of the commentary on Slate.

        Also because Rand Paul didn’t filibuster the Patriot Act in 2001, he ‘s just being a hypocrite now.

        (I’ll let that settle into the folds of your brain.)

        1. Well, if Rand Paul wasn’t such a racist he would have used a time machine to go back to 2001 to filibuster the Patriot Act.


        2. Someone actually said that?

          1. Went to cut and paste it for you, but I was wrong. I jammed two responses together when reading. It was just the standard “where was this when Bush was in charge”? Which is close, but since Rand Paul is a Republican and every Republican is just a splinter of a hive mind, then Rand can be dismissed for what the party didn’t do when he didn’t hold elective office. See?

            1. Ah, now it all makes sense.

        3. Laughing at Slate commentary on politics is akin to laughing at a kid with cerebral palsey because he can’t tie his own shoes. It’s just wrong.

          1. Slate : cerebral palsy :: Salon : Terri Schiavo

            1. Sounds about right.

              HuffPo : Honey Boo Boo’s mom?

              1. HuffPo : Down’s, but not the cute, gentle kind. The angry strong kind.

                1. HuffPo wants cake.

                  1. HuffPo likes them french fried potaters.

                    1. Reckon you make HuffPo some biscuits.

                    2. “You shouldna done that, he’s just a page.”

                    3. I lol’ed

                    4. Wait, so Mark Foley was Sling Blade’s mother’s boyfriend?

        4. Hufftards are going crazy too.

          Especially the guy who claimed that he could buy the sincerity only if Paul would have voted against the Patriot Act reauthorization. Which he did. This TEAM bullshit is fucking disgusting. It’s the road that will lead to peak retard.

          1. I have actually seen the “Rand Paul supported the PATRIOT Act” lie more than once today.

            These people are desperate. A Kentucky Republican and libertarian is making them all look like idiots.

            1. Not bad for a toothless redneck.

            2. Here is the exact quote:

              I have a very hard time listening to anyone that voted for the Patriot Act extension talk about protecting American’s Constitutional rights.

              Fuck these people with a rusty chainsaw.

              1. Give me the link. I like replying to idiots like than and I have a HuffPo account. I’ll disembowel the guy…metaphorically, not the Warty way.

                1. They’re just going to get Tony-like amnesia. You’ll get them into a corner, they’ll log off and wait for you to leave, and then tomorrow it’s Groundhog Day again.

                2. If you like sloopy, keep posting this link.

            3. Here another good one:

              I think Paul might prefer hundreds of thousands of our service-people
              on the ground in some far away way land risking life and limb, and
              spending Trillions on W ars to keep us safe ………….been there, done that!

              Jesus Fucking Christ. The inability for these partisans to get even basic facts right is jaw dropping. They see (R-KY) after his name, and to them that is all they need to know and project all they think they know about Team RED on to him.

              1. Amazing, thanks for bringing this stuff over. Rand makes so much sense that I sometimes have a misguided belief that the information is spreading. Nah.

    3. I actually had a progressive insinuate that opponents of these drone strikes were just bothered by the fact that we had a black president. (I didn’t mention that the President has more white in him than the targets of his drone strikes). And anyway, he said, only lawyers are bothered about the technicalities of drone strikes. I mentioned that Rand Paul was an eye doctor, not a lawyer, and that there are lawyers on both sides on the droning question and related War on Terror questions.

      1. Why do you bother even discussing it with any of these asshats? They care less about consistency than for who is in charge at any given time. Hell, almost everybody on the right that is raising hell about Obama’s unconstitutional actions were dead-silent when GWB was out there doing the same fucking things.

    4. The Left refuses to cheer him on because Socialism Ueber Alles.

    1. dwill123
      flexing the “golden pipes” on the day’s issues
      851 Fans
      26 seconds ago ( 2:20 PM)
      Hey Rand, don’t you have to wash your cKlanHoodandRobe for meeting tonight???

      851 fans, y’all!

      1. They really are angry little people.

        OBAMA 2012!!!
        1291 Fans
        53 seconds ago ( 2:27 PM)
        Yet another pathetic Libertarian Republican desperately searching for relevance and an original thought.

        255 Fans
        34 seconds ago ( 2:27 PM)
        American Nazi through and through.

          1. You’ve got to remember that these are just simple farmers commentators. These are people of the land left. The common clay of the new West Progressive movement. You know… morons.

      3. Southrnbelle
        OBAMA 2012!!!
        1291 Fans
        4 minutes ago ( 2:27 PM)
        Yet another pathetic Libertarian Republican desperately searching for relevance and an original thought.

