What Fresh Horrors Await Californians in the Next Budget?

State casts about for new stones to get blood from


Next he'll propose turning the agricultural checkpoints at the state border into really pricey toll booths

You can practically feel the progressive lawmakers vibrating in anticipation of what to do with their Democratic supermajority in Sacramento, despite giving some lip service to fiscal restraint. Gov. Jerry Brown will unveil his initial 2013-14 budget proposal on Thursday. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports:

Firmly in command of the policy agenda and controlling a state budget that is in its best shape in years, California Democrats are expected to push a broad agenda of fiscal and social change in 2013.

The vast list includes new taxes, revamping education spending formulas, gun control, health care, highway expansions and redefining Proposition 13, the landmark property tax protection measure passed by voters in 1978.

At the same time, Democrat leaders and many in the rank-and-file are urging self-restraint, knowing that voters could strip their supermajority powers in the next election if their reach is overly ambitious — particularly when it comes to taxes and spending.

"There will be tension," said Sen. Marty Block, D-San Diego. "Some members want to win the Super Bowl right away and immediately repair the damage that's been done (by budget cuts). Most members realize we need to be careful — we can't spend money we don't have."

As always, any reference to government "budget cuts" should be read as cuts in the amount of money agencies and departments requested versus what they actually received and not less actual government spending from year to year.

As I noted last week, the desire to redefine Prop. 13 will be Democrats' solution for "not spending money they don't have" by, of course, trying to get more money. The spin has already begun to portray Prop. 13 as a loophole for businesses to pay less in property taxes compared to homeowners while ignoring the vast, costly regulatory burdens the state places on those attempting to engage in commerce.

Reporter Michael Gardner's story also contributes to the narrative that California's economy is improving based almost entirely on projections, which is a problematic way to look at the state's future. The governor's office is quick to point out that the state's projected deficit has dropped from somewhere north of $20 billion to somewhere around $2 billion. But as Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Walters notes, the budget deficits have been covered through all sorts of tricks, loans, and deferrals. The state still has huge amounts of debt to pay down.

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  1. Most members realize we need to be careful ? we can’t spend money we don’t have.

    Most members of what?

    1. Obviously not the CA Legislature.

    2. I think she’s calling all fiscal conservatives penises.

      1. Mr. Wong Burger: Probably needs a couple more dick rotors… Maybe a dick wheel or two.

        Rice Mascot: Yes, Mr. Wong Burger.

        Mr. Wong Burger: And, uuhhh, do we have to fill it up with some dicks?

        Rice Mascot: Yes, we gotta full tank of dicks!

        Mr. Wong Burger: Full tank, good, good, good. Wall to wall dick carpeting?

        Rice Mascot: Yes, you’ve mentioned that. Mr. Wongburger.

  2. I am really ready to leave California, which is a shame because I love the place. But I’m soooo tired of paying these assholes protection money. I just need to find somewhere with no snow and good motorcycling roads.

      1. Implicit in those requirements is that the new place has some legal advantages over California. Hawaii’s gun laws and taxes wouldn’t be much of an improvement over California’s.

        1. Miami?

        2. Well, then, Florida. But we lack mountains.

          Otherwise, New Zealand.

          1. I like Florida, but the only curved roads in the place are highway onramps. I’m wondering if west Texas “Hill Country” would be SoCon hell.

            1. You can shoot stuff in Texas.

            2. How far west? I think Austin goes all the way to Fredricksburg now.

            3. Austin is basically Hill Country, or at least Lago Vista is.

              So is northwest San Antonio, also called Boerne.

        3. Tennessee is beautiful & has a wide streak of yokeltarianism (which is better than nothing), iffin you can bear all the Jesus signs. And Bob Corker.

        4. Nevada, hands down.

  3. redefining Proposition 13

    WTF does that mean?

    1. Raise property taxes.

      1. Yup, that’s exactly what that means.

    2. I think something like if you’re poor then you property tax increases 2% a year, just as it is at present. But if you’re rich then it increases 5% a year until it hits market value.

    3. It means ending it for commercial property and property owned by corporations but retaining it for residential and personally owned property.

