Marijuana Ballot Initiatives

A Group of Drug War Profiteers Are Asking Eric Holder to Stop Legal Pot in Colorado and Washington


CORRECTION: Kevin Sabet, co-founder with Patrick Kennedy of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, writes to say

The Smart Colorado on our letter is not the Smart Colorado affiliated with Mel Sembler. This one is a newly formed group that formed and had a soft launch at our big Jan 10 SAM launch, and its head is Bob Doyle, a well known anti-tobacco advocate in Colorado. Same name, confusing I know. But definitely 2 different groups. They are our affiliate in Colorado.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: A coalition of interest groups whose members profit off marijuana prohibition, including the former leader of a chain of abusive teen rehab centers, have sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding that the Department of Justice prevent Colorado and Washington from taxing and regulating marijuana.

"We are writing to you to enforce the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) in Colorado and Washington with respect to recent ballot measures legalizing marijuana," reads the letter, which was written by former Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-Rhode Island) on behalf of the National Narcotic Officers Association Coalition, the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, Mel Sembler's Smart Colorado, and several other groups. 

Kennedy's letter to Holder goes on to say

These state laws would severely threaten public health and safety goals, expressly contradict the President's National Drug Control Strategy, make it impossible to comply with federal regulations, and present an obstacle to the achievement of Congress' discernible objectives to prohibit the use, sale, manufacture, and distribution of marijuana.

We urge you to restate marijuana is illegal.The Washington and Colorado state laws, authorizing retail and commercial sales of marijuana, marijuana smoking, marijuana possession, manufacturing and distribution, and the farming of industrial hemp, violate both the intent of Congress in enacting the CSA and the letter of the law. 

The Department of Justice and Congress have determined through the CSA that marijuana is a Schedule I drug and as such growing, distributing, and possessing marijuana in any capacity, save a federal research program, is in "violation of federal law regardless of state laws permitting such activities."

Marijuana remains a leading reason kids are in treatment today, and is a leading cause of car crashes among impaired individuals – surpassing alcohol in many states. Its abuse isdirectly linked to mental illness and IQ deterioration.  The negative impacts of legalization of marijuana are substantial.

We advocate for an education-oriented strategy to prevent marijuana use, with focus on early intervention and treatment of addiction as a health issue.  We also need to make sure those in recovery are not stigmatized for their addiction.  State laws legalizing marijuana would severely hamper our ability to act in the interest of public health. We urge you to swiftly and publicly declare these state laws illegal.

Last month Kennedy became the figurehead for Smart Approaches to Marijuana, a new anti-legalization group founded (and run) by former Office of National Drug Control Policy advisor Kevin Sabet. The group, which features David Frum as a board member, has released a list of policy prescriptions that it says straddle prohibition and legalization. One proposal is that anyone caught possessing marijuana be "subject to a mandatory health screening and marijuana-education program"–an idea that marijuana advocates see as "forc[ing] marijuana consumers into treatment and subject them to mandatory 'marijuana education' camps."

See the correction above regarding Sembler and Smart Colorado. Sembler, who ran a chain of abusive teen rehab centers in the 80s and 90s, and now makes money off mandatory drug testing, gave $250,000 to fight Amendment 64 in Colorado. His wife runs the Drug Free America Foundation, which released a video in October 2012 implying George Soros is a satanist. The head of the National Narcotic Officers Association Coalition, meanwhile, has testified that liberalizing America's drug laws–even those restricting marijuana–"will make the loss of life from the September 11th attacks pale by comparison."   

See the original PDF below: 

Patrick Kennedy's Letter to Eric Holder Demanding a Response to Legal Pot by

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  1. Marijuana remains a leading reason kids are in treatment today, and is a leading cause of car crashes among impaired individuals ? surpassing alcohol in many states.

    Could you possibly create a single sentence filled with more weasel words and bullshit? Just what is “leading reason”? How many reasons are there? And just how many is “many” states? I suspect the number is zero and the source that is someone’s ass.

    1. How can they possibly know pot is a cause of car crashes, when (a) its often not tested for and (b) there is no test that provides even a proxy for pot intoxication?

      It would be more accurate to say that marijuana prosecutions are a leading reason kids are in treatment today, no?

      1. The big argument against legalization people always tell me is that we can’t test drivers for it. Yet, somehow we just know it is causing all of these accidents.