      4. Jesus fucking Christ!! Aren’t those people even listening??!!

        1. Edit: are

          1. No. They never listen. They just look at the source and immediately make an emotional driven decision about how to feel about what’s being said. They’re fucking pathetic.

    2. There’s a lot of this. Hilarious.

      67 Fans
      34 seconds ago ( 2:34 PM)
      Hate and troubled that I agree with Rand Paul on something.

      1. Yeah, why would you hate that? Mystified here.

        1. Because when unprincipled partisan shitbags begin to subconciously realize what scumbag pieces of shit they are, it bothers them a little and they need to lash out.

        2. You make the common mistake of believing these people are self-reflective. They have very simple nervous systems, and can only react with a very limited set of responses. Light/Dark, Heat/Cold, Democrat/Republican. It’s sad to see it in action, really.

          1. So are they thigmotaxic, phototaxic or just progressotaxic?

          2. So something like Lobsters, but with smaller brain stems?

  30. I just turned it on. In HD!!!!!!

  31. (I didn’t mention that the President has more white in him than the targets of his drone strikes)

    Afghanis, North Pakistanis, Yemenis etc are

    1. They might be more Aryan, but they don’t really look white.

    2. White, Caucasian and Aryan are not synonyms except to followers of outdated and wrong racial theory. When people say “white” they mean of European descent.

  32. Glenn Greenwald on Twitter has a sad that it’s Rand Paul doing the Lord’s work on this issue. Why is he sad about it? Who knows.

    Oh yeah, and Justin Raimondo has apparently decided Rand Paul isn’t dumb after all, after slagging him just a week ago in this very forum.

    1. Eh, Raimondo is a tool.

    2. Most of the people I follow on Twitter I don’t follow for political reasons, but plenty of them tweet about politics on the regular. My stream has been fucking silent on the filibuster except a few RTs from Mike Riggs.

    3. So Rand has been cured of his severe case of Christian Zionism?

      1. My AIPAC check didn’t clear either. Something about ADP’s system being down, I dunno.

        1. Check? They pay me in silver, about 30 pieces if I shill real good.

    4. He actually qualifies that in a response:

      Glenn Greenwald ?@ggreenwald

      @JustinRaimondo He should have a ton of company, including huge numbers of Dems who pretended to fine this stuff objectionable


  33. He just slammed W and by extension the idiots that preceded him. I reckon that will end up on the cutting room floor of every single news outlet.

    1. He’s just doing it because Obama is black. No Republican can ever be right ever!

  34. Any chance Rand Paul can pull some Blue team support on issues like the drone program? I suspect Rock Star Jesus Obama has too powerful a hold them.

  35. “This Isn’t Hard, Mr. President: Do You Think You Can Kill Us on American Soil or Not?”


    1. He’s about to find out for sure the hard way. As soon as the drone gets fully armed and fueled and the drone operator gets back from lunch.

  36. I want to move to Kentucky.

  37. Tomorrow morning in the NYT ; Senator Compares Obama to Hitler!

  38. “Am I the only one in America who is a little bit, I don’t know, underwhelmed that the president says he has no intention of detaining an American but he’s going to sign the act anyway? ‘Don’t worry, I’m your leader, I would never do that.’ And I can take him at his word…but what about the next guy, and the next guy?”

    And now he’s talking about Kelo.

  39. I don’t know why, but I decided to turn on Limbaugh to see if he was talking about the filibuster.

    Instead I hear him talking about Ted Cruz getting Holder to admit that “the government cannot randomly drone a US citizen.” (His words)

    He mentions Rubio, Cruz, and Rubio as being on point on this issue…and no mention of Rand. Reminds me of the early GOP primary debates where there were only 5 candidates on stage and he ignored the two libertarians. He pretended they didn’t even speak; he played zero clips from them. The obfuscation is amazing.

    1. Rush refuses to support libertarians. Back in the 90s he was a little better about it, but when we became an actual threat or something, he flipped entirely.

      1. it’s not just Rush; it’s the entire talkerati, absent the recently-retired Boortz. They can’t wrap their heads around right-wing statism still being statism.

        1. Boortz retired?! oh that fucking blooooows.

          1. wareagle stated it perfectly; Red Team can’t see their own Statism, hell, they can’t see the socialist tendencies within their own party. Even if Red Team provides some small support to Rand now, they will try to eat him later when Red Team runs their Socialist Leader for Top Man.

            Red Team will kill Rand, throw him in the BBQ pit and feed him to Christie.