  4. I am giddy with anticipation to see their proposed regs and taxes on small businesses.

    1. This was the first thing that popped into my head – “How is the FTB going to fuck my clients over even harder?”

      1. Yeah, isn’t that your job?

        1. My job is to cock block the state within the boundaries of the law. Of course most people would prefer not to need this service to begin with.

      2. CA FTB, the home for disgraced IRS agents.

    2. As are the governors of UT, TX, and other states ready to snap up the business refugees.

  5. There’s no use escaping California, it only puts off the inevitable. The EXACT same thing is happening in every other state, just at a marginally slower pace. We’re all going to implode.

    We are ALL doomed unless you can get the general public to understand that politicians are the problem and not the solution. And that just ain’t going to happen. We have two possible futures: imploding with a bang or with a whimper.

  6. controlling a state budget that is in its best shape in years,

    I suppose when you are climbing out of a latrine, a swamp smells good.

    1. And yet, when their schemes fall flat on their face, the media will forget about the budget being in its best shape in years when they started.

  7. CALPERS takeover of private 401(k) funds in 4, 3, 2, …

    (for the benefit of private sector workers who can’t be trusted to invest for themselves of course)

    1. I just threw up a little inside.

    2. They’ve already talked about expanding pensions to private sector workers for a low low buy-in of 2-5%.

  8. Meanwhile Texas is predicting close to a $8 billion surplus. Rick Perry wants to limit spending to a sum of population growth and inflation, which will still be a hefty 10% increase in spending over the next two years.

    1. See how far to the left we’ve come? If Obama wants to spend another $400B a year on a jobs bill, that’s nothing and it is considered obstructionist to say no. So if you’re a right winger, you increases spending only 5% a year. I always maintain that contrary to what the MSM says, it is not the republicans who are moving to the right, but the democrats and moderate republicans who are moving to the left in wanting so much spending.

      1. The republicans bill of $9.7B for Sandy aid looks like peanuts — more proof that we’ve moved so much to the left.

  9. My wife and I went to see a house for sale in Arcadia,CA this past weekend. Arcadia has top-rated public schools. All 9’s and 10’s (out of 10) according to Zillow and Realtor. This 2 bedroom, termite-ridden bungalow was list at $690,000. We were interested and asked our agent to get us a showing. She said don’t bother, there were chinese buyers already offering up to $750,000 cash for the property. Arcadia is predominantly chinese and has been for several years. The surrounding cities, Monrovia and Pasadena, have public school with 4 and 5 rankings. Those cities are not predominantly chinese. You can buy a ready-to-live-in house just outside of Arcadia for $100,000 to $150,000 less. Still darned expensive though.

    Now for the puzzle. Arcadia citizens vote 70% democrat. You can look that up on City-Data. CA chinese are paying a premium to live in an area with excellent public schools and, at the same time, voting for dems who overtly subject their kids to discrimination upon entering college. Every chinese kid knows he has to score an extra 200 to 400 points higher on a college entrance exam to be regarded as equal to his peers of another ethnicity.

    I think I know why.

    1. You left off the best part.

      They’re voting for local democrats too, that will destroy the good local schools too, it’s only a matter of time.

      And please share why they vote that way. It’s absolutely inexplicable to me.

  10. These guys really know whats going on over there. WOw.

  11. At the same time, Democrat leaders and many in the rank-and-file are urging self-restraint, knowing that voters could strip their supermajority powers in the next election if their reach is overly ambitious ? particularly when it comes to taxes and spending.

    But is there any indication that California voters will ever again vote against the Democrats?

    1. They will vote Dem until the gang rape turns into a daisy chain.

  12. California is utterly doomed. The Dem supermajority will be the end of us. No doubt in my mind.

    1. There is a chance this won’t happen. There is also a chance that I will win the lottery.

  13. Unfortunately not only Californians are not going to like the 2013 Budget, which is very sad by itself. The most ridiculous part about the budget is new taxes of course. How can our government make any changes? Haven’t they seen a French example or what? How can they possibly expect people to accept and afford fiscal cliff? I do understand that we need spending cuts, but not this way! They should better figure out how to stop US National Debt Clock stop from ticking by finding another solution. But looks like it is not going to happen and we will still keep on using fast payday loans just like we did it before

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