        1. I thought they did have a blood test that could detect non-metabolized THC and were going to use it in WA.

          1. I don’t know.

          2. If derpfee’s done with his workout maybe he could weigh in on this

            1. If he gets back from taking Morgan Fairchild to her beauty appointment.

            2. If derpfee’s done with his workout maybe he could weigh in on this


              1. smooches. love you, too

                1. Medical Marijuana prohibition is a crime against humanity and a violation of the religious precept – heal the sick.


          3. Even if they do, it’s still not an indicator of intoxication (not that that would stop them from using it).

            1. I know people who could drive on a 0.10 BAC better than the average sober senior.

              1. Or texter. But God forbid we punish people for how they actually drive.

                1. It’s not their fault that they are lousy drivers! It’s the fault of the phone they were texting with, or the alcohol that they drank, or the makeup they were putting on in the mirror, or the person they were arguing with, or the pet that was jumping around the cabin, but it wasn’t them! There is always something or someone to blame!

                  1. There is always something or someone to blame!

                    The overall “thought process” of a progresso tard in a nutshell. “It’s not my fault because _______________”

                    1. I once was rear-ended by a woman whose first words as she got out of her car were “It’s not my fault!”

                      “You got a dwarf under the dash manipulating the pedals, lady?”

        2. Don’t question your betters. They have mystical insights into Capital-T Truth that the rest of us lack. That’s what makes them your betters. Oh, yeah, and you can’t prove to a philosophical certainty that they’re wrong.

    2. Marijuana remains a leading reason kids are in court-ordered treatment today

    3. That’s some prescription strength bullshit right there.

    4. Marijuana remains a leading reason kids are in treatment today

      …many solely for marijuana use, and then only to avoid going to jail. Circular reasoning is circular. What an asshole. I suspect that if you asked him why MJ should remain illegal his answer would be “because it’s illegal.” But why? “Because it is, and umm drugs r bad.” We’re clearly dealing with people who have no idea how to think. I’d be shocked if they had a single brain cell in their pointy little heads.

  2. And how is Semblers not rotting in prison for his crimes in the 80s?

    1. He greases the right people, obviously.

      1. Financially or as a prelude to sex?

        1. He only raped the kids sent there for rehab.

        2. Can’t it be both?

    2. Always a good laugh: Dirt & the diplomat

      (In 2003), Bradbury’s garbage runs hit what for him was the mother lode: Sembler’s discarded penile pump.

      Thoughtful soul that he is, Bradbury offered the item on eBay:

      “Pump, one of a kind formerly owned by current United States Ambassador to Italy ?” Minimum bid: $300,000.

      The Semblers filed a lawsuit that called Bradbury’s actions “so dark and fringe as to outrage common sensibilities” and “an invasion into the sanctity of our home and our bedroom.”

      1. That is quite a story.

      2. Sembler is one of the biggest scumbags on the face of the earth. It really is too bad one of the kids he abused hasn’t shot him.

        1. Maybe some will sleep better at night knowing that his penis doesn’t work.

          1. I guess now we know what he was compensating for when he was torturing all of those kids.

        2. There are lots of these types of places run by hoards of these scumbags. I’ll bet there are some that are much worse than Sembler if you can believe that.

          1. Sadly, yes I can. It is just horrible.

  3. Did he just say the president is mentally ill? Nice.

    1. Its abuse is directly linked to mental illness and IQ deterioration.


      1. … directly linked to mental illness and IQ deterioration.

        What? Weed or being a Kennedy!

        1. Both. And it does go a long ways towards explaining President Choom.

        2. Based on the number of obvious retards in teh Kennedy family tree, one does wonder how much in-breeding has gone on over the years.

          To the Kennedy clan the real scandal about Chappaquiddick was that Teddy was in the car with a woman who wasn’t a relative.

          1. They are all just degenerates going back to the old man. The only one of them that was worth a shit was Eunice and she spent her life trying to make up for her father lobotomizing her retarded sister.

      2. He didn’t abuse weed. He just smoked it with his friends after school and did a little blow when he could get it.

        1. And sold a little blow when he could get it.


  4. Marijuana remains a leading reason kids are in treatment today, and is a leading cause of car crashes among impaired individuals ? surpassing alcohol in many states. Its abuse isdirectly linked to mental illness and IQ deterioration. The negative impacts of legalization of marijuana are substantial.