        2. Well there is Jerry Doyle, I don’t know that he’s ever identified himself as a libertarian but if you listen to his show for 5 minutes he pretty clearly is one.

  40. If our government is “reserving the right to execute” American citizens in our country who have not face a trial by jury, that’s clearly a violation of the

    Amendment IV
    The right of the people to be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures.

    Amendment V
    No person shall be held for a capital crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.

    Amendment VI
    In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury.

    …of the US Constition. That’s an impeachable offense to say the very least. Furthermore, it’s very near (if not de facto) reason for launching an insurection against the Fedearal government. I hope Mr. Paul is successful in forcing the Obama regime to repudiate this unconstitutional act.

    Additionally, if this government follows through on it’s threat to execute American citizens on US soil, without Constitutionally required steps, that government becomes illegitimate…and THAT is a leap that I don’t think that the Obama Regime is quite ready to take.

    1. The federal government has been illegitimate with regards to the Constitution for over a century.

    2. None of those says anything about citizenship either. No person who is not actively engaged in acts of war against the US should be killed without due process.

  41. “The hell it’s a battlefield, it’s our country!”

  42. And now he’s talking about executions of falsely convicted people. Quick, TEAM BLUE, better continue not listening.

    1. Wait a gosh darn stinking minute! Tulpa has repeatedly said that it is unpossible for falsely convicted people to be executed! UNPOSSIBLE!

    2. All these fuckstains need to see is the (R-Kentucky) after his name, and their mind is made up.

      He’s a racist redneck Republican who hates the working poor and women and is a war monger.

      1. Look, I’m not going to defend those idiots, but this is one of the reasons that many of us object to libertarians running as Republicans. Those individuals will always have to carry the baggage of all the rest of the decidedly un-libertarian rest of the GOP.

        I mean, the LP is just as freighted and tards are gonna tard no matter what, but it is an issue.

        1. It seems a minor cost to actually, you know, get him in DC doing his thing.

          1. I agree, but there’s always going to be the push/pull of someone having to suck up to the party but not so much as to turn them against him. I don’t really see a solution in the near future.

        2. Agreed. With both SF and robc.

          It is a problem, but it is also the only way in modern America to have a shot.

  43. I love watching the brownshirt rank and file.

    William Laney
    2:43 PM EST
    In order to get on the stage you have to pull a stunt for the Teabats…

    they need an unending desire to get the black guy.
    LikeLiked by 1 reader ? Reply ? Share ? Flag

    1. Via C-SPANS Facebook:

      Hermin Miranda: I bet this freakin idiot and the rest of the teathuglicans here have no idea why they should oppose Brennan other than he was Obama’s pick… But this fool will cave in just a bit, he’s just in a tizzy that he no longer is the craziest idiot in the Senate, that distinction goes to Cruz.

  44. Can we talk about the fact that Rand Paul even doing this is giving me a semi?

    1. Yes.

      1. Shut up, nicole, boners are gross.

        1. It’s curious that you should want me to think that.

          1. The elimination of heterosexual (as well as homosexual) desire is all to further his master plan: converting the population to Wartysexual! It’s dumb, I know, but we all have our dreams.

      1. I think we should leave the thrills up their leg to the Blue team crew and just applaud and throw money to get him elected President.

        1. Wait….lemme think about…


          1. We have a better choice on the horizon?

    Fancy pants, ivy league, liberal, elite
    173 Fans

    51 seconds ago ( 2:47 PM)
    Rand Paul is from Kentucky and own guns–I believe Rand Paul would kill a burglar trying to get into his house or hurt his family. The President has the right to kill anyone who tries to get in our house, (the USA), and kill us. Don’t be so ridiculous, unless you support the end of the right for citizens to own guns. I don’t think most of you would agree with that…LOL


    1. Idiot thinks that droning an America citizen within the border of the US without due process is the same as repelling an invasion.


      1. Totally the same thing and you would understand if it was a white man in the white house.

        1. Unfortunately, a lot of people that were OK with Bush’s unconstitutional excesses are foaming at the mouth now. That guy would have a point if he was talking about 30 or so other Team Red Senators, but he’s way the fuck off on Paul.

          1. You got that backwards man.

            Unfortunately many of the people who are foaming at the mouth now, weren’t bitching when Bush was president.

            1. That’s what I was trying to say.

      2. SUPER USER is ivy league so his ignorance is understandable and inevitable. Rand Paul went to Baylor and is making me proud.

