Capitalist Pig Jonathan Hoenig: Immigrants are "Unquestionable Economic Benefit"


Investment guru and Fox News regular Jonathan Hoenig—head of the Capitalist Pig fund—makes the free-market, libertarian case for open borders:

Along with eliminating the entitlement state, open immigration in the United States would be an unquestionable boon to the economy. Because there is no limit on the amount of wealth and prosperity that can be created, we should welcome more immigrants to this country…. 

The term "illegal" itself simply doesn't apply.  There is nothing objectively criminal about being a foreigner, working at a construction site or renting an apartment. Beyond screening for Islamic terrorists, those with infectious diseases or other obvious risks, the doors to this country and the ability to work and live here should be open.

Hard-working immigrants are an unquestionable economic benefit.  The fact that foreigners are eager to pick crops, clean houses, bus tables and produce allows more of us to afford cheaper food and better services, affording us even more wealth to enjoy and invest.  It's not the immigrants, but the taxesspending and entitlements (most of which immigrants don't even receive) that have drained the economy dry.

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Alt-text answer: It's Alexander Graham Bell, who was played by Don Ameche in the movies so memorably that members of the Greatest Generation sometimes refered to phones as "the Don Ameche."

And watch Hoenig's interview with Reason TV, where he talks about why hedge funds are good for America and how Ayn Rand (who could have been deported as an illegal alien) has influenced his thinking: