Latest News in California's Skill at Revenue Projection: It Still Sucks

Don't bank on that Prop. 30 money, kids


Blame it on Texas, and Nevada, and Oregon, and …

As noted earlier today at Reason 24/7, California failed terribly at projecting its November tax revenue. Income tax and corporate tax were both down from predictions. Altogether revenue was down $806 million from what the state projected, a 10.8 percent drop. Total tax revenue is up over 2011 for the month, except in the corporate tax category, which is down 160 percent. That's a nice little detail for anybody trying to argue that California's tax environment is scaring away business.

The data is important because the $6 billion revenue promised by the tax increases in Prop. 30, which passed in November, are also projections. If the projections are off, well, Gov. Jerry Brown tied the school budget to that money.

And then there's the matter of what the rest of state government is doing following the passage of Prop. 30, as Cal Watchdog notes:

State bureaucrats immediately ramped up deficit spending far beyond the $6 billion annual tax increase, with the Departments of Health Services and Developmental Services increasing this month's spending by more than $1 billion versus last year.  The lower tax collection and higher spending drove the state's deficit after the tax increase to $2.7 billion for the first 5 months of the 2012-13 fiscal year, which began on July 1.

The state's bad record of revenue projection (which contributed to the nearly $20 billion deficit California had logged earlier in the year) is important to keep in mind when, say, a New York Times reporter points to deficit (and surplus) projections for coming years as evidence of the state's recovery.

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  1. Clearly the solution is that we need to try even harder to get the rich to pay their fair share. And trains, definitely need more high speed rail.

    We're long past doubling-down on retard, I'm not sure what comes after that.

    1. Peak Retard is kind of like Peak Oil. Just when you think you've maxed out, a previously unknown gusher of retard somehow gets discovered.

      1. And when they actually do approach Peak Retard, they'll figure out how to achieve Cold-Fusion Retard.

        1. I'm working on a perpetual-motion retard machine.

          1. No need. See "Moonbeam"; organic perpetual-motion retard machine.

          2. Warp factor retard!

    2. Doubling-down on doubling-down on retard?

      1. It is retard, all the way down.

  2. Hey um, is it stupid to ask why governments don't just plan how to spend the money they have in their accounts now rather than planning how to spend the money they think they might have tomorrow if all goes as planned (which it never does)?

    1. It's time to dust off the Laffer curve.

      There is nothing new under the sun.

    2. In Sacramento? Yes, it is stupid to ask that.

  3. California already knows that they are going to get a massive bail out from the Obama admin, so why should they stop spending? The faster they spend, the sooner they get their free mega Obamabucks.

    1. More to the point, Obamaland Funbux may not be worth as much in two years as they will be in six months. So the sooner the bailout the better.

      1. Oh come on, inflation is imaginary, it's never happened in the real world! it's just a boogeyman invented by those crazy free market loons and cons to scare people!

      2. "Obamaland Funbux may not be worth as much in two years as they will be in six months."

        They will not slash the budget until they have no other choice. It cannot be stressed enough that we're in the same position nationally. Congress and the president won't slash the budget until they have no other choice either.

        We're all at the mercy of government employees. In California. Nationally. We're all working for the government.

        Every time they spend another dollar, you'll have to work harder to keep the same standard of living in the future.

        You work for the government. I work for the government. We all do. We're just not in the union.

    2. First in gets the most!

  4. What they really need to do is repeal Prop 13 so that they can make their property taxes #1 in the nation. The problem is that their property taxes are too low, and if they fix that, everything else will fall into place!

    1. It makes me sick to my stomach every time I hear that.

      Make it more expensive to pay your rent. Make it more expensive to own a house. Make it more expensive for businesses to have to pay people who rent or own a house...

      ...and then all of our problems will be solved! It's as simple as that.

      Damn Republicans.

      1. Damn Republicans.

        All three of them!

        Although I did chat with a Republican state lawmaker at a cocktail party last weekend. I asked her what their plan was with the Democratic supermajority and she basically said they'll protest, be ignored, and then let the chips fall where they may.

        1. I'm sorry that you had to be at a party where politicians were. Was this punishment for something?

          1. Some sort of alternative sentencing?

            1. I'm pretty sure that if you come within 20 feet of a California politician, they'll throw you a bag filled with money. I think A Serious Man made the right choice.