        1. And SUPER USER, I’m sure, actually supports the 2nd Amendment.

    2. I wonder what her position on immigration is.

  46. Yes, open spaces doctrine is retarded.

  47. Ah yes. The Griswold case. Wasn’t that about the terrorists that forced a security guard to ride a roller coaster against his will? I thought the park owner dropped the case.

    1. You could get a really bad infection!

      1. So today I learned Juliette Lewis does garage rock.

        1. She’s been making music for almost ten years! Are you always the last one to get news?

    2. I thought it was the case involving roundabouts as cruel and unusual punishment.

      1. No, that case was denied by Her Majesty’s High Court on Human Rights due to the hilarity that actually ensued, and also because that Audrey was fucking worthless and it’s totally unrealistic that she could have ended up dating Johnny Lawrence.

        1. That Audrey died of diabeetus.

          1. As long as Rusty’s German girl is still OK, I’m fine with that.

            1. Claudia Neidig is alive and still acting.

              1. IIRC, those were some nice titties.

  48. Maybe Rand Paul will say, “Ok, it’s 4:29 pm Eastern Time, and I’m gonna wrap this up because the H & R P.M links are gonna go up.”

    1. Who’s not posting right now?

  49. Now defending the 9th and 10th amendments. Is there no end to his depravity?

  50. Holy shit….some help

  51. Getting an assist from Mike Lee!

  52. This must be a piss break.

  53. Mike Lee coming in now? Is Rand getting someone to filibuster with him? Tyhat would be fucking awesome and may offer enough cover for Wyden to jump in as well.

    1. He is, looks like they’re actually going to have a discussion.

      1. We need a National Conversation on drone policy.

    2. This is going to get interesting!

      1. Looks like he came in with a plan, this could be fun.

        Why didn’t Boehner or some of the other red blooded red team do something interesting the last 4 years? Oh wait, they really don’t disagree with the President, they just want his powers.

        1. “they just want his powers”


  54. If I were a filibustering Senator, I would wear an earpiece and have someone reading Hit and Run comments to me, which I would then repeat.

    Unless they said “cunt.”

    1. “Unless they said “cunt.”

      From the Gallery: This is why there are no female libertarians!!!!!!

    2. Why not say Cunt? He could use it instead of Obama and we’d all understand. Watch:

      The Cunt behaves like a king, not a president with limited powers.

      The Cunt is borrowing 30 cents of every dollar and wants to just keep spending.

      The Cunt took us to war in Afganistan and acts like he’s different than Bush in some way.

      See, who confuses Cunt with any other person than Obama?

      1. I could some confusion in the Cunt/Bush comparison. They’re one in the same as far as I’m concerned!

      2. One does not simply say ‘cunt’ on the Senate floor.

        1. Might elevate the level of thought too high.

        2. Unless someone’s muttering something about the House and Pelosi

          1. Wow, how wrong I was, Cunt can be confused with so many other politicians. It’s almost like saying politician.

  55. Wish I could watch this at work. Sounds amazing.

  56. Well, SugarFree’s stories are worse than drones, I’ll give him that.

    Never trust a republican
    536 Fans
    42 seconds ago ( 2:58 PM)
    Drones are bad, very bad but libraltarianism is much, much worse, I accept neither and do not support the program. However, the paul family is like a broken clock, right once in a while. But completely useless most of the time

    1. The dread “libraltarianism” rears it’s ugly head again.

      1. I’m surprised you don’t hear us called “libortarians” with claims we’re just shilling for Big Banking.


      still hopeful at 55
      and still changeful at 56
      5815 Fans
      59 seconds ago ( 3:02 PM)
      so does this mean he pro-choice, for marriage equality and women’s rights? how did he vote on the VAWA? i will check…i hope for his sake he is and has voted to reflect all people having all their liberties as equal humans. hate to see a hypocrite up there speaking out anything less that fairness for all.

      1. What we be a good liberal blog to read? I tried reading MSNBC, major format issues aside, it was nearly incoherent. Any suggestions?

        1. Uhhh…Bleeding Heart Libertarians might be alright.

          1. Even they are fucking retarded on occasion.

          2. BHL has some good stuff, some stuff I disagree with, and yes, sometimes downright dumbass crap.

            1. I get confused every time I read it.

              I find it either boring or completing lacking in understanding what a libertarian is.

              1. It’s almost always boring because the majority of the writers there are academics, and academics don’t know how to write anything that can be engaging to non-academics.

                And they seem to lack an understanding of what a libertarian is for the same reasons.

