Medical Marijuana

Oakland Continues Fight to Protect Pot Dispensary

Feds try to claim the city lacks standing to defend it from seizure


The city of Oakland renewed demands to stay forfeiture proceedings against a local medical marijuana dispensary whose business it defends as a matter of state's rights.

Though the U.S. government says that Oakland lacks standing to try to block it from seizing Harborside Health Center, the city argued that it has an interest in protecting its economic and public health interests, and it says a stay would serve the orderly adjudication of justice.

The U.S. government initiated forfeiture proceedings against Harborside Health Center's Oakland and San Jose locations in July, claiming the clubs sell marijuana in violation of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). While medical marijuana is legal in California, and voters approved ordinances allowing the recreational use of marijuana by adults in Washington and Colorado, it is still illegal under federal law.