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Hooray! Bankrupt California Is Now a One-Party State!


Congratulations, Jerry!

In the L.A. Times, lefty opiner Harold Meyerson performs a tapdance on the grave of the California Republican Party. Excerpt:

Assuming the leaders in the few remaining close races hold their leads, there will be 38 Democrats and 15 Republicans representing California in Congress come January. Of those 38 Democrats, 18 are women, nine are Latinos, five are Asian Americans, three are African Americans, four are Jews and at least one is gay. Just 12 are white men. Of the 15 Republicans, on the other hand, all are white men — not a woman, let alone a member of a racial minority or a Jew, among them.

The composition of the state's new Democratic congressional delegation merely reflects the state's demographic changes. Latinos (72% of whom backed Obama) were 23% of the California electorate in 2012, up from 18% in 2008. The share of Asian voters (who voted for Obama at a 79% rate) doubled, from 6% to 12%, between those two elections. Voters under 30 increased their share of state ballots cast from 20% in 2008 to 27% in 2012, and backed Obama at a 71% rate. The state's proportion of white voters, meanwhile, fell from 65% in 2004 to 63% in 2008 to just 55% last week.

I might dislike the state GOP even more than Harold Meyerson does, but there are some other numbers that prevent me from celebrating what Meyerson hails as "the political transformation of California." For instance:

The last Republican turned off the lights

* Democrats have controlled all eight statewide executive offices since 2011, for only the second time since the 19th century.

* Democrats have a 28-12 edge in the state Senate, tied for its largest advantage since the 19th century. The party has held a majority there since the late 1950s.

* Democrats have a 54-26 edge in the state Assembly, its largest advantage since 1978. The party has run the Assembly since 1997.

* California has been represented in the U.S. Senate by Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer for two decades.

* That 38-15 congressional delegation advantage, if it indeed holds, will be by far the largest spread in state history, and almost the largest percentage advantage as well (there was that 3-1 moment in the 1870s). Republicans last held more California congressional seats than Democrats in the late 1950s.

So what has all this enlightened Democratic governance produced? Here's one way of looking at it: The last month that California had an unemployment rate of less than 10% was January 2009. The last month its unemployment was lower than the national rate was April 1990. The 2010 Census marked the first time California didn't gain a seat in the House of Representatives since basically ever. For the first time since the Gold Rush, a majority of California residents were born in the state. The ultimate migration-magnet in a nation of immigrants is just no longer so, however strange that may be to accept.

We cannot blame this all on professional Democrats or even their public-sector union overlords, of course; the populace itself deserves more than its fair share of discredit. But it is worth noting that as the ship of Golden State was being driven straight into the ditch, it was precisely the likes of Harold Meyerson who had the temerity to blame what few elected Republicans there were for throwing a few grains of sand into the overwhelmingly Democratic state machinery.

Well, that excuse is gone, as Scott Shackford pointed out after election day. From this month forward, let us gaze upon California for what it is: a living, wheezing example of unfettered Democratic governance. Progressives should be tickled pink about having such a nice, big demonstration project from which to showcase their superior economic philosophy. And the rest of us should grab popcorn.

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  1. Expect to see more states of the same uni-color as long as the free shit funding holds out.

    When the free shit funding finally runs out, and we know it will, it must, expect to see politicians who promised more of it, hiding in their basements from the angry mobs.

    1. Northern states maybe, southern states not so much. We don’t have basements.

      1. OK, then under the trailer with the dogs.

    2. What I don’t get is the unbelievable disparity between states like California and Illinois and those like Texas and Tennessee.

      Obviously the size and magnitude of California dwarfs Tennessee, but Tennessee’s yearly state budget wouldn’t fund a weekend in San Diego, and somehow we manage with no income tax. Just for shits n giggles we had a surplus this year. What in the fuck are they spending all this money on?

      (And the Nashville ABC show just got a second season, single handedly lowering the UE rate by like a point in Nashville. Thanks Cali!)

      1. “What in the fuck are they spending all this money on?”