          1. That hack? No way, all he does is baby these days. Psh, a baby, how unoriginal can you get?

            1. IIRC, that was posted by the Associate Editor of the site.

              1. Nice try. We both know there’s no female population at Hit & Run.

          2. If a bit infrequently updated.

      2. Fucking who you want and killing the unborn are the gateways. If you vote nay on either, you’re the worst kind of human being to walk the earth.

      3. Rand actually said he applauded Obama’s stance on gay rights issues about 90 minutes ago. These people can’t even get their talking points right on an existing speech.

    3. the paul family is like a broken clock, right once in a while.

      I’m guessing this dipshit went with “right once in a while” instead of the typical phrase “twice a day” because they’re literally too stupid to count to 2.

  57. If you don’t like what a sentence says, redefine some of the words! Yay!

  58. and Cruz…

  59. And now Cruz…wow. Didn’t see this coming…

  60. Daily Kos is fun, too.

    * [new] Yup. (0+ / 0-)
    He is a staunch advocate for bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran just like McCain and his warmongering father.

    by Progressif on Wed Mar 06, 2013 at 11:09:29 AM PST

    [ Parent ]

    1. These people make the baby Jesus cry.

      1. They don’t believe in the baby Jesus. Instead they like to imagin Jesus in blue jeans and a tuxedo tee shirt. So it’s like he’s saying “I want to be formal, but I’m here to party.”

        1. I like to think of Jesus as a mischievous badger.

        2. These people make hipster Jesus cry.

    2. Jeebus Fucking Christ.

      Some shit just . . .

      fucking nevermind.

    3. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! How do these people go through even a single a day without accidentally bashing their own heads with a tack hammer? Seriously these people are so stupid they can’t even breath and think at the same time.

      All their brain’s clock cycles are being taken up with “breath in, now breath out, heart muscle contract, heart muscle relax, breath in, breath out…”

  61. Cruz wishes Rand had 99 Senators up there with him. Why doesn’t he put his money where his mouth is and ask to take over when Rand runs out of gas then?

    1. I have been wondering this, too.

      I’m wondering how long until Rand has to piss.

    2. Isn’t that what he just did?

      1. I think he must remain on the Senate floor to keep it. He leaves, he loses control.

        1. Ah I think you’re right. It’s been so long since we had a real one I forgot the rules.

          1. Does the US Senate have a piss boy on staff, or did he get cut due to the sequester?

            1. Hopefully Rand put on a urethra

            2. If Obama needed to piss, Chris Matthews would be there with an open mouth.

              1. Is Ke$ha an Obamabot?

            3. He’s probably got a stadium pal.

              Rand considers the piss boy to be an unecessary and frivolous spending program.

        2. He should have just brought a few empty milk jugs with him. The way of the road, buddy.

  62. It’s like he and Cruz are having a legitimate debate. This is fucking great.

  63. So Lee and Cruz are along side him now? 3 hours and he is finally getting some support.

    Wonder how long it will take for him to really start pissing other senators off? This is not the 1800s anymore, a filibuster of more than an hour or two has to be alarming for these clowns.

  64. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kansas) joins in.

  65. Moran is going off on the NLRB ignoring a court’s decision as well as the legislature’s rules on when they are in session.

    This had to be somewhat orchestrated, which I’m fine with, and that leads me to believe this may be more than a one man show.

    1. Well now Rand’s Stand is going to just be routinely dismissed by Team Blue dips.

      1. I hate to say it, but it already was.

        1. By definition “Team Blue dips” dismiss anything spoken by someone with an R after their name.

          The comment above from Daily Kos attributes Iran warmongering to both Ron and Rand Paul.

          It’s like they live in a parallel dimension.

        2. I hate to say it, but it already was.

          No, it was not. 3/4ths of the comments in the usual hovels of dipshits *at least* said “I don’t want to agree with Rand, but I do”

          1. I just assume the team blue dips were incapable of rational thought. The liberals I do know who did not vote for Obama this time around, because of the drone/war efforts, I would not consider dips.

            1. I know exactly ZERO of those.

              Plenty who say they oppose the drone wars, but none who declined to vote for Black Jesus.

              1. I frequent another internet forum that’s not politically oriented at all, but has a political catch all thread. Quite a few people there, who are self proclaimed dems/libs, went with Stein or Johnson over Obama because of the drone wars.

                Of course in their next breath they bring up the social contract and the need for more administrative oversight into whatever fuck else has put sand in their vagina that day.