              1. You don't even have to be a cowboy poet or muppet wrangler?!

            2. Probably. Serious is known for committing unserious crimes. He's really kind of a lightweight, actually.

    2. You misspelled "pieces."

  5. Since I'm graduating in June, I'm going to enjoy the schadenfreude of my liberal friends in college that insisted that the tuition would go up if Prop 30 didn't pass and people like me were "voting against their own self-interest" in opposing it.

    Yeah, with these kinds of reneue shortfalls what do you think the UC Regents are more likely to do: cut their own pay and overhead costs or raise tuition? Dumbducks that do exactly what the people they should be opposing want them to do.

    1. Well, if the UC Regents are liberals, then of course they are going to sacrifice for the good of all, because we are all in this together, right? I bet they all also make voluntary tax donations to they IRS each year, just like Warren Buffet does.

    2. "Yeah, with these kinds of reneue shortfalls what do you think the UC Regents are more likely to do: cut their own pay and overhead costs or raise tuition?"

      You're point is valid enough, and the regents are not about to cut faculty pay, but:
      "The UC regents are not paid for their 12-year appointments, but
      receive compensation for their travel expenses to attend the meetings." [...]
      "BYLAW 8. Special Provisions Relating to Regents
      8.1 Compensation of Regents.
      No Regent shall receive salary or other compensation for services as
      a Regent..."
      But why would they cut tuition? At the current level, the school is over-subscribed by tons. They need to raise tuition to the market-clearing price, then maybe look at costs.

      1. Duly noted. Neverthless, the substantial and unchecked growth of administrative costs and personel shows no signs of stopping.

        1. A Serious Man| 12.13.12 @ 8:09PM |#
          "Duly noted. Neverthless, the substantial and unchecked growth of administrative costs and personel shows no signs of stopping."

          Naturally! If you had a business where adding pay and benes to the employees with the resultant increased price meant zero reduction in demand, what would you do?
          Hell, let's find that clearing price!

        2. But pop over to Marin County, and you will hear the relentless refrain of all saying that the UC system used to be free to all and the gem of the USA public universities. And that we really ought to repeal the "devastation" that Prop 13 caused, and get the greedy rich to finally cough up their fair share, so we can return to those egalitarian days.

          Prop 13 only maintained property taxes at "up to 2%" growth over your last year's payment (funny how it has always added up to exactly that!) It gets reset with any property transfer to the current sale price. So despite the whining, it really only affects elderly people who have kept the same house over 30 years -- most of whom would have to sell their houses and/or be in poor shape financially if Prop 13 was repealed. In other words, really pushing granny off the edge. But to hear some people, it is just fat cats making us lay off all the teachers, firefolk, cops.........

          In CA we have near 10% sales tax, 12% income tax, and a host of other fees, taxes and levies, but it is Prop 13 that is preventing solvency.

      2. The UC regents are not paid for their 12-year appointments, but
        receive compensation for their travel expenses to attend the meetings.

        Don't know about UC, but when I did some "official" traveling for SUNY the per diems were ridiculous. Almost $100 a day. You got $50 just for dinner. I've never spent $50 on my own dinner, ever, and they get paid that every day they're "travelling". That's how the regents are "compensated".

        1. The real money is in the mileage they get paid. .61/mile IIRC. And there's nobody to verify it. A local state assemblyman or senator got dinged in an audit (that got tipped off by a disgruntled employee) where he charged the state nearly $90k in a vehicle lease and hit them for the mileage as well as a bunch of other shit. Last I heard, he was reelected handily.

    3. Has everyone seen the hideous new logo for the University of California? The most hilarious part: an in-house team of 11 people worked for three and half years to create this. I've been on teams of 3-5 people who regularly create better logos than this in 2-3 months. No wonder California is going broke.

      1. The official video is completely retarded.

        I'm now fucking ashamed to admit that I live in retardland.

        1. Thanks for making me stupider. You're officially a dick now.

          1. California's future:

            TiaPeachMoose18 1 week ago

            y'all can kiss UC's ass cuz this is amazing period and ifnyiu dont think? so you obvi dont have a creative bone in your body so save it for someone who actually cares


            1. Wow, she really got us.

              **runs off sobbing**

  6. Greece with better financed movies and better wine.

      1. And no history of freedom and democracy.

  7. "Total tax revenue is up over 2011 for the month, except in the corporate tax category, which is down 160 percent."