        Haha that’s word for word what a buddy of mine said when I had him guess how much a supertaxed pack of Marlboro reds costs in NY these days ($12.50 if you were wondering)

        1. That’s what I think whenever I pay a toll on an NY bridge.

          1. Part of it goes to rebuild the WTC. Lots goes to the MTA.

      2. they’re sacrificing money (and whites) to the alter of Diversity. as soon as the playing field is leveled, then we’ll see what Evil White Western Culture has been keeping oppressed this whole time. Stay tuned, great things are coming!

      3. Jerry Brown was on CNN with Candy Crowley (DUN! dun dun) on Sunday and mentioned people who want the market “uber alles”. I can’t believe his backdoor Godwin didn’t get more play.

        1. I am Governor Jerry Brown
          My aura smiles and never frowns
          Soon I will be Pre-si-dent!

          Flower power will control you
          And it will seem natural
          You will jog for the master race
          And always wear the happy face

          California – Uber Alles!!

      4. I have a friend who lives in a “county island” in Portland Oregon, who pays no income taxes, and no property taxes. As a Californio I have been so indoctrinated by the local media that I have absolutely no clue how Oregon manages this. I know they have police and fire, and that the roadz weren’t built by free wheeling anarchos. I also know it’s a very progressive state who loves their social programs (at least within the confines of the libruhl enclaves of Eugene and Portland). How do they manage without any significant taxes? I’m clueless.

        1. Vancouver WA (a bedroom city) is just across the river from Portland, OR. Any WA resident working in Oregon must pay Oregon income tax. Yet, they receive no benefits from these taxed. Oregon gets a free ride. Oregon residents that work in WA (not many) still have to pay Oregon income tax.

    3. A good friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that people have a right to housing, electricity, water, (and possibly internet!) simply by virtue of being born as human beings.

      She’s an otherwise brilliant woman, an artist, playwright, producer, and actress. I am positive she fully expects to be paid for the works she authors.

      1. You should take her works and give them away.

        People have a right to be entertained, you know.

      2. I’m surprised she didn’t include healthcare in that laundry list too.

      3. I wouldn’t call it a right, but I have no problem with a safety net to keep people from starving to death or dying from exposure (though private charity would probably provide that without too much trouble). But when you start talking about “dignity” and adding electricity, communications and free doctor visits, you are just redistributing.

        1. you are just redistributing

          How is feeding and housing people (or any other “right” provided by the state by taking from others) not also redistribution?

          1. I don’t think the poster called it a right, nor advocated for providing it by forcibly taking from others.

      4. an artist, playwright, producer, and actress

        Up until the 19th century, these people were considered the lowest order of society. Some artists may be nice people, but none of them are brilliant.

      5. She’s an otherwise brilliant woman,


        an artist, playwright, producer, and actress.

        So she’s unemployable?

  2. Now things can get done.

    1. Yeah, just not anything that a reasonably sane person would want done. CA will soon have a number of regulations that exceeds the figure of the national debt.

    2. Nigel M| 11.13.12 @ 11:13PM |#
      “Now things can get done.”
      Bankruptcy is only a term away!

      1. Greed is a learned behavior. It can be unlearned.

        1. Are you talking about the unions? Because learning (or unlearning) doesn’t seem to be their strong suit.

          1. and corporations

            1. Greed is their purpose, amirite?

              1. And the corporations sit there in their… in their corporation buildings, and… and, and see, they’re all corporation-y… and they make money.

                1. You are worthress Arec Bawwin!

                  1. You know, it’s kind of a shame the Kim Jong Il is actually…you know, Gone Forever. His kind of leadership is SO APPROPRIATE for Post-Modernist California.

                    That’s what Sacramento needs: a piranha tank for Hans Brix!

                2. Don’t feed the worthless trolls.

            2. Don’t forget the fried chicken.

      2. And they are going to be demanding that the Feds bail them out. Because they are such a big important state that if they go bankrupt it’s a threat to national security.

    3. Can’t tell if serious…

    4. That’s what a friend of mine says. “Maybe government can finally do something!” He claims to be non-partisan, independent, and moderate, but he thinks total Democratic control of the state to be the best thing that’s happened since gold was discovered.