                1. I frequent another internet forum . . .


  66. Fucking Cruz grandstanding on some Tejas bullshit. Motherfucker, if you wanted to filibuster, have the balls to do so on your own and talk about the fucking Alamo.

    1. Now, now. Everyone knows Texans have to spend at least 51% of their speaking time talking about how great Texas is or they get exiled to Oklahoma.

    2. All I heard was “Texas Texas Texas, Texas Texas Texas Texas.” But in a filibuster it’s all good.

    3. He’s trying to give some props to Rand, and basically bullshitting…cause it’s a fucking filibuster, that’s WHAT YOU DO.

      1. I can appreciate that there’s a lot of filler in these type of things, but Texans are absurd when it comes to this kind of shit.

        And here comes the Travis letter. Goddammit! You don’t see Virginians or even people from the Great State of Ohio grandstanding like this, and God knows we surely can.

        1. Quoting Major League doesn’t count as grandstanding.

        2. C’mon. What’s Ohio got now that Armstrong and Glenn are dead? You gonna go on about your Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. Only one of those nouns is true.

          1. Drew Carey?

            1. The second best gameshow host to come off of Who’s Line Is It? Why would we celebrate him?

              1. Ohio gets to be a swing state? That’s what Ohio’s got?

          2. Cedar Point.

            The Buckeyes.

            The Reds.

            Just to start…

            1. Wait, wait. I can play this, too.

              The Browns
              Cuyahoga River Beaches

              Should I name 3 more things that nobody else likes about Ohio?

              1. No need. That’s Cleveland, by the way. Nobody from Ohio is proud of that shitstain of a city.

              2. Ohio State
                John Bohener

                1. We had Neil Armstrong
                  We have Ohio State
                  We have Kings Island and Cedar Point

                  Fuck John Glenn

              3. I am just going to direct you here and say remove the beam from thine own eye, Brett.

                1. We have some of the nicest beaches in the world, populated by some of the craziest people in the world. I won’t apologize for that. Or the pythons. Or Disney. Or… shit.

            1. Call it chili if you want. I’ll call it spaghetti sauce.

              1. Oh yeah? Well Manhattan Clam Chowder is better than that shit from Boston.

                Also, your baked beans suck.

                1. Manhattan Clam Chowder

                  Never heard of it.

                    1. That looks like the recipe for some sort of tomato-based clam soup. I’m sure it’s delicious, whatever it is.

            2. No beans, No tomatoes, no fucking noodles in chili. Enjoy your meaty tomato sauce.

              1. You are fucking nuts, you motherfucker. Take it back.

                There is tomato paste in it. There are beans in a three-way, four-way or five-way.

                1. I bet Sen. Cruz knows how to make a proper chili. He should gives a recipe next time he talks.

                  1. By chili, you mean meat stewed in chili powder and water with an onion and clove of garlic?

                    Fuck that shit. Chili has tomatoes in it…and beans.

                    1. That I can agree with. The Texas Chili Purists are dopes.

                    2. Powder? Chili powder? You want me to eat your spicy beef soup with tomatoes and beans in it, I’ll eat it. It will probably taste good. But its not chili.

                2. I can’t stand up for Skyline. Sorry buddy, but chili should not have brown sugar and/or chocolate in it.

                  1. There’s no fucking chocolate in Cincinnati chili. There may be a hint of brown sugar, but I think you’ll find that in other chili styles. Other styles like Texas chili.

                    1. I could have sworn the Red Star recipe had chocolate.

                3. This is a good start to a Texas Red. NO beans, no tomatoes, you do not cover italian noodles with it.

            3. The biggest problem with Texas chili is that you can’t make a fucking chili dog with it. And if you can’t make a chili dog with it, it’s fucking useless as chili.

              1. That sounds like a challenge.

                1. If there isn’t a foodtruck putting Texas chili on chilidogs in Austin next week, I’ll open one by next year. MLG’s Texas Chili Dogs. No Beans, No Tomatoes. No Exceptions!

                  1. Let’s take a hot dog and cover it with slow-cooked brisket with some chili paste and brown fucking sugar in it.

                    Sorry, I’ll have two of these and a five-way.

                    1. Right. That’s it. Monocle Foods is off the sourcing list. I don’t care how goddam good your mayo is.

                    2. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s not be hasty. There’s more than one way to cover a wiener.

                    3. Fine. I wouldn’t want to give money to some hipster in Austin anyway. They were probably a Drag worm back in the 00s, before they moved on to hipsterism.