    Don’t forget – pot also makes straight people gay and turns gays into Mexicans; everyone goes down a notch.

    1. What happens to the Mexicans?!? Do they become women?

      1. They become Yinzers


      2. Juggalos.

    2. The negative impacts of marijuana:

      This guy losing millions.

    1. I really don’t think we need more unemployed assholes, amirite?

      How about we just counsel them and return them to work?

  5. “If derpfee’s done with his workout maybe he could weigh in on this’

    can’t workout, still suffering ex-post encephalitis. i’ve lost 25 lbs of muscle mass sadly 🙁

    i’m weak, no longer elite strength athlete status, but just average joe. (my max deadlift now is just 425)

    the NHTSA studies i have seen suggest that pot is far less detrimental/dangerous to driving than alcohol. unlike alcohol, it doesn’t encourage recklessness, high speed shit or overestimation of one’s abilities.

    iow, i think it’s a bunch of bullshit. sounds to me like a bunch of profiteers are making up shit out of fear of losing money.

    1. Serious question, dunphy: Did you have a V/P shunt placed?

      Also, I got a communique from one of the docs with whom I worked in residency, who practices in WA, about the increased DEA activity WRT opiate/opioid Scheduled RX (I considered moving practice to SEA/TAC briefly and wanted a heads-up) and it got me to thinking.

      Anywho, Riggs has recently posted a story about the 4 other states that are considering liberalizing their cannabis laws, and I also notice that that those four states also have heightened DEA activity WRT RX’d opiates, and that jogged my memory about something you posted basically stating when cannabis becomes legal nationwide, Scheduled opiates/oids will essentially become very difficult to obtain (it’s already hard now, even in states like OK with lower DEA activity, and HI as it’s so isolated).

      I have a working theory that increased DEA activity on RX’d opiates/oids is a precursor to cannabis legalization in a given state, as OK is not considering any legislation like that right now as per communiques from colleagues there.


      1. i don’t know what a VP shunt is. i had a PICC line placed and had to give myself twice a day antibiotic infusions. i was also on heavy oral antibiotics and painkillers. it sucked. i’ve lost 25 lbs of solid muscle mass. i’m weak (relatively speaking)

        i don’t have any thoughts really , but your theory sounds interesting. WA passed some rather draconian anti-opioid laws last year, so at least ‘correlation’ wise, i see where you are coming from.

        simply put, opioids are the only drugs that work for many kinds of pain, and if and when they can isolate the part that works from the part that gets you high, it will be a great day.

        i’m not sure i stated that opioids would be difficult to obtain if cannabis was legalized. cannabis doesn’t work on many types of pain that opioids do.

        i’ve seen gross disparities in what dr’s are willing to prescribe vis a vis opioids (i have a very high tolerance). one dr i had would simply not prescribe sufficient doses. another has been awesome and prescribed what i needed no questions asked. clearly, it comes down to their personal philosophy as well as their fear of the DEA scrutinizing their prescription history. it’s pretty sad that legitimate patients are being denied the drugs they need, beccause SOME people out there are drug seekers and will abuse their prescriptions

        1. i don’t know what a VP shunt is.

          Ventriculoperitoneal shunt. Basically, it reroutes excess fluid from the ventricles of the brain to the abdominal cavity so the fluid can disperse in the peritoneum (tissue that lines the abdominal cavity).

          i’m not sure i stated that opioids would be difficult to obtain if cannabis was legalized. cannabis doesn’t work on many types of pain that opioids do.

          You did. I can’t find the exact post, but I wouldn’t quote or paraphrase you out of context on something like this.

          Also true about what PX receptors cannabis works upon (in theory, we don’t have discrete studies one way or the other), but I can certainly see where the DEA would be that vindictive, and the correlation appears so.

          The biggest factor in evaluating whether or not a given doc will be willing to RX opiods is: Age of the doc (younger ones are indoctrinated to RX them sparingly); and type of specialty (surgeons, like me, RX a shitload of them both in and outpatient). And, of course, the patient HX and any contraindications present.

          1. the one doc would only write for 2mg dilaudids which are a joke. the other doc had no problem prescribing the 8mg ones which are much more reasonable.

  6. Sembler had children die and raped under his “care” and Patches Kennedy’s Wiki page is a Rap Sheet! How about listening to the Americam public for a change Mr. A.G. Legaliz and Regulate marijuana as we do alcohol, including the repeal of Prohibition. The Model is in place.