    Yeah, the problem is Prop 13.

    Once we raise property taxes, and make it even more expensive to live in Kalifornija, well, the rest of it takes care of itself!

    1. I mean, seriously, how do you make it more expensive to employ people in California at a time like this?!

      They don't care about anybody that isn't on the government payroll. The rest of us might as well go into a meat grinder.

      Wanna see our future? Look at Detroit.

      1. I did a job in Detroit 14 years ago, and it was a shithole then. I can't even imagine it now.

    2. Nice Youth Brigade reference. Here's one that has nothing to do with California, but it does destroy. The pride of Hermosa Beach, it's Black Flag: Black Coffee!

      1. Um, when I'm there? I'm the pride of Hermosa Beach, and although they were living in the church for a while, they were really from Redondo.

        You know as recently as the early '90s, you could get a decent sized apartment half a block off the strand for $750 a month? It's hard to imagine any scene coming from that area anymore.

        I mean, I thought life ended when they stopped doing shows at the Olympic, but it really ended when Fenders burned down. Then the Frog disappeared. Toe's Tavern's even gone? The Pitcher House, too?! The impending economic apocalypse might actually be good for some things--if it makes yuppie kids angry and they start taking responsibility for their own cultural heritage, you know?

        There should be a museum. Some kind of Raunchy Surfer/Punk Rawk appreciation week.

    3. Ken Shultz| 12.13.12 @ 8:02PM |#
      "Yeah, the problem is Prop 13."

      It is, just like the problem with Fed freedoms is the bill of rights.
      Both were intended to be 'starting points', not ends.
      Prop 13 should be made universal.

  8. The pronouncements that California is okay because it projects lower deficits next year (after projecting lower deficits this year and the year before that) always struck me as ludicrous.

    I'd laugh if I didn't have some assets tied up in the place...

  9. 160%? So not only was there no corporate income the state shoveled out 60% of the usual take?

    1. Take a look at this chart, Warren:


      And you know who's to blame for that 160% drop, right?

      1. Ooh ooh, I know this one! Just give a minute. Does it start with a "c"?

        1. Kochtopus starts with a "K," darius.

  10. I'm pretty sure it's not Hitler. This time, anyway.

    1. It's your fault Warren!

      It's always your fault!

  11. Also, that Times article is staggering.

    "We've been used to being beat up by the Eastern Seaboard for a very long time," Mr. Davis said. It was, he said, a case of coastal envy: "I can see the sun glistening off the ocean as I look out my office window."

    That's Gray Davis, literally arguing that the reason people are mocking California's economic state is because they're envious. Yeah, I really wish my state could be like California and have 10.1% unemployment with a labor force participation rate even lower than the national rate.

    Rich liberals really are totally clueless when it comes to what other people are going through in this economy, aren't they?

    1. California does have some maginificent weather. I lived in Simi Valley for 5 years. Seemed like every day I can remember was another beautiful day.

      But there is that pesky earthquake shit. I hate the ground moving under my feet, really freaks me out. I would rather deal with hurricanes, at least you know when they are coming. I will take Commie MD over Commie Cali, weather is at least acceptable for me here most of the year, unlike some parts of the country.

      1. Geez, magnificent. Maybe I will donate next time after I get my edit feature, damnit.

      2. My favorite weather, and area of the country in general, is upstate New York. Unfortunately there are no jobs.

        1. I will never, ever, go to NY in the winter again. Each time I have been talked into that, I froze my arse off. Fuck that shit. If I wanted to move somewhere where there are no jobs, I can think of lots of places. The problem is choosing one that actually has jobs. Austin or Atlanta were the other places I was considering when I moved here to commie MD, because I got the best job offer here, it was my last choice of the 3 really for where I prefered to live.

          1. WNY winter (or summer) temperature isn't as bad as the Midwest where I grew up, so that might factor into it. It was unusual for it to get below zero, which is my standard for cold.

            I kind of like the snow actually. They clean it up pretty quickly up there, unlike here in Pgh.