                    4. Is there anyone from Chicago that can inform sloopy that there is only one way to cover a weiner?

                    5. Oh, I love a Chicago dog as much as the next guy.

    4. He’s probably totally unprepared and is juzt drawing on campaign experience for extemp material.

  67. From NBC’s article on the filibuster:

    I’m not sure whether I’m more shocked or disgusted that I agree with Rand Paul on this. Probably both. I’d like to blame it on my lunch at this point.

    [. . .]

    I feel like I need to take another shower now.

    1. And another from a user with the Obama O graphic as its icon:


      Really, Could you enlighten the viewing audience as to what destructive and/or unconstitutional stuff is coming out of the WH?

      Now, think this through.

    2. You know who would have given that person the shower s/he needed?

      1. The commandant of Bergen-Belsen?


    3. Every now and then I look at the comments at RedState or Hot Air and regret it. I can’t even consider doing so for HP or Kos, etc.

  68. DrudgeReport: RANDPAGE: HOUR 4

  69. Rand gets back on point after Cruz gives him another break.

    Yes! Ron fucking Wyden!!!!!!

  70. We have a Wyden sighting!!

  71. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) joins in.

  72. Wyden’s here!

    1. Everyone post all the anti-Wyden “hes a racist” quotes.

  73. I’ve never heard Wyden speak, and I sort of wish that was still true.

    1. He spoke at a Cato event a year or two ago, and that’s when I discovered his speach is worse than that of Gary Johnson.

    2. Offer your suffering up to the poor souls in Purgatory….it is for a good cause.

      1. Just because the guy sounds like Sylvester the Cat, we don’t have to hate him.

        1. No, but we are required to mock him. It’s a subtle, but important difference.

          1. I developed hate for him in the last few minutes. Not because he taw a puddy tat, but because he said that throwing people in Gitmo with no hope of release is just fine.

            1. I stopped paying attention to what he was saying, but fuck him for that. I’m glad Rand is going with the “I know what I’m talking about and know a lot about it” style instead of Wyden’s “ramble, ramble, repeat” method.

  74. Are we the commentees going over to the 24/7 livetweet thread?

  75. We should propose that we move the Free State Project to Kentucky instead of that frozen tundra of a state known as New Hampshire.

    1. Hey! I’m in New Hampshire and … wait … you’re right. It is a frozen tundra up here. I’m out of places to put any snow and another 8-10 inches is expected by Friday. Sick of this shit.

      1. Its kinda frozen in KY today. Sure, the roads are clear, and my driveway melted off between this morning and now, but still, the snow is almost covering the grass.

        1. Its kinda frozen in KY today. Sure, the roads are clear, and my driveway melted off between this morning and now, but still, the snow is almost covering the grass.

          It’s like you have a window in to my yard, robc.

      2. Really? This winter has been nothing but a disappointment (well, with one exception) snow wise.

    2. We are a long way from free, but we do have some stuff going for us. Like a lack of Massholes.

      1. KY has much better homeschool laws.

        But, much worse taxes.

        1. Our taxes here are bullshit.

          In many places, like the cunty I live in, we pay state income, county income, and city income taxes. We don’t even live in the city, we live in the county, but by virtue of my wife’s office being in the city, she gets a city tax taken out of her check. It’s fucked up.

      2. We are a long way from free, but we do have some stuff going for us.


        And I think it’s safe to say that the state who sent Rand Paul to the senate and has the machine gun shoot can’t be that fucking bad.

    3. No way. We need something to counter the Masshole invasion.

  76. So Wyden is OK with indefinitely detaining people picked up indiscriminately in war zones and throwing them in Gitmo with no hope of even being freed if they are found innocent? Fuck this guy.

    1. That’s a fair hate. But at least he respects the Constitution and the right it grants people inside the borders of the US. Its not much, but its a start.

      1. He’s said he’s happy the WH is “coming around” on the issue, which appears to be good enough for him. Fuck that. The Constitution is pretty clear on this and Wyden is wavering on that.

  77. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) joins in.

    1. Rubio sees the Drudge spotlight on somebody else and decides he needs to cash in.

      Shameless punk.

      1. That’s basically my impression.

      2. Listen, they’re simple creatures. They have only brain-stems, so they act on reflex. You can’t hate them for being ruthless publicity seeking machines. Just accept it and hope it gets enough attention for the other Lizard people to stampede Brennan in search of a camera.