    1. From his wiki

      Kennedy has acknowledged being treated for cocaine use during his teenage years, and admitted that he abused drugs and alcohol while he was a student at Providence College.[6] He sought treatment for an OxyContin addiction in 2006.[7]

      On May 4, 2006, Kennedy crashed his automobile into a barricade on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., at 2:45 a.m. A Capitol Police official said the congressman had appeared intoxicated when he crashed his car, but Kennedy claimed that he was merely disoriented from prescription medications Ambien and Phenergan.[dead link][12] Anonymous sources are alleged to have seen Kennedy drinking at the nearby Hawk & Dove bar prior to the accident.[13][14] Kennedy also stated to officers that he was “late for a vote”. However, the last vote of the night had occurred almost six hours earlier. The standard field sobriety test was not administered, and Kennedy was driven home by an officer.

      On May 5, 2006, Kennedy admitted that he had an addiction to prescription medication and announced he would be re-admitting himself to a drug-rehabilitation facility at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota where he has sought treatment for prior addictions.[15] He has stated that he has no recollection of the car crash. On May 8, 2006, Kennedy got a show of support when he was endorsed by the Rhode Island Democratic Party.[16] On June 5, 2006, Kennedy was released from drug rehabilitation.[17]

      1. Just what we need: reckless, dope-fiend members of the parasite class making rules for the rest of us.

    2. There’s more

      On June 13, 2006, Kennedy made a deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to a charge of driving under the influence of prescription drugs.[18] He was sentenced to one-year probation and a fine of $350. Two of the three charges (reckless driving and failure to exhibit a driving permit) were dismissed. He was also ordered to attend a rehabilitation program that includes weekly urine tests, twice-weekly meetings with a probation officer, near-daily Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and a weekly meeting of recovering addicts.[19]

      On Friday, June 12, 2009, Kennedy again announced that he has “checked into a medical facility for treatment”. In a statement to the press, Kennedy said that his recovery is a “lifelong process” and that he will do whatever it takes to preserve his health. “I have decided to temporarily step away from my normal routine to ensure that I am being as vigilant as possible in my recovery,” Kennedy said.

      1. If only prescription drugs and alcohol were illegal, this poor man wouldn’t have to suffer through his addictions.

    3. And more

      Rape accusation against William Kennedy Smith

      During Easter weekend in 1991, Kennedy and his father were in Palm Beach, Florida, along with Patrick’s cousin, William Kennedy Smith. At Au Bar, the 23-year-old Patrick met a 27-year-old Testas Restaurant waitress, Michelle Cassone, and Smith met another woman, Patricia Bowman. Both women returned with the Kennedys to the family’s beachfront retreat, where a series of events took place that resulted in Smith being charged with raping Bowman. The prosecution alleged that the three Kennedys collaborated to cover up this alleged crime. In a widely covered trial, Smith was acquitted.[8]
      Security guard pushing incident

      In 2000, Kennedy was accused of pushing a female security guard at Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, California. City prosecutors ultimately decided not to bring criminal charges against him and he paid an undisclosed civil settlement to the alleged victim almost two years later.[9][verification needed]

      1. let’s not bring up the rape accusation. i watched that trial. he was justly found not guilty. case was a bunch of crap

        1. It wasn’t him. It was his cousin. He just helped cover it up.

          1. i am aware it was william kennedy smith

            and if there was no rape, there was nothing to cover up. the case was bullshit

  7. btw, legalized marijuana is working out great in WA so far. i still stand by my assessment that we are going to see a sea change in federal attitude towards mj. so far, we haven’t seen any fed pushback towards WA and we have seen bright spots, like proposed federal descheduling legislation etc.

    simply put, pot is on a # of fronts less problematic than alcohol. people don’t get loaded on pot (like they do with alcohol) and get crazy violent – assaulting spouses, gf’s, cops, random people etc. they don’t drive recklessly (generally speaking) and pot isn’t even addictive. not only is alcohol addictive, but people can die from withdrawals. that’s true of alcohol, but not even heroin.

    some of the pro-mj advocates overstate the case, downplaying the risks of mj and basically making it sound entirely benign and harmless. THAT is not true. but on the whole, it’s a pretty suss drug and should not be a concern of law enforcement, let alone justify taking away people’s liberty and stuff.

    1. but not even heroin.