      Oh yes, the new government will be doing LOTS of things. Whether they will be useful, productive, and beneficial is doubtful, but they will be doing things.

  3. the temerity to blame what few elected Republicans there were for throwing a few grains of sand into the overwhelmingly Democratic state machinery

    Don’t worry, when there are no Republicans left and haven’t been for years, they will still be blamed. They will dig up long dead Republicans if they have to.

    1. “It’s Bush’s Fault ™”

      1. There are leftards in California still blaming Ronald Reagan and Howard Jarvis for the state government’s dismal financial condition.


        1. California has said that it can quit spending any time it wants, right? RIGHT?

        2. Well, they can always dig up Howard Jarvis. Reagan is a little hard to dig up as he’s buried under a granite tomb. It’s not for lack of trying.

        3. Oh yeah. Prop 13 hatred runs high in California. We’re the highest taxed state in the union, but all our woes are because Prop 13 limits how fast we can bleed ourselves dry. Sigh.

  4. Diversity will be celebrated, except diversity of thought.

    1. People of all colors, races, creeds, and genders. All marching in lockstep, with but a single thought in their collective head! Ah, the beauty of diversity!

  5. This will be the greatest story ever told to come out of California. Bless their hearts.

    1. What’s really amazing right now is that Jerry Brown is the only thing keeping the state assembly and senate in check. He is almost a right-winger by comparison. Strange days indeed.

      I’m starting to think about Idaho….

      1. Don’t worry; Jerry will fold up faster than a Three Card Monte dealer being chased by the Transit Police. Don’t be fooled.

      2. Nevada for me.

        1. Don’t bother coming to Nevada (which is more then likely Las Vegas you’re talking about)

          All the leftist scumbags have infiltrated this once great city and turned it into a utopic shithole also.

          1. I’m thinking of Oregon. It’s shown that it can still retain fiscal sanity in the face of Portland’s overwhelming progressivism.

      3. Please do not come to Idaho. We really like our state and do not need people like you coming over here to mess it up. You people have obliterated your finances and then want to come over and do the same to our state. Stay away. You people amaze me. You run from the mess you make only to want to come here and do the same. Tell me how that makes sense. Please stay there in your wonderful land of leprechauns and unicorns and fix your own state.

  6. Of the 15 Republicans, on the other hand, all are white men ? not a woman, let alone a member of a racial minority or a Jew, among them.

    It’s all about The Tribe with Meyerson, isn’t it?

    1. The triumph of form over function.

    2. Somehow, I’d bet you can easily select 15 Dems, all of whom are white men.

      1. In Europe, maybe…

      2. Just 12 are white men.

        1. Twelve Angry Men!

  7. And the Dems are just in a tither about how to use the new license to steal:
    “Supermajorities have host of options”
    From the article:
    “Another idea quietly floated by some Democrats at the Capitol is using the two-thirds vote to change some fees into taxes. That could eliminate the potential for lawsuits over whether the fees are being levied fairly, and allow the revenue to be used for general fund spending.”
    Why, the opportunities for graft are almost beyond imagining! Unless you’re a brain-dead lefty,…..031360.php

    1. Yeah, the Soviets had a real hard-on for supermajorities as well too. Khmer rouge too come to think of it…hmmm.

      1. Democrats in the Assembly are approaching their task with the gusto of dedicated Stakhanovites!

        Onward to the Completion of the Five Year Plan!

      2. Know who else had a supermajority?

        1. FDR?

          No? Wrong 1930s autocrat?

    2. “In California party always find you.”

      -Yakov Fresnov

  8. This is awesome! The destruction of the Californian economy by the Dems will be the trigger for the Big Crash.

    1. This is awesome! The destruction of the Californian economy by the Dems will be the trigger for low sodium tofu tears


    2. What Big Crash?

      You don’t think the Kenyan Usurper will bail them out?

      You don’t get it, do you?

      Jokes on you.

      Or is it, “Usurper From Kenya”?

  9. It’s all about plastic bags in California. You are forbidden to put your groceries in a plastic in Los Angeles, but you are compelled put your penis in one.

    1. latex is not plastic you twatnozzle.

      1. Hmmm, I found a discussion of latex rubber in the Wikipedia entry for plastic.

        1. Latex and plastic, though similar, are two very different compounds.

          Read more: Are Latex & Plastic the Same? |…..z2CAfIk7yh

          1. I find it humorous that democrats are bitter, small people even in victory.

            1. Of course they are bitter. In their perfect world, they get to spend without restraint. Then daddy Republicans pay for it all. Without a Republican in sight, now the Democrats are going to be expected to pay for it all.

            2. “YOU THINK WE’D STAY HAPPY FOREVER?!!” :librage:

          2. Um, plastic is not a specific compuound, but a class of polymer materials defined based on physical properties. I’m pretty sure latex counts as a thermoset plastic.

      2. If that’s the case I stand corrected. Polymers?


      3. Because some people can’t wear latex due to allergies, many condoms are made out of polyurethane, which is a plastic.

        1. Plastic=Oil=Bad 🙁

          Latex=Trees=Good 🙂

          /up twinkles

      4. Most worthless display of pedantry on the internet ever.

    2. Is that true in Los Angeles city? Cause if it is, every grocery store I shop at is ignoring it

    3. Why do you think Lisa Ann took her business to Vegas?

  10. I think the Marlins trade has set off Matt’s snark-o-meter.

    1. Just stop. Miami-Dade County, completely ripped off by a couple of down on their luck art dealers and major league baseball.

      And to think, we tore down the Orange Bowl for these clowns.

      First people up against the wall when the Revolution Comes!

  11. “Of those 38 Democrats, 18 are women, nine are Latinos, five are Asian Americans, three are African Americans, four are Jews and at least one is gay. Just 12 are white men.”

    A great Californian, the Wizard of Westwood, once said, “Never mistake activity for achievement”.

    I like women. And Latinos. I like Asian Americans and African Americans and Jews and gays. But being a woman isn’t an achievement. Neither is being Latino or Asian American. Being African American or Jewish or gay–none of that’s an achievement either.

    What he’s praising is the triumph of identity politics. And if the disaster that is California public policy is a result of identity politics, then we should get rid of every politician we have–no matter the party, and no matter whether they’re women or Latino or Asian American or African American or LGBTQ or honky ass white bread.

    Who judges how good a politician is based on race or sexual orientation?

    1. “Who judges how good a politician is based on race or sexual orientation?”

      Someone with no skin in the game?

      1. It provides another perspective. No more white male circlejerk.

        1. A multi-cultural, multi-gender circlejerk is even more better.

        2. It’s extremely ignorant to make sweeping generalizations about identifiable groups; only white men do that.

          1. 4 out of 5 genderqueer agree

            1. If you say so.

        3. I have been overwhelmed this week by how many white male liberals in media have been rejoicing at the “demise of white males.” Do they think they don’t count as white males themselves?

          I would love to see Chris Matthews’ or Bill Maher’s face when they are told their show is being canceled because they are white males and the network needs more diversity.

        4. They named you Nigel, did your parents hate you?

          1. They named him sockpuppet, he just goes by the name Nigel.

          2. It took he name itself, in honor of insufferable twats everywhere.

          3. Hey now.

    2. And how the hell does he know that none of the Republican white men are gay?

    3. Did James Watts write this? I hope there is a cripple or two in there.

    4. Who judges how good a politician is based on race or sexual orientation?

      Apparently everyone but white gentiles.

  12. Chris Christie abandons tax cut fervor & says higher taxes will be needed for storm recovery…..f=nyregion

    1. …what’s your point?

      1. He’ll be changing teams soon? He has no future as a Republican, at least.

        1. He’s like any other republican

    2. He’s talking about local property taxes.

  13. So the gym I go to has MSNBC on tv in the locker room, on a tv that the channel can’t be changed, but thankfully at least the sound is off. Sometimes I can’t help looking at the screen while changing clothes. Tonight some nitwit named Lawrence O’Donnell (sp?) was ranting about Rand Paul and libertarians.

    He said Rand was a wacko like his “perennial presidential candidate father,” who would similarly be ridiculed if he were daft enough to run for president himself (and he’d likely get only two votes, his own and his dad’s). That his ideas on the military were “far to the left of Democrats.”

    He went on to say that the only good ideas libertarians have are ones they “stole from the liberals,” like legalizing marijuana and gay marriage. But libertarians even go too far there, “thinking that people should abuse any drug they want, even hard drugs, without any consequences.”

    Educating the other twenty people nationwide in his audience, he informed that “the rest of libertarian ideas are just lockstep fiscal concepts they took from conservatives.”

    And libertarians will never have any influence in the Republican party because they won’t have the guts to tell conservatives that they stole their ideas from liberals.

    1. If he wasn’t so graciously self-aware, he might have told us how he really feels about Libertarians, but then again, who gives a shit how he really feels.

    2. Notice the ideas we decided not to steal from proglodytes who stole the word ‘liberal’ from us, hence the identity confusion on his part. Population control through eugenics. Gun control to keep the minoritahs down. Nope, that is all on you, Lawrence, old bastard.

    3. “thinking that people should abuse any drug they want, even hard drugs, without any consequences.”

      Because the only consequences there could possibly be are those imposed by politicians. Idiot.

    4. Does the rage at MSNBC help your workouts?

    5. That guy really is awful. I’ve never actually seen him (no cable for me, thank you), but every time I read something he said it is just pure stupid assholery.

    6. So the gym I go to has MSNBC on tv in the locker room, on a tv that the channel can’t be changed, but thankfully at least the sound is off. Sometimes I can’t help looking at the screen while changing clothes.

      C. Anacreon: Lip reader?

      It’s amazing how the universe conspires to force you to watch MSNBC.

      1. Closed captions on the screen, amazing how TVs do that with the sound off now.

        When you are putting on your gym clothes and a tv is literally right in front of your face, it is kind of hard to miss. The universe is conspiring, I can’t see me watching that channel otherwise.

    7. Isn’t he married to Norah O’Donnell?

      If so, when he is in California and they have sex, does Laurence O’Donnell have to wear latex now?

      Jerry Brown wants to know.

    8. What a fucktard. You’d think there were 37 libertarians in the Senate or something with the amount of vitriol these assholes spout towards us.

    9. O’Donnell’s rant illustrates the downside of describing libertarians as the “best (combination) of liberal and conservative” — as if we were taking THEIR positions, instead of the reality that they are cherry-picking the things they like from the consistent position of liberty (ours).

      The best way I have found to deal with the problem is to lay out briefly the consistent libertarian position, explaining that people like liberty, which is why liberals adopt the part of it they can handle to attract voters who resonate with that part; while conservatives embrace the other part, which also attracts like-minded voters. In each case, the thing that is attractive is liberty! The respective INCURSIONS on liberty that each camp promotes, however, are to “curb the excesses” of liberty that they imagine would ensue if the consistent libertarian position were adopted. But those excesses are, for the most part, just illusions and unfounded fears, which nevertheless serve as guardrails and blinders to keep the respective crowds in line and moving along according to the bipartisan program.

  14. I’d just like to emphasize that when the time comes, DO NOT BAIL OUT CALIFORNIA (or any other state)! BTW, I live here.

    1. I live in CA too. Please, please, please, do NOT bail it out.

      1. Wouldn’t a bailout for California have to go through congress? If that is the case I doubt the republicans would allow it to happen or they just might settle for a bail them out but throw some money my way also…

        1. I’m not sure that you should be so confident that the Republicans won’t bail out California. The Republicans (excusing the tea party faction) were just as complicit as the democrats in passis the 2008-2009 bailouts. I have absolutely no faith that Congress will allow CA to go bankrupt and deal with the aftermath by cleaning up its own finances. None.

          1. GOP will bail out CA because of the military bases there.

    2. As a californian, I can assure, all will be as it should be.

      All of the California’s projected budgets are fantasy. When the time comes to pay up the taxpayers will vote it down . IT’s that simple.

      The looming pension tsunami is a mirage. It’s a promised pension tsunami that no one is going to stand for.

      Cities are going bankrupt. Those tsunamis have puttered out. San Jose just took a meaningful first step to address the pension fantasy. That tsunami is puttering out.

      All will settle back down to reality, as it must.

  15. It’s go time.

  16. I can only hope this becomes an opportunity for Democrats to learn how to be fiscally responsible.

    1. They are about to take a massive leap.

      1. I see that Obama is proposing $1.6 trillion in new taxes tomorrow?

        That’s trillion with a “t”.

        It’s gonna be really hard to repeal those taxes, too.

        Add that to whatever Sacramento is going to do to us over the next two years–at least…

        And I’m thinking there are a lot of people who may find this form useful:…..ly2012.pdf

        1. I’m watching that pretty carefully. I have a sharp line drawn that I wont accept. Where I quit my job and live on the grey. With what I make with my job, with royalties and dividend structures, with my rental properties, and my wife’s job, I’m looking at a possible hurting if I remain at my current level of productivity.

          1. Hide it dood.

            A. It’s your fucking money.

            B. The more you pay the more cash they have to fuck everybody else -think of the children

            It’s awesome that Obama has such hubris to think that raising taxes will either fix things or that he won’t be blamed for the inevitable rape of the American people.

            1. Either way, he is convinced his dim witted minions will spontaneously re-carve his head over one of those other losers on the Mt. Rushmore monument the day he leaves office, to honor him properly for his 8 year train wreck of hope and change he will have inflicted on this nation.

              1. Funny thing is that they’ll find a way to make it happen even while they’re eating scraps from dumpsters.

    2. Except I don’t think I’ve ever heard a politician of any party say, “Oops.”

      1. Sociopaths never apologize.

      2. Does Rick Perry mean nothing to you?

    3. HA hahahahah


      They voted for the Iraq War, Part D Medicare, Tarp, the Stimulus, and Obamacare.

      Your point was?

    5. The few Dems that learn will be labeled “republicans” by the others.

  17. If my iPod ever contains Mumford and Sons, you know it’s OK to shoot me.

    1. I like Mumford and Sons.

  18. The last month that California had an unemployment rate of less than 10% was January 2009. The last month its unemployment was lower than the national rate was April 1990. The 2010 Census marked the first time California didn’t gain a seat in the House of Representatives since basically ever. For the first time since the Gold Rush, a majority of California residents were born in the state. The ultimate migration-magnet in a nation of immigrants is just no longer so, however strange that may be to accept.

    But wait, you did say that there were what, 15 republicans still hiding in the state… somewhere. Our work isn’t done yet. California will continue to decline until that last Republican has been beaten from the underbrush, and chased from political life.

    Then and only then will California become what only Democrats can imagine it can be.

    1. What I cannot grasp is…why would a republican want to…continue to do be a politician…there, and waste valuable time better spent securing safe passage with family, out of the coming epic disaster known as California. It boggles the mind.

      Get out while you still can!

      1. They have really nice weather

    2. When I left CA, Richard Riordan was Mayor of LA, Wilson was Governor, and I think the Republicans were tied with the Democrats in the CA Senate.

      Even then, it was obvious that the leftist damn was going to break.

  19. Why is everyone who’s labelled as a “political activist” always a leftist cockup?

    1. I pays well, free t-shirts too.

    2. Because rightist activists just go to work at a real job.

  20. Sounds like a pretty solid plan dude, Wow.

  21. I might dislike the state GOP even more than Harold Meyerson does

    I might like foot rot and dysentery more than Meyerson.

    Well, to be frank, no one likes a cheap whore.

    1. …um, CA residents texed int destitution might …

  22. The California regime will have to find out how to institute an exit tax.

    1. I also though this. They might hike taxes on selling your home, or on businesses leaving the state somehow… Something will be done though, to “punish” those who dare to leave…

      1. They’re gonna have to crank it up higher than the tax advantages of moving somewhere else–and that’s gonna be really high.

    2. You think you’re joking.

      This is going to happen. Blue States with the Failing Walter Russel Meade Patented Social Model are now going to go all East German on us and start imposing Exit Taxes on their citizens.

      States like Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York (well, they are at least trying reform) and California, are going to impose penalties on Citizens and Small Business that try and relocate in order to keep people where they are. Obama and the Democrats will help them.

      This will happen in the next two years. Move your asses to Texas and Overseas now before the Bell Tolls.

      1. ^This. California just passed prop 39. It’s a muddled confusing mess of an intiative but the simplified message of it to the useful idiots was “Tax out of state business more, and use it to create clean energy JOBZ!”. Not a joke.

        It passed.

  23. meyerson is a staggering idiot, whenever and wherever he writes. let CA have democratic rule. when they go bankrupt and come looking for a handout from me, i’ll tell them where to stick it. liberals, party of the free lunch, the other guy’s responsibility, the handout, governance by people that have never taken a single econ class. screw ’em. at this point, i could care less.

    1. His writing has always been a Left Wing Democratic version of the General Motors motto: “What’s Good for the Left is Good For the Country!”

      The man is not an idiot. That’s what’s so astounding. Bankruptcy Freight Train Coming?


      Myerson’s writing displays a total lack of situational awareness.

  24. “But it is worth noting that as the ship of Golden State was being driven straight into the ditch…”

    Ahem. You drive a car (or a bus, or a wagon) into a ditch. You run a ship aground (or into the rocks). As far as nautical metaphors go, I definitely do not like the cut of your jib, sir. (Adjusts monocle.)

    1. No, the Golden state is so stupid they can find a way to put a ship in a ditch. No kidding.

  25. I’ve got my popcorn, and enjoyed seeing Ohio say they are cutting food stamps. As it appears CA can’t borrow more to spend more, it’ll be entertaining to see what they cut from their spending, and the reaction from the leeches.

  26. I have no problem with letting it all fail… and I live in CA. Starting over couldn’t be worse than what we have right now.

  27. The Tax Zombies are eating California! – http://modeltstocktrends.blogs…..mbies.html

  28. The Tax Zombies are eating California! – Please Google: Model T Stock Trends beware of the tax zombies

  29. It’s so funny to hear red-staters insult California as bankrupt, when California pays much more out to federal taxes than it receives in federal payments.

    meanwhile, Texas is the ONLY red state that pays more federal taxes than it gets in return. EVERY SINGLE OTHER RED STATE is a moocher state, receiving more money from the federal government than they pay in federal taxes.

    It’s amazing hearing all these moocher states complain about California – when they’re living off of California’s money.

    1. Sounds like a great argument for limiting federal handouts.

      Or are you including SocSec payments? If you are, then you’re retarded

      1. limiting federal handouts would be a great way to bankrupt all those red states, that’s for sure.

        though texas would be happy.

    2. So, what is your complaint? If this is truly the case then maybe you people should actually wise up and stop voting for so many entitlements. You are the ones that keep doing this. You deserve what you get. Only serves you right for cutting your nose off to spite your face. Does not sound like you people are very smart out there.

  30. Well, the states play a valuable role as laboratories of policy. We’ll see whether the California model or the Texas model works better.

    True, the California experiment might blow up in Californians’ faces, but that’s as it should be. If funds are needed to bail them out, they should come only from the so-called “blue states.”

    Let’s sign Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Virginia, et al up for the first round.

    The backers of redistribution and statism need to put their money where their ideology is. Boy, won’t THAT be a change.

    1. I think that you nailed it. Only Blue states that voted for Obama are required to bail out blue states. The libs see this failed entitlement mentality and rush in for more. Then those of us who see the fallacy of it are called idiots. I guess it all depends on how you define idiot.

  31. Wel,l California has a democratic supermajority and Tennessee has a republican supermajority. It will be interesting to see which state does better in the next few years. For all its faults more people would rather live in California than Tennessee, let’s see if Tennessee can turn that around.

  32. When someone is in the process of an epic fail, sometimes it is good just to get out of the way and let them run with it. Obama has that problem now.

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