        1. Dare I say they’re the common clay of the new west?

  78. It’s Florida Man!

  79. Dumb-down this is ain’t Ron Paul the great
    Brennan must be not filibustered but court-martialed for hiring those Atari IT-illiterate Rednecks who shoot at anything moves on drone’s screens murdering babies, elders and women probably in Nebraska thinking that they’re killing Taliban in Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda masters how to bankrupt Pentagon by over-overpriced Boeing Graft Prodigals. My question is: How much Koch Brothers made to get Brennan CIA that filibustered by their poodle Rand Paul? Deranged Teeebaagerzz. Rand Paul Filibusters Brennan Nomination! You must be kidding. Rand Paul must Filibuster himself. Rand Paul Filibuster will be clotured by Dems Majority. He just made Charles Koch billionaire number 6 and David Koch billionaire number 7 on FORBES 2013. Both Koch Brothers net worth is $68B. It’s only cost them under $2M to buy the honorable Jim Bunning senate seat for Rand Paul to dishonor us all. As Orwell contradictory rules hypocrisy rigs neutrality.

    1. This is a D- effort at best.

    2. How much did buying the Honorable Ted Kennedy seat for Fauxcahontas cost Soros?

  80. This really is an awe-inspiring speech. There are no reasonable counters to him from a moral standpoint.

    1. This really is an awe-inspiring speech. There are no reasonable counters to him from a moral standpoint.


      /progressive troll

  81. So I’ve been checking in occasionally on Rand while I’m working.

    He has talked about the importance of several amendments in the BOR, talked about enumerated vs unenumerated rights, fielded questions about the political philosophy behind executive and legislative separation of powers, due process, etc. This is like high school level civics shit, yet it’s the greatest thing I’ve seen on the senate floor in a long fucking time.

    Such the world we live in.

    1. Exactly, such is the world we live in. Sad. He explained what the Bill of Rights meant, it felt like fresh air.

      He’s pulling out some pretty beat up ideas and saying, these still matter and this is why!

      1. He’s pulling out some pretty beat up ideas and saying, these still matter and this is why!

        Yep. And the left is calling him a racist for doing it.

        1. He’s also gone out of his way to explain that these ideas apply to everyone, no matter who is in the white house.

          1. But they only apply to white people, straight people, or non-birth control ‘needing’ females?

  82. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-Georgia) joins in.

  83. Holy dog balls! Saxby Chambliss is chiming in now. I thought he was really a ventriloquist’s dummy for Lindsay Graham.

    1. I told you. They’re not sure what’s going on, but they’re pretty sure that Rand Paul is raising money.

  84. I’m enjoying someone taking it to Obama and Obama’s principles (or rather lack of principles). It’s felt like four years Blue Team shouting. Nobody has just punched Obama in the nose and said, Shut Up!

    Shut Up, Crime.

  85. Oh jeez, Harry Reid.

  86. Fuck you, Reid.

  87. Reid is trying to end the filibuster. The polling from this must not be good for Obama.

  88. Fucking Harry Reid. Fucking douchebag.

  89. Rand is pushing to get Obama to clarify in exchange for yielding the floor.

  90. Um, don’t give them cover, Rand. The President has already killed non-combatant Americans with drones.

  91. Senator Pat Toomey (R-Penn) asks for clarification of what is transpiring.

  92. Ried is such a cocksucker. “Let’s go. We’re done for the night.”

    That’s insulting and I’m sure is a violation of Senate decorum. Somebody needs to try and get him admonished.

    1. He’s an old man. He needs to catch that early bird special.

    2. It absolutely is. The gentleman’s time is his own.

  93. What type of community elects a Harry Reid? Being from a red state, it’s hard for me to even imagine.

    1. What type of community elects a Harry Reid?

      People slightly less deranged than those who elect Feinstein or Pelosi.

    2. The kind that has very strong unions and where Republicans put up shitty candidates to run against.

  94. Paul walking a tightrope now. Why should innocent victims in Pakistan be murdered with a shrug of the shoulders but people in Dubuque, IA get due process?

  95. Now Alice in Wonderland – hit ’em again, Paul!

  96. Glad I caught this. How depressing that a basic defense of the right to due process is going to go almost entirely unheeded and / or mocked by the vast majority of useless twits in our sad little world. Rand Paul just won some serious points with me.

  97. Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) joins in.

  98. I’m starting to wonder if some of this wasn’t, “Fuck it, missing my flight anyways, might as well get on the news.”

    1. Does that really matter? Would they even care about this matter if it wasn’t for Rand?

  99. Rand: “I’m here today to draw attention to a constitutional principal.”

    Mission accomplished.

  100. Ok I’m going to the gym, it will make my night if he’s still going when I get back.

  101. Just got back from skiing. Flipped it on and he’s still there!


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