      Not true. Chronic PX management patients who have exceptional drug tolerance developed over a period of time, like with morphine SO4, can die of seizure if the drug is suddenly DC’d. It doesn’t happen often, but it is a demonstrable risk. Doses MUST be tapered off or require the use of methadone or subutex to decrease the intensity of WD.

      1. ok, if true i stand corrected. i’ve always been told (from addicts amongst others) that withdrawal can’t kill you, you just wanna die. i stand correcteed

        1. Most heroin addicts, what you say is true, especially if they are foolish enough to try “cold WD”. With prolonged use with bad product or dirty appliances, one of the most noted complication from use is endocarditis and coupled with “cold WD”, that’s when this occurs. The most common death is aspiration from vomiting while in stupor or convulsing while WD’ing.

          I have seen PX patients with daily doses of MSO4 that would kill large animals their tolerance ceilings were so high (and equally impressive doses of laxatives).

          1. good info, thanks. i talk with addicts a lot (perq of the job), and former addicts. i know several who did successfully cold turkey quit, but it wasn’t pleasant.

            we have OTC syringes here, which is great, so there is no excuse for using dirty appliances, but it’s amazing how many still do. one of the bigger risks of longterm use isn’t the drug itself, but the risks from using unsterile technique. i have seen some NASTY abscesses and i’ve talked to docs who have seen people who needed amputation or had abscesses that the removal of them was nearly crippling as they lost so much of the muscle belly in the part that was abscessed.

            i wouldn’t consider a death from vomit aspiration to be a direct “withdrawal” death, fwiw, but it’s certainly a risk.

  8. I love how one sentence contradicts the next:

    “We also need to make sure those in recovery are not stigmatized for their addiction. State laws legalizing marijuana would severely hamper our ability to act in the interest of public health.” —

    Unless we DO legalize that stigma is permanent. Just keep chasing your tails. . .

    1. Yeah, I laughed at that one. Apparently, making someone go to rehab and giving them a criminal record isn’t stigmatizing at ALL… Nooo.

  9. Didn’t Patrick Kennedy drunkenly smash his car into a barrier outside the Capitol building? It takes some serious balls to get on the anti-pot bandwagon.

    1. Yes and did much more. See above. Kennedy is a convicted drug user and admitted addict. You would think he would want to leave the subject of drug laws alone.

      1. “reformed” addicts are often some of the most strident hardcore anti-drug warriors ime

      2. Reformed smokers, reformed prostitutes, reformed alcoholics…is there anyone worse than someone who’s “gone straight”? (Pun intended)

        1. No there is not. But what do you want to bet he isn’t straight and will be back in some kind of rehab within five years?

          1. Um, a bajillion dollars?

        2. Mostly the ones that went through a twelve step program and got religion in the process. I know many “quitters” (myself for example) who have no problem with others doing what they quit.

          1. Pretty much. The Program becomes their new addiction.

            1. You sound like you expect people to just use some self control/ self disciple. What the fuck is that about? /sarc

  10. “Marijuana remains a leading reason kids are in treatment today, and is a leading cause of car crashes among impaired individuals ? surpassing alcohol in many states.”

    um, citation for this? it goes against everything i have read from NHTSA etc. they are hardly pot apologists, they are just the agency that keeps stats on this shit and it goes 100% against everything i have been taught, read, studied etc.

    i’d also be curious what he means by treatment. does he mean COURT ORDERED treatment? which means exactly jackshit. kids are being forced into that shit as part of punishment.

    come to WA. where pot is LEGAL. it’s working great

    1. Thanks Dunphy, I’ll pass that info along to Eric Holder and the DOJ/DEA. They will be especially interested to know that it’s working great. (A few bust-the-door-down SWAT raids by the Feds to fix that.)

  11. I currently have The Union: The Business Behind Getting High on my Netflix Instant queue. I haven’t finished it, mostly because I don’t have any weed to smoke while watching it. But so far, it is very interesting. I thought I knew a more than the average person about MJ, but apparently there’s a lot I don’t know.

  12. Shorter version: “Drugs are bad, mmm’kay. Marijuana is illegal because it’s a drug. And drugs are bad, mmm’kay.”

    Someone sodomize Patrick Kennedy in the ass with a broken off splintered broom handle, please. What a shitstack.