            1. I worked in northern IN for about 10 years, my parents live there. The winters are horrific. Wind chills of 30 below are not uncommon.

              1. Yeah, I grew up in Rockford. Not far from Paul Ryan's stomping grounds.

        2. This explains so much about you Tulpy-Poo.

    2. Uh, can't people on the Eastern Seaboard see a glistening ocean too?

      1. Yes, but it's not a CALIFORNIA ocean. The great thing about a California ocean is that you can spend lots of time looking at it, since you are almost certainly unemployed.

        1. unless you can write code

        2. The great thing about a California ocean is that you can spend lots of time looking at it, since you are almost certainly unemployed.

          Yes, and also because for 10 months out of the year, it's too cold to want to get in. And that's in San Diego.

          Seriously, what's the point in having a coastline as long as we have yet not have water worth getting into without a wetsuit?

          1. That's what kills me about being on the West coast: the ocean is brutally cold, even in summer, to the point where getting in is a chore and not really enjoyable. I grew up with perfect ocean water during the summer, and I got addicted to it.

            1. So even Gray Davis' bragging is wrong? Is there anything that guy doesn't fuck up?

            2. Have you ever stepped foot into lake Michigan, in the summer time? I was there once at the Dunes park and it was hot outside, the sand would literally burn the skin off your bare feet, and the water felt like 50 farenheit! No lie, it was crazy.

              1. Damn water and its unusually high specific heat. Damn it to the fires of hell.

                1. At least that would warm it up.

              2. Coldest water I ever set foot into was the American river north of Sacramento. Summer in Sacramento is comparable to a chilly day in hell, but that water was COLD.

              3. I don't think you are far off, Hyperion.

                Live near Chicago now. Read somewhere that lake Michigan only gets up to the 60s in the summer time.

          2. Don't blame the ocean for your delicate temperature sensibilities. Dunphy would be out there thrashing the surf in January.

          3. Sounds like the water in Rio. Beautiful beaches, cold water most of the year.

            The beach near our condo in Recife, BR, the water is around 80 farenheit all year long. The low tide forms little tidal pools that feel like bath water warm. You just can't go out past the reef or in high tide, or the fishies with big teeth will eat you.

            1. I dunno, I've been in the water up and down the Brazilian coast, and it's always felt pretty good to me. Rio's nice, but I did like Guaruja' in SP, too.

          4. "what's the point in having a coastline as long as we have yet not have water worth getting into without a wetsuit?"

            Yer outta yer mind.

            I was in the ocean in October without a wetsuit.

            In La Jolla.


            Three or four months of the year, you need a wetsuit to be comfortable. And that's during the months when no one would go anywhere near a beach on the East Coast--anywhere but Florida.

            And the problem with Florida is that it's in Florida.

            1. And that's during the months when no one would go anywhere near a beach on the East Coast--anywhere but Florida.

              Obviously you've never been anywhere between Hatteras and Tybee Island in the fall. Shit, my mom and dad were in the water this past weekend at Hilton Head. I doubt there are any people in the water in La Jolla sans wetsuit this week.

              1. Point is that wearing a wetsuit in December, January, February doesn't exactly make having an ocean in your backyard a pointless exercise.

                1. When I lived in PR, I used to go in the ocean any day of the year without a wetsuit. That's what I'm all about and you can't get than on the Pacific coast north of Cabo.

                  I'll wear a wetsuit if I'm training, but I hate the things for recreation.

                  1. Yeah, it was like that when I was in the Yucatan, too.

                    It was almost too warm.

                    It was like a jacuzzi.

      2. Yes, you can live in Ocean City, MD where you will see an ocean that fondly reminds you of the dirty dishwater in your sink after you neglected to wash the dishes for a week, and as a bonus, you can witness what is surely the one place on earth where all the trailer park people on the planet have been gathered into one place at the same time.

        1. Ooh, he could move to North East, MD and open up a meth lab. That place is at least as bad as Ocean City.

          1. "That place is at least as bad as Ocean City."

            Being interested in WWII, I went to Anzio some time back: No trailers, plenty of run-down 'stack-a-prole' public housing. Entirely too many people wondering around with nothing to do in the middle of a week day.

