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Honduran "Free City" Plan Might Be Alive Again


Intereting news for those interested in competitive governance, via the Central American Date website:

By a large majority (110 votes to 128), the Honduran Congress approved the modification of three articles of the country's constitution, giving powers to Congress to create areas subject to special arrangements, referred to as "Model Cities" that were declared unconstitutional last October for being considered "states within a state." reports that "The law consists of two approved articles. The first amending Articles 294, 303 and 329 of Decree 131 of January 11, 1982 containing the Constitution, which divided the country into departments. These 'are divided into autonomous municipalities administered by corporations elected by the people, in accordance with the law'.
Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding two paragraphs, Congress can create areas under special schemes in accordance with Article 329 of this Constitution '.

I blogged about the initial rise and fall of this idea last year. Look for a Reason print magazine feature on the idea in the near future. Subscribe now!

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  1. “By a large majority (110 votes to 128)”

    Perhaps that should be 110 votes out of 128?

  2. Would these states be able to restrict immigration from each other? Otherwise there would be no point. Think of it this way: Suppose New Hampshire seceded and became its own libertarian paradise. All the smart people would come and the free market and blaw blaw blaw. Soon non-libertarians would want to come. They would get good wages sweeping floor for the more intelligent people. Soon they would wonder why they do crap work while ‘dem people gots it good.’ They would vote in a government to spread “social justice.” And the cycle would begin anew.

    1. Damned uitlanders always come in and screw things up.

      1. Well, thousands of Boer children did die in concentration camps.

        1. As a result of a “vote in a government to spread ‘social justice'”?

          1. Whatever the justification they use the result is the same.

    2. Hong Kong has not had that problem thus far.

      And the structure of the governing bodies in question is that voters can only vote on the things that those governments decide that they can vote on, or they or the Honduran Congress can vote to dissolve these special governments through plebiscite and a 2/3rds majority vote, respectively.

      The governments in question must allow certain human rights, as well — for example, they cannot go against the Honduran constitution or restrict free speech, etc. They can, however, establish their own courts and otherwise have broad autonomy over a small land area.

      Basically it is an attempt to replicate Hong Kong and Singapore. Personally, I think it’s a great idea.

      1. Basically it is an attempt to replicate Hong Kong and Singapore. Personally, I think it’s a great idea.

        That is what I was thinking. Create a SAR with their own laws and see what happens.

      2. Hogn Kong doesn’t share a border with thrid world ntions other than China, which does the job of restricitng immigration for it. And no, a Nigerian slum dweller can’t come to Hong Kong automatically.

        1. can’t come to Hong Kong automatically.

          You live in Hong Kong?

        2. Uh, Hong Kong has experienced and currently experiences MASSIVE amounts of immigration from China — massive. And China during the 50s and 60s was way more of a shithole than present-day Honduras.

          1. How are the real estate prices these days?

        3. “Hogn Kong” sounds like a porno star.

          1. Or the largest pig evah!

    3. “They would vote in a government to spread “social justice.” And the cycle would begin anew.”

      I remember the economist behind it, Romer, or someone else detailing how it won’t be the democracy people expect.. and him receiving a lot of flack for it.

    4. I like to call it “the locust effect”.

  3. What politician votes power away from himself? It doesn’t make sense.

    1. Maybe considering the conditions in the rest of Honduras, they want to flee to the Model Cities?

      1. This.

        The Honduran government is not functionally all that powerful at the higher levels outside some urban localities — between the civil wars, low level of rule of law, and bad civic institutions, its main characteristic is arbitrary government at lower levels which harness all the real power. It is far from an anarchist paradise of course, but there are several regions in Honduras that don’t recognize the rule of anything but the local cartel, revolutionary movement in waiting, or the police chief.

  4. weed guns n axes
    we dont pay our taxes

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