    1. Give him the Abner treatment.

  13. “The head of the National Narcotic Officers Association Coalition, meanwhile, has testified that liberalizing America’s drug laws–even those restricting marijuana–“will make the loss of life from the September 11th attacks pale by comparison”

    this guy is an embarassment to law enforcement officers. real STREET COPS know that mj is hardly a concern. we don’t see violent crime, etc. associated with its use, like we frequently do with alcohol or meth.

    most street cops i know think mj enforcement is a waste of time (and fortunately, now that it’s legalized here, we don’t have to deal with it at all). these are real cops.

    too many “narcotics” detectives, just see the $$$$ and the loss of “targets”.

    legalization is also great because it ceases to marginalize all the pot smoking soccer moms, etc. who would otherwise be pro – law enforcement except for the fact that their choice to use MJ makes them outlaws, in a sense (although again, it takes really hard work for a simple USER of mj to get actual jail time).

    too many “narcotics” detectives need to get a clue and get back on the street and see that marijuana is relatively (relatively) harmless and hardly the kind of drug that justifies their attention.

  14. Who knew the Union racket would eventually lead to the demand that more people be thrown in jail?

    This is about good jobs, for good people!

  15. Marijuana remains a leading reason kids are in treatment today, and is a leading cause of car crashes among impaired individuals ? surpassing alcohol in many states.

    This does not compute. This was when marijuana was illegal. That’s misunpossible!

  16. We also need to make sure those in recovery are not stigmatized for their addiction

    So people caught posessing marijauan MUST be prosectuted and thrown in jail with felony convictions on their records! Because they must not be stigmatized!11!!!one!

  17. By the way, you have an ad that says “3 people unfriended you”. Considering I don’t even have a facebook account, I must be really pissing some people off…

    1. If you would just meet that pretty Thai girl, they would friend you again.

      1. If you would just meet that pretty Thai girl

        Where and when?

      2. Or just buy one of those shitty T-shirts.

    2. Probably because you haven’t updated your blog in 6 years.

      1. I resemble that remark.

  18. “We are writing to you to enforce the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) in Colorado and Washington with respect to recent ballot measures legalizing marijuana,”

    Response from one Washingtonian – bite me, statist thug.

  19. This is one way corporations rob (fleece from) the populace with their consent. The hoi polloi don’t understand the corporate and elitist state. Sadly, it seems rednecks might be the only ones that get it now that Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan and John Wayne are dead. Long live Clint Eastwood? The “sissyfication” of the American male is dreadful.

  20. But wait a minute! I thought that His Holiness the Obama was going to protect all you cool hipsters, unlike that stodgy old suit who ran against him. How could this be? Surely, the Obama administration, what with its completely rational and not-at-all insane approach to countering narcotics trafficking, will reject these suggestions, right?

  21. With this Administration, it is hard to say because no one really knows the character of Obama. I call him a charlatan, a fraud, a Chicago ambulance chasing attorney who would – in a rational world – be better suited as a vacuum cleaner salesman than a President. He has a world view as small as his integrity. That anyone believes Obama is anything other than elitist scum, more potent than Romney (at least Romney is transparent), should put on Don Quixote attire and proceed jousting at windmills. I expect that this Administration will say something tough, and then do absolutely nothing. State’s rights – not Federal law – should prevail. We are “these” United States, not “the” United States, although the 14th Amendment seems to have changed this, I don’t think some state’s have gotten the memo on just how far the nutcases in Washington DC will go on issues of importance. This issue is simply not that important, and in Obama’s mind will – in the limit, be seen as a political revenue tool that can be held over a state’s head. That is: We have to say something, but we will “work” with you if, as you say, this is important for your budget goals (i.e., bigger government); however, when I ask for a favor, you need to comply.”

    Obama is a snake in the grass….

  22. Keeping pot illegal not only keeps the drug dealers rich but the trial lawyers as well. In fact it keeps the whole justice system in business which includes the phony “treatment” centers with an endless clientele paid for by medical insurance which is why addiction was labeled a “disease”. The USA is becoming a fascist state and not by the rightwing but by the former hippies that are now in power and have discovered zero tolerance and greed that is unmatched by any other generation. The generation of peace and love has become everything they used to protest against, making it the biggest bunch of hypocrites in American history.

    1. These are the New Left disciples that have completed the “Long March through the Institutions” and have achieved permanent Parasite-Class status (with salaries coming from taxpayer dollars) which they do not intend to give up.