            1. Think how many of them would lose their jobs if we legalized drugs!

              1. Or tatoo parlors. You can't have enough tatoo shops to keep up with the demand for neck tatoos in Ocean City.

        2. Ocean City was paradise back when I was in the 7th grade.

          The jellyfish all over the beach was kinda weird.

          There's usually something weird going at just about every beach everywhere. You gotta know your beach.

          In New Zealand, when the water gets warm, the surfers sometimes stretch nylons over their skin to help protect them from the jellyfish. ...some of which produce painful stings so bad, they say it's the most painful thing a human being can experience.

          I read that some of the jellyfish they have to contend with deliver stings that are so bad...

          "Irukandji syndrome includes an array of systemic symptoms, including severe headache, backache, muscle pains, chest and abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, sweating, anxiety, hypertension, tachycardia and pulmonary edema.[4][11][12] One unusual symptom associated with the syndrome is a feeling of "impending doom".[13] Patients have been reported as being so certain they are going to die, they beg their doctors to kill them to get it over with.[14] Symptoms generally abate in four to 30 hours, but may take up to two weeks to resolve completely.[6]"

          Impending doom? Yeah, turns out there's a jellyfish that inflicts psychological pain so bad, it feel like the Democrats in Sacramento just won a super majority all over again. The surfers beg the doctors in the ER to kill them to get it over with...

          How do you surf in conditions like that?

      3. only if they get up early enough to see the sun rise. we get the convenient and romantic sunset over the water.

    3. Rich liberals really are totally clueless when it comes to what other people are going through in this economy, aren't they?


  12. My new job is dangling some serious carrots in front of my face to go to CA instead of VA. Thus far I've been able to convince them that I don't want to go to the left coast because I'd be far from my family (barf) rather than saying it's because it's a leftist basketcase and I don't want to register all my guns and lose all my hi-cap mags, but they keep turning the thumbscrews.

    1. Ah, hell Tulpa, come on out! Our politicians know how to spend your money much better then your current politicians!

      1. Yeah. I think PA's terrain rules out HSR, thankfully.

    2. Wise choice would be VA. I might consider San Diego, but the rest of the state, no way. What part of VA? NOVA?

      1. Yep, No-Va. Time to see how the government half lives.

        1. About the only place in the county I have been where every bar, restaurant, or mall are absolutely packed with people at 10pm on a week night, all year long. Wonders what stealing the money of an entire nation can do for your economy.

        2. I rode the train through NOVA and the stench of government and everyone being employed by government was so thick that I was actually surprised. Living there as an anti-government person would be hell.

          1. Thanks, Epi. It's been a while since you said I was anti-government.

          2. Yeah, sorta like a Libertarian living in MD...

          3. Oddly enough I lived in NOVA without doing anything related to govt work. I'd opt for outside the DC 'burbs if I moved back.

      2. Unless you want to buy my house at an insane price, you don't want to consider San Diego.

        There are some great places in California, but the whole state is ruled from the fuckstain that is Sacramento.

    3. Protip: you don't have to register your guns out here any more than you do in VA. And I'd like to know where in the Golden State they're trying to get you to go. I've lived in both places (VA and CA) and traveled extensively in both of them for work as well as pleasure. You may be able to glean some information from me, you know.

      1. Upon obtaining residence in the state you must declare your guns to the local police dept.

        1. Not true. You have to send a "New Resident Handgun Ownership Form" to the state DOJ. The locals may be told by them, but I don't have to say jack shit. Matter of fact, if you send in the form without the $19 fee (per gun), they still register them for you. I did that nearly five years ago and have not heard boo from them.

          1. They are too busy stealing other peoples money to worry about your gunz.

          2. hmmm. when I moved in ten years ago I was told that it my responsibility to inform the local sheriff that I had moved into town with an out-of-state gun.

            Perhaps things have changed but honestly your comment still sounds like you are required to inform somebody of your guns? no?

            1. Yes, DOJ requires you to register them.

            2. Yeah. I corrected myself as I thought VA had adopted registration after the terrorists attacked our freedom and took our innocence on 9/11/2001.*

              *Never Forget!

              1. Wouldn't it have made more sense to require registration of jumbo jets and box cutters?

                1. Can't we do all three?

                  /CA legislator

      2. According to the CA-DOJ website, you have to register all handguns within 60 days after bringing them into the state, and pay a $19 fee per handgun. They also say you can't get a CCW for any gun that is not registered with DOJ (not that you're likely to get it anyway where I'd be going).

