F.A. Hayek

New Reason eBook Features Interviews with F.A. Hayek, Ronald Reagan, Christopher Hitchens, Thomas Szasz, and Timothy Leary

5 great Reason interviews in one ebook


Reason Interviews F.A. Hayek, Ronald Reagan, Christopher Hitchens, Thomas Szasz, and Timothy Leary

Reason has interviewed some of the most provocative and important figures in politics, science, business, and culture during the past 45 years. 

Read the first volume of our compilation of interviews, featuring discussions with luminaries F.A. Hayek, Ronald Reagan, Thomas Szasz, Timothy Leary, and Christopher Hitchens.  The eBook includes the original art and covers.

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    It was actually Paul Krugman that they were interviewing all along.

    1. Sonuvabitch.

  2. Is there any chance we can see this pimped ten times a day for the next few months?


    She does a very good job making sure my not-spam comments grace you all with their presence.

  4. The problem with cosmatarianism is it’s refusal to consider political or cultural matters important. Cosmatarians don’t understand that importing third-world savages, lowering wages and increasing prices, will lead both the savages and the working class to support socialism. Cosmatarians, the kind who want to dismantle public schools, government roads, and government science don’t understand that these are the things that make America great. Without these things, does anyone really believe that the average worker or savage would vote for capitalism? Libertarians act as if the idea of fairness is some evil totalitarian force, rather than the natural emotion it is. Go into any classroom and give some kids more candy then they know what to do with, and others no candy. Make sure the Asians and Jews get a lot while the blacks and the Mexicans get jack. See the reaction. That is the real world. The perfect must not be made into the enemy of the good. Many libertarians either support liberal cultural views or don’t think it matters. To them, personal responsibility doesn’t apply to the bedroom. We should not ever speak out against faggots, single mothers, or divorce. Hey, live and let live, right? Well that quickly becomes, live and let die, as the single mothers and the faggots, without families to support them, demand responsible Americans pay for there problems. And if responsible Americans speak out for the superiority of our way of life, we are “collectivists.”

    1. Cool story, bro.

        1. Either way, he’s off his meds.

        2. Public schools and government science made America great? I guess you missed the first 200 years of this country, when there was virtually no funding for government science.

          I’m shocked we weren’t all living in caves.

          1. Science funding began during WW2, and has continued since then. Even before that science was publicly funded through universities. Science has advanced enormousnessly since that time. And what of public schools? Where would we be without them?

            1. North America, between Canada and Mexico.

            2. And science didn’t advance during the 1800s, before the science funding you’re talking about? Are you fucking kidding me? The amount of research done by Big Pharma’s R+D departments dwarf the amount spent by the federal government.

              1. “The amount of research done by Big Pharma’s R+D departments dwarf the amount spent by the federal government.”

                1. http://www.economist.com/blogs…..evelopment

                  “THIS week’s Free exchange print article?Arrested development?looks at the global research and development (R&D) race. The big trend it picks out is a shift from government funded R&D to private R&D; we can expect fewer space rockets and more hybrid cars in the future. Overall, this secular shift was pretty successful in America: private firms have upped their innovation efforts, so that there are lots of businesses (there is a list here) that will soon spend over $10 billion on R&D each year. Contrast this with barren Britain, where ideas are in danger of running dry (see chart).”

                  We’ve already cut government funding to R&D and the Economist says that it has increased R and D spending by firms. Gee, it’s almost like government spending crowds out firm spending, but when government spending on R and D falls, firm spending increases. So explain again how government funding of science is necessary, and try to do so in more than one word.

    2. We’re here, we’re proud, we’re cosmo, get used to it.

  5. There is a dude that just makes no sense at all man. Wow.


    1. Szasz makes plenty of sense, thanks. Categorical error, look it up.

  6. Aren’t all these interviews available in the archives for free? What kind of dumb, lazy, consumerist would pay for an ebook of shit you can just search and read?

  7. And what about us Luddites who still read paper books and magazines (like Reason, for example)? Will there be a version that doesn’t require an e-reader?

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