Mass Shooting at Connecticut Elementary School Leaves Dozens Dead


News outlets currently report between 20 and 27 have been killed by a shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

We will update our Reason 24/7 feed regularly with the latest info.

UPDATE: If you're not around a television, Reuters is running a live local NBC news feed from the scene here.

UPDATE: The suspected shooter has been identied as Ryan Lanza, 24. His body is among the dead.

UPDATE: Several media outlets have pointed to a Facebook page of a Ryan Lanza as the suspect and a picture of him has circulated, but he has Tweeted that they've got the wrong guy.

UPDATE: Info from an official law enforcement press conference: 20 children dead. Six adults dead. The shooter is also dead. There is another person found dead at a second crime scene. Law enforcement are not formally identifying any victims yet.

UPDATE: Whether the shooter is actually Ryan Lanza is actually not confirmed as yet. Reports are now that the shooter is actually his younger brother, Adam.

UPDATE: The AP is reporting that the suspected shooter is indeed Adam. The confusion is apparently due to a law enforcement source accidentally mixing up the names while talking to the press.