        I read somewhere that you're going to have to register long guns too starting some time next year, too.

        1. Here's the long gun law story.

      3. You may be able to glean some information from me, you know.

        Which bars do you pick up the libertarian chicks from?

      4. I'd be going to the Sacramento area if I go. More government, what a coinky-dink.

        1. Don't go to Sacramento. Imagine a diseased human asshole festering with pus only a lot bigger. That's Sacramento.

          1. So, a western version of Buffalo?

            1. Think more Cleveland-ish, but bleaker because the state capitol building looms large.

            2. No, Albany.

          2. Good Gawd man, Taxamento would make Annapolis blush with their vampire like lust for maor revenue.

          3. At least it's a short drive to Tahoe which is one of the best places in the country.

          4. What about Placer County? That looks nice in pictures.

            1. It's great from Auburn east. Anything west of there is a sewer.

        2. Tulpa (LAOL-PA)| 12.13.12 @ 9:17PM |#
          "I'd be going to the Sacramento area if I go."

          The water that remains in the summer is warm, and if it falls far enough, you can go carp-kicking.

        3. No one has enough money to pay me to live in Sacramento.

          No one.

          1. Not even for some good ol carp kickin? As a fisherman, I always LOL at the Eurotards for fishing for carp. Kicking them, however, might be satifying for spite of my hatred of those damn things. They are like squirrels, with scales and fins!

            1. As a fisherman, I always LOL at the Eurotards for fishing for carp.

            2. Why do they fish for carp?

      5. Meh. I guess I'm wrong. I thought VA had adopted handgun registration post-9/11. My mistake.

        1. Actually, wtf, if you buy a handgun in PA you have to register it with the State Police (and carry the registration form around with you for 3-4 months afterward because Harrisburg is backed up entering the registration into their computers). Forgot about that. I'm not sure what I'm whining about.

      6. You do, indeed have to register them. And pay a registration fee for each one, when you enter the state with it, or when you buy it in-state.

        It's only handguns now. Long guns starting in 2014.

        1. Why couldn't a poor person challenge the fee as an "infringement" on their RKBA. $19 to some people is quite a bit of money.

          1. And of course, I have four 17-round magazines for my P95, which is $100+ of value right there that I can't bring to CA, along with my 25-rounders for the 10/22. I'm not even sure if there is a 10 rounder for the P95.

          2. sloopyinca| 12.13.12 @ 9:35PM |#
            "Why couldn't a poor person challenge the fee as an "infringement" on their RKBA. $19 to some people is quite a bit of money."

            You know you can't sell Abalone, right? You can only harvest it as a 'sport'. But in order to do so, you have to be fairly fit and capable of holding your breath (no tanks allowed).
            Why hasn't someone raised an ADA lawsuit over this obvious preferential treatment for those without disabilities?!

            1. Where is our Casey Martin?

    4. California is slowly turning into Italy. The state government passes new laws and the population dutifully ignores them.

      1. If only our politicians were half as interesting as theirs, it might almost be worth it.

        1. Yeah, I want to hear about Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell's Bunga-Bunga parties.

          Where the fuck is barfman when we need him most?

          1. I think barfman is a sockpuppet.

          2. Ewwww... *barf*

            1. Thank you for saying what needed to be said.

  13. in the corporate tax category, which is down 160 percent.



    1. "Wreckers!

      "Morally", they should pay that 160% and MORE! Forget tax law; this is about being FAIR!

  14. California revenues
    2010-11 124B (highest all time)

    2011-12 122B (second highest all time)

    2012-13(estimated) 130B (new all time high)

    What is the problem exactly? oh yeah, nevermind. The fucking idiot votes of CA actually bought all this bullshit about there being a budget crisis and voted to increase taxes on themselves (prop30). What a bunch of maroons.

    You have been played, idiots.

    1. You have been played, idiots.

      Played? Or fucked over? BTW, the biggest contributors to the Yes on Prop 30 campaign were all pubsec unions. And for some reason, nobody wanted to discuss that fact.

