Police Abuse

Baltimore Residents Angry over Dog Shootings by Police

Unnecessary violence against people's pets


Cisco, Chloe, Kincaid, Sassy, Ziggy, Chase and Payton – this is a story about family dogs and the people who love them. This is also a story about the law enforcement officers who killed them.

On April 14, 2012, a domestic disturbance call went out to the Austin, Texas police department.  Police responding to the call saw Michael Paxton come from his backyard into the driveway, where he was immediately told to stop while a gun was drawn on him and he was held at gunpoint.  Within moments, Cisco, an Australian Cattle Dog, came around the corner from the backyard to be with his owner.  Cisco responded, as most dogs will when someone is on their property, and barked at the officer – who, without hesitation – shot Cisco dead, in front of his owner.

That domestic disturbance call? Police were at the wrong address.  They not only responded to the incorrect address, they held an innocent man at gunpoint and killed his pet.