White House Gun Policy: Like Ignorant Emotional Appeals From 8-Year-olds


It really has come to this: The president and vice president of the United States are trotting out the emotional appeals of ill-informed elementary school children in order to sell the administration's emotional, ill-informed policy response to the Sandy Hook school shooting. Is there a word that combines embarrassing, grotesque, unseemly, and kind of cute? Well, that would describe this campaign.

Lil' Hinna, for example, opines that "if there are no guns on the street, no one could get hurt" (just like in England!), and concludes her White House-posted video address with the plaintive, elementary school-style plea for "No guns, no guns, no guns, no guns":

Grant here thinks that people can own machine guns, and that "there should be a good reason for people to get a gun":

"P.S.–I know you're doing your best." Adorbs!

Meanwhile, Julia thinks "the only things" guns do are "harm or kill," and they should "only be used in the most horrible event where others will get hurt if they are  not." She is also no fan of the Constitution's separation of powers and 2nd Amendment–"I know that laws have to be passed by Congress, but I beg you to try very hard to make guns not allowed":

It is bad enough to make hasty and inappropriate legislation in the name of dead kids. It is bad enough to constantly formulate and sell policy via individual anecdote. It's bad enough to draft pre-Tween children for the purposes of political propaganda. But all three at once? The word that comes to mind is infantile