      1. Those unions are just striving for an honest, non-coercive living, unlike RTW proponents.


        1. If you vote to raise taxes on yourself in the midst of the all-time revenue highs, I have to say it's "played". Definitely "played".

  15. 111 posts! That must mean something...

    Ok, conspiracy theory time. This is some really funny stuff, had me laughing my ass off when someone sent me the link this morning:

    Mayans had wireless technology

    We are doomed! Only 8 days left!

  16. OK, if you want a great laugh, read this article and the comments.

    Oddly enough, they forgot to put "Paid Advertisement" at the bottom.

    1. Looks like it's a toss up of which will end the world first, the MJ childin apocalypse or the Mayan wireless tech apocalypse. Maybe we need a poll to see which Reasonoids vote most likely?

    2. "Denver Drug Agent: Our Problems 'Have Exploded' With Pot Legalization"

      Yep, now that dope is legal our problem arresting those folks are getting tough!
      Dammit! How am I gonna score enough stolen dope to pay for dinner tonight?!

      1. Yeah, pot has been quasi legal for 2 whole days and pot crazed zombies are on the playgrounds eating the children, yep, no hyperbole at all in that article.

        1. If you asked an average cop off the street to come up with five laws he would like to see overturned because they are either antiquated or immoral, I bet you he/she couldn't come up with more than one.

          1. Really? What about bribery, police brutality, posse comitatus?

            1. Those are more like policies than laws anymore. Remember: if they didn't specifically get trained not to do it, they can't be held responsible for it.

    3. Shit, I thought for a minute it might be an Onion article.

  17. Am I the only one to notice that the largest drop that's mathematically possible is 100% (to zero)? Gawd, it's lonely being a pedant. Even here.

  18. Haha. The Eagles have turned it over 3 times in the last two minutes. I'd like to see the Bungles lose to give the Steelers a little breathing room, but I hate the Eagles so much it's fine.

    1. Not Bryce Brown!

      1. Hahahahahahahahaha. Another turnover on the kickoff. Awesome.

        1. Michael Vick must be feeling vindicated seeing all these turnovers. Assuming he doesn't think he's playing for Virginia Tech and Bill Clinton is president.

          1. Vick is a great football player, love watching him. Great QB? Meh, maybe not so much.

              1. You have to be joking?

                1. Nope. He's a dynamic player, but he does nothing to bring out the best in any of his teammates. It's always been him trying to take on the world and that's a tall order when you have an inaccurate arm.

                  1. Vick had a bad season, but he's a sensational QB when he's healthy. His problem is that in order to be effective, he has to run the ball, and the more he runs the ball, the more likely he is to get hurt. The more he gets hurt, the less he plays, which is why you don't want him on your fantasy team...

                    He has to do what gets him hurt in order to be effective. I think that's why the Eagles will let him go, too. They'll pay him the $3 million he's due to keep him around while they see how Kid Danger pans out but then release Vick in the off season.

      2. "Not Bryce Brown!

        I had to pick between Bryce Brown or David Wilson possibly splitting carries with Ahmad Bradshaw...

        I picked the wrong guy.

        I put up 149 points last week with Brown laying an egg, though, so maybe I'll survive into the championship anyway. Brown's definitely the weakest link again this week.

        1. I wish I had a shot at the championship. I'm just trying to avoid being the loser of the league at this point and having to endure some hideous punishment.

          1. It's just because of injuries, I'm sure.

            Didn't you win last year?

    2. Fuck the sqealers, they suck! The Bengals are kicking some Beagles ass!

  19. except in the corporate tax category, which is down 160 percent.

    WTF? Are you saying that corporations in aggregate not only paid no taxes, but got a huge refund?

    Math fail?

  20. 2012-13(estimated) 130B (new all time high)

    What is the problem exactly?

    Ummm, because those are estimates, and the post is about how CA is reeeeally bad at estimating revenues, and those numbers are probably based on the assumption that no one will move out of state or change their behavior in the slightest due to the whopping tax increase just passed.

  21. I think it will be interesting to see how that all works out in the end. Wow.

  22. Negative corporate tax revenue? I'm starting me a California corporation! There's gold in them hills!

  23. Cue the leftists whose response to any mention of California's state government fiscal disaters is that it's always and forever the fault of Propostion 13 that hamstrung the state from raising vitally important revenue.

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