Watch: Australian Police Officer Slams Some Kid Face-First into the Pavement at a Gay Parade

They didn't even bother to yell "Stop resisting!"


Every year, for the past 35 years, a big Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras has been held in Sydney, Australia, and it's pretty much what it sounds like it would be. The parade took place last weekend, but the coverage of the revelry has been dampened a bit by reports of police brutality.

Below is a video of an Australian law enforcement officer arresting a mostly unclothed young man who insists he hasn't done anything wrong and doesn't know why he's been targeted. Before the filming began, based on witness comments recorded on the video, he had already been slammed against the ground once. The camera does film some blood on the ground. At about 57 seconds in, it happens again, and the camera captures it. The kid is handcuffed and can do nothing about landing face-first on the concrete.

To be fair, something happens right before the officer slams the guy that doesn't get captured on film. Some commenters on the YouTube video seem to think the kid tried to kick the officer (also, it's not unusual for people who are publicly arrested to play dumb about it to passersby).

Police also try to order folks to stop filming them, which doesn't go over well.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the video is being investigated, as are other reports of police abuse that took place over the weekend:

Another gay activist spoke to and alleged that up to five police held him down and kicked him, after he ignored their instructions to not cross a road.

"I was kicked several times," he said. "I was handcuffed and had my face pushed into the ground.

"I had a police officer leaning on me. I told him I couldn't breathe. He said, 'If you can talk you can breathe".

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  1. Good thing the Aussies are no longer well-armed like they used to me. They might get it in their heads to fight back or something. Now, they will have to be passive victims.

    Peace out!

    1. Shooting at cops–especially corrupt and abusive ones–is definitely a good idea.

      1. What a strange place for you to show up and troll…

      2. So you’re saying it would be better to shoot good cops than bad cops? You’re a sick freak, Tony.

        1. What is this mythical “good cop” creature of which you speak? I have heard rumors of their existence, but I have never actually seen or interacted with one. Where might I go to observe one of these creatures with my own eyes?

          1. Wherever you live probably.

    2. Oh whatever, in the good old days they would’ve uprooted some parking meters and gone on a rampage.

  2. We’re bad. We’re nationwide global.

  3. G’day! That kid got shrimped on the barbie.

  4. OTOH we can’t rob the Aussies of their national heritage.

    If they didn’t beat the shit out of gay men for sport, what would they be?

      1. “Get fucked, eh?”

        Doesn’t sound right.

  5. You can hear one girl ask “How can we trust the police if they are going to do things like this?”

    I wonder if she will learn that the police are the very last people she should ever trust. Probably not.

    1. The question answers itself, and still it will be asked again and again.

      1. So pathetic and so true.

  6. That guy doesn’t look like a “kid”.

    Reason has been made to look foolish for falling for edited videos before (the UC-Davis pepper spray incident, the guy arrested in Lawrenceville during the G20, etc) so your “to be fair” paragraph should be taken into full account.

    1. Maybe you wouldn’t mumble so much if you stopped sucking that cop’s dick.

    2. A crash of thunder
      A broken chain
      Officer safety

    3. “That guy doesn’t look like a “kid”.”

      Does to me, nuff said.

      “Reason has been made to look foolish for falling for edited videos before”

      Fuck you.

      He clearly got slammed on his face, which is patently unacceptable.

      Whether the video was edited or not, the point, that cops brutalized someone (who appears to ME to be a “kid”, or close enough that a non-asshole wouldn’t bring it up) stands.

      And your attempts to justify the brutality fail.

      1. Kids aren’t shirtless, tatooed, and partying at the gay, Mardi Gras parade.

        1. Force above all
          Shackle the unwilling

        2. Sure they are.

    4. The cop has 100 pounds on the guy, and he was handcuffed when he slammed him down to the concrete. It’s hard to imagine anything that would justify that.

      1. I came here to post this:


        To be fair, something happens right before…

        You just put that it to try to Tulpa-proof the post, didn’t you Shackford?

        But I see it didn’t work.

        1. I’m being accused of being too deferential to the police AND not deferential enough.

          Also, “kid” is a reflexive term when you’re a gay man above a certain age reminding yourself that you are above a certain age.

          1. Scott, I think you look absolutely fabulous for your age.

        2. I was referring to his “to be fair” paragraph in a POSITIVE way. We should give a lot of weight to that paragraph.

          If it were Tucille or Krayewski there would have been no consideration of any possibility of the video not being a complete picture.

      2. “I bet you $100 that you can’t slam my head onto the sidewalk right now.”

        1. “He said he was going to get his gay on me!”

  7. Well to be fair, he was handcuffed and half-naked. He was a clear and present threat to officer safety.

  8. To be fair, something happens right before the officer slams the guy that doesn’t get captured on film.

    To be fair, when your charge’s hands are restrained behind his back, slamming him face first into the ground is unacceptable.

    1. Maybe he was a contortionist.

      1. *slurp slurp*

  9. One has to wonder what Tulpy-Poo gains from sucking off authority. It’s not like he gains more power for himself. Can you explain why you love to fellate authority so much, Tulpa? It would be interesting to hear your own rationalizations for it.

    1. Actually I think he just loves to take the contrarian position, no matter what.

    2. That’s a “when did you stop beating your waif” question if ever I’ve seen one.

      1. Have you been observed beating your wife? Because you indeed have been observed fucking cop dick with your mouth.

  10. Mmm, Tulpa and Tony, together at least. Because the police state can’t defend itself!

  11. atfpitc, cop did the right thing because obviously gay guys have AIDs, protecting himself from deadly spit or other bodily fluids. once when i was surfing before a powerlifting contest i was getting head from morgan fairchild, but hth officer safety and here come the bigorati.

    1. +5150

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