Feds Mull Appeal over Failed Hotel Seizure

U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz a real piece of work, isn't she?


U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz said her office is weighing an appeal against a Tewksbury motel owner who criticized her for prosecutorial bullying last week after he won his battle in the feds' three-year bid to seize his business, citing drug busts on the property.

"This case was strictly a law-enforcement effort to crack down on what was seen as a pattern of using the motel to further the commission of drug crimes for nearly three decades," Ortiz said in a statement. "We are weighing our options with respect to appeal."

Russ Caswell, owner of Motel Caswell, told the Herald he thought the case was "bullying by the government" and felt vindicated when a judge sided with him after his court victory last week.