      The sad thing is that a lot of the one-time hippies support everything they stand for, including the fascistic surveillance/police/warfare/welfare state.

  23. I have changed a few prohibitionist minds with this:

    Medical Marijuana prohibition is a crime against humanity and a violation of the religious precept – heal the sick.


    Med pot is the gateway to legalization.


    When did Dunphy join the anti-prohibition crowd? Quite a change from the last time I recall him discussing the subject.

    1. To be fair to dickface Sembler (may he rot in hell), I think he’s on to something with Soros. Although, I think Soros might actually be Satan himself or one of Satan’s close associates.

    2. Funny; I was just thinking the very same.

  24. He is mad it was not the Gov. idea, then they would make all the money. They want to stay in the gravy wagon longer, buying bigger toys, helicopters, drones, bigger guns, bulletproof vests, dogs, oh and all the stuff they get to keep, the kids in treatment are there by force. It is pretty easy to go to prison with simple possesion. Be on probation, and get caught with pot again. Felony! Then they go to prison with “possesion of a controlled substance” crime. No-one can tell from public records what drug it was. OH, they did it twice, so they must be lifetime criminals! They more time than rapists. It’s wrong, but it’s easy money. Speaking of easy money, how much is made on alcohol and tobacco? They are drugs. Legal drugs, like marijuana should be, I’ll bet it would be enough to pay for medicaire for all. Excuse me…common sense snuck in. I’ll stop it right now. I’d rather see alcohol illegal. But that’s just me. Oh, and nice job sneaking that canibanoid system in all our bodies…how did they do that? I lived in CO 3 years ago. Rented a 1800′ townhouse for $700 a month. Look at prices now? Having trouble selling your house? Legalize marijuana!Rent is Up 300%!

  25. AR blocked Medical Marijuana by 1 1/2%. The opposition lied about everything. They said it would be run by gangs. (Who do they think runs it now?) and teenagers would get it. (The easiest place to get it is in public schools)Thay said everyone would get it, (Only 16 conditions were allowed, pain patients had to try everything else for 6 months before being eligible)Our housing prices would be at the national level. Rent would be up, at least doubled. People vote with their feet. AR says the federal poverty level is too high. The idea for Medicaid expansion is to go up to 100% of federal poverty levels. It will never be allowed on the ballot again, it was too close last time. Good luck trying again.We had a chance. Liars blew it. I think it was backed by people who make money as it is. I’m getting out of here. I don’t want narcotics to be my only choice for pain. I was born this way. I worked 30 years even though I am disabled. Now I can’t even walk around my house. This state would have made millions. People could sell their houses,welcome back to poverty Arkansas.

  26. Prohibitionists literally don’t give a d*** about the welfare of individual citizens. That’s you, me, and everyone you care about. They don’t even care when their failed policy puts their own families in danger by destroying the economy and bank-rolling criminals and terrorists. The prohibitionist onslaught appears to be simply a war directed at all of us.

    America, it is time to wake up! Prohibition is a cultural and economic assault on your money, on your careers, on your ability to put food on the table, have shelter, cloth yourself, and even survive or self-medicate. The fiscal cliff isn’t the crisis?Prohibitionist control over America’s politics and government is!

    During alcohol prohibition, all profits went to enrich criminals and corrupt politicians. Young men died every day on inner-city streets while battling over turf. A fortune was wasted on enforcement that could have gone on education, etc. On top of the budget-busting prosecution and incarceration costs, billions in taxes were lost. Finally, the economy collapsed. Sound familiar?

    Prohibitionists and their criminal friends who live in a crack-house called Congress are having a ball and it’s all on our tab.

  27. Oh here we go again. Kennedy, does that name ring a bell? The Kennedy clan made lots of money in alcohol. Kevin Sabet, senior advisor of drug policy for the White House. His influence according to wikipedia is Robert DuPont. That name rings a bell when its related to Marijuana policy. Sounds like all the cronies who would and will lose lots of money with legalization of marijuana are lining up to fight, and dispensing false old propaganda. Keep the truth alive,

    1. And alcohol causes some 65,000 deaths a year, in the US alone, against ZERO for marijuana. Alcohol is a VERY dangerous substance; marijuana couldn’t be safer.

  28. You let me write 4800 words in rebuttal to just a small part of the LIES given in your article, and then, after I’ve lavished a labor of love on it, then and only then, you tell me I’m limited to 1500 words? It’s very difficult to rebutt blunt lies, convincingly, in just afew words! I will attempt to spread my response over 4 comments.

  29. If this is the kind og garbage Eric Holder listens to, it’s absolutely no wonder the Drug War is being waged. THEY ARE ALL LIES! What I discussed here is but the tip of the iceburg, but THEY ARE ALL LIES. There are other reasons to wage the Drug War, other than public health and safety, but the government dares not discuss THEM. If it did, we would all know that these laws and this war does not serve US, but rather, only certain special interests it dares not mention.

    The Drug War, and especially that against marijuana, is one of the worst tragedies ever perpetrated on the American People. The war itself causes far more harm than drugs, and that includes all drugs, but esp. marijuana, combined. The sooner we end it and normalize drug use, the sooner we can ACTUALLY attend to some public health and safety issues.

  30. 4) Marijuana use is “directly linked to mental illness and IQ deterioration?” that is a bald-faced LIE. Millions of college students have completed rigorous academic programs while getting stoned every day, and with the same degree of success as other students. Pot does not seem to have caused them any harm! In addition, recall that the last 3 presidents all smoke pot in heir youth, but does not seem to have reduced their intellectual capacity much (except W of course). Barack Obama was in fact a serious pot head for years, yet he managed to do quite well in school (top of his class at Harvard, editor of the HLR, etc.)!

    5) “The negative impacts of legalization of marijuana are substantial?” The truth is that the US government has blocked all unbiased research for decades, while commisioning its own dedicated research, conducted specifically to prove the harm that pot supposedly does, and guess what? IT CAME UP EMPTY! All all that research ever proved is that POT COULD NOT BE SAFER

  31. The truth is that a number of key studies (including one by the US DOT, 1993) find that the effect of normal doses of marijuana on driving is somewhere between negligible and positive. The US DOT (1973) summed up thus: “whereas alcohol causes a driver to become more aggressive and less inhibited, leading to more accidents, marijauna causes that driver to become less aggressive and more inhibited, leading to fewer accidents.” Similarly, “a driver under the influence of alcohol underestimate his impairment, and fails to compensate, leading to more accidents, while marijuana causes drivers to overestimate their impairment, which is slight, and compensate effectively, by driving more carefully, leading to fewer accidents. Some even think that drivers und the influence of marijuana OVERcompensate, and drive MORE carefully than either drivers under the influence of alcohol OR drivers not under the influence of ANY drug! Far from “causing car crashes,” marijuana appears either to have a negligible effect on traffic safety, or else a positive one.

  32. 2) Marijuana is “the leading cause of car crashes among impaired individuals?” Again, this does not tell the whole story, not by a long shot. I suspect this claim is derived from the number of crashes where pot was PRESENT. The authorities always assume that if pot was present, it was involved. IN FACT, pot in the car does not prove that the driver had used it, and was stoned at the time of the accident, nor does it prove that that the driver was actually impaired. There is ample evidence, some of it direct from the US DOT, that marijuana has no effect or even a positive effect on driving safety, which, of course, Holder refuses to acknowlege.

    3) “Surpassing alcohol in many states?” HAH! We hear about alcohol related accidents every day. How often do we even HEAR about a pot-related accident? When has ANYONE ever seen a car weaving on the road, only to learn that it was a stoned person? Such cases are very rare, and then usually involve just the presence of pot, or pot AND alcohol mixed, and not impairment from marijuana alone. It is my contention, and that of the US DOT (1993), that in normal doses, and according to the standard used for alcohol, marijuana does NOT cause impairment.

  33. “Marijuana remains 1) a leading reason kids are in treatment today, and 2) is a leading cause ofcar crashes among impaired individuals ? 3) surpassing alcohol in many states. Its abuse is 4) directly linked to mental illness and IQ deterioration. 5)The negative impacts oflegalization of marijuana are substantial.”

    “This entire paragraph consists of the same old drug war LIES the government has been spewing for decades. 1) If marijuana is the “leading reason kids are in treatment today,” it’s because the courts order kids into treatment, as an alternative to prison. There is no reason to think that most of these kids need treatment. The only reason they do itnisnto stay out of prison. See how this group twists the truth? remains 1) a leading reason kids are in treatment today, and is 2) (continued)…

  34. Please read the last of my 5 entries first, and each one above next. My attempt to